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Xiaomi Mi Universal IR Remote Controller US $16.44 (~AU $20.90) Delivered @ Zapals


Hey Guys , As per the comments by doweyy, Its cheaper at DD4 AUD $17.65 delivered. Thanks Doweyy.

Main Features:

• 360 degree all angle control
• IR remote control distance is about 20m
• Blacklight transmissive material, reduce the diffuse reflection, improve infrared penetration
• WUX charging interface: USB power input
• Compatible with Android 4.4 or above
• Let you enjoy the smart life
• Lightweight, portable, very convenient to use
• This is an 'universal' remote control that it can replace the remote control of an ordinary home appliance, such as air conditioning, TV, set-top boxes, amplifier, speakers, projector, fan, camera, etc.
• It can also replace the infrared transmission remote controller and also supports remote control and remote operation APP
• Simply put, that is the one can put all of the remote control of your family appliances into one, using this remote controller can remote control all home appliances
• Download App: scan QR code in user manual or product page; search "Mi Smart Home" in the "App Store" or "Google Play"
• Suitable for iOS 7.0 system
• Note: except that other functions can use normally, iOS client doesn't support the intelligent scene ( timing switch ) function


It's showing me higher AUD price than mentioned in the title
  • Choose USD as your currency from top left hand corner. Don't select AUD, always choose to pay in USD, it will work out cheaper even after your credit card conversion fees. Also read the below.
How do I ensure I get the cheapest AUD price possible
  • To avoid higher currency conversion rates and to get cheapest price from these Chinese websites, you should get a credit card that charges zero currency conversion fees. 28Degrees, Bankwest Zero, Coles Mastercard are generally popular. Irrespective of what credit card you use, always choose to pay in USD on these Chinese websites, (Choose "USD" from top left hand corner). Additionally set your Paypal so it "bills you in the currency on Seller's Invoice". To set your PayPal account this way permanently, follow the steps shown in these snapshots( [Highly recommended]

EDIT 1: Copied description from mansunz last post
EDIT 2: Seems it has no delivery but still a good price if you already have Xiaomi Home Stuff and add Automation Rules.

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  • There doesn't seem to be a free shipping option, cheapest is Regular non tracking (7-15 business days) $3.94. Need to add that in.

    With including shipping, it's cheaper here with DD4off6.

    • +1

      $16.44usd delivered with zapals vs $14.28usd delivered on DD4.
      zapals 7-15 days delivery
      DD4 15-30 days delivery

      Hmmmm… any codes for zapals? =)

  • Hi, do you know where in Paypal I can set the "Bills you in the currency on seller's invoice" option? I can't seem to find it and your post doesn't have the link to the snapshots.

    Never mind, I found it by following this link

  • Can GB or LITB reps do a deal on this one? I just do not wanna buy from zapals as they have been unreliable.

    • checked, seems only have chinese version app for now, not sure is that ok or not

      • Look at my comment

  • +2

    Just a word of warning which i didnt have when i bought this:

    Most (90%) of the xiaomi app is chinese. Took a while guessing every pathway to add some devices. Prob of heaps of stuff that i dont know of i just couldn’t understand. Also app is not the greatest, be prepared for a lotnof crashing.

    • +1

      I use Google Translate on my wifes phone and do a live/image translation. works a treat =)

    • Yes and no. App is in English but brands of the pairing appliances are in Chinese when setting IR. I read Chinese but I was confused too. E.g. when choose Phillips soundbar for pairing, Phillips is not catergorised uber “P” but “F” because of Chinese pronounciation. I like the quality but the IR coverage is pretty bad. That made it useless to me.

      • Are you using andriod or ois?

        The ios is in chinese. Maybe not the start menu bit but definitely the ‘remote’ part. All chinese and icons.

        • +1

          iOS. You’re right. Icons under ‘remote’ are all in Chinese. It’s weird that all other things such as yeelights, body sensors etc are in English. The app is inconsistent.

        • +1


          I think some of the programmed devices submitted in the database are by other xiaomi users. Search under xiaomi box you would get like 5 choices programmed by different users.

          All in all I quite like this device but definitely not for everyone.

        • +1


          I couldnt work it but is there also a way for us to program our own devices? I have no idea how to find that option if so as ita all in chinese

        • @richmond12:

          I fully understand your frustration. In the spirit of OZB, I will try to come out with some simple translation guide. I can confirm the IR remote controller could learn your remotes.

        • @richmond12: yes u can program it manually. If u have the remote, you can duplicate the signals. You need to add it via "other" and copy the buttons onto the mi app

        • @Sweetnsour:
          Okay cool, do you know which section do i see this in the ios app?

        • @richmond12:
          I use Android mi app. But if it's easy same as ios. You click on the mi remote. Then u will see the remotes u have already created.

          At the bottom are 3 choices. First on left is the copy/duplicate option. Click on that then u see a whole remote. U then proceed to click each button and point ur original remote and repeat the button. It should copy each buttons signal.

        • @Sweetnsour:once u have copied all the buttons, then the top right hand has a button and which means complete/save.

        • @Sweetnsour:
          Thanks i had a go at it. I worked out why i wasnt seeing certain things because the iphone app chops the whole bottom where you need to press a button to proceed to the next screen. Lol. Oh wells i tried it on the ipad i can see it.

          Anyways is the andriod app is some of it in english? Cos the iphone app is 100% chinese in this part when im trying folllow your instructions. Real annoying they just left the ios app like this, like others have said, its just too hard to use and almost useless. If you have ios check it out!

          Its terrible. People need to know ios app is like this or xiaomi needs to get off their arse and fix it into english! Cmon!

        • @richmond12: android app is all Chinese for mi remote section.

    • Yep- I bought one and still in the cupboard as gave up.
      All Chinese

  • I like xiaomi products but not this one for 2 reasons:

    1. IR coverage is small. I can’t use it to control my AC beyond 3 meters.

    2. I couldn’t pair it with my iPhone. The error message was 3 blinks and 1 pulse. Thant indicates bad wifi signal, but that’s not true. Tried other two iPhones and got the same error message. I finally paired it with an android phone.

    • Has anyone managed to get around the 3 blink 1 pulse issue? It is driving me crazy.

      I have many other xiaomi devices and they work fine, but I’m having no luck with the bloody remote.

      I’m using iOS.

      • +1

        Using an android device to pair and then use iOS app as usual.

        • Thanks AG. I’ll try to pair it using the kids android tablet. Fingers crossed.

        • +1

          @thedragon: No problem mate. I am sure you will pair from the android tablet. I was annoyed that couldn’t pair it with iOS devices.

        • @AussieGargain: Awesome. Worked beautifully AG! Thanks.

  • can this be used via wifi or is it bluetooth only?

    • It’s wifi I believe:

      If your device goes offline, make sure you check the following:

      1. Check indicator lights on the device to see if it's connected to the power outlet.

      2. Check if the router can connect to the internet normally.

      3. In case Wi-Fi network's name or password were changed, try to Reset device to update network settings.

      4. In case the device was reset by another person, you can manage shared devices in the settings.

      If you still can't solve existing problems, you can submit your Feedback to us, we'll do our best to help.

    • Confirmed wifi.

  • Can anyone tell me how to use it with the temperature sensor

    E.g. when temperature is above 25 turn on air con

    • This seems to be a common use scenario, you need to add a scene.

      Mi Remote -> … -> Automation -> + (Add a new scene) -> If (Keep adding) -> Choose temperature sensor -> Set values
      -> Complete -> Keep Adding -> Mi Remote -> Select device and actions (remotes are in Chinese)

      You can also set a delay and turn off the AC after a certain time by adding 'Complete -> Delay'

  • Does anyone know:

    1) Can it learn from existing remotes?

    2) Is any information/SDK available to allow controlling it from your own custom written app (instead of the blerghh Xiaomi semi-Chinese one)?

    • +2

      It can learn from the remote if you have it and i've been using one with Home Assistant so control from other apps is possible i guess. I send it a command to learn ir, push the button, the code then pops up as a notification in home assistant that i can put into automations, scripts, etc to do stuff with.

  • Has anyone set these up to home assistant?

  • Merged from Xiaomi Mi Universal IR Remote Controller Support App Control USD $16.44 AUD $20.90 Delivered @ Zapals

    I've been waiting for a deal on this so I can turn on my aircon, whilst I'm at work, so I can come back to a cool house.
    7-15 days shipping
    Extra $2.16usd for 5-8 days shipping

    The Xiaomi Smart Home Hub is a all-in-one control center, the xiaomi remote control will allow you to transfer your regular home into a smart home. The Home Hub has been designed to replace traditional remote controllers and enable you to remotely control all connected home appliances with the downloadable app.

    Smart home control center
    This Universal Remote Control can replace the traditional IR remote control of an ordinary home appliance, such as TVs, TV boxes, air conditioner, etc.

    App Control
    You can have access to the Mi Remote Control anywhere via the App "Mi Smart Home" from your Android smartphones.

    360-degree omni-directional control
    Control all appliances in one room with 20m operation distance.

    Black light transmissive material
    Reduce the diffuse reflection and improve infrared penetration.

    • Is this Alexa compatible?

      • Adding to this is it Google Home compatible? Last time I looked it up it wasn't. I still can't find anything that says it is.

        • Doubt it, I can't find anything to link to Google home that like compatible with this device.

          • @Salmando: I read is compatible with home assistant.. But I don't use it so haven't looked into that.

          • @Salmando: @wikiwiki:
            I can't find anything other than Yeelight that I affiliate with Xiaomi in the add new devices area of Google home.

            I'm confident that it would be compatible through Assistant using IFTTT, but I never liked how limited it is.

            So i don't think it's directly compatible with Google Assistant, but indirectly useable.

    • +1

      Word of warning and read the other comments in the other posts of this product. While it does the job eventually, be pretty prepared for fustrating experience if you use the ios app due to the 90% chinese and app instabilty

  • Had 2 orders paid for and never delivered from this lot.

  • Plus 1 with richard12 my experience with Android app was all in Chinese, great if you speak the language not so good for those of us who don't !

    Maybe these kind of devices should be flagged ? As it's junk for me due to language, on to eBay it goes.

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