expired Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con $314.39 USD (~$399.17 AUD) Shipped on Amazon US


The one in grey is also available but more expensive by $0.97 usd.

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    Target US got for USD 299.99 but they won't ship to Aus :)
    Anyone coming from US ??


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    Wouldn't warranty be a pain on these ones?


      Would have thought Nintendo within Australia would help with warranties. Not sure if it is still there but there was a Nintendo shop in Scoresby, Vic, that did warranties and repairs.
      We have Cube, Wii and WiiU still running that have never had any problems, so would say they are fairly reliable systems.

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    Don't wish to be a killjoy but wouldn't these US models power adapters be different for Aus power points? If you have one of those international adaptors it would possibly be fine though. Although it says free shipping I am not certain if that is for US only, so best to check that. I think I would prefer to buy one here and pay more though. Unusual but the games on Amazon are dearer in US than what we pay here; $65 AU.

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      Region free, buy the games from any where.

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      Yeah you're gonna have to check if putting an adapter is the only thing you need to do (sometimes you it's still incompatible).

      Learned my lesson the hard way when I bought a $150AU fan of Amazon US.

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        Electrical items will always need a voltage converter if bought from the US. Anything with a motor or heating element (fan, espresso machine, etc) falls into this category. They run directly off AC power, and you're going to need a proper step-up transformer to use them here.

        Electronic items will almost always use a universal switched-mode power supply. If you buy a laptop, games console, etc, then you're fine. You just need a $1 plug converter.

        I bought a Switch (along with a laptop, Apple TV, desktop external HDD, iPad, etc) when living in the US. They all work fine here with just a plug converter. In fact, I brought back a US power strip, and have all my home theatre items plugged into that, so I don't have a mess of converter plugs behind my entertainment unit.

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          In fact, I brought back a US power strip, and have all my home theatre items plugged into that, so I don't have a mess of converter plugs behind my entertainment unit.


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      The switch power adapter is just a standard USB-C port charger.
      TBH I don't know where my official nintendo power adapter is, I just charge with a Thinkpad laptop brick.

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    I'll prefer this way if I haven't bought it at $369 with Harvey Norman AmEx offer: 5% off woolworths gift card -> jb hifi gift card -> ask jb hifi to match amazon.com.au grey console at $438.95 -> $417 actually paid (if really want to get switch now)

    $18 more for AUS power plug and local warranty.


    Costco had them for $439 a few weeks back.

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      They're $439 at Amazon AU right now and we've seen prices at $399 (or better…$379/369/even 349 w/Amex offers) locally before…

      No Nintendo warranty, no ACL protection, need for a replacement power adapter or plug converter, lengthy US shipping all to save $40?

      Horses for courses I suppose but add the cost of a pro controller, games, microSD card etc. and it's not a huge saving.

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    Gonna wait for sub $400 again before I make the jump.

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    Isn’t the tv systems in the US different to Australia too - PAL to NTSC? Don’t know how this would impact using an overseas Switch in Australia either….?

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      The PAL vs NTSC tv system limitation went by the wayside after the transition to LCDs. The games are also region free for the switch. yes will require an Australian power plug converter but the power brick can handle multiple voltages.


    Still doesn't beat kogans $369 then a lot of us had $10-30 off vouchers. Add in TRS and I paid about $306


      I guess its a bit more expensive than the past deals but better than the prices of right now for those who don't mind getting it from amazon.com.

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      You can't claim TRS from Kogan. Can you?

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      I was pretty happy with getting it price match at Harvey Norman for $400, then $100 credit with Amex Offer and then TRS for a price of $260.

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    God, I saw the USD, thought it was the Aussie price, and nearly had a heart attack.

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    Gs, why not buy when it’s $399 or cheaper around Christmas? Not even mention the Harvey Norman Amex offer.
    Not a good deal at all.


    Makes no sense to buy this, I got one from big w with Arms for about 460 + gift card discount arms was worth 60+ then so same price.

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    I had a chance to buy from Amazon AU for $379 + 10% AMEX cashback. I slept on it because I'm not good with impulse buying. Big mistake! Woke up at 8 and Ozbargained. :(

    I think the Neon joycons also made me hesitate, but by morning I'd decided that I'd tolerate them. But too late anyway.

    Now I won't buy until that deal is matched or beaten.

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