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$5 Credit to Use on GoCatch This Weekend (24/1-29/1)


Voucher code valid up to $5 for use with GoCatch Economy, Taxi, Maxi or Premium with in-app payment. Valid payment method required. Expires 12:00AM 29/01/2018 ADST. Any unused credit will be forfeited.

Valid for existing users.

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Referee gets $5 off first trip. Referrer gets $5 for after referee completes 3 trips.

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  • Only $5 to get home safe? Not good enough mate lol

    • +8

      Better than what Uber offers repeat customers, isn’t it?

  • +1

    You'll probably need this from tomorrow onwards

    • Sydneysiders at least

  • Is gocatch still in business?

    • +3

      No. They're a charity which is why they're handing out money.

  • +1

    Looked at taking a ride 1km to the station…$15-18. Get stuffed.

    • +1

      Now I'm curious to see how much it'd cost to go from my driveway to my neighbours lol

  • The $5 isn't going to get me too far.

    Comparing uber X on a run to a friends place:
    UberX $24-$32
    Go catch economy $37-$52 up to premium $74-$101.

    For a 16min fare. I am definitely in the wrong business.

  • +4

    Go Catch has gone downhill fast. I was a big advocate of theirs but have been burnt by the app pinging a taxi driver when requesting a ride share.

    One time a cabbie asked me to pay the difference between the taxi fare and ride share after I reached my destination. I said take it up with Go Catch - he didn’t respond well.

    Another time cabbie asked me same thing half way through my trip. I said I ordered a rideshare, so he pulled over immediately and told me to get out. I said it wasn’t my fault and that he should take it up with Go Catch. He also didn’t take kindly to that, so hopped out and ordered an Uber for my safety. (These were pre Taxify days).

    Never again with Go Catch.

    • +1

      Did you report it?

      • Yep. Just a crappy ‘sorry about your experience, we will speak to the driver’ reply

    • Had the same experience and reported the taxi to GoCatch. The taxi driver said he was going to report me to the Police so I told him to go right ahead and he knew which hotel I was staying at because he had just dropped me off there. Never heard from the Police.

      • Interesting..

        Wonder what he was planning to report you for?

        • Not paying the metered fare.

  • Code should be GETHOMEBROKE with the prices they charge in perth compared to Uber

    • +6

      Doesn't sound like a valid reason to call them "awful". Sounds like no one uses them in your area. Doesn't make them awful.

  • I used to use them as they seemed a little cheaper than uber. Took a ride a couple of months ago and was as much as getting a taxi. Complained that total charged was way above approx quote and they said sorry and gave me a miserly $5 credit!

  • +1

    Seems like you can get $10 off (free ride up to $10) with AUSDAY18, expires on 28/1 as per Nick123 @ TB.

    • +1

      That's for new users only.

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