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Dewalt DCK266D2-XE 18v Brushless Drill + Driver + 2x 2AH Battery + Charger @ Sydney Tools $299 Delivered


I was looking for a DeWalt driver skin last night after getting the recent Black Friday DeWalt brushless drill deal posted here (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/344400) and came across this combo at Sydney Tools.

It is listed as 'Clearance Sale' and a quick Google search showed it at other sites for $575 (Toolmart Australia) and $649 (Get Tools Direct).

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    this look like a good deal I think. thanks

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    Tons of deals in there, too many to post lol. Dont forget if you spend 500 on dewalt you get a 100 store credit. Spend 1000 and 200 n so on. Managed to exert self control this time, wanted a 54v whippersnipper & 54v vacuum..

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  • Wow. I would have bought this instead of the $188 deal since I don't really need 6mAh, and I ended up buying a driver anyway.

    Awesome deal. Thanks OP.

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      I was thinking the same when I found this. I have ordered this combo last night and will probably sell the original deal drill with 6AH battery as I only need it for home use.

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      Agreed, 6Ah is great if you're a professional using the tool all day, but it's just extra weight for home use.
      I'd be all over this of it were a hammer and impact deal.

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        Site lists it as "18V XR Li-Ion compact hammer drill driver featuring NEW 5.0Ah Li-Ion battery technology"

      • Yep, I bought a very similar small hammer drill & impact driver kit a couple of years ago with 4AH batteries (DCK259M2T-XE)… It's crazy how long the batteries last… 2Ah is more than enough unless you're planning to build a house or you're a tradesman using them all day every day…

      • Pretty sure this is a hammer and impact deal. As DCD796N-XE is a hammer drill in the previous boxing day deal i.e. https://sydneytools.com.au/dewalt-dcd796t1-xe-18v-6-0ah-li-i...

        • Ta, I didn't even bother clicking through.
          Just read the headline and went "damn, just a driver, not a hammer"

    • I too got the $188 deal, felt the weight of the 6a battery and went "Nah". It's now on ebay and a 2x 2.0a battery set is in the mail from Sydneytools. $129 for two of the Bluetooth enabled ones is a good deal imho

      Ps. Anyone wanting to buy another 6Ah 18v dewalt battery send me a message 😜

  • This is a brilliant deal! Cheers man

  • Are DeWalt still made in the USA? Based on the replies from the dewalt website it seems these are made in the Czech Republic? http://products.dewalt.co.uk/powertools/productdetails/catno...

    • A similar kit I purchased from Gettoolsdirect 2 years ago, the drill and driver were made in China, the batteries made in Japan…

    • China sadly

      Only a few high end tools like Makita and Bosch are not made there

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        Yeah just a quick look while at Bunnings getting other things and the dewalts are made in China, along with makita as well. Looks like only bosch and hitatchi are made in their home countries?
        The dewalt seems to have higher torque than the bosch blues though, so better specs on paper?

    • DeWalt do make some of their tools in the USA, but the USA built ones are mainly sold in the USA only. If you look at some of them on ebay, they have made in USA stickers on the boxes and the tools. We get many of the same model of tools here but they are made in China. Some are also made in Mexico.


    • The stigma of "made in china" is really no longer relevant as it does not mean cheap and nasty like it did 10 years ago.

      Tim Cook himself admits this. As CEO he says that Apple products are made in China because that's where the greatest concentration of highly skilled manufacturing engineers and specialists are located.

      The Chinese are now the leading experts at manufacturing so chances are products made elsewhere could be of lower quality.

      • It’s true made in China doesn’t always mean crap

        But to believe Apple is laughable , things are made in China because it’s cheaper

        If it wasn’t cheaper then why not just make more drills in the USA factory ??

        Same as Mexico it’s close enough to the USA for freight and cheaper in labour costs

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

    Been hunting around in Bunnings since boxing day and can't find any deals.

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    I bought Bunnings Ozito brand 5 years ago Drill and Impact driver for $99 for both on special. Still going strong. For the house handyman, nothing more is needed unless you have a glass display cabinet you keep your tools in.

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      Call it sentimental woo if you like but IMO having good tools encourages you to look after them and makes a job more enjoyable. I got a De Walt drill / driver combo a couple of years ago at Masters after numerous cheapies and I've never looked back. That doesn't negate anything you've said here but for some levels of "handy" it may be worth considering better tools.

      • I tend to agree, between 16 and 45yo I went through god knows how many cheapies, too many to count, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Dewalt combo, luxury, well worth the money IMO…

        Cheapies do the job fine, the modern stuff seems quite reasonable, but if you can afford a decent brand it's unlikely you'd regret it…

        • Have you used ozito recently?
          Can you compare to other brands?

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      Can you compare an ozito to a Makita?
      Can you tell the difference?
      With ozito 5 year warranty I would assume you would really get your money's with.
      If anything goes wrong Bunnings will just swap it over won't they?

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    Slightly off topic, but has anyone had experience with the XTorque drill bits Sydney Tools sell? Looking for a mid range set of metric drill bits that isn't going to blunten at the first glimpse of anything harder than balsa wood.

    Considering these:


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      I got the titanium coated set from Bunnings with longevity in mind, good value for around $20 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-titanium-drill-bit-set-30-...

      That said, they're still in the box, so I'm definitely no expert

      • Yea, unfortunately those are imperial sizes though, like many of the Bunnings sets are (must be cheaper to get sets made for the US market I guess?). I'm after metric.

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          No problemo

          (Ooh, down voted for trying to be helpful, that's harsh. What's ozb coming to!)

        • +1

          @Mr Mrrtn:Very harsh! Wasn't me though

        • @Mr Mrrtn:
          Maybe it's coz you linked imperial instead of metric? Lol bit harsh imo

    • Sutton drillbits are pretty good.
      Bought a pack of standard sizes and they have lasted me year's for around the house.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

  • Those buying up, they have a promotion if you spend $500 on dewalt u get $100 credit instantly to use,

  • Thanks for this deal. I was literally buying a Ryobi Set from Bunnings today. I couldnt find a deal online. Great deal

  • good for a brick drill??

  • Purchased, good bargain. thanks!

  • Is this a hammer drill and impact drill ?

    • yes.. light-weight hammer drill and impact driver..

  • Cheers purchased

  • Finally, bite the bullet and bought one.
    Thanks OP

  • Thanks for posting. Just bought this and a few other things. $100 store credit (lasts 24 hours) as well for spending over $500 on DeWalt.

    • What are the details to this promotion? I couldn't find anything on the site.
      Do I have to spend $500 on Dewalt products only? Does the store credit expire in 24 hrs or the promotion that expires in 24 hrs?

      • I think it's $500 on DeWalt products only. The store credit expires in 24 hours after purchase. I'm not sure how long this promotion lasts for. I couldn't find any mention of this promotion on their website and only saw it in one of the earlier posts here. However, when you your cart exceed $500 and you click on checkout, there is a message on the page which mentions the store credit.

        I received an email from them stating "Thank you for shopping with Sydney Tools! You are eligible for a store credit through Boxing Day sale.

        Please see below for your credit details.

        The credit cannot be used on the following brands:

        Sydney Tools
        Your Credit: $100.00
        Expiry Date: 2018-01-01 15:37:04 AEST.
        Please note: Credit will last for 24 hours from eligible purchase date. Any unused credit will be voided after 24 hours."

        I just did a specific search for this promotion and it is mentioned here: https://sydneytools.com.au/boxing-day . So it applies to DeWalt and Hitachi.

  • just bought this, and prompted me to finally get a hose reel that might last too:
    Thanks OP!

  • Seems like I am late for the party, now the website charges $13.62 for shipping, no more free delivery?

  • link no longer works :(

  • Found these, with two 3.0 ah batteries from Bunnings
    Think it is not too bad

  • Picked up the last one from caringbah this morning , really nice . Thanks OP

  • Anyone received theirs yet? Mine still says processing :/
    - ordered 30/12/17

    • Mine arrived today! Very happy 😀

    • processing……….still

    • +1

      Processing as well. And I sent them e-mail was told out of stock. Can built the kit for me but with replacement of old gen drill and driver. What a shit.

      • Bugger… At least I was called!
        The kit offered to me were not only the old model Brushed alternatives but also only 1.5Ah batteries.

        I'm actually settling my desires on the Makita DLX2145 combo (which while also brushed motors is their former top end compact gear and significantly higher power than this), currently selling at $399 across the board. I'm holding out hoping there might be Australia Day/Back to Work sales coming up.

        Bunnings' AEG $299 combo looks to be the best bang for buck (also brushed) if you just want high power/torque with decent batteries.
        The DeWalt $299 Brushed kit is a dramatic step down from the above brushed drills in terms of power.

    • Received yesterday 12/01/18
      Awesome piece of kit at bargain price!

  • Says I'm getting mine today!

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    out of stock and without any notice. awful service and the only thing I can do is waiting.

  • Mine was delivered yesterday

  • Took them 2 weeks to tell me it was out of stock, now not replying to my email.

    I very rarely buy from local bricks and mortar stores, this is why.

    I will make a PayPal claim if it's not resolved soon.

    • Got the following email after contacting them via their website as well as email.


      Thank you for your purchase with Sydney Tools.

      Unfortunately the item you have purchased was a clearance line with limited stock. We have attempted to source stock but have been unsuccessful.

      We have sold out and Dewalt will not be replenishing this line.

      We can either offer you a refund, store credit or exchange

      Alternatively we can build this kit for you, however we are looking at a 1 to 2 week delay.

      Below are some offers which are similar:



      Please let us know how you wish to proceed.

      We apologise if this has caused you any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
      Kind Regards,

      XXXXXXX | Online


      After informing them I'd wait for them to build the kit I received the following email

      Thank you for your reply.

      Please note in the new kit the Drill will be a DCD795 opposed to a DCD796, and the impact driver will be DCF886 opposed to a DCF887.

      The drills are Brushless and the battery and chargers are exactly the same.

      Please advise if you are happy to continue.


      Sounds like a downgrade to me lol
      Not sure where to go from here. Should just get a refund : (

  • Just got mine after initially being told they were out.

    What actually arrived though was an upgraded DCK266P2 kit with two 5AH batteries instead of the 2AH. Everything else is the same… happy customer.

    • Got mine today. Their Customer Support is actually very good. I received a phone call was told they managed to fulfill my order.
      The box says DCK266P2 and looks like it's designed to hold 2 x 5ah batteries.

      I'm actually glad I got 2 x 2ah batteries instead of 5ah as they'd be too heavy for home use.

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