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Sony A6000 Body $538 (Plus Bonus $150 EFTPOS Card), Sony 28-70mm Lens $197 @ Harvey Norman Wiley Park NSW


Missed the GG's great price.

But I noticed @harvey Norman Wiley Park today A6000 for clearance @$538 plus you can get $150 back

also 28-70 lens down to $197, it's a cheap price as well.

Hope this helps someone

EFTPOS Card Redemption

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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      How cheap should the lens be?

  • Not available at all stores.

  • Insane price!

  • Nice price

  • I also missed the GG's deal and got excited when I read the first part of the title, to only realize it's a store-specific sale. Wish it was HN store wide sale.

  • Should that be VIC or NSW?

    • Should be in NSW.

      • +1

        But the OP is is Melbourne. Such a head scratcher lol.

        • +5

          OP drove all the way to NSW to score this deal. Such dedication!

    • Sorry that was completely my fault (incorrect edit). OP has fixed it to NSW now.

      • +1

        You just crushed all my hopes and dreams :(.

  • +2

    Some good deals to be had here, bought the original Olympus OMD EM10 body on clearance the other day for $133.

    • Where was this at?

      • +1

        HN Wiley Park.

  • Can you get JB to pricematch ?

    • +1

      I really really wish I could get it for this price. From anywhere

  • +4

    ok since I'm not allowed to post in the freebies section and I have no idea where else to post this since I'm new… I have a $30 off Kogan code if anyone wants it. Min purchase is $100 I think and it's valid only until today 11.59pm.


    • Didn't work :(.

      • It must've been a one time use thing :/ sorry!

  • +1

    I was collecting my Sony RX100 Mk 3 from TGG today and had a look at A6000.
    It is so small and if it can do what people say, it is just amazing.
    And I think A6500 with IBS is even better.

    I am just wondering if Canon is going to take it seriously.

    • How much did you see the A6000 selling at TGG?

      • Sorry I don't remember.

    • It looks totally ridiculous pinned to a 70-200F4 but takes a great photo.

    • What good is a camera that's always complaining about stomach cramps?

      • Not just cramp, diarrhoea too.

  • amex cash back? (does it end midnight?)

    • Dude I think it is IN STORE only.

      • Lol. I should go sleep

  • Where in the mirrorless range does the A6000 sit? Mid range?

    • Seeing as though it was released in Feb 2014, it would be mid range at best. Considering now you have two models of Sony APS-C cameras above it in their range alone, let alone other manufacturers.
      In saying that, it is still a very good camera. The features I use most are the 11 fps for sports, along with the subject tracking, and the eye auto focus for portraits.

      Edit: I 'll just add an anecdote. A bloke sitting behind me at an A-League game who is in business in the digital multimedia world was stunned at the frame rate of my little a6000 and quizzed me on it for quite a while.

      • Thanks for that. I currently have an NX-5N which is still an excellent camera but it lacks a few features I’d like and is now about 7 years old. Not sure whether it’s worth upgrading or not for some of the soft features. Image quality on the 5N is excellent still.

      • Oh and can the A6000 be recharged by plugging in USB or do you have to remove the battery and put it in a charger?

        • +2

          It has a micro USB port on the camera for charging.

  • Plug in micro-usb or take out battery for dedicated charger. Great little camera, brother bought it few years ago for 600 with 2 lens. Pity I don't use it often enough.

  • +1

    Its amazing how the A6000 has barely dropped in price since it was released. I got mine for around 600 a few years ago with 2 lens. Now its been superseded by the 6300 and the 6500 and its still going for 600+

    • +3

      Well it really hasn't been superseded. The A6300 and A6500 are two new models aimed at different people (videographers mainly). It's a bit like saying, the corolla has been superseded by the toyota camry, and toyota aurion. It's not quite like that. We are still waiting for a a6000 replacement at the same price bracket.

      • That’s not entirely accurate
        I think Sony intially intended to supersede a6000 with a6x00

        But since there are no real competition they just decided to
        Milk the situation

        If Canon or Nikon had a mirrorless equivalent of 7D
        a6500 will be where a6300 is and a6000 will not exist

    • No real competition

  • +1

    Great price for a great camera, if you want extra batteries, check out wasabi battery on ebay, seems to be decent replacement for the sony batteries!

  • Was the 28-70mm FE for full frame A7 series? 197 is great price. I paid $300 at Sony Chatswood. Should I refund and get this one?

    • Yes Full frame

  • +6

    I got HN to pricematch TGG for $612 with 1 lens.

    That along with the Amex Cash back & EFTPOS card brought it down to $362.

    • When?

      • +1

        Receipt or it didn’t happened

        • Your Order Qty Price

          Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Lens Kit
          Product code: ILCE6000LB

          SAVE $80
          BONUS $150 EFTPOS Card via redemption
          Discount( ICF6XCKNURDMVERI ) - $109

          Total Paid: $612

          (Incl. GST $55.64

        • @MANU7D:

          Can you please PM me the receipt? Thanks a lot!

    • Please PM me the receipt.

  • Entry level DSLR is well and truely dead

    • -1

      Rubbish, try getting quality lenses for under 300 bucks for your sony

      • -1

        You are well and truely behind

        • Dreamer.. Canon 50 1.8, Canon 10 to 18mm,canon 24mm 2.8, Canon 55 to 250mm, all can be had for 100 to 300 bucks, all fantastic optically and light weight as well. Show me the Sony equivalent?

        • +2

          @mlburnian: Sigma DN lenses.

    • Doubt it

      Take it from a guy who has
      Fuji instax
      And now a canon 80d

      Each has their respective pros and cons

      If weight is no issue then a dslr is best in my opinion
      That is until I buy my Leica 😂

      • Entry level DSLR I said
        I love 5D and 24-70 L mmmhmm delicious
        But oh so cumbersome for amateur like me

        A6000 with Sigma 30mm f1.4 is fantastic compromise

  • -3

    For most of us, an good phone (iPhone 8/X/pixel1/2 or S8/Note8)will let us take better pic then this type of DSLR camera. Their auto mode are not as smart as smartphone.
    If you are not professional, the only reason why you to to buy a DSLR is you want to take pic of your kid playing sport when you need more optical zoom.

    • +1

      with you on this. I bought Canon M10 mirrorless a couple years back and unless your willing to learn about exposure, aperture and blah blah blah the smart phone is just fine

      • i have a Sony 5N and 3 E-mount lens (16, 18-55 & 55-210) can be used with A6000. The reason why I DO NOT upgrade my camera is that I am quite sure most of the pictures taken by A6000 are not significantly better my Note 8/Pixel1/S8+ and my sons not playing sport anymore(playing Minecraft instead).

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