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Ozito 90A Gasless MIG Welder AU $183.00, Normally $299.00 @ Bunnings


The Ozito Gasless MIG Welder has been designed for home projects and is ideal for use on trailers, gates, steel sections, car panels, thin materials and general fabrication. With adjustable Hi/Low welding current, the Ozito Gasless MIG is suitable for a number of jobs in your home or home-workshop.

Along with the ease of running without shielding gas, the welder also accepts spools between 0.2 and 5kg - meaning this MIG has you covered for a variety of jobs.

An overload protection LED indicates when the welder has overheated and shuts the welder down to protect internal components. Welder operation is assisted by an internal cooling fan, which helps to reduce temperature and downtime.

Enables you to MIG weld without the need for a shielding gas
Hi/low welding current enables the user to change the welding current when required
Overload protection LED protects the welder's internal components
Internal cooling fan assists in keeping the welder cool when in operation
0.2kg to 5kg welding wire spool for a wide variety of welding wire spool sizes

The Ozito IWT-130 is an Inverter Welder offering both Arc and TIG Welding functions in one lightweight, powerful (130A) Welder capable of Gas or Gasless operation with Ozito's market leading 3 year warranty. Because of its dual functions the IWT-130 is compatible with the majority of metals, making it far more versatile then traditional single-mode Welders.

The IWT-130 is user friendly including a process selection switch allowing for simple change between welding modes, welding current control dial to adjust quickly to output for required application, thermal overload protection and Power On and Overload LED to protect unit and user.

The IWT-130 includes TIG Torch (WP17-V) and components with 3.8m cable/hose, Arc Electrode Holder with 2m Cable, 2m Earthing Cable and Clamp, Protective Welding Mask, Shoulder strap and instruction manual.

130A inverter welder capable of both Tig and Arc welding and gas and gasless operation
Includes Tig torch and components, electrode holder, earth clamp 3.8m Tig cable, 2m Earth and Arc cables, welding mask and shoulder strap
Ozito's market leading 3 year replacement warranty
Lightweight and dual function without the requirement of gas makes welder portable and versatile
Through having two modes in the one unit between its Arc and Tig welding functions the IWT-130 is capable of welding most metals

The Ozito Arc Welder AWG-964 has been designed to weld most steel products. Its varying current range, lightweight and portability make it an ideal welder for many jobs. It is intended for DIY use only.

Current regulating knob adjusts current flow and enables the use of 2.0 - 2.5mm electrodes
Fan cooled unit for prolonged life and usability of unit
Included carry handle makes it easy to manoeuvre, carry and transport the unit
Face mask for viewing while welding and protects user from flash
Wire brush/slag hammer for cleaning welds and providing a cleaner finish

Don't forget to have a look at the product page and click on Product Download to have a look at manual for more information on these.

Buy Safe!

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    I don't think gasless welder is good for structural welding.


      for DIY and the occasional weld it needs less skill than an arc welder ….. i have gassless wire and it gets used every few years for DIY jobs , sure it’s only good for steel, but it’s easier than an arc welder and i don’t have to worry about having gas in the bottle or going to bunnings to get some.


      Gasless is fine for structural welding. You may have trouble with the power of this small welder though. Anything thicker/more structurally important I'd suggest grinding the sections to be welded to ensure full penetration. Also, make sure you wire brush the weld to remove any slng to make sure you've actually welded the joint, as the slag can cover up holes in your weld that you may not have noticed.


        I used to use gas welder and I can get good penetration. How about gasless one? Gasless welder may hold two metal together but I don't think it's very strong. And the weld looks ugly. I might be wrong.

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          I weld posts for school and office buildings with a gasless welder at work. I've found that it can be easier to get more penetration with gasless if it's powerful enough for the job. It's strong enough, but like I said this welder is quite low powered, so I wouldn't be welding anything big with it. Definitely gasless isn't as nice looking, but it can come out looking reasonable.


    Noob with this but need one - would this work well for welding together very thin steel sections?


      How thin is very thin? Obviously if it too thin it'll burn straight through it.


        Around 1mm to 2mm at most.

        The spec says thin materials but doesn't quantify it either so not sure - "The Ozito Gasless MIG Welder has been designed for home projects and is ideal for use on trailers, gates, steel sections, car panels, thin materials and general fabrication. With adjustable Hi/Low welding current, the Ozito Gasless MIG is suitable for a number of jobs in your home or home-workshop."

        Does it have something to do with the spool size selection?

        Any alternative suggestions would be very helpful.


          Tig fo best results. Expensive setup though. Find a local fabricator and get them to tig up your pieces. My local guy does it from $20-50

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          Down to 1mm is fine with Gasless Mig. Don’t bother with TIG unless weld and material integrity is of specific concern.


          Agreed. If possible you might want to try overlapping the steel sections, that will make it less likely to burn through. I'd also suggest that you just stop-start weld it to reduce chances. Wire brush it once you're done to check there's no major holes and to let the paint stick. Very doable, just a bit tedious.


      How thin? need at least 3mm+ or it blows holes really easily and is a pain, I can do thinner but you can only do very small spots….

      I have a crappy gasless welder and I attempted to weld some 1.5mm plate, what a pain, wasnt very good lol.


        About 1mm / 1.5mm / 2mm, won't be much more in thickness. Sounds like it won't work then. Would you be able to suggest how else it should be done?


          Screws or rivets


          Welding thin sheet probably has more to do with operator skill than the actual machine. It would also depend on how you are welding it, ie tacking a sheet onto something is far easier than having to do a seam weld


          If you go to the product page and click on 'Product Downloads' there is a link to the Manual for this item, which shows various settings for thickness, etc

          DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about welding (but am mulling this over as I have always wanted to give it a go)

        • +1 vote

          @xev: Don't go for this then (or any cheap welder). Your best bet is to do an evening course at your local TAFE, then look at buying a welder. That way you'll pick up a decent(ish) technique and be able to use mutiple types of welders to see their strengths/weaknesses. I've got arc and oxyacetylene welders and could weld reasonably (as in functional, but not pretty) before I took a 6 week course. After the course my results were far better.

          What makes the difference is practise, but you need to be practising the correct technique rather than what you might think is right*

          *probably applies to other aspects of life too, but I'll just continue stuffing it up in my own way


      Never get a gasless MIG welder. This is coming from a metal fabricator.


        you're going to be much more credible if you actually specify 'why not'.

        This is coming from a metal fabricator

        Doesn't say much



  • +3 votes

    I have one of these and we used it to butt weld 0.8mm thick car body work.
    It's tricky because it blows through in a heartbeat, but if you practice you can get a pretty good row of spot welds. We found it worked to do a spot every 20mm then start again between the first spots and keep repeating until there is a continuous line of spot welds. Allowing the metal time to cool was the key.
    Keep a grinder close :)

    • -2 votes

      Is your insurance companys know you use gasless welder on cars?


    I just ordered the following (~$125/- delivered NEW10 CODE for ebay). Not sure about quality but seems to be supporting gas and gasless options:



      I wonder if these are any good. Seems like an advantage to be able to support both gas and gassless.


        EBay review

        "Good hobby / occasional welder for the price.
        This welder is easy to use, I haven't welded in 25 years but with 15 mins setup and 10 mins for a few power / speed adjustments I was away. I chose some 9mm gasless wire.
        Swapping the polarity of the welder between gas / gasless is a bit of a pain and requires some electrical DIY work.(comes from the factory setup for gas)
        Also the included visor/helmet is a bit of a joke, but I bought a cheap auto darkening helmet from the same company and it works a treat."