expired Vodafone: Galaxy S8, Note 8, iPhone 8+ 64GB and 256GB, 40GB Data P/M from $70.12 Per Month for 24 Months


Vodafone has brought back some pretty popular pricing on their devices.

The devices are available at prices below on the $60 Plan which comes with 40 GB data (OR 36GB and 3000+300 int mins)
Prices listed are plan and device costs per month for 24 months plans (there is also a 36m option)

Student Discounted price is also shown (student ID required)

Samsung Galaxy S8 $70.12 P/M ($64.12 for Students)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $89.79 P/M ($83.79 for Students)

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB $89.70 P/M ($83.70 for Students)
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB $103.62 P/M ($97.62 for Students)

NOTE Pricing shown on website is Standard… click on PLAN and you will see "loyalty discount" divide that discount by 24 and get the monthly discount which then relates to pricing above

Sim Only Plans
$5 off the $40 Sim 12m with 20GB Data

Sim Only Student offer (prices below are for students, Student ID Required)
15% $50 Sim 12m with 32GB ($42.50 per month)
20% $60 Sim 12m with 60GB ($48.00 per month)

In regards to the $59/$79 Deal that is around…. Last time asking was all it took
if you are a student… $5 more a month and get 40GB Data with a Samsung S8

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    S9 to be announced 25 Feb. So yeh good luck to all new Vodafone customers.


    Can't see any deal since Vodafone separate Plan Fee and Handset Fee.

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      How does that make the prIcing not a deal?
      I am a bit confused.

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        With plan fee + handset fee in one price, you and Telco company wouldn't think plan/service is so cheap and still remain their "reputation" and make customer happy. like Optus "adjust" their plan fee to $14 pm + $45 handset fee to make $59 deal for iPhone 8 or Huawei mate 10.
        With plan fee and handset fee are clear displayed seperately, Vodafone wouldn't state "we give $25 or $30 loyalty discount on their $40 to make $59 deal", just looks ridiculous and destroy "reputation", then all the customers will ask $25 loyalty discount in the future.
        That's why Virgin, Optus and Telstra all made much better deal around Xmas, while Vodaphone just lately to response to match deal, obviously they only matched via online chat, phone call and in store, nothing advertisement. the reason stated above.
        Hope these make your sense

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    No chance, 3rd provider way behind than Optus but rates are in between Telstra and Optus. Optus provided Mate 10 Pro with free 360 VR camera + $200 EFTPOS card + Mobile streaming + music streaming + Optus sort + 10% student discount with 20GB of data for$53.10 a month. Happy to take Vodafone if they offer a S8 or iPhone 8 for $40 a month all inclusive


      Mate 10 Pro with free 360 VR camera + $200 EFTPOS card + Mobile streaming + music streaming + Optus sort + 10% student discount with 20GB of data for$53.10 a month

      Damn, that was an awesome deal. Now looking for that phone but can't find any decent deals.


    Wasn't Optus offering Iphone 8 just before New Year at $59pm eith 20gb data?


    And 8plus at $65pm? So $89pm isn't that good of a deal?))

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    I just feel this is too late. I was with Vodafone for years, and when it came time to upgrade my phone just before Christmas, I really wanted a Note 8, but Vodafone was about ~$119 for 24 months contract. Then the Telstra deal for the S8 on $59/month came along and I swooped on that. Just like both my parents, and both my brothers and both their wives did, all of who went from Vodafone to Telstra.

    Vodafone's new pricing strategy of charging the FULL cost of the plan, as well as the FULL RRP of the device, was frankly, in my eyes, very stupid. The whole point of getting a phone on a plan was to subsidies the plan and phone cost and to get it cheaper, but locking you into a network provider.

    Not to mention I get a 200Mbs connection in my house, whereas with Vodafone it was 1 bar. Though that's not really Vodafone's fault, just the lay of the land and where the towers are built.


      For the record while I in many ways agree with you. The “rebates” in the plan are still being passed on to you via the new method.

      What Optus/Telstra call a $60 plan Vodafone charges $40 for the same inclusion. When you pay $60 a month you are paying $20 in the plan for
      The phone. You always pay what the teleco wants you to pay for the device.

      So using above as an example. Vodafone might charge $40+$35 for
      The phone. Optus would change $60+$15 so end result is the same. except with voda you see exactly what you are paying. voda will also pass on any rebates as discounts to the plan amount. So maybe it ends up being $40 -$5 +$35.

      The end result Is the same it’s just not hidden.

      And … had you approached Vodafone for the $59 S8 deal before Xmas you would of got it. Vodafone was matching the deal for existing customers they just didn’t advertise the deal that’s all.


        I can see your whole points is
        1. Vodafone was matching the deal for existing customers.
        2. they just didn’t advertise the deal.

        How the existing customer know Vodafone gonna match deal?


          If a Vodafone customer asked Vodafone in store or online to match it then it was matched. I can not speak as to why Vodafone chose to not advertise it. The reality is the vast majority of people at the time who asked about the deal took the 40Gb offer that was heavily advertised at the time.

          It is for this reason I assume they have done the pricing again for the phones being offered by others for $59/$79 with 20/25Gb this time.

          I may be “associated” by ozbargain standards but I do not speak for them.

          While many may not agree with me I think the pricing for 40gb data is far better value that the 20/25 offerings. It is up to the community to make their own decisions


        When I was looking at the Note 8 before Christmas, Vodafone was charging $119 for the $60/month plan and the 24 month phone repayment option, I talked to the retentions team and they could only offer me a 10% saving on the PLAN ONLY, so that brought it down to $113/month which was more expensive than Optus, and about the same as Telstra.

        And I've generally found Optus plans to be cheaper than Vodafone, but I prefer the Vodafone network (for my areas).

        Also whats the point of calling Vodafone to get them to match the Telstra deal? I would take the Telstra network over the Vodafone network any day. Now if Vodafone had ADVERTISED the $59/month S8 deal, I might have just stuck with them just for simplicity reasons. But I looked at their websites, picked the best deal, which happened to be Telstra, walked in store and had it set up in an hour.

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    If Vodafone and even Optus can't even match the price from the previous iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Optus $64 Deal from Christmas, No Deal!!! If you like the iPhone 8 plus or even the Pixel 2 XL (from other posts) you are probably better off getting the phones outright from the various deals posted like many others have pointed out in previous posts over the last few months with current gen mobiles on OzBargain, then shop around for a cheap prepaid deal for your data usage needs. You can get deals like Kogan's Mobile Prepaid EXTRA LARGE 40% off Deal (365 Days|23GB Per 30 Days) for $315.10 or even something cheaper. I couldn’t think of anything worse (phone-wise) then being locked into a 24-month mobile contract and in 12 months time MVNO’s start offering 30-50GB data limits on their unlimited $30-$50 prepaid mobile deals or not being able to change to a better deal only offered to new customers because you are already an existing customer. Mobile providers have been screwing over their customers over for years and only giving a few perks like cheap tickets etc.. It doesn't cut it anymore for Customer Loyalty.

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      So you have negged a deal because you hate all teleco’s ?

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        No, If the read the top of my post you will see my comment on the iPhone 8 Deals from Optus at Christmas time which I believe have set a new benchmark for pricing compared to the current prices on their and other carrier deals with the iPhone 8/Plus. I don't see why both Optus and Vodafone can't again match those deals after Christmas.


    So this where I have issues with Vodafone plan .

    My employer pays only a set % of my mobile service . So by discounting plan for device puts me at a net loss .

    But I like international calling plans and $5 roaming too

    For note8 plan - can we get 15000 qantas points redemption from Samsung ?

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    Vodafones service is poor. I moved to Optus, where service is not any better but the overall offering makes up for it. I don't think loyalty is their focus. They had a "lifetime" discount for customers which was quickly retracted and the international minutes/destinations were also reduced. Without the streaming options in the above plans Optus will be better.

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