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Samsung Galaxy S7 $493.20, Seagate 4TB Expansion Portable $139.50, GoPro Hero5 Black $330 + More @ The Good Guys eBay

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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  • Great finds Trent!

  • Looking for a soundbar, anyone own this one?

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      I've got the HW-K360. By all accounts they're basically the same (M series is just the 2017 refresh), and it's pretty good sound/value for the money at this price. I think I got mine for like $129 when they were going stupid cheap from HN. Any questions in particular you have about it?

      • Thanks mate.
        Just need one to have better sound from tv while watching and sometimes few songs on youtube and hence was thinking if it's a good buy at 170 for the above purposes.
        Also this looks like to be 200w and k360 seems to be 130w. Does that makes some difference?

        • +1

          Ah yes good point - should have much better bass than mine then. The K series tends to sound boomy and hollow when it comes to bass. If you're buying it to replace the TV speakers, then that's exactly what I did - sounds 10x better than the crappy built in speakers! At this price just get it, you won't regret it.

          @Bastidgeson - yes it has several sound profiles and one of them is labelled "Vocal" or something along those lines that really enhances dialogue.

      • Does it have voice enhance, because Nolan movies have terrible mixing in particular.

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    Nice deal! Will the 4TB Expansion work as an external drive on a PS4 Pro?

    • I will just pretend i dont see this deal. Browsed through this morning for hd expansion for ps4 and ended up buy this. Paid $170.1.


      • WD more reliable they say.

        • I’m currently using a 2tb seagate expansion externally on my PS4 after going through a painful transfer from my old PS4 to new one, now I’m scared I won’t have enough storage to store my downloaded games on 😐

        • +3

          Yeah, but real statistics show that it's just some models are more reliable than others, including with WD. WD are sometimes less reliable than Seagate and sometimes more reliable.

          Also, the WD portables aren't shuckable, so you're screwed if the USB controller dies (most common cause of a portable hard drive dying). They also encrypt all the data by default, even if you don't password protect it, so even WD can't repair the drive and recover the data in most cases, whereas a Seagate can simply be removed and put in a $10 to recover the data by any average Joe more often than not.

          I honestly don't understand why anyone bothers paying extra for portable WD drives when they have more problems than the cheaper Seagates… I can understand having a preference when it comes to internal drives (I use WD Reds for my RAID) but internal and external drives are very different.

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    Is this a good price for the S7 or should I keep waiting?

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      Great price for Au stock

      • 2nd that. Wife just bought one, not many left in stock in Melbourne stores. That 2-year Samsung warranty has got to be worth $100 alone, and it's got all the bands. No point in buying a grey import at this price.

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      I'd recommend the S7 Edge over the S7 for one reason - battery life. You can't go wrong with this phone unless of course size matters to you. HTH.

      • S7 edge is better than S7 but I struggle to put a screen protector around edges. It keeps coming off after month or two.

        • I never bothered putting one on mine and no scratches on the screen. I've only dropped it a few times in the 21 months of ownership but the screen seems decent.

      • -5

        I did find S7 Edge for $431.10 actually, Australian stock too.


        • "All Phones come in a generic box packaging with all standard/generic accessories included (USB CABLE + EARPHONE). Phones may come with minor marks & have been activated earlier for testing or demo purpose & not brand new factory sealed unit."

          = used phones

        • Looks like classic grey imported to me. "Warranty problems? Return to us in Melbourne and not overseas". The wording doesn't inspire confidence. But yeah, I could be wrong. I wouldn't buy it though unless it was made clear that it's not just local warranty, but actually manufacturers warranty from samsung.

          EDIT: or as noted in post above it might not even be new stock. Yeah, that's a no.

      • -1

        Don't worry size doesn't matter, it's the way you use it.

    • Tempted as well, upgrading from an S5 and have been pretty happy with it for almost 3 years

      For $500 anything else in this price rangd for AU stock that could compete?

  • +1

    "This code can't be applied to your order." :(

  • Great find OP. Excellent price for the 4TB hard drive.

  • Amazing price for the GoPro

    • Jumped on board, very glad I remained undecided for a while, for this to come along and smack me right in the bargain sack!

    • I'm thinking about getting a "dash" cam for the commute bicycle, would this be suitable, and is there much advantage over something a lot cheaper? eg. OIS, low light performance

  • Comin Jerry price match GG eBay offer for S7..

    • Will HN match after-voucher prices?

      • no

        • At minimum I can get the S7 for $448(after amex cashback and good guys advertised price match)

        • @smarter_fool: if anyone in Sydney plans on doing this, please let me know if I can use your other $100 credit if you don't plan on using it. I'd be forever grateful! I'm happy to meet up in store and pay you cash on the spot. $448 is a steal :-)

        • in other words….no… If you have the amex offer then thats a different story

  • Thanks OP! Finally pulled the trigger for GoPro

  • Last year I dropped my S7 edge and did significant glass screen damage as well as the green flickering LCD. Its barely usable but have been putting up with it until a deal like this came along. It's just a shame the edge isn't near this price, could it be that different from the edge? Perhaps more hardy? hmm

    • +1

      The S7 is a great device by itself. The edge version is just marginally better because of the extra 600mAh. If battery life is of great concern to you, I'd say do it. The curved screen is an annoyance you might grow to tolerate. Personally, I found a few edge features quite useful and handy. HTH.

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing your opinions and experience. :)

  • Can you open the Seagate 4TB drive and use it inside a desktop?

    • probably but i don't know why you would a seagate barracuda 4tb is 125$ at mwave $20 cheaper and you dont need to destroy a case.

      • a seagate barracuda 4tb is 125$ at mwave

        ? ?

        mate you should post that if that's even true

        • last time i bought a 4tb was from m wave but it might have been on sale, i just looked them up and they are around the $150-160 depending on the site full price and you get a warranty .

          if you break open the external you void the warranty .

          so its still better to do it with an internal .

  • Thanks Trent! Bought the S7. Great price for an oldish but still a fantastic phone.

  • thanks, i bought a s7 yesterday at jb hifi @ $588, returned it this morning and ordered one of these @ $498 delivered, that leaves me a enough for a slab of asahi cans and a lotto, thanks

  • Just clicked on the link for samsung s7, it is now $548.

    • +1

      Use code PUNCH

      • Ah thanks, i'm still new to ozbargain haha

  • When does the code expire? noticed that it was for "boxing day" sale

    • Not sure but I just pulled the trigger and bought the S7 to replace my LCD & Screen damaged Edge. I'm glad that it's extended otherwise I would have missed out.

  • Is the S7 the 'Global' version meaning it will work in the UK/Europe?
    Do Good Guys eBay provide a tax invoice so we can claim back GST?

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