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Philips 32” $213.30, Lenovo MIIX 700 with 4G $687.60, BenQ 25”GL2580H $133.2, HP 250 i5 Laptop $493.2 (+Shipping) @ JW Comp eBay

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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  • Hey mate do you allow for collection from your store?

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      Hey dsn7287 - not at the moment unfortunately.. the stock is allocated to Warehouse for quick delivery though. So just delivery available for these, sorry.

  • Christ, loads of shipping exclusions on the Philips screen.

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    free shipping will make these deals really attractive!

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      Hey dreambuds!

      The laptops are all with free delivery - screens have a shipping cost attached as they are super bulky..

      Good news is, the prices with delivery are still the best we could find! Merry Christmas!

      • Is pick up an option?

        • Not at the moment unfortunately.. the stock is allocated to Warehouse for quick dispatch So just delivery available for these, sorry.

        • @JWComp: Thanks for your quick reply op!

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    What's the refresh rate on the BenQ at 1920x1089?

    • Hey Weadog - from BenQ:

      Vertical Refresh Rate
      50 - 76 Hz
      Horizontal Refresh Rate
      30 - 83 kHz

  • wow surprised if anyone would buy the HP laptop, the processor is already more than 2 years old! Have you got deals on anything with the latest 8th generation intel processors like the i5-8250U that were release like last quarter?

  • Any deals on Asus Zenbook UX430

  • I just went to see the shipping cost and it says "Postage: Doesn't post to Australia". WTF? It's in Australia! Pretty sure another JW deal said this on ex-demo monitors or something.

    • Hi ShipShapeRC - which item are you referring to? I just tried all the links and they're all working as normal.. let me know!

      • I'm logged into ebay. My postcode is 3555. It's the 32" Philips. It says:

        Postage: Doesn't post to Australia | See details

        Item location:
        Northmead, NSW, Australia

        Posts to:
        Australia See exclusions

        The other links seem fine.

    • Were you logged in?
      Unless i'm logged in eBay keeps thinking i'm in Japan or the US. God knows why - i use a VPN but connect to Oz nodes anyway…

  • Code isn't ready yet. I get this error: Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.

    When does it start?

    Edit: Doesn't stack with the another sale apparently.

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    Code wont work on laptops as they have a "Sales and clearance" offer attached.

    • In fact the eBay code doesn't work with any of the items listed. Says "can't be applied" in all cases.

  • code doesnt work on the monitor

  • I'd like to buy the monitor but the code isn't working.

    • Works now. Just used it few mins back

      • Working for me now as well.

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        I'm trying it for the BENQ monitor and am getting the message "This code can't be applied to some of your items."

        • I also see the same. I want to buy the BENQ monitor.

        • Should be working now - please check again

        • Should be working again now - please check once again

  • Thanks OP, bought a Miix 700 m5. Best price I've seen so far.

  • Code doesn't work for the BenQ monitor. eBay support doesn't seem to have a clue.

    • Should be working now - please check again

  • Guys, after much back and forth with eBay - it seems to be working again. Not sure what went wrong with the BENQ listing, but it's all working now - confirmed it with different browsers and all.

    Sorry about the inconvenience guys!

    • There's a question in your eBay queue about updating the RAM on one of those laptops - could you get your guys to have a look please?

  • Thoughts on the •Phillips 32" monitor?

    It looks cheap, main use would be music production and work station.

  • Ordered philips and got it today afternoon. Very fast delivery i must say. Delivered on 1st working day after the holidays.

    Installed and ready to go. Looks gr8 playing movies havent checked with my laptop yet. Speakers are bit tinny but sufficient for workstation stuff

    Cheap for the price. Dont expect 4k or 2k :) price paid vs utility.

    • Is it any good ? I am looking for a big monitor to watch charts for my bitcoin skyrocket..

      • Not good close enough but decent enough for movies plus spreadsheet work and office stuff.
        For the price its good value.

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