This was posted 4 years 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Optus Offer Samsung Galaxy S8 Plan (20GB Data) for $59 Per Month (24 Month Contract, New Customer)


Been looking for Optus plan due to World Cup 2018 is coming, this deal is back again (previous one is expired)

Samsung Galaxy S8 for $59 per month for 24 months

From the website:
$59 My Plan Plus (promo plan): Available with selected handsets, while stocks last. Offer available to new services in Retail, Telesales, Online, Mass Market and Webchat, and to recontracting services in Online and Webchat only. Offer not available for Trade-up customers or with other offers. Offer ends 26/2/18, unless withdrawn earlier.

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    Can not see this plan…how do we access this?

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      It’s under “Own a Phone” and the second option accross.

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    Good deal but need to consider with the S9 out by March/April your signing a 2yr contract for older phone

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      Yeah offer ends 26/02/18
      Mobile world congress 2018 starts 26/02/18

      Coincidence? i think not

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      the S9 will cost more and what extra do you hope it will do.

      This is effectively $15 pm for the handset on top of a 20Gb plan….. so $360 for the handset over the 3 year deal …. you could sell it for more than that.

      The incremental improvements to handsets are either software, which they should be passing onto all their handsets, or cameras, and they don't seem to make the lenses bigger, look good on paper but pictures look the same at this level of phone.

      Android phones are always cheap outside of plans or drop in price rapidly, hence I'm on their sim only plan, might consider phone deal if it included IPhone …. Iphones are always expensive if you try to but outside of a plan.

      now an Iphone 8 for an extra $15 pm over 2 years would be a killer deal.

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    Also got to consider S9 will almost be double this price with this much data with only slight improvements

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      good thing about samsung your almost guaranteed to find a 20% off deal within the first month of release, buy outright go on a cheap sim deal

    • the camera on s9 doesn't seem like it'll only be a slight improvement though

      • …why? Because Samsung's marketing hyping their own product? yeah, ok.

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    Got this same deal on telstra a few months ago.

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    Note 8 for $79
    iPhone 8 plus 64G for $79

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    Will HN offer $200 gift card for this deal?

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    If only this was the mate 10 pro.. Still no stock

    • Love mine, great phone.

  • my contract expire in end of july. should be safe for the world cup then. lol

  • Anyone have a list of what other handsets are available?

    • By the looks of it: none. I'd say this is them clearing the line of one of their most popular models, especially given the end date of the offer.

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      iPhone 8 plus 64GB on $79 with 25GB data. (this is also a promotion plan)

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    Its a good deal for a good phone. It really depends on your circumstances. If you are paying $40 BYO sim for 10Gb of data then this is good.

    Personally, I'm more inclined to wait for the S9 or S9+ and get the first 20% off ebay deal from a bricks and mortar store (I got the S7 on launch day from GoodGuys for 20% off). Im on the Optus $30 BYO for 15Gb data so this phone isn't worth $696 (29 * 24) to me.

    • I'm on the same boat as you, although it seems you can't even upgrade from your SIM only Optus plan.

      • They are probably keen on new customers only

    • I suspect they will roll out the friends and family offer next month, which will stack with this promotion. Is it worth $342? ;)

      • Why do you think they will roll out the 25% family and friends offer again pls?

        • +1

          Because they did it around the same time last year (i.e. just before Samsung S8 release).

    • Good point. My phone just came off contract this month, so i could recontract onto this plan for the same cost as I was paying for my S6 from 2 years ago (albeit with way more data). I was thinking about waiting until another SIM only $30/15GB deal came up on Optus again, but looking at this deal, if you were SIM only, it would preclude you from taking this deal anyway.

      Your other strategy to wait for S9 in May, and get it at 1st 20% off sale is a good one. However, it will be a lot more expensive, and it is probably 6 months at least before someone offers it for 20% discount.

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    Is the Telstra JB HIFI deal still on?

    If so, significantly better than this.

    • Which deal is that?

      • +1

        the expired one

        • JB had a significantly better deal on an S8 with 20GB than this $59 one?

        • @eug:

          Yes - the JB hifi deal included a $100 voucher.

        • @goblues31: That comes with an S8? Weren't the JB deals for new or ported-in SIMs on a sim-only plan?

  • Good deal in case you missed out on Telstra F&F deal on December.

  • Nice, but I don't believe I will ever enter into a 24mth contract again. It's just too long.

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      Sounds like marriage lol

      • in which case it should read 24yrs not 24mths…

        • +1

          True, but the early termination fee for marriage is astronomical (half your assets lol)

        • +1

          @montorola: she can take half of my eneloops and unopened zapal/GB packages if that's what it takes lol

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    Really tempted to buy a Note 8 on $79 plan but alas I am on the iOS ecosystem :(

    • Ip8+ is available for the same price as the note 8 plan.

      • There isnt enough differentiation between the 6s Plus that I am using and the 8 Plus in the way they look. That said, the 8 Plus was outdated the moment, X was announced.

  • Seems like a good deal. But I don't need 20gb per month.

    So will be better off buying outright and pair with prepaid sim … currently paying $17/mth prepaid with 6gb

  • does this have 10% off student discount?

    • It's not on the student hub optus website, but speak to online chat, I am sure they could process it

  • iphone plan on this price?

    oh wait, do you own the phone after the contract?

    • They had the iPhone 8 on the same plan up until Jan 3. No iPhone 8 this time (they must have cleared their stock. 3 people in my family jumped on that plan, would have sold well)

      Yes its an outright plan

      • Yes you are correct, also the 8 plus is $10 more than before if I remember the price correctly

  • What case and tempered glass screen protection users recommend for their S8?

    • +1

      I had Nuglass and a VRS crystal hybrid case on my S7. dropped many many times and not a mark on it when I popped it out of the case to sell it.
      Now rocking Nuglass (again) and a Spigen Neo Hybrid case on my iPhone SE. Again, it's had a pretty hard life but the case and tempered glass are definitely doing the job!

  • I have 3 months left on my contract and they dont want to give me an upgrade to this plan without paying $159 to get out.

    yeah thanks!

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      Yeah they don't care to look after their current customers properly.

    • Wait really? I've had no issue recontracting for free for the missus for the iphone 8 deal last month, did you live chat?

      • Harvey Norman wanted to recontract my missus for the i8 and she was only 6 months into her current plan!!!!

      • I did live chat yeah. I can try another chat agent. I have two service numbers with them and they dont give a flying hoot.

    • Same here, I spoke to them at the start of the month which is right on 3 months left and they want me to pay x amount for an early upgrade.
      At first it was around the $150 figure then I said any early upgrade discount and they dropped it back to just under $100.

      Things have changed with Optus over the years, in the past they kept annoying me trying to get me onto a new contract offering all kinds of discounts.

    • What $159 for - monthly plan charge or outstanding for your mobile??

  • No upvote for me today. What is with these telco's and their policy "For new customers only", what the heck? Does Optus not know what 10 years of loyalty is, having 4 services with them? No luck on live chat today, or through a call…

    • get a 2 dollar telstra or voda sim, port out, and then go as a "new customer".

      • Wouldn't count because I already have services with them

    • +1

      Is that a valid reason to neg the deal?

    • Have you read this:
      New and recontracting services only.
      Excludes trade up customers
      Recontracting only available online

      So existing customer with new service and existing customer recontract all qualified for this deal.

      • Was blocked for some reason. Should be valid, but even with a phone consultation they told me that I'm not allowed to get the deal. Hence the negative, sorry OP.

        • Optus rep is worst. Everyone got different answer, and they always hang up if they can't answer it

  • Man i sure regret getting the woolies s8 plans that were cash rewards discounted when it first came out. All good but i really underestimated the free netflix streaming data perk of optus. Not sure if others use this alot but i started using netflix alot more and really regret now.

    Sigh only another 1 yr and a bit to go. Reminds me of why im typically on sim only…. guess cashflow was tight at the time.

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    Placed my S8 Black order 9 days ago on Monday 22nd and at the time was told there was no backorder and it will arrive no later than 7 business days which is tomorrow. No change in the order status so I contacted Optus to find out what's going on. They now tell me there's none in stock and waiting on Samsung. I now see that they have altered their page to say delivery will be from 21 February. This is unacceptable after being lied to and I had to contact them to find this out. They can't even determine what position my order is in the queue so if stock trickles in I still may not get it. Wonder how many are affected by this?

    • I'm in the same boat as you, also ordered Monday 22 January in the evening and was approved Tuesday 23 January. I followed this up on Monday 29th January and was also given the 7 business day timeframe from when the order is approved which would be today, and said the warehouse should receive it early next week.. I might follow up on Monday again.

      Edit: Checked the website just now and it's no longer saying delivery from 21 February, but "Standard delivery (7 Business days)". So I will definitely follow this up on Monday if I don't hear anything today.

      • got a text today confirming delivery 24-48 hours.

        • Mine arrived yesterday.

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