expired 4GB XBOX 360 + Kinect Sensor + 3 Games Bundle $399 @ Target


Starts 02 December - Ends 08 December

Total reg. value $627. 4GB console. Built-in Wi-Fi. One month Xbox live gold membership. 5 USB ports. Kinect sensor. Wireless controller. Includes: one 4GB Xbox 360 console, Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures, Motionsports and Zumba Fitness Kinect games. Classification: G - general. Only at Target. This offer not available at Target Country stores unless stated otherwise.

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    Anyone know if these 4gb consoles can be flashed with LT+?

    btw xbox modding is still legal in oz :P


      Then why does ebay australia remove jtaggable xboxes?


        Probably because they mention they're jtaggable. If maybe they said the dashboard version and the mfr date in the product details, without directly saying jtaggable, they would get away with it.


      As far as i know LT+ has only been releases for fat drives, for slim it should come in the next couple months. Keep an eye on this site.


    very tempting…. since my trusty old 360 built in 2006 has just crapped itself with the dreaded red ring of death :(.

    i want another xbox (imo no better console out there- and I own all 3 market leaders), but its like giving money to the devil…. decisions decisions.





      Plenty enough for updates and saves unless you're a huge gamer, the video and music can be streamed from a computer on your network so no need to store them on the console.


      It supports 16GB flash drives so it isnt a big deal.

      It also has a hard drive upgrade port. If you have an old original 360 drive you can rip the sata drive out of the cover and slot it into a slim xbox.


    If somebody doesnt wamt Zumba fitness I'll give you $20 for it.


    just to make you aware that if you but this bundle and want to use the kinect on a old xbox 360 you will need to pay for the power/usb cable which will cost you about $50.


      Dam i was going to get this and sell the 360.

      I was going to keep my old moddable 360. I guess they will work out the slim eventually so not a big deal. At least this will be quieter than my old one.


    man, kinetic is a turning out to be a lame and underwhelming 'innovation'. it seems to be geared towards kids and families, not hardcore gamers, judging by the release software. time will tell…

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    Rated down. 2 weeks after the release, Target are just clearing out the least popular games and version of the console. Only go with this deal if you happen to like these games and if you don't want your console to have a glossy finish — which I could understand, as it is really, really glossy. Glossiest thing I've ever owned. Except like… Holorare trading cards. They're glossier. Still though.

    The console uses a proprietary HDD connection, which means the HDD in the 250GB version would cost about $115+ separately as you can't buy just any HDD; the 4GB of flash memory would be more like $10. Without a HDD you'll have roughly 3GB of usable memory, which means no installing of games to your HDD and negligible space for DLC (downloadable content).

    If you really want these two games specifically then as I said, go ahead. You'd do well not to buy into the fact that it's "three games" though. Kinect Adventures comes with any Kinect console irregardless, and the other two are kinda terrible; so you'll end up buying more games anyway.

    I'd get DSE or Big W to price match on this Harvey Norman deal: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/33972
    Just buy the games you want from Big W: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/35109

    In fact, that's what I did.

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      An opinion of the product doesn't make for a good basis for voting neg. Comparing it to prices elsewhere instead would make it more helpful.

      You would think after waiting 11 months to use your account here it would be a bit more educated than that when voting neg.

      In the words of Alvin… is this a joke?

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