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Pioneer VSX330 105W 5.1 Channel AV Receiver with Ultra HD 4K $299 + Delivery @ Dick Smith by Kogan


This is a great entry level reciever for the price. I have got one of these and really happy with it.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Put the model no VSX330 in the title please.

  • I'm considering buying a couple. Would love to hear more thoughts!

    • Absolutely dismal on-paper distortion figures for the rated output (120 W/ch (6 ohms, 1 kHz, THD 10 %, 1 ch Driven)) however that would equate to approx. 50-60W per channel at reasonable (ie. undetectable-to-most) distortion levels which is still more than enough power for most… especially small home or apartment dwellers. Overall it seems to be a great little basic Amp for the money and there'll be another 'must have' feature or standard available before it dies completely so no point really worrying about its longevity. Sad but true :(

      • Thanks dude. I'm thinking of one for the games room (Xbox/PS4 etc) and one for regular TV room. Not likely to pump out window shattering sound. Happy to pay a little more if there is a model that is more bang for buck! :)

        • Yeah, if they'd only spend the extra $20 and include a Bluetooth Receiver and a cheap Phono input from the factory then these would be pretty much all most people would need. Connect up a couple of decent vintage kerb-sourced speakers and you'd be amazed at the sound quality and modern convenience you'd get for such a small investment.

        • @SteveAndBelle: any recommendations on what to trawl kerbsides for?

        • @Lukian: Anything you can find really… but as a general guide don't touch anything that doesn't have terminals on the back or that has structural issues with their cabinets. I've managed to collect quite a few amazing speakers this way (some extremely valuable!) and have bought some from others who've collected them and have flipped them on Gumtree for profit but that's completely fine as they can usually move on price.

          You will hit many issues though… you'll find many with damaged cabinets, usually from liquid swelling chipboard either from a spill or a flood or even worse, cat urine! There's still value in them if you know what things are worth as you can pull the drivers and crossovers out and sell them off as parts for profit as there are always people after decent spares all around the world and they're just waiting for them to appear on eBay.

          Another problem is blown or damaged drivers however as long as you know the value then this shouldn't put you off. I've found many high-end speakers with blown Tweeters and/or foam rotted woofer surrounds but with a few dollars and a bit of easy effort they're very easily repaired.

          My best find was a pair of Yamaha NS-1000Ms. Classic speakers from the golden era of Hifi (mid 70s to mid 80s) with stupidly rare Beryllium Mids & Tweets. Cabinets were immaculate but they were reported as intermittantly faulty plus the owner just didn't want such large, heavy (35kg each) speakers anymore and just wanted to get rid of them. He contacted me (via a'Wanted' Ad on Gumtree) and I instantly jumped in the car to go collect them because he couldn't carry them to the Kerbside himself. A 22 hour 'round trip (Brisbane to Sydney) and they were mine :) Lovely speakers & worked perfectly. Insanely good Mid & High capabilities but lack decent Lows. Current value around $3k in their MINT condition. So many similar stories like that too but that's probably the best for Speakers anyway :)

      • Just get speakers with a higher sensitivity then, to compensate? Higher volume at a lower power output to avoid THD?

    • Great for a small/medium size room or driving cheap to mid-priced speakers. I use this one for my den and it has decent sound. You're not going to get as good sound as you get from a $600+ amp but you still get very decent sound and a large number of modern features that you wouldn't normally find in a cheap amp.

  • I'm looking at connecting an Xbox One X to the receiver so the 4K video pass through is a bonus :) I want to pull the trigger on two now, but an an avid Ozbargainer, I am sh!tting myself that TA or someone will post a better version for the same price LOL! :p

  • Look like no bluetooth input.

  • A "to the point" pros and cons list. I personally wouldn't get one considering you don't need to spend a whole lot more to get something considerably better. But that's the crux of the AV kit market, you can always spend a little more…


    4x HDMI inputs
    ES9006S chipset (hobbled, kind of a con too; it's spec'd for 7.2)
    USB in x1
    COAX in x1
    TOSLINK (optical) in x1
    Supports most Dolby/DTS standards
    Perfect for a kids area where audio and video quality aren't as important, have a small number of devices, and you don't care if it gets damaged


    Very limited connectivity - you'll outgrow it fast
    Composite only inputs for older devices
    Limited number of COAX & TOSLINK inputs - you'll want more
    Horrible amplification - don't expect it to drive much (50/60wpc at most)
    No pre-outs - can't fix that horrible amplification issue

    • What would you recommend as an alternative?

      • Look for something that meets your future needs. Don't just buy something because it's the right price.

        I'm fairly serious with my home theatre to the point where I have a separates only setup (pre-pro to amps). A pre-pro is the ducks nuts because there's no heat producing, space taking amplifier section so I've got expansion options galore. Upgrading is as simple as replacing it like for like rather than having to worry about everything being up to spec.

        Horses for courses.

  • Not sure why ozb wouldn't let me post an ebay link. But the Yamaha HTR-2071 is $262 delivered with code.
    Pretty much the same amp but cheaper.

    • Yeah, just a little less power output. Looks like you can get it for a good price from here too:

      • I checked radio parts but that's a different model. Not very different though. But has been on sale for 199 before.

        • Yeah, interestingly the Yamaha site states "Not Available for Individual Sale" on that model so it must be the unit they use in those Home-Theatre-In-A-Box type packs ie. their lowest end model.

    • How do you get HTR-2071 for $262? Cheapest I can see on ebay is $299 delivered without any code. AWESOME is not working for me either.

      • Search 112452005818. Use PARCEL20

        • Thanks!

          My house has in-ceiling speakers in the lounge room and another set of in-ceiling speakers in the alfresco - can I use a switch or something inexpensive to select between the two speaker systems? Does it matter that the lounge room has 4 speakers (FL, FR, SL, SR) but the alfresco has only 2 speakers (L,R)?

        • @sushico: Yes there are amps which support the A/B speaker configuration. Not sure which is the best one these days. Something like this but you would want something that supports 5.1 too.

        • @sushico: Something like this would do the trick and cheaply too:

          Connect it to the main L&R outputs on the Amp then out to the speakers both in the Lounge & Alfresco areas. Two basic switches allowing you to have either or both areas on (or even both off if you wanted!). Just for stereo music though, obviously. Also good to be 100% sure you've switched the outdoor speakers off before cranking your Mariah Carey back catalogue in the Lounge ;) Don't want to lower the surrounding property values now, do you? :)

          These simple switch boxes will work fine however just be aware that when driving both sets of speakers you'll be working your Amp harder so it will get warm/hot sooner. Be sure it has proper ventilation as per the user guide and you should be fine. Oh and also be sure you get your polarities correct ie. all positives go to red terminals and all negatives go to black terminals. Mix them up and you'll get phasing issues which isn't dangerous but will make your speakers sound terrible.

        • @SteveAndBelle: Thanks - I'll go with something like that as my quick search for amps with A/B speaker configuration only came up with more expensive options.

          I probably won't crank up the Mariah Carey outside - but surely playing Britney Spears - Toxic on an endless loop can only increase the property values around my neighbourhood? ;)