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Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular, 38mm $503.10 and 42mm $539.10 Delivered @ Telstra


This deal is back again! Just like this one from October. Put in ACCESS10 during checkout.

Have been waiting for a Series 3 GPS + Cellular Apple Watch deal for a while now after missing out on this the last time. Also super fast 2 business day delivery to Metro areas.

Original ACCESS10 deal

EDIT: OUT OF STOCK 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case w/ Dark Olive Sport Loop, Black Sport Band, Grey Sport Band and 38mm Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band.

EDIT 2: OzBargained.

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    • Have you got one? I’ve had one for close to 2 months and have never had an issue with battery life. Usually gives me 2 days of “regular” use. If you’re going to take it away from your phone regularly then maybe different story. But really, who does that day to day?

      • I do. I leave my phone at home on the charger 95% of the time and I get a 14hr day (down to about 30% charge).

        • Well you’re a more patient person than I am! Couldn’t imagine using the watch as a full time phone for messages etc. I just use it more as an extension of my phone for notifications etc then a bit when walking/running etc.

        • @B Wat:

          Can you turn off the cellular functionality and enjoy 2 day battery life like the non-cellular Series 3 version?

        • @UncleRico:

          Yes you can

        • @Riker88:

          Hazzah sir! Thank you for the information.

          For reasons which the left side of my brain cannot quite comprehend, the news that this battery sapping functionality can be disabled is just what I needed to convince me spend the extra $100 for this compared to the non-cellular version which has it disabled by default!

          /Scratches head and reaches for wallet…/

        • @UncleRico: keep it around your phone mate and you’ll have no dramas with battery life as it defaults to hook into your phones 4g. Would prob only be an issue if you go without your phone for extended periods.

    • The Series 3 has twice the battery life of the original in my experience. I get 2 days of use.


        I got 2 days on the original. No idea what I get on the series 3 since I took off the battery widget because I never get anywhere near running out. Switch to the original when going to bed and back to the series 3 when I wake up.

  • anyone know how long the 10% off will last? Need to wait a few days to make the purchase within 60 days of my flight.

    • It was originally posted in May 2017 so I wouldn't expect it to expire any time soon.

      I've used it a few times since that post was marked as 'expired' and it was recently emailed to me when I recontracted as a generic offer to entice me to purchase some accessories.

    • Not so sure but good idea claiming TRS (around $45) bringing it below $500.

    • Thanks for the info guys! I'll wait a few days to get it within the 60 days!

    • although the 10% off might last a while, the watch itself wont. already 4 models out of stock now.

  • Really wish they got the 42mm Nike one. I almost feel like it’s worth the extra.

  • Can I refund tax at the airport if I buy from this ebay store?
    Is that the same guarantee if I buy through them?

  • Does anyone know if this requires you to purchase a SIM plan with Telstra or if this is an out right purchase of the watch?

  • Out of stock - 38mm Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band :(


    2 days of batt life? My Garmin bravo gives me 3 weeks.

    • Your Garmin bravo isn't an Apple Watch.

    • They definitely share a fair subset of functionality, but you have to admit the tactix Bravo is a quality piece for a more specific audience / use case. And quite a bit more expensive too at 899 vs 559.

      The Series 3 Apple Watch on the other hand tries to be more of a mini-me version of the iPhone, with varying levels of success.


      It's kind of a moot point for most people, because watches that you replace the battery every 5 years, are something you don't worry about charging, but 3 weeks might as well be 36 hours as far as charging goes, at some point you're going to forget to charge it. Once you accept this is just a device you charge nightly like your phone, it doesn't really matter how much longer it would last, other than covering the odd day you somehow forget.

  • Hmmm almost bought one today.
    $60 off isn’t bad.

  • When you buy an Apple Watch and break it in 2 days of owning it, :’(
    Moral of the story: Get Apple care or would be paying 300+ for replacement; If you want to deal with apple, can always go to 3rd party for replacement.

  • Good price for the cellular version, but I'm hesitant to buy with the tales of poor battery life for a feature I'd seldom use. Does anyone know how battery life holds up if you don't use it as a phone?

    Alternatively, has anyone spotted any decent prices for the GPS only version?

    • Look at Kogan, if you buy a $50 off voucher and use shiptser can get for $400-410

  • The aluminium ion-x glass scratches very easily. I scratched mine on day 1 on my kitchen table. Light tap and… scratch. I think Sapphire is the way to go if you actually want to live normally without your arms raised in the air everywhere you go

  • I went from a G-Shock to the Series 3 non LTE at Christmas (was a gift) and I was paranoid of damaging it as my G-Shock copped a beating and I had learned not to care!

    So far so good, and what helps is that the apple watch is more svelte than my g-shock so I don't find myself catching it on things but I am being extra careful.

    My only mishap so far is catching the handle of a door on the edge of the case which has made a little impression on the aluminium and a slight blemish on the corner of the glass.

    Maybe now that I have "christened it" it's smooth sailing from here? Fingers crossed haha


      One thing about the stainless steel, the sapphire is downright invincible, I've banged it on all sorts of railings and other such hard surfaces and there's not even a slight mark. You can however 'scuff' the stainless steel if you're not careful.

      • Yeah, I've had watches previously with sapphire glass and never made a mark on them. Kind of sucks that it's only available on the LTE model. I can't imagine it's that much more expensive a product to include by default. Just a way for Apple to upsell customers as the LTE is only worth the upgrade alone to some.

        Question. If the ion-x on my series 3 ever broke could one decide to have it replaced with sapphire glass instead? Assuming it's pre-fused to the display, which is identical on both variants, then you would have to imagine they are interchangeable?


          From what I have been told by Apple employees they do not repair the watch, at all, they just replace them, they are so small and fiddly it's cheaper for them to replace. I had the old expanding battery while on charge in the series 0 and they straight swapped it over.

          Maybe that was just a battery thing, but seems like another 'Apple' standard operating procedure.

  • Hey guys I don’t know whether should get a 38mm or 42mmm. I looked at videos but cannot decide. Any personal experiences?

    • if you are already spending $500 on a watch, why not spend an extra $39 and get a bigger size.

      Spend now, think later.


        I tried both on in store, and went with the smaller one (I was originally going to get the larger one). My advice is to go to an Apple store and try them on. If you have smaller wrists the smaller one will look better as it's still about as large as a normal men's watch (and thicker). In my case things like the leather loop on the larger size simply wouldn't work (there was a heap of excess band sticking out the end).

        Probably 85% of men will want the larger one and 85% of women the smaller one.

    • Really depends on your wrist size and which fits better. Advantage of the 42mm is better battery life and legibility due to larger screen.

  • Use apple watch for 1 year. Love the functionality but hate the battery life and weight. I switched back to fitbit.

  • Got this message:

    Special Discount '10% Storewide' from Telstra Accessories (ACCESS10) only applies to specific departments. Your order will be processed without this discount.

  • Its over! :(