expired Bose QC30 Quiet Control Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones $317 Delivered @ Avgreat eBay


Equal lowest price I can find from previous bargains. Seems to be a genuine 20% discount as they've been selling at $385 + delivery for a while.

Also available here for $320.30 from videopro if the original ones sell out, or for some reason you prefer videopro.

Claim to be a Bose authorised reseller. Aust tax invoice issued so you can claim TRS

Original 20% off Selected Tech Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    Good price indeed.

    Got one at USD 300 in NY last year and have been enjoying it very much.
    The noise cancellation comes in handy when you're on a noisy train full of inconsiderate ppl.


    stupid question but does it also have a microphone too?? is it good??


    How does it compare to sony wi-1000x ?

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      I bought one of those today for $282 with PICK5 and after cashrewards.

      Will let you know in a few days.

      What I do know is that disabling ANC and re-enabling it is a single button press, as opposed to the QC30 where you have to press "down" 12 times to turn it off.

      You can also tuck the earbud cables into the horseshoe if it's too long. It's got the atmospheric pressure sensing when you're on a plane and adjusts ANC accordingly.

      The app can detect what you're doing (sitting, walking, driving, etc) and adjust ANC accordingly, though you can disable or customize it.

      It should support LDAC, aptX and aptX HD which the Bose doesn't.

      You can use the 1000X with in-flight entertainment systems using the airplane adapter in wired mode. The Bose can't do that. You'd need a BT receiver plugged directly into the IFE.

      Some comparisons:



    There are too many headphones posted here. Just when I've made up my mind what ones to buy, another post comes along and again, I am stuck between choosing.

    Edit: As far as over-ear vs in-ear goes, if they're all in the same price range, is it mostly just a comfort preference between the two? I would only be using them at home so portability isn't an issue.


      They won't sound the same. They have different sized drivers and signature. Sound stage will be different.

      Battery life will also favor the over-ears.

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      These qc30’s aren’t really in ears like your standard shove and twist ones. They’re worn loosely like Apple EarPods, but secure with the wing tip things. Normally this means they leak outside sound, but the noise cancelling effectively eliminates this phenomenon.

      In terms of comfort you can keep them in much longer than standard in ears and over ears because there’s nothing shoved in your ear canal and it doesn’t get stuffy. But then they don’t become nice ear warmers in winter.

      At the end of the day, it’s personal preference but I’ve got a pair of these and if you ever travel, they’re one of the best companions (air travel is great but doesn’t plug into onboard entertainment, may need Bluetooth adapter)


        Just imagine if it had some passive noise isolation in combination with the ANC, how much better it would be. There's nothing to lose at the very least.

        I don't have a problem with in-ears. Maybe you're using bad ones, but the ones I have you don't even feel or notice them in there. And you don't have to twist to get them in. If you're twisting, the ear tips are too large.


    I prefer these being less bulky than the QC35 but how is the sound? Also can these fit on your pocket or do you need to use the case?


      It might fit, but you might also risk breaking it.

      Sound is not going to be as good. I had QC20 and was pretty unimpressed by the sound.

      But since when you do you Bose for sound?

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    That neck band looks horrific…

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    As an owner of the beauties, I will say that anyone considering these will be surprised by how much more you can do with headphones around your neck at any given point in time, and aren't tangled when you want to use them.

    The neck band can look weird, but I have a full beard anyways, so it's pretty hidden (though that might be causing me other issues - I've gone through two pairs of these any they consistently "delaminate" as Bose calls it. i.e. the silicon protecting the neck band peels off, eventually causing issues with turning the device on as the outside button no longer connects to the inside button. Bose even suggested I got a counterfeit product, but they sent me a brand new replacement, which, sadly, did the exact same thing)

    The sound quality and noise cancellation is amazing. I'm about to get my second pair replaced as well, but they're absolutely excellent aside from that. If anything, the only thing holding me back is that I'd be without them for a couple of weeks. They're as essential as my clothes haha. They're around my neck all day long

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