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G.skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (8gbx2) 3200MHz DDR4 Desktop RAM F4-3200C16D-16GTZR $238.54 @ PC Byte eBay


Cheapest 3200mHz RAM I've seen and has pretty colours. RAM is in a terrible place for purchasing.

Automatic 10% saving on purchase plus 5% with PICK5. Gives $238.54 final price. Free postage.

Now, I know the next component sale is around the corner but I'm not risking the price jack. If you wait, it might be slightly cheaper.

Happy buying.

Original PICK5 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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  • +2

    Will be $223.8 in 3 days

    • +1

      If there is no price hike/ stock. This is already 65 cheaper than umart for high quality component. Not taking the risk.

      • +3

        Yeah I just saw ur paragraph about it.

      • Is it possible to "buy" it now, then pay in a couple days using the 20% off code?

        It's a pretty great price as it is.

        • I think you can put it in ur cart and it MAY work

      • +1

        They'll probably remove the 10% discount at cart and it'll just be a straight 20%. That's what they did for pre-Boxing Day sale.

    • base price hiked to 479, so $383 for this.


    • +1

      Not even close Lockster

  • +8

    First time, be gentle ^_^'

  • +6

    Needs more RGB to get the megahertz going faster.

  • Nice find OP. Why is there a freebie tag?

  • +1

    This RAM has RGB lights? jfc…

    • Flashy RAM has been around since DDR2 days

  • +4

    Why is ram so expensive now? Wasn't it a lot cheaper a few years ago?

    • -4

      They added another DDR, made the price go up

      • -1

        DDR5 due out this year too.. along with new PCI-e meaning if you haven't built already, probably best to hold off.

        I'm tempted to buy this to have 32gb though. I've got the non RGB Trident 3200mhz.

        • +4

          That's just finalization of the spec. I'd expect DDR5 and PCIe 4.0 around 2020.

        • @TheContact:
          Yay, that's precisely when we'll all be using 100% renewable energy!

        • DDR5 is already being used in video cards and that's usually all that uses the "next generation" of RAM aside from some specific SoC. DDR4 will be around for a long time yet.

        • DDR4 is perfectly serviceable. Don 't worry about waiting or you'll be waiting on EVERY component because there's always an upgrade around the corner.

    • +13

      Supply is low and demand is high.

    • +10

      Global supply shortages/increased demand as more devices are using more of it (i.e. smartphones), and probably price fixing because people need to/will buy it regardless

      • LMAO, Jimmy.

    • +1

      There's a sudden spike in demand due to a lot of the recent flagship phones adopting the use of ddr4 ram, because of the significant power and speed benefits. So demand has been high for ddr4 ram has been high for the past 2 years or so.

      • +1

        Not to mention a lot of factories have retooled for production of the smartphone RAM over desktop RAM since it's so much smaller you can get a higher yield and the volume is a lot higher too with the rate that flagships sell.

  • +4

    This is my first time, so be gentle.

    Don't worry, I have thermal compound.

    • Make sure you spread evenly!

      • +1

        No you just put a bit in the middle

        • +1

          would that be enough for the heat output? ;)

  • First time…OP username checks out.

  • has Pc Byte be known to price jack?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. The same kit is $379 at Scorptec, $389 at PLE or $399 at PCCG and you'd likely be paying postage too.

    • $399 at PCCG, why am I not surprised these guys are almost always the most expensive.

    • Ouch
      i am glad i got my 32Gb kit back in Aug before the Nov price hike. saved about $200

  • Beware the ram doesn't seem to work in a SOME Ryzen builds, this is from the company rep at Newegg: "Unfortunately, AMD Ryzen systems can not support this RAM yet, which is why there is no mention of this memory being compatible with AMD chipsets."

    That's from a few months ago and there are lots of reports about it working, so just be careful and check with your mobo manufacturer.

    • I thought gskill trident z were one of the best for ryzen, what is the best brand to go with for ryzen?

      • anything B die

        • I thought these were B-Die, or was it that some of these are and some arent, and its a bit of a lottery? Are b-Die ram clearly marked as such?

        • @Riczter: pretty sure these are B Die

        • @Riczter: This post from the AMD sub-reddit has a lot of information on the kinds of die you might expect in a particular DDR4 RAM kit. For this particular kit, it appears that you'll get 8Gb Hynix A-Die.

    • I have a 32Gb kit of this in my Ryzen system.
      You have to make sure you look at the model number and get the C16 one.
      I very nearly picked up the C14 but luckily the guys at PLE computers asked what system the RAM was for (as they had people returning the same RAM to them for the same reason) and were able to correct me.

      • c14 only works with intel?

        • Thats what the guys at PLE computers said. People were returning those kits as they wouldnt work on their Ryzen systems
          I believe that C14 works with previous architecture AMD as well though. I think its only Ryzen that is restricted.

    • Hi, would anyone here happen to know if this kit is compatible with the asus b350-f and provide a source if possible.

  • +3

    bought it to make my pc 32gb

    at this price im not taking any more chances

    • Good move. Don't want to get too greedy.

      Now I just need a good price on a 1080ti (sub 950) and a i5-8600k for 320 or less

  • i have those, running 2669 with them. i am so noob when it comes to tweak rams…

    works well for me 1700x for now o.0

    • I have a 1700x aswell. you need to turn on XMP to be able to adjust it past 2666 (easiest way is to use whatever profiles you m-board already has - this might mean settling with 3000)
      There are plenty of guides available on how to do it if youre unsure. If you have a popular m-board then you can usually find a specific guide for it too.

      As Ryzen performance seems to rely on Ram speeds a lot this seems to be a much more important thing compared to an Intel system

      • Crosshair vi pretty popular board. I once ran 3200mhz before, but i didn't touch timing. All the voltage just over my head lol

  • is there much difference between this and 2400mhz ram? is it more snappier?

    • +1

      depends on the timing

    • -1

      No it's pretty much only important for people doing Ryzen builds that want to overclock their CPUs as higher RAM clockspeed allows you to clock Ryzen CPUs higher.

  • This is really good price, I bought it when Newegg had a sale for $250.

    The Price recently jumped up because of the demands of the phones.

    My recommendation is to buy it now!!!!

  • +3

    Just note before you buy….

    The ones selling in other stores which are more expensive are different models… and have tighter memory timings for overclocking:

    F4-3200C14D - 14-14-14-34

    VS this one is:
    F4-3200C16D - 16-18-18-38 hence cheaper.

    • yeah i wanted c14d, but copd this for for the price. any chance you could OC it to the same settings as the c14d?

      • Well, Intel officially supports up to 2400 MHz DDR4 and most Z370 motherboards will support XMP memories in the 4 GHz domain… you could try relax the timings even more to C18 for those type of speeds… Theses may have even been originally 2400MHZ binned sticks at @c14 but is now sold as 3200MHz..

        but for general people, memory speeds of 3200MHZ is very sufficient I reckon and since it's specc'd at this speeds, I am sure it'll be stable up to these speeds.

  • Shame they don't have four module kits. I'm a bit wary of buying four different kits to put in the one system.

    • What do you mean? 2 kits of 2x8GBs = 32GBs

      • For X99 (8 DIMMs). I would need/want four kits.
        I have previously purchased four 2 DIMM kits from the same store, which appeared to be from different manufacturing facilities.
        Two of the kits had a very obvious different finish to the paint, compared to the other two.
        It's generally best to use as few different kits as possible.

        • Gotcha - I will say though, I honestly can't imagine a use outside of virtualising servers for 64GBs RAM.

  • Anyone know if this will fit with a noctua nh-d15 cooler?

  • Managed to snag the last one :)

    • -1

      Thats (profanity) hilarious

  • Its cool that there werent any jerks that bought 5 of them

  • +2

    Memory is so expensive at the moment, the 16gb kit I bought from MSY last Jan has doubled in price.

  • was out all day :( missed this deal damn it!

  • I abhor how helpless we as consumers appear to be about this ridiculous price-fixing of RAM.

  • Back up to $479 as per this time

  • great for the ones who got copped this deal and didnt wait for the 20 percent off

  • Has anyone that purchased had their Ram delivered yet? I'm still waiting on tracking details or any kind of confirmation other than auto generated receipts. I know PC Byte aren't known for their communication though.

    • Jumped the gun. Was delivered today, so don't expect tracking info before it arrives haha.

    • yup got mine today!

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