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Bauhn 75" Ultra 4K HD LED TV $1699.00 @ ALDI


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  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 60 day Satisfaction Warranty

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  • That's a big price difference from a 65" even if it is probably the cheapest 75" UHD TV on the market at the moment.

    • The price of tvs goes up exponentially after 60". The price difference between 75 and 80" tvs is crazy.

    • Is the 65" quality good enough, will it be a washed out screen, a bit intrigued with it given the price

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        I'm very happy with one of my 65" Bauhn TVs, the other not so much.

        I have 2 Bauhn 65" models (I believe there may be more). One was purchased in 2015 that had smart functions but it had a horrible, laggy GUI and the worst part was around ~150ms input lag on the HDMI inputs - which made gaming on it impossible and had to set a delay on my amplifier as the picture/audio would be out of sync if not using the bad inbuilt speakers. The remote controller wouldn't work from more than 2m away (they put a piece of solid black plastic over the IR diode) and even then would register one in a few presses. It also takes a minute to turn on.

        I then got the next model a year later without smart functions after users commented on how they didn't notice any input lag. I really missed being able to play console/PC gaming on the living room TV. Because it has no smart functions, the UI is very snappy (snappier than a Sony 55" KDL series that I have access to also). The inbuilt scaler does a fantastic job of taking any input resolution and scaling it to 4k. It also allows me to output RGB or 444 to the screen from my PC at 4K 60hz, which is fantastic. The previous model would only allow me to output 422, but that could have been because of the cable I was using at the time.

        At work I have access to broadcast quality Sony OLED panels used for colour grading and post/VFX work. I know pretty well how to judge picture quality subjectively and using tools to objectively see how well they perform. Both the Bauhn 65" have very good image quality, but they are not incredible. They are however great for the price.

        I'll only be upgrading once >60" HDR OLED TVs start getting around the $1500 mark - so I'll be using my Bauhn TV for a long while to come most likely!

        • As I said previously, I hated the backlight bleed all over mine. The colours etc were poor even though I fiddled with the service menu etc.
          Sticking to a decent brand now.

          It would be fine if you didn't sit too close and stuck to gaming etc.

          It took about 20 seconds to turn on btw (unsure if that is standard for large, modern TV's). I have been out of the loop since the Pio Kuro days..

        • @smashed:

          You are talking about the 2nd release without the smart functions, the one from this link? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/269522?page=1

          There were a few people in that thread commenting on how theirs had bleeding, banding or appearing to have a stitch line down the middle of the panel - and others didn't. Guess I was one of the lucky ones that got a panel with no defects that were mentioned. It did however have a speck of dust between the LCD and the outer coating.

        • Thanks for the write-up. Even though I'm not looking to buy a new TV just yet, it makes me reassess the point of a smart TV, given that Chromecast does a pretty good job without the performance penalty.

        • @c0balt:

          Yes, I had no smart functions.
          It started playing up a week before the warranty ran out so I took it into the store and received a full refund :)

        • @smashed: pioneer kuro… those were the days

        • @kermuffle:

          I bought my parents a Gen 9 a few months ago as they don't wish to leave Plasma behind. It had been sitting in a spare room with under 100 hours on the clock :)

          Beautiful. (Keeps them warm in English winter too).

        • Thank you mate, great review… I think I may try my luck with the RussianGerman Roulette :)

        • @smashed: wow, what a find. i bought a 2nd hand earlier this year but unfortunately it died… still have my original gen 7 or 8 though. contrast levels are still as good as oled

        • @kermuffle:

          I picked up an Aldi 65 inch non smart version of one of these things last year for $799. It's been sitting in it's box ever since. My 60 inch Kuro is over 10 years old now, so I thought I'd buy one of these cheap things to have as an emergency backup when it inevitably dies….which must be any day soon. :-0 It will give me a couple of months to find a worthy replacement.

        • @jimbler: yeah mine's getting close to 10 years now… end of an era, will be sad when it goes

        • @jimbler: Get the new one out of the box and start saving on electrickity bills. The 60 Kuro is probably a plasma and one good use for a plasma is as a room heater. If it's a plasma, you may need a crane to move it out. they can be heavy. I had a Pana 65 plasma and once we got it in place it stayed there.

      • You have 60 days to find out.

      • My parents have a 65-inch 4K from Aldi they picked up about 18 mths ago for $899. It's the non-smart version, and the picture quality is totally fine in isolation for the usual TV and movie watching at a lounge room distance, but it's obviously not going to look as good as something two or three times the price.

        They tell me the internal speaker seems to have died, but they are using a sound bar these days anyway (everyone should…).

  • Mmmm have 75 already,,, do i need another,, ????

  • can I use Google home to turn the Bauhn tv on and off through Chromecast? I bought Kogan 55 TV an 1 month ago but the TV can not.

    • My 65" one turns on automatically when I cast YouTube to my Mi TV Box.

    • You need to ensure the HDMI ports have HDMI CEC for this to work. It normally always shows in the specifications.

      The 65" Bauhn (non smart) I bought last year has it, and my Shield starts the TV and home theatre up automatically.

      • Mine doesn't work despite having cec on, but it's probably because I power my Chromecast from the TV, so when the TV is off the Chromecast is also. I don't fancy leaving my cc on 24/7 just because I am too lazy to turn the TV on

  • Do all tvs have only 1 year warranty? Even Apple has been forced to have 2 years on their products. This seems too short to me, especially for a big priced item.

    • TCL offer 3 years warranty on their TVs
      Australian Consumer Law is what enables consumers to claim warranty way beyond the standard 1 year.

      • Yeah to me it shows low confidence in one's own product and manufacturing.

        • TLDR; business have longer warranties to make them money, not necessarily b/c they’re their products are better.


          Yes and no IMO. The business primary goal, above all else, is max profit and perpetual continuity.

          Part of that is marketing and brand recognition. Initially in smaller markets (relative to that business operation) the company will attempt to distinguish itself from others to generate loyalty and trust, if brand recognition/trust/association is poor/low, part of that might be offering longer/differing warranties or endorsements etc.

          Consumers might see longer warranties sign of business faith in product however, the business will, as it should, wherever possible make every effort to max profit, and part of that process (as shitty as it is) is to reduce costs/liabilities associated with warranty, if possible. This is true of all business.

          In reality, big companies are looking to make money from your investment. If ‘earning’ that investment means providing longer voluntary warranties they will do that; as soon as the business has met the point where trust of the brand has overcome the need for these sorts of extras those longer warranties will end.

          Hisense/TCL may have better QC than Samsung, it may be significantly worse, who knows, the point is that longer warranties aren’t businesses being bros and having faith in their product, it’s all about manipulation and generating faith so you buy that brand. ‘Big’ brands don’t need to do that anymore because they consider their brand is strong/recognisable enough to not need those extra enticements.

          It’s like giving buyers cash back in an eftpos card or something, except that TCL is doing that in warranty form.

          Sorry, not trying to rant or tell people what they already know, I lost just think it’s important to know that businesses are all about manipulating you through marketing.

    • "Big priced item".
      Cheapest 75 inch TV on the market.

      Pick one. This is cheap as chips. Quality probably reflects.

      65 inch 4K Bauhn my grandma bought a few months ago has the worst dirty screen effect and worst picture quality I've ever seen on a TV with my own eyes.

  • Any links to full specs, bauhn website has nothing listed at all

    Would be nice to know if it has smart apps and wifi etc…

    Also is it a black series or just rock bottom entry model… 😅

  • Ah here we go again, people expecting to pay 50% of the price and expecting 100% of the performance.

    'Not 10 bit HDR'
    'Not 200Hz refresh rate'
    'Not an Oled panel'
    'Horrible smart features' even though every Ozbargain member either has a Chromecast/Apple TV/Kodi/PS4/XB1

    This is aimed at the mum and dad users who do not nit pick and just want a tv to watch days of our lives. Serves its purpose, not for 4k UHD gaming at 4000fps with crystal clear imaging and amazing blacks for shadows.

    • You're a bit generous calling them "people". I'd be using more colourful language :)

    • O M G .. my dreams are SHATTERED!

    • +4 votes

      I agree, but it's still important to recognise its shortfalls.

      Personally I have no idea why you'd fork out $1700 for 75" of subpar image quality, but each to their own.

    • 200Hz is essential feature for gaming?

      Also did you know a OLED panel for this size would go around 10k?

      • The only feature you need for gaming is low input lag/gaming mode. Which I don't think this TV has.

      • No, but yes, sort of.

        200HZ, as it is, is derived through processing done by a computer inside the TV, (which takes time for the computer to do the work). Say you turn right in an FPS (high frame-rate/high motion intensive graphic app), the computer in the TV will take time to ‘smooth out’ the motion, so there will be a delay between pressing that move command and seeing it on the screen, often called input lag (IL). This might not affect some games that are slow in nature (you’re not constantly turning around or moving very quickly), but it does get somewhat annoying after a time.

        However, sometimes 200HZ TV’s have better ‘non-interpolated’ or non computer enhanced motion by default; so in order to get that better looking motion you’d need to choose a more expensive model anyway. Motion is subjective too, one person will see a ‘poor performer’ and think it’s entirely adequate and someone else will be entirely underwhelmed.

        The other option which sometimes doesn’t introduce as much input lag, as discussed above, is black frame insertion. Only some TV’s do this period, and only some allow this to be enabled on the ‘game’ mode; a setting designed to reduce IL by reducing or removing additional picture processing goodies. Black frame insertion, tricks the eye by as it sounds inserting black frames to make motion appear smoother, but again there’s a caveat here too, BFI can make the screen appear dimmer and you may notice the flicker.

        So, in a way, no 200HZ is not always conducive to good gaming performance, however the better looking panels and extra goodies that manufacturers put in their more expensive models, which happen to also be 200HZ may help.


        Hope that helps somewhat.

    • 'Not 10 bit HDR'
      'Not 200Hz refresh rate'
      'Not an Oled panel'
      'Horrible smart features' even though every Ozbargain member either has a Chromecast/Apple TV/Kodi/PS4/XB1

      how important are these features for someone that only watch films and youtube and no fta?

      • Not important at all.

        But still, someone who watches just youtube will somehow buy this tv. Get it home and decide to run it through its paces and then will complain heavily that every feature of the TV is not 100%. Even if it is fit for their purpose!

        It was the same with the MiBox and streaming 10bit content, even though it wasn't built for that, it was a major sticking point for some reviewers. Most people however would never use the MiBox like that.

      • HDR is more use than 4K

    • However, this TV is an excellent "oh damn, my awesome plasma just died and an 80" OLED is still 15k"

      Size is king, and I say that as a Panasonic plasma owner. I'd definitely consider this as an excellent fill in tv for a few years.

      Edit: read your post properly, we're on the same page.

      • Our seven year old 42" hisense is slowly getting darker by the day. We're looking replace it with either another a hisense, tcl or perhaps an Aldi. We don't need all the fancy smart options offered by the other brands. Size is the most important aspect. A 55" looks a bit small compared to a >70".

      • Current Panny owner here too, and I'm hoping the ST60 will last until 65" OLEDs hit $2000. I don't want to sacrifice size or quality.

  • In before “Will this fit in a Corolla?”

  • If I was going to spend $1600 I would prefer to try and pick up a 55 OLED instead of this.
    Image quality is important to me and the imperfections on the 65 Bauhn really bugged me, and no doubt I would find it even more annoying on the 75.

    Personal preference though :)

  • What’s the refresh rate?
    And what is the 60 day money back guarantee? Literally just bring it back if I don’t like it?

    • Yes, just return with 60 days… (with receipt)

      • was it dramatic on returning it? carting it from the car park,into the store and joining the queue?
        did you choose to return during quiet hours?

        • No drama. Just return it when off peak. Take your item, take your receipt. It is the reverse of purchasing it :)
          5 mins of hassle

        • @smashed: Yeah Aldi are great with returns. Step dad bought one of the cheap Unisurf 2-in-1 notebooks (with laptop with the 360 degree folding touchscreen), and it was a piece of junk. Crazy slow, kept turning itself off, wouldn't charge properly, total garbage.

          Took it into a different store for a return, was processed in minutes. Cashier didn't care what was wrong with it since they have the 60 day policy so it didn't matter.

  • the 65" are a POS

  • $1699 too big of a price gap from their 65" model.. no thanks.

  • Still using my 42" Bauhn and love it. This thing is huggeeee!

  • Would much rather spend $1700 on a smaller size TV with decent image quality.

    • That review persuaded me to buy it. I didn't have the same experience.

      Simple answer is to buy it and try it (ensuring you test everything you may use it for eg netflix, foxtel, aerial, gaming) and see what you think.

  • What is the refresh rate then?

  • lets face it we know its going to be crap, but ay its 75"

  • I have 65" model from the 2017 (purchased between Apr - June 2017 timeframe) which does not have smart features. Out of the box, this TV (picture quality) is not that good. With Whirlpool I was able to tinker with the service menu and get a good picture. Now guest don't believe its ALDI brand when they look at the picture quality. Blu Rays and 4k videos look really good.

    I have PS4 PRO connected to it so I can confirm games look good and there is no lag (at-least that I have noticed with Far Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5). Yes picture will be better on major brands but you only realise that when you put a major brand TV right next to it. If i was to remove Bauhn branding and put LG or Samsung logo, no one will know the difference (unless a Samsung or LG TV is put right next to it).

    I also have Apple TV 4th Gen and Samsung Soundbar (3.1, 340 Watts) connected and HDMI CEC works like a charm. Apple TV controls everything.

    Remember your eyes adapt to the picture/colors and you do not realise that you are not seeing 1000 shades of RED. Normal red is good enough. Last year living in USA, I did a side by side comparison of ALDI 4k TV and Samsung 4k (non HDR model from Costco as returns are easy) and only then I realised that red looks redder on Samsung. Once I returned Samsung back, within a day I adapted and didn't really miss it.

    For me ALDI TV is a good investment as I am waiting for wallpaper TVs to become cheaper. If ALDI TV lasts me 3 years (I am sure it is covered under Australian Consumer Law and I have been able to get replacements and refunds from unwilling retailers who played ball once Australian Consumer Law was mentioned), I am more than happy.

    But please remember it is not a HDR panel with 120 Hz refresh rate. It is a entry level 4k TV which can be converted to SMART TV by using PS4, Chromecast, Apple TV etc.

  • Ok let’s be logical here, budget TVs are also cheaper than the well known 3, also they are using many parts which are from those 3, and the demands for these televisions are rocketing, once a business has a market they will eventually source out better parts else where and then dominate the market. If not you wouldn’t see so many of them around retailers.

    These TVs are the true value of televisions.

  • +4 votes

    Hi All,

    Specs are as follows:

    • Screen Size: 75"
    • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
    • Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
    • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
    • Lifetime: >30,000hrs
    • Viewing Angle: 178H/178V
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Response Time: 9.5ms

    1 x RF
    4 x HDMI Ports
    1 x CVBS
    4 x USB
    1 x YPbPr
    1 x Optical Out
    1 x Mini Line Out