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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card with Bonus 75,000 Qantas Points + 75 Status Points + $0 Annual Fee for First Year


75,000 bonus Qantas Points*
75 Bonus Status Credits^ and $0 annual fee for the first year1

Offer extended. *Min. spend $2,500 within first 3 months applies. ^ Buy and fly return with Qantas by 31 May 2018. Eligibility criteria, T&Cs, fees and charges apply.

Our highest Qantas Points earning potential
Earn Qantas Points on eligible purchases. Enjoy the convenience of 36 million locations around the world when using your ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card
Frequent Flyer Black Rewards Points
ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa
1 Qantas Point5 per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $7,500 per statement period
0.5 Qantas Points5 per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $7,500 per statement period
There’s no cap to the number of Qantas Points5 you can earn with ANZ Frequent Flyer Black. You could also earn 1 additional point per $1 spent on selected Qantas products and services6 in Australia.

To apply for an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, you need to

Be 18 years of age or over
Have a good credit rating
Be a permanent Australian resident, earning a minimum annual income of $75,000
Be a non-Australian permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa, earning a minimum annual income of $75,000
Details to have handy

Australian driver’s licence number (if you have one)
Details of your income, expenses, assets and liabilities
Two recent pay slips for income verification
If you’re self-employed, you’ll need your accountant’s phone number

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  • +1

    I received my 75,000 big ones recently. 2 months after getting the card.

    • +2

      Did you immediately closed the CC the same day or the day after you got the points?

      • I didn't close it down. I might just keep it for the whole year. The only other CC i have is Amex which is useless at a lot of places.

    • For me it has been more than 2 months and still have not received my points.

    • Did you receive the 75 Status Credits?

      • I have no Qantas flights scheduled before the end of Feb, so I will just forgo the status credits. They're not that useful unless you can obtain a lot.

    • How long after spending the $2500 did you receive the points? I hit the spend amount a few days ago, and was hoping to book some flights soon if the bonus points come through pretty quickly.

      • Points are credited after the billing cycle.

  • -1

    $75 Bonus Credit


    • +3

      Does he mean status credits?

    • +1

      That's a typo its status credits

  • +2

    What's the deal with previous card owners who have cancelled.

    Edit 12 months

    • You can get as long as you haven't been on any other anz ff program is platinum or what ever they have

      • But that's in the past 12mths right?

        • Yeah man

        • +1


          Cool. This is ozb we all rinse and repeat :)

        • +1

          @gimme: yeap, back in the day I used to open and close ANZ CC 4x or more in a year. Back then no minimum spend requirement and got the points on the 1st statement.

      • is that 12 months since signing up or 12 months since cancellation?

        • +1


        • just to be save, apply the next 13th month after the cancellation month. So if you cancelled in Dec 2017, apply again at earliest Jan 2019.

        • @blaccdong: so 365 days since cancellation is not enough?

        • @rmcd: they said 12 months not 365 days. just to be safe.

  • $15,000 minimum credit limit

  • Since someone will ask:

    Not available … when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card within the previous twelve months.

    Edit: haha already asked…

    • what about frequent flyer card from another bank?

      • +1

        Only ANZ

  • Does anyone know if BPAY is an 'eligible' purchase. I know many banks nowadays don't count that.

    • Depends on bank. Nab says ok, westpac no. This is recently, Nov 2017

  • +2

    What's 75k qf points get u?

    • +3

      $750 if you sell them at the standard 1c/p

    • Business Class Qantas Bangkok to Sydney on Emirates A380 62,000 miles plus approx $360

  • It's a good deal but i'd just like to point out that out of all the banks ANZ has the worst customer service and processes.

    We had to call up like 8 times to chase up the points over a couple of months. We were handballed multiple times as well

    • +1

      blanket statement of the year

      • Not really. Nab was really good

        • That's one so far…

        • @gimme:
          feel free to try them all and then get back to us.

          I'm pretty confident with my statement from my experiences with ANZ and other banks.

        • @chb:

          I've been with them for 20+ years (multiple accounts) with no issues. Admittedly from my experience BANKWEST were head and shoulders above all the others I've had experience with and St. George the worst. Having said that I will never make such blanket statements based on my limited experience with a small number of banks… which is what you were doing. Then again these is the interwebz so every person's opinion is fact :)

          I tend to treat banks purely as a transaction. No loyalty no nothing. Just grab the deal of the day, make the most of it and move on. imo they are all varying degrees of c**p. As above the only bank where I've thought, hey these guys are actually trying to go above and beyond is bwest. Only have a cc with them … of course their card is part of the OZB toolkit.

        • @gimme: ANZ customer service is okay when they are actually open, but every other bank I have been with has 24 hour credit card support.

        • Sounds like you nabbed a good deal with them?

    • They are better than Suncorp at least in my opinion.

    • -1

      To a big extent I agree with chb. Terrible customer service. Also the only bank to ever knock me back on a CC. And that concerns me because it may affect my credit score. Am a current banking customer.

    • I've had good experience with them

  • Would i be able to pay my uni tuition with this card?

    • yes though some unis might impose a credit card surcharge

    • +5

      Wait what? You earn over 75000 pa whilst in uni?

      • +2

        Could be a professional studying post-grad part time? Not that uncommon.

        • Or could be professional gambler. Or bikies

        • @dragonindespair: or professional OzBargainer (according to Gerry Harvey).

      • +1

        Have you seen the cars in some uni carparks?

        • +1

          Hehe! Yes. I lot of High Status students these days! The backdoor way to get PR for them and their family.

        • Yup specially the plates like: Dubai1, UAE1, CN68, YAN888

        • +2

          High-yield investments.

  • Awesome card, I got the last deal and used my complimentary Qantas Club entry yesterday!

    • Ummm. Can you use the free entry if you're flying with a different airline?

      • No, you have to link it to your Qantas or Jetstar flight

    • How do you get the complimentary lounge pass? Call them up?

      • Yep, then they email you a link

        • We only get 2 passes per year, right?

          Can I use my second pass for someone travelling with me?

        • @smuggler: Yes, 2 per year. Yep you can transfer, I’m not sure of the process though

        • @justcallmeboss:

          Does the second person have to be a QFF member?

  • Annual fee is normally $425 fyi.

  • +2

    Isn't this a repost? I used the link in the previous deal to apply for this last week.

    • Yeah I dunno why this isn't a repost. It's still the January apply by date. If they extend it, that'd be good :)

  • I'm looking for a card with low/no fee cash advance or cheque to self (like citibank has) that I can then repay over the course of a couple of months for salary packaging purposes.

    I know that citi now has a 1% fee on cheque to self. Are there any other companies with no fee?

    • Your best bet is do a balance transfer with 0% interest rates and 0% establishment fee

      • But does a balance transfer have to be to another credit card? I don't currently have any credit card

        • Ah, I don’t think there’s such thing as low cash advance interest rate or fee. The lowest I can see is about 9.5% and $3.50 per transaction.

          Cash advance will accrue interest the day you take it out.

          Cheque to self is mostly only allowed when you have a credit in your credit card. If not, they will charge interest and cash advance fees.

  • Can the min spend be anything like paying council rates, insurance, child care fees etc?

    I am asking as these are currently on direct debit with my 28 deg MC, I can change it over to this card and easily finish off the $2500 spend condition

    • +1

      Depends on bank, nab says ok westpac says no. I asked those just 3 months ago. In writing (internal msg).
      Second why not using other cc that give points to pay your bills? 28 degrees give nothing. Better change to Amex or coles or Woolworth cc. Little points but still point

      • Just lazy :)

      • Wouldn’t it depends on the council, if they take credit card or not? It should still go through as a normal purchase transaction?

        I think when they state “government charges is more like land taxes and ATO.

        I used my ANZ FF to pay council rates, utilities and still earning points as normal.

    • -1

      Can prepay your tollway account..say $1000 for a start.

    • I have earned points from this card on Council rates and water paid through Paypal and Vicroads, Landtax, TPG, GIO insurance and electricity directly. So just about everything even when they say you cannot earn points from Government charges. The only one that it does apply to is the ATO, I believe.

      • That seems to be consistent with the PDS.

  • Just a reminder. Annual fee free but they charged rewards service fee $59 in my memory.

    • +3

      The Total Annual Fee, and any Additional Cardholder Fees and Rewards Program Services Fees applicable to additional cardholders on the account, will be waived for the first year. After the first year for ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, a Total Annual Fee of $425 applies which includes a $370 Annual Account Fee and a $55 Rewards Program Services Fee, for additional cardholders an Additional Cardholder Fee of $10 and Rewards Program Services Fee of $55 will apply per additional cardholder on the account. These fees are current as Thursday, 23 February 2017 and are subject to change.

      (from the linked page)

  • -1

    what is 75 status credit? what can you use it for?

  • they are back again with the black.. now i need more points, batman says

  • Great offer. I’ve recently received the points and am looking for the next best points deal. Any suggestions? Ideally $0 first year annual fee. Don’t necessarily need the lounge access or status credits.

    • Which points are you collecting? Qantas or Velocity?

      • Qantas.

        • I saw Westpac have 100k qantas point offer with 5k spend in 90 days. The only thing is $250 reduce annual fee for first year (normally $395)

  • what is the international transaction fee? to purchased item in usd

  • Please note this card have a hidden fee. I have been charged 55 dollars per year as this card have joined the qantas reward program.
    So actual cost will be annual fee + 55(reward program fee) per year. FYI

    • +1

      It’s defnitley not hidden as it’s state in the rates and fee. Total fee is $425 which is $370 card fee + $55 reward program fee

      • for me it is hidden. I visited ANZ branch and they told me this card is free(due to my homeloan package), i can just apply and got the qantas point and don't use it for next few years. I rejected but for some reasons I received the card from my letter box. I bring it back to the branch in City and complaint, the csr told me it good to keep this card as this is the highest lv of their card and i got it free.

        So finally I activated it but don't use for 2 years and found out they charged me fee.

        • You should definitely put in a complaint to the bank and get the fee reverse since it was not explain properly to you.

    • +1

      scroll up and read ucd12345

  • Please be mindful with opening new lines of credit guys. Do you really need it.

    • +1

      makes no difference to me but yeah but having too many credit requests on your record is (in theory) not great. Although in Aus I'm still not sure how it all exactly works

  • How strict are they with income test?

    • Karma will catch you if you fake or lie about your income

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