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2x Google Home Mini for The Price of 1 - $78 @ The Good Guys


The Good Guys will have same promotion like Harvey Norman
So we now have more locations to buy on 1 Jan 2018.

Update: Price would be $78 for 2, confirmed by supermanUK.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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      • Can the xiaomi bulbs be controlled by Google?

        • Yep. The Xiaomi Yeelight through the the Yeelight app.

  • Can anyone buy 2 and share one with me? Split the bill?

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      Whereabout are you? And how can I know I can trust you?

      • Be careful tempura. It's Kwok with a silent w

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          Are you afraid of kwok with a silent w, as you are tightbottom.

        • +2

          Kwok with a silent W combines with Tightbottom makes a good duo

    • Split with me. Where are you at?

      • Im in Sydney and usually available lunch time around cbd.

        • It depends how much the price tomorrow Kwok, I also work @ Town Hall.

      • +1

        Why don't you ask Google? Surely it has location tracking info for TK for the past 10 years.

  • The full size one is $128 at good guys https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/google-home-ga3a00484a09 its usually $194!! . If you can get office works to price match and get a further 5% discount then its $121.6!!

    • Ok but still not $37 for one…

    • +13

      Ok google. What time does the good guys open tomorrow?

      • +2

        Thanks mate.

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    So many deals of this thing, it makes me think google is selling cheap to beat amazons alexa with market penetration.

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    Those who are paranoid about google assistant & breaching your privacy
    there is a known fix; DONT BUY IT.

    • didnt buy it, woolies gave it for free

      • +3

        woolies gave it for free

        They are monitoring how many times you mention Coles and aldi in your household

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    Rather have 'two for the price of one' Chromecast Audios.

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    Great stuff. Now just neeed to find either a HN or GG store close by that has any stock left.

  • Title says 2 for 1 price means you get 2 for 54 ?

    • -1

      no, read the full title. Price will go up before that happens.

      • -1

        Title is updated after my comment don't have to look back

  • -2

    And the price is jacked up to $108 tomorrow.

  • +9

    Confirmed $78 for 2. It's in today's paper: https://imgur.com/a/TZUVh

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    Not a bargain.
    Hn is cheap $74

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      If you don't have a HN store near you, you can try getting it shipped for free with Shipster

      • I have shipster, using the same email address, but it's not giving it to me for free.
        2x Google Home Mini - Charcoal - $48
        Delivery to postcode 2*** $14.95
        Total amount: $110.95
        (Incl GST $8.09)
        Discount (56CWIZOFEFYTJO6S): -$22
        Balance payable: $88.95
        Place Order. Oh well. Will wait for OfficeWorks.

        • +1

          Mine was originally asking for shipping until I went to the following page. Cant remember which page it was but it might disappear on the following page (if you don't want to accidentally put the order through at the higher price use paypal to see the price and don't login and complete the order if the price isn't right)

    • Oh wow, a bargain after a bargain

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      Why a neg?

  • +1

    I purchased online from HN like others have done. For some reason the gentleman put the price through as $68 instead of $74.

    • +2

      Did you flirt with him? :p

      • No, I was just polite

        • I see. If you have gone into bed with him, he will put the price through as $69 :p

    • +2

      pics or it didn't happen…:) would you mind sharing the receipt? thanks.

  • dont forget racq has 5% off good guys giftcards

  • Has anybody found a micro USB cable that fits into the Google Home Mini? Mine got eaten by my dog age all the plugs I've tried, don't fit into the little port

  • Can anyone who owns one of these (or the full size version) comment on how often they use these things? I have a feeling this product category will go the same way as the digital photo frame.

    • +1

      I've used it every day since I got it! (but admittedly that was last Friday).

      It goes great with the nvidia shield (or probably any cast device?) for turning the tv on/off and starting up youtube.

    • +1

      I use it to control my lights and TV (Chromcast), use it for cooking for setting timers, ask it questions when I'm not near my phone and a recent thing I've grown to love is getting to play ambient sounds for when I'm doing something (forest sounds, ocean sounds etc.)

      Also, we have multiple throughout the house, so the broadcast feature is incredibly useful, essentially a walkie talkie for the whole house.

      • cheers, thanks for those suggestions.

    • Wife loves hers

  • For this price I'll buy ten, one for each room.

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    George Orwell eat your heart out, people pay for Big Brother these days.

    • -1

      Yep. Right in their noses in every major OS and connected device with so little resistance and almost zero discussion. But prepare to be downvoted from the Sheeple here


      • +1
        • -1
          1. In the 60s there was more gov trust, not less.
          2. Wiretap doesn't hand you anything, individuals do.
          3. Wiretap is gov surveillance using your taxes.

          Please make corrections since we have discussed this.

  • +3

    Can someone please find these guys a deal on tin foil? Thanks!

  • thanks guys, read the other HN thread and just live chat with one of the staff, and they got me the 2 for $74 deal with coupon code. easy as pie.

  • +1

    I'm near a good guy's in st leonards, Sydney. If anyone wants to split with me let me know. I can pass it to you either in st leonards or Sydney CBD.

  • For those that own the Chromecast mini and Chromecast audio, could you please tell me if this is possible.

    I intend to plug the Chromecast audio into my Yamaha RX-V767 via TOSLINK and then, use the Chromecast mini so that I stream Google Play Music and Spotify playlists.

    Just want to know if this will actually work this way? I already have a Chromecast 2 connected to my Yamaha RX-V767, but when I stream audio the TV is required to be on (which I don't want).

    Thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to answer this question.

    • +1

      I Don't have a chromecast audio myself but I think chromecast audio is just aux input not toslink. Other than that if connected via aux I don't see any reason it wouldn't work. As far as I know that's exactly what chromecast audio is for. You could do this with just the chromecast audio but would not have the voice control.
      Edit: google do sell a TOSLINK cord for the chromecast audio. I have no experience with it but cant see why it wouldn't work.

    • I assume you mean Google Home Mini. Yes it can control the Chromecast audio. I have mine controlling my house of Chromecast audios.

      • Oops, yes that is what I meant. Thanks.

  • Only problem with adding the 3.5mm jack is the signal from these is mono

    Still a cool hack to use in an area where you have an amp

  • Better to just buy the regular google home if you can find it at around $100 (or wait for a lower discount). I own both the mini and normal one and its night and day in terms of sound quality and voice recognition from across the room.

    EDIT: I should mention, this is only the case if you're just after one device. At this price its worth it for two minis if you want them in multiple rooms.

  • Anybody want to go halves in SE Melbourne?

    • keen!!

  • Will this be available online?

  • -2

    2 for $54???

    …and it looks like Officeworks will pricematch:


  • I wonder if this device will adjust to my non australian english accent ;)

    • The CIA and NSA loves all accents equally.

      • Thats fine. Let them know that i am an ozbargainer and love free and cheap stuff.

    • Actually, I think it's the opposite in that for the longest time, Google sucked at deciphering Aussie accents - I struggled using Google assistant on my phone up until a few months ago when things suddenly improved…

  • Wooh, saw this just now, walked into a local good guys and asked and they said yes. I now own two Google home minis :)

  • i would say wait if you don't really need right now . Second week Jan the prices will fall sharply.
    Ok google "Bye" i prefer to hodl.

    • I will buy another 2 in second week of Jan if this GH recognises my accent well. I just Purchased 2 from HN using free shipster shipping. A bit of hassle that i had to wait for the online chat guy to create a link with promotional coupon code.

    • Sure amazon will have their stuff on sale, but why would google discount any further than this?

  • +1

    Not really the price of 1 when you can buy one for $48 at Harvey Norman. But i just got home with one from Harvey Norman for that $48. I have no use for two of them.

    • Whenever something is 2 for the price of 1, they are obviously referring to the rrp.

    • 2 for 1 in HN seems to be below RRP.

  • Didnt someone say JB was gonna have this deal too ?

    • From what I read on the Harvey Norman thread for the home mini's that it should be 2 for $79 at JB

  • +2

    Am I missing something? I've seen Google mini's for $45-49. So 2 for $78 is not the price of 1…

    • The OP is going off the RRP which no one pays any way.

      • +2

        RRP? This is OZBargain right? lol

  • So the new price has been reflected…1 for $78..Added 2 to the chart and it's $156. Anyone know the code to make it 2 for 1?

  • It’s 2 for $8 add two to cart select postage 2 for $8

  • +1

    Google: We really value your privacy

    Twitter: We’d never collect anything

    Apple: We securely encrypt everything on-device.

    Facebook: Literally gives you an ad for something you dreamt about.

    Common sense isn't that common.

  • Not available for purchase anymore.

    The following products "Home Mini - Charcoal, Home Mini - Chalk" are not buyable.
    The following products "Home Mini - Charcoal, Home Mini - Charcoal" are not buyable.

    The product "3074457345618655169" cannot be ordered.
    The product "3074457345618654169" cannot be ordered.

    Spent the last 40 minutes trying to add them to my cart and check out. Booo.

  • Am I the only who still doesn't see the benefit of google home? Just can't think of anything useful for it

    • -1

      Only thing I can think of is in the kitchen.
      By turn on/off the TV or music. Also to put on a countdown timer.

      Everything else is pretty pointless, as it can be done via the phone, which gives a better user experience.