[PRICE ERROR] Google Home Mini - 3 for $78 at The Good Guys Online

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Tried adding 2 to cart, total was $0, however I couldn't proceed to payment. Added another one, promotional code was applied automatically. Total $78 for 3.

Edit: Add the cheapest item you can find (easternculture found sim card) and complete payment

Mod 8/1: Users who purchased 3 for $78, 2 for $8 or similar combinations have had their orders cancelled during the past week. Refunds have started today. Moved to forum as a confirmed price error.

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    when do i get my money back

    • Good question!

    • Looks like we all have been fooled. Collected $8 for each order and not deliver. Then earn interest on it.

      • From my experience with my previous purchased, the refund from GG took more than 15working days to get the credit. I don't how how long will the postage refund will be credited back to us. Hope everyone involved be able to share if the got the postage refund.

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    I havn't received any emails as yet. All i have is the paypal confirmation, have checked promotions and spam.

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    Still haven’t received any cancellation email. I purchased 2 for $8 delivery.

  • I didn't receive a "cancellation" email but I got an email saying that they'd send me an email today

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    I just got an email saying my 3 were ready to collect

    • Got three emails today in total.

      First, an email with pdf sales order listing the 3 google home minis.

      The second was good guys email saying to collect the 3 minis.

      The third, was another pdf sales order listing just 2 home minis.

      I only did one order, for the 3 at $78

      • i received that pickup email yesterday, but that does not mean anything. when i arrives there, "sorry, it was a system error, we are unable to process your order."

        • Did you get a docket invoice as well?

    • I'd go ASAP

  • I got an email today "We're sorry but your order has been unsuccessful. Please try again" It didn't say anything about refund or compensation.

  • I bought 3 GHM as well along with other items and got the “your order has been unsuccessful, please try again”. Just 1 sentence, the end. Guess new year bargain didn’t happen!

  • i guess non of us have received the TUESDAY EMAIL mentioned in their letter yesterday yet?
    apart from i got this at 9.30am

    Great to have you back!

    You'll now receive important email notifications and special offers from The Good Guys.

    Remember you can update your preferences so you only get the communications you want.

    The Good Guys

    • Nope. Not yet. I've been waiting for it. They sent my other email at about 2pm yesterday. Nothing yet today.

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    got an email saying my 3 are ready for pick up, shows a summary of my order as 3 X Minis @ $26 each, total $78.
    here's hoping..

    • Same here. Only issue is, I can't get to the store until tomorrow

    • I got ready to pick up email too yesterday, for 2 ghm and a hairdryer. When I called, they said they can only release the hairdryer

      • But we have ordered 3 and paid the $78

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      3 minis collected. They weren't over the moon, but they didn't say anything about it being an error. Now to figure out what to do with them!

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    Picked mine up today.
    3 for $78.
    I got an email saying my order was ready for collection.
    The manager told me it was an error, but would honour it anyway.
    Awesome Good Guys

    • Can you please upload your docket?

    • Well done. Be interesting to see if different Good Guys respond differently to glitch. Would create outrage if some get it and some don't!

    • Well done. New year luck!

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      "Member since 16 mins ago"

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        Don't let that sway your opinion on users, some users who only just join help out the community, they're not always bad.

        As seen below, that person in fact proved his 3 for $78.

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      Lol nice one good guys…new account, first comment…..

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      Today is 2nd Jan, not yet 1st April.

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      djpardoe. good job

    • -5


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        Thanks for posting the receipt. No pick up or cancel for me.
        Enjoy your new GHM.

        • damn lucky guy, didn't they say anything ?

  • Ordered 3 for $78, so far I haven't received an email for unsuccessful order but also have not received email for pick up.

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    PayPal transaction went through on the 1st but I didn't receive any TGG email.

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      Nice. Awesome Manager.

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      You lucky ducky =D

  • Got a call from them, offered to ship out two, said it was a tech issue. Oh well :)

    • Did you say nah, your competitors are doing 2 for 74 and price match? I couldnt get them to price-beat over the phone the 2 for $74 but they price-matched.

      If you agreed to the order, take 2 minutes, phone them back, say cancel - cheaper at officeworks + HN and they will price match.

      I've received the partial refund already; but I had like 40 orders in their system when it went down, so they might think I am a special case. As in very special :).

      • Bought elsewhere with free shipping

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    Got the follow up email

    Hi xxxx,

    After an investigation, we have been able to fix the issue that caused customer transactions of the (2 for the price of 1) Google Home Mini offer to be charged incorrectly.

    We have now reactivated Google Home Mini products for purchase online.

    Unfortunately this means that The Good Guys are unable to fulfil any incorrectly charged web orders for the (2 for the price of 1) Google Home Mini offer made on January 1 2018.

    Orders that are being cancelled and refunded include:
    Orders where the Google Home Mini on the order has been charged for less than the advertised offer price,
    Orders where more than one Bonus $0 Google Home Mini has been allowed to be added to the order,
    Orders where one Google Home Mini was purchased but the Bonus (2 for the price of 1) was not triggered for fulfilment.

    In the coming business days, our online support team will be working to cancel and refund any transactions incorrectly charged. We apologise for any confusion and inconvenience this has caused.

    As you saw online, the purchase price for the Google Home Mini on the product page was $78 when you added the item into your cart on January 1, 2018. The offer for a Bonus Home Mini was limited to one per transaction as per the offer advertised.

    All stores will continue to honour any transaction where a (2 for the price of 1) Google Home Mini is purchased in accordance with the advertised condition of one Bonus per transaction of a Google Home Mini at $78.

    The (2 for the price of 1) Google Home Mini offer is now also working online.

    Sincerely, The Good Guys.

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      Yep same here.
      Does these mean none will be honoured? Not consistent with the above 3 for 78

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        Looks like the above have been up to the manager/franchisee's discretion for click and collect orders

      • Orders where more than one Bonus $0 Google Home Mini has been allowed to be added to the order,

        ^ That covers the 3 for $78. No email for me as yet, but assume I'll get one of these eventually.

        Found elsewhere cheaper so don't want the 2 for $78 if that's what they're trying to sell instead.

        Interestingly even though they are pushing 'we only ever displayed it as one bonus google home mini' the artwork was ambiguous, it offered 2 for 1 and 'one bonus google home mini' you could have easily interpreted this as 2 for 1 and one bonus one. Though in hindsight it looks like the intention of the wording was to try and get out of providing 4 for the price of 2. Which is ridiculous.

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    And there is the follow up email

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    I'm surprised the cancelled the orders, i thought they were trying to compete with Harvey Norman.

    • +3

      Should have offered a deal for $70 for 2 to compete with HN.

      I have not received a cancellation or any email.

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        They clearly say they beat prices so I'm not sure how they can enforce 2 for $78 when it is more expensive than other retailers.

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    I'm not complaining about them cancelling… but I do feel their response is unprofessional… "As you saw online, the purchase price for the Google Home Mini on the product page was $78 when you added the item into your cart on January 1, 2018. The offer for a Bonus Home Mini was limited to one per transaction as per the offer advertised."

    Maybe I didn't see the promo and I just happened to add 2 google mini's to my cart, that's hardly my fault. Maybe it's just me, but it feels passive-aggressive.

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      Yeah, they're clearly running amateur hour on customer service, packing, and general handling of this whole thing. Won't order from them again. Not because of them not honouring a price error, but because they're rude and condescending.

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      Yeah very rude of them, they didn't consider some might be going off what was posted on OzBargain.

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      Basically, they are accusing all of us for cheating. Thanks TGG.

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    Worth noting too, I ordered the full google home's from them via eBay. They were so poorly packaged AusPost had to re-package them to complete the delivery. They were just wrapped in brown paper according to the note. We'll see how Harvey Norman do.

    • Yes, very poor package from TGG. My $800+ Samsung Note 4 was wrapped in brown paper without any bubble wrap padding then sent via AusPost few years back.

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    Someone I know only got the second email and not the first emails 30 minutes after others. Orders are still active and on backorder on the account though.
    Those who did not get the first email may still get the other emails later.

    I still have received no emails.

  • Has anyone made the joke yet that they should be called The Bad Guys?

    • +5

      Well it's too early to say that yet. Most of us knew they won't honoured for the mistakes, I placed the order for gift voucher.

    • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • Has anyone received multiple "Follow up on Google Home Mini order" emails? I placed 3 orders, received 3 order confirmation emails, 3 "About your Google Home Mini purchase" emails but only one "Follow up" email. I did also receive docket invoice email for delivery but no further update emails on delivery status.
    My account page shows only first two orders.

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    Order cancelled but no apology credit was offered and no refund on delivery fee yet.

  • no cancellation email yet for me

    • Same here. Recieved email said status of order will be send today. Havent see any email yet.

  • got the electronic transaction, but not cancellation email yet. oh well.

  • -2

    What about the glitch in the South Carolina lottery which made every ticket sold a winner for 2 hours:

    Should that be honoured? Surely!

  • hmm payment for both the '2 for $8 delivered' and '3 for $86 delivered' has been fully taken out of my bank account. haven't gotten any cancellation email yet, nor one to say either has been shipped…guessing they have too many to get through

  • +1

    Wonder when they’ll start to process refunds back to people who ordered this.

    • +8

      When they have earned enough interest.

    • TGG always slow. The click and collect you have waited more than 20 mins for them to find your ordered item. One bad experience of mine I have to wait half hour then they told me they can't find my order. (Capalaba Store)

      • same thing happened in browns plain store, they must have weird order system, so when they search your name, they can't find the order in the system even the parcel is just in front of them, they have to scan the actual parcel to process.

  • Just called Lutwyche and was told they would not honour any purchases including 3 for $78. They gave me only two options, either refund or 2 for $78. I asked them to leave as it is while waiting for a further update from HQ.

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    Got email for click n collect 2 minis and chromecast. When i got there, was told no minis. Was a bit pi$$3d off as i would not of bothered for just the chromecast.

    • lol, exactly like my order. Got confirmation on Monday and just turned up to pick up this arvo, only received chromecast so I requested to cancel the order.

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    I just opened a dispute with PayPal. Refusal to deliver a paid order.
    Let's see how they deal with it hehe

    • I just opened two cases in the "Resolution Centre". Paypal just seems to send them a message? Is there a faster way to get my money back? I'm just annoyed that they haven't refunded us or even said sorry for the muck up

  • Went to Auburn to try pick up 3x for $78. Was told system glitch and they would not honour the price.

    Cancelled order and was told 3-5 business days for full refund.

  • Received a cancellation of order/refund email at 12.30pm for the 2 GHM for $8 delivered.

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    (Yes I just made this account, I've been a lurker for a little while now)

    So I got this email today about two hours ago and it's my tax invoice for the GHM's.

    It says they canceled the order in the "Sales Details". My bank has sent the delivery amount ($8) to TGG so I'll have to wait for the refund if there ever is one…

    • Yeah mine came through in the last hour or so..

    • +1

      Mine came through yesterday, but other than that it's been radio silence from TGG.

      Only difference I can spot is under delivery instructions, mine has:

      Delivery Instructions:

  • +7

    Never even got an apology and/or cancellation email. Seems a bit slack that they can't even be bothered sending out a mass email. Oh well, it was obviously never going to get honored either way :)

      • +2

        I'm in awe that you're seriously considering ACCC action

        I'm still waiting on my seeded seedless watermelon case :)

      • +3

        Well can definitely try calling the accc but I don’t think they will be too bothered by a disgruntled entitled customer who was trying to take advantage of a pricing error.

        Just as I would not want to be charged double for a google mini (if I ever get one), I believe in not taking advantage of someone’s mistake for my personal gain.

        • +3

          Every day there is a post going up in the forums about someone feeling like they're entitled because they crashed their car, or they shoplifted, or their ice cream melted and they wanted to sue. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well it's not and the moment a mistake happens they cry wolf aka Mr ACCC-Fairtrading-OzLawyer.

          That's why people are quick to shoot you down.


        • +3

          That’s understandable, but there would have been a huge number of orders, and when you also factor in the timing, there’s not much else they could do to control the damage. Head office would still be trying to figure out a solution to this.

          Pricing errors happen all the time, but when something worth nearly $50 last week goes down to $10 each, you really do wonder. That’s a huge difference, even if speculation says otherwise (I personally can’t see it hitting $20 for a long time, maybe ever.)

          There’s no use saying ACCC, if you don’t intend to contact them.

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