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[REFURB] $279.20 Dell Optiplex 9020SFF i5 4570 8GB Ram 128GB SSD 10 Pro @ Bneacttrader eBay



11th Hour Stock Find for this promo.

We have have 50 of the Dell 9020 i5's with the SSD's

Once again great office/ home machine or very common to add the 1050ti for a budget gaming rig.

These have the Dell 2.5" Adapters in them so another 2.5" Hard Drive can be easily added.

Quick Summary
Dell Optiplex 9020SSFF
Core i5 4570 3.2GHz (4C)
They have 7 Pro COA's but they are imaged with Windows 10 Pro.

Original 20% off Selected Tech Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Hi Rep, How much extra for you to include a 1TB hard drive in the Optiplex?

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      Sorry mate, we don't stock them. Easy thing to add at home though.

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    OP you linked the Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i5-4570 QC 3.40Ghz 8GB Ram 128GB HDD Win 10 Pro PC.
    Is the link wrong or the description?

    • Easy to get confused. There is little to no noticeable difference between the two.
      Haswell vs Ivy Bridge. It would matter a bit more on a laptop.

      • sorry typo. will be fixed up shortly.

        • 4570 is 3.2 Ghz as well without turbo boost.

  • Is there any warranty on these. ?

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      From the look at the listing 90 days.

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    $999 Express shipping

    Damn boi get a better courier company

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      They probs don't want to ship express, lmao. They just want the ebay "ship quick and fast" or the ebay premium seller label on the listing and search.

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      Maybe they Teleport for $999.

    • +2

      For $999 they'd better hand deliver it after catching the first flight they could

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        I'm not doing much tomorrow, I'll deliver it to you for $995 (ozbargain-only price).

  • Will a 1050ti fit into one of these?

    • Yes, the low profile 1050ti fits fine.

      • Would this combo handle PUBG at 1080p ok?
        Not much more to step up to xbox1x.

        I have an older pc but the i3 just dosent quite meet min requirements. And have shield tv for gamestream.

      • No, a low profile 1050Ti still requires more than the 1 slot width so won't fit in to this chassis. You need a low-profile single slot GPU. See the photo I've linked below.

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          Can confirm. Pulled apart a 9020 over the weekend to refurb the HTPC. Could only use CPU and RAM in the end because of proprietary connections on the mobo…

    • There is little physical space between the PCI-E slot and the PSU so only a single height GPU will fit (need a low-profile, single slot GPU). There are some single slot GT1030's but I haven't seen any smaller 1050Ti's that would fit in the space:


      The best you could install in this chassis is the Zotac GT1030:


      • I have a Gigabyte 1050 (non ti) low profile that fits fine.

        Assume the gigabyte LP card would also fit.

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      • GTX 1050ti (double slot) fits fine.

        Minimal clearance for the gpu fans bit its okay.

        • I suppose if you don't mind using the PCI-E 4x slot it'll fit, but no way it'll fit in the PCI-E 16x slot due to its placement by Dell.

        • @xuqi: Not sure where you are getting your info from, but according to this, the top longest slot is PCI-E 16x (default for graphics cards), as it normally is on most motherboards.

          Here is a picture of someone putting in a Gigabyte GTX1050 into a 9020SFF.

        • @nairdajun:

          I have at least a dozen 9020's SFF's in use here and the PCI-E 16x slot is the lower slot right next to the PSU.

          That photo doesn't show the slot it's being plugged in to, but it's proximity to the CPU cooler shroud can only mean it's being plugged in to the PCI-E 4x slot. I'm sure it's still work but not at full speed which should still be an acceptable trade-off.


          Check page 29 (page 11 shows placement of 16x card next to PSU) of the 9020 SFF's manual for the board layout:


          Dell don't do normal as they'd rather severely limit a systems use (modifying slot placement, etc.), as as to sell more of their higher-end systems.

        • @nairdajun:

          Below is a 1/2 decent shot of the layout, but whoever took it hasn't quite placed the CPU shroud back correctly and are 1/2 covering the 4x PLI-E slot:


        • @xuqi: Based on those units you mentioned, you're right. Looks like theres no clearance for the 9020. Can anyone else confirm?

          I have a 9010 SFF (i5 3570) and the motherboard doesnt use the same layout as the one you linked.

          However it seems that this guy with a 9020 SFF i7 could fit it in. Is there a disparity with different generation dell 9020s?

        • @nairdajun:

          The Optiplex 990, and 9010use a different layout. Dell are forever screwing around with the layout to limit what users can do with specific models as they'd rather people who want more to buy the XPS, or Precision, etc. at a higher price point.

        • @xuqi: the guy in the link had a 9020

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          Please check the comments, the youtuber, "MrWhitianga", has confirmed that he installed the video card into X4 slot. He wrote: "yes card in installed in x4 slot, computer is still stable after 7 months"

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    Once again great office/ home machine or very common to add the 1050ti for a budget gaming rig.

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    Thanks ordered 1 for my inlaws

  • Hi, I bought one of these in the last sale. It doesn't have a Wi-Fi card, right?

    • That would be correct, desktops don't have built in Wifi. You'll need a USB or Internal solution.

  • no i7 deals coming up? I'd jump on a dell 9020 or similar an i7 with a 256gb ssd and 16gb ram right now if you had one..

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        So this has an i7 but doesnt have an ssd but is only $239 after discount? Wouldnt you be better buying the i7 and putting a cheap ssd in…? Or am i missing another spec difference?

        • +2

          That i7 is the 2nd generation i7. This i5 is the 4th generation.

        • @HarveySpecter:
          Gotcha, so better going with the newer tech…

        • @cjb: take the 4th Gen i5. 4th Gen i5 4670/4690 better value (on par performance) as 4th gen entry i7 in gaming

      • This looks good too (already have an SSD). Anyone have experience with how loud these are? Would like something for the lounge room for light gaming (with LP 750ti, or 1050ti ideally).

        • They have stock intel coolers which are pretty crap but surprisingly these are really quiet

        • @hmtk: Thanks. I assume replacement coolers are limited (space restrictions)?

        • +1

          @Wimma: yup. You can't install 99% of coolers. The ones you can get are the same as the stock ones installed

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    What sort of RAM do these take?

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      Ddr3 1600mhz

      • they will come with 2x sk hynix 4gb ram sticks

  • Warranty ??

  • Good price.

  • Been thinking about this deal for 6 days…ever since this deal came out


    and I still can't decide if I should buy or not…..:( What's stopping me is that I have 1x4gb and 1x2gb 3.5' HDD that I want to reuse + 480gb ssd

    Why was the 500gb swapped for 128ssd?

    • Different stock configurations.

      • Is it possible to add a basic Microsoft office package (word and excel)? If so how much?

        • software can be purchased from anywhere!

  • Is this good for plex? For connection to plex when outside home.

    • That up to your internet upload speed. This is pretty decent computer for plex but if your internet speed is slow it basically ussless. 2-4mpbs for 720p,5-30mpbs 1080p. It all depends on your content bitrate, the server should able to handle trancoding to your mobile device easily.

    • If plex server is all you want, something smaller and using less power might suit.
      Like a NUC, or old laptop.

  • Dell Optiplex 9020 i5-4590 8GB RAM 500GB HDD Windows 10 Pro on ebay for $250 without need of code, would it be better option?

    • +2

      Post Link, oPs prices are always way higher than other eBay sellers. OzBargainers pay a premium for this premium seller.

    • That's got spinning rust though. In this day and age most people wouldn't want a HDD.

      Would rather pay a bit more for the SSD option as 500GB HDD's are pretty cheap anyway.

      • i think even with 128gb ssd, you don't have enough spaces unless you limit youself with just office apps.so the option with a 500gb hdd and your own choice of a ssd maybe better?

        • I suppose. It depends on what you have in your spare parts box. It's more likely people will have old hard drives sitting around from older PC's that are still usable or have portable drives that they can shuck and use for a system drive.

  • +9

    Some info for people thinking of purchasing a 9020 i5…

    I purchased similar spec machine, Small Form Factor, 8gb of memory, DVD, SSD. Mine came with an i5 4590 cpu though.

    The machine has 3 internal 6 GB/s SATA ports. Two of which would be used by DVD and SSD.
    It has four memory sockets, two of which would be used for the 8GB ram.

    In terms of designated available space within (assuming you leave the DVD drive in the machine), you will either fit a full height (1" high) 3.5" HDD, or potentially you should be able to fit two smaller 2.5" SSD drives. Some folks have been able to rig up both a 3.5" and 2.5" stacked on top of each other, but this was using a thinner 3.5" non-full-height drive.

    One benefit of the machine being supplied with a 2.5" SSD, is that the sliding HDD enclosure will include the inner blue tray that enables the 2.5" drive to slot in to the 3.5" enclosure. Whereas if the machine were supplied with just a 3.5" disk, they would not have bundled the adapter.

    I'm using the machine to run video surveillance software (Blue Iris on Windows). I replaced out the SSD and installed a 3TB WD purple drive from Umart which cost ~$130.

    I disconnected the DVD drive power/SATA, as I have no use for it (and to save possibly on a little electricity)

    I utilized the Windows 10 media creation tool from a separate machine to create a Windows 10 pro USB to install the OS.

    Windows was up and running quickly with sufficient drivers to get a network connection (via wired gigabit ethernet).
    The Dell website had an analysis tool that I decided to install that added the remaining missing drivers (SATA drivers / intel chipset software / better video driver etc). I let the tool install everything, and then removed the tool once all the remaining drivers were added.

    So the machine was essentially up and running in under an hour.

    In terms of Windows 10 pro activation, I supplied a W7 pro license key that I had from an old laptop, and it accepted it and activated. I didn't need to do any of the 'Accessibility' upgrade tricks or anything like that to get it to accept the license.

    Running the machine with two Hikvision IP cameras streaming 720p at 25fps, Blue Iris is using approximately 15-20% CPU with motion activation and direct to disk mode.

    The machine is drawing 30watts of power according to my arlec power monitor. So cost to run machine for a full year 24/7 at 24c/kWH for electricity…
    365 days per year * 24 hours per day * .03 KW * .24$/kWH = ~$63 per year to run.

    • If I take the DVD drive out, can I fit 2xHDD 3.5" and 1xSSD?


      • +2

        No, the DVD drive is the narrow variety. So unless the second 3.5" was some super thin variety that I have never seen before, you have no chance.

        Best case, you can run a 1" full height 3.5" in the standard HDD enclosure, and put a normal SSD in the area designated for the DVD. You would probably also want to track down some cover to replace the DVD drive slot opening as well, or leave it open.

        • +1

          Thanks for your help but not the answer I was hoping for :(

        • @HarveySpecter:

          Yeah unfortunately it won't accommodate two x 3.5" HDD.

          If you want to run an SSD with the 3.5", you also need to purchase a "splitter Y" power cable (SATA 15pin Male to 2 Female).

    • One benefit of the machine being supplied with a 2.5" SSD,

      I got one with a 500GB HDD, which turned out to be 2.5", so came with the blue 3.5-2.5 adapter included.
      You might want to ask the vendor if this is the case.

  • Is the 4590 that much better then the 4570?

    • Basically identical.

      • Very minor difference, just a refresh

  • Currently check in more at the moment so they will be a day or two before they can be loaded and shipped. So i've added another 45 units.

  • These Optiplex machines are a terrific buy, much better than the questionable machines you'll pay more for new at Officeworks/JB/HN. This will be faster and likely longer-lasting.

    I've got the slightly older 9010 model (i5 3470 3.2Ghz) a few months ago as a compact server and its been flawless. Replaced a 790 USFF (needed more interior drive slots). Quiet and fast. Mine came with a 500GB HDD that I swapped for a 120GB WD Green SSD, loaded it up with a fresh Windows 10 install and its rock solid. Got a bargain on it too ($220 including the new SSD).

  • I am looking for a laptop / desktop to stream movies from my computer to the TV via HDMI to my Denon receiver. Is this box a good options? Will it support HD movies and surround sounds?

  • Doesn't seem like very good value to me. You can get a similar spec computer (i5, 8GB) without the SSD for around $200 (though it'll be a 3rd gen i5, not 4th gen). So essentially with this deal, you're paying $80 to get a SSD in place of a larger HDD. The problem with this, is that SSDs of that capacity can be bought brand new for less than $80.

    • wouldn't the 4th Gen i5 be worth more and faster than the 3rd gen???

      • Faster in terms of clock speed, no. Same 3.2 GHz clock (3.6 turbo). Faster in real world performance? Depends on the application. I'd say you would notice no difference at all, but in benchmarks, the 4th gen might be 5%-10% faster or so.

    • I'm struggling to find a SFF that is 3rd generation i5 for $200, I was going to get this but I'm open to other of course. I can see 2nd generation though. I guess also, if you didn't want to buy a discrete GPU, the 4th generation would have a faster iGPU over the 3rd generation. Intel HD 2500 vs Intel HD 4600, and the HD 4600, which is about 2.5x faster.

      • +1

        Just picked up a HP SFF on eBay for $149.95 - 3rd gen i5 with 4GB RAM/250GB HDD. They also had the option of 8GB/500GB for $199.95. What games can a HD4600 run?

        Pick up a WD Green 120GB SSD for $58 and you're looking at $258 for a PC with 620 GB of storage including a brand-new SSD with 3 year warranty, vs. one with an old 120GB SSD, no HDD, but a 1 year newer CPU, and $20 more too. I know which I'd pick.

      • +1

        Paid $169 for my 9010 with the 3470 only 6 weeks ago. It’s brilliant. Been ripping some of my TV DVD collection, 80-100fps straight off the DVD to h264.

        • Smart idea

  • My home computer is an iMac mid-2011 edition with 4GB memory, 500 GB HDD, etc that I am running Windows 10 on because OS X was running super slow. Now the Windows 10 side of it is getting slower and it won't let me do much at the same time (e.g. can't watch live tennis while looking up a few tabs on realestate website). Would I see a big performance improvement if I bought a machine like the one in this deal? I don't do video editing and only play old games (e.g. Mafia 2 from 2010).

    • iMac 2011 mid would be a Sandy Bridge desktop.

      CPU Performance-wise it would be a very slight upgrade, but in terms of graphics it would be a downgrade.

      This Optiplex lacks discrete graphics so that means your iMac still has an edge over this desktop. In other words, it's not worth getting this just for a mere CPU speed increase.

      Anyway, your hardware is aging and it's probably time to flick it on Gumtree / eBay — the lack of drivers for your Discrete GPU means games will not run smoothly and the patches for Spectre and Meltdown will further decrease the performance of old Intel CPU's. You should probably look into a much newer system.

      • Thanks for the advice scrimshaw, much appreciated.

    • Just time for a clean install of either Windows or OS X and you’ll be running sweetly again. Also make sure you always have at least 15% free disk space or things will start to bog down.

  • What is the spec on the SSD

  • good deal.. too bad i just missed it

  • Are there any other low profile cards that will fit this machine? We managed to get one (should be coming next week) but we don't really need it to play PUBG and the like, but we do want to be able to play stuff that I imagine the built in card can't handle.

    • +1

      You could try a GT1030 which should handle some very light gaming.

      • Many thanks for that - will give it a look.