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Garmin Forerunner 235 Black/Grey GPS Running Watch - $243 at Harvey Norman (Half-Yearly Clearance)


UPDATE (20/1): As of this morning looks like it's sold out and the link is not working as well. The ebay Ryda deal is still available (~$279).

Garmin Forerunner 235, even better deal in case some of you missed out on Rebel's deal.

EDIT: Thanks to doweyy, HN have it at $249. Description/deal updated.

Original Deal posted:

Was $279.08 as part of ebay's PRAWNS sales. Sold by Ryda Online


Part of eBay's original PRAWNS promo. Link:


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Harvey Norman

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  • $243 @ Harvey Norman?

    • hardly normal indeed when they have the lowest prices. Didn't come up when I checked on PriceHipster. Maybe they aren't listed on that site. Will update description, Thanks!

  • Anyone have any thoughts on this device? I currently use a Vivofit3. What I like is the 12 month battery life and the fact its a simple device. I havnt take it off for 8 months. I tried an Apple Watch for a few weeks, PITA!

    • Do you run?

    • Highly recommend. Can last a week on a charge if you don't use GPS feature (for running). It tracks steps and HR continuously.

      I haven't taken mine off > 12 months. I can charge at desk with it on.

  • hey thats a pretty good price. been tossing up getting an apple watch for fitness tacking / heart rate monitoring. any of you guys have one of these?

  • Do these sync with Google Fit? I know a few years ago Google Fit didn't play well with other services, I'm hoping things have changed since then.

    • Think you need an app like Strava to link between. Not the best solution. The Garmin connect app gives you more of the details of your exercise though, still a major bummer

      • Thanks for the input. Little did I realize that Google Fit has taken over my health and habits. It's both fantastic and frustrating at the same time.

  • Aside from the obvious price difference, is there any reason you would go with the 235 over the 735XT (advertised recently)?


    I like the look of them, but I've been holding out on the premise that they are EoL

    • There are a few benefits especially if you're keen for training and improving. Also much better swimmiing support, pretty important for some.

      • running dynamics like pace length, cadence, etc
      • extra data screens instead of 2.
      • custom activity profiles or multiple sport events
      • better support for cycling like power meters

      I'm personally keen on the 935 for the altimeter and better smarts but I'm holding out for a bit. Think ryda have the 935 for 560 (current normal price of the 735) with the prawns eBay deal

      • Wait are these benefits for the 735, or 235?

        • 735,

          But for everyday running, tracking and the extra bit beyond just steps, the 235 is great value.

        • @purelemon:

          Mostly I'm a beginner runner. Generally a lot of what I do is in the gym at the moment. Looking for a smartwatch / activity tracker with HR monitor and sleep tracking, which sounds like the 235 would do

          Just don't really want to spend $250-500 on a watch that is 3 years old and twice superceded.

          I'd love a Fenix 5S or Vivoactive 3, but unlikely either will dip under $400 in the near future. I guess I'm wondering if I should bide my time or jump on with a clearance watch

        • @Calcifer:

          Yeah, I've been waiting as well but these prices are very very tempting (looking at 935 or recently announced 645). The 245 is not announced yet but apparently, there is possible support for music (a premium version) and will have an altimeter.

          Most watches released by Garmin may be a bit buggy (based on friends experiences and online reviews). The 235 however has had a few updates and most people who get them now are getting them cheap (245 via HN or ~270 through the ryda ebay link) and a stable working watch (like ideasman suggested below).

          If you don't do a lot of up/down running or hiking, you wont need the altimeter. Most people still use their phone for songs as well. Are those functionalities worth the extra 150 - 200 bucks? Or can you wait another 6 months for it to get launched and catch it on its first sale etc. ?

        • @purelemon:

          Honestly, my music is mostly Spotify (unsupported by Garmin ATM) and I don't really care about the altimeter. I wouldn't mind Garmin pay as a feature, and some good multisport support (eg rep counting etc)

          Aside from activity tracking, the smartwatch features, good HR monitor and aesthetics are all important to me

          We'll just say in impatient, but I'm probably willing to hold out 3 months at this stage

    • @Calcifer but thats kinda whats good about these watches. they can be EOL but still work standalone forever without relying on a phone or a connection back to a server somewhere.

  • it's gone now, so missed out :(

    • i just picked up the 230 model from ebay for 120. didn't need the constant heart rate sensor, nor the heart sensor bump on the bottom as i use a heart strap when running. plus the ~16 day battery life is probably more useful.

  • I went to a few HVNs, they told me it sold out days ago. Why its still listed on their website is beyond me. HVN customer service is a disgrace.