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Lodge L8SK3 Cast Iron Skillet 10.25 Inch/ 26cm (US $28.06 / AUD $35.58) Delivered or US $27.06 Parcel Pickup at AU @ Amazon US


Looks like this same famous deal is back on stock with 46% Off this time .. approx. US $3 price more as compare to previous deal (from US $25.42 to US $28.51 ) but worth it to have one of these at this price as well . Enjoy.

Update 1: noticed further price dropped slightly to US $28.06 from US $28.5 so little bit more cheaper :)
Update 2 : Use Parcelpoint pickup and it drops to US$27.06 delivered (AUD$34)- Thanks to Tycho
Update 3: If you buy 2 of these ( L8SK3 + L8SK3) it comes around US $50 .14 with Parcelpoint pickup option OR if you buy these 2 together (L8SK3 + L9OG3) then price is around US $51.31

One more pan option to choose at almost similar price. - Thanks to Bunsen

Can see some comments from few users on quick delivery as well

TRY 6% CASHBACK if you interested .. its popping at bottom of right hand side of the deal image :P

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +16 votes

    Visiting friend: "nice pan ya got there mate"
    me: "fully imported from the states"
    visiting friend thinking: 'he musta won tatts'

  • Bought one. Thanks!

  • https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00008GKDN/ref=aw_pd_cart_csp... (feel free to add link in post)

    Also 54% off…

    Grabbed the skillet this time tho..

    Thx BA..

  • Does anyone use this or other cast iron on electric glass cooktops? It there any issue with the base of the pan being bigger than the outer rim of the designated heating circle on the stove considering the pan gets really hot?

    • I do. Similar to most pans the heat builds more quickly in the centre of the pan, but if you have time to let the heat even out it will distribute through the rest of the pan just fine. I find it better at doing this than the high quality non stick pan I have. If the situation demands it I will wait for the handle to start heating up. I find it a good measure of the heat distribution.

    • Don’t heat it too quickly. Advantage of cast iron is it holds and distributes heat well.

    • Cast iron is a relatively poor conductor of heat compared to copper and aluminium. The heat will spread from the centre, so the edges will no heat as quickly and will remain at a slightly lower temperature. Depending on your cooking technique, you may or may not notice the difference. If you are cooking with plenty of liquid, e.g. oil or water, that will help to spread the heat.

      If you heat very quickly - e.g. with an induction stove, you will certainly notice the difference.

  • My wife approves this post

  • Anyone got a 4 scope?

  • This same pan is selling for $70 at William-Sonoma Australia.

  • +11 votes

    Will this protect me from a Kar98k?

    Bought one anyway.

  • Keep in mind this type of cast iron requires regular seasoning with oil and an oven which is a process in itself. Anyone wanting to buy it to “use, wash and forget” will be disappointed.

    • Cleanup is quick and easy. Wipe down after use and use a scrubber with a bit of detergent for heavy soiling then give it a light coat of oil with a paper towel. Not entirely maintenance free but takes a couple of minutes at most.

      • Do we store away the pan with oil on it?

        • Yes, to stop it from rusting, only needs a very very thin layer.

        • I put about half a tablespoon of vegetable oil (I avoid olive oil because of lower burning point) in the pan then use a paper towel to wipe over all the metal inside and out. You don’t want to leave any residual oil in the pan.

        • +2 votes


          I heat up my pan to scrub it clean with water, let it dry and then add a couple of drops of rice bran oil.

          I spread the oil using a silicone brush (easy to apply thinly when the pan is hot) and then turn off the heat when it starts to smoke.

          I don't like to spread the oil with paper towels as it leaves little fibres.

        • @JB1: Yep that works too. I don't get any paper residue. Guess it depends on the brand of towel.

      • Detergent will ruin the seasoning. if you need to use detergent you should re-season properly.

        • It doesn't unless you go hard on it. I only use it for really burnt food. Usually putting some hot water in a hot pan is more than enough.

        • A little bit of detergent is fine. If detergent is ruining your seasoning it wasn’t seasoned properly to begin with.

    • nonsense, I've been using cast iron near exclusively for 4-5 years.

      A quick clean with water takes all of 30secs.

      A dab of oil takes another 15 secs.

      The results are far worth it.

      • Not sure if you know how to read but how is what I posted nonsense - you just confirmed it’s not a ‘use, wash and forget’ process.

  • This is currently on sale at Victoria's basement for $54.95.

  • As someone noted in the last deal, use Parcelpoint pickup and it drops to USD$27.06 delivered (AUD$34)

    • nice.. checked and chosen Australian local stores for pickup and it come with US $1 less :) .. will update the post

  • Definitely follow the cleaning instructions on these. I bought one from Victoria's Basement and it's now rusty because I of course, am an expert and did it my own way….

    • Good news is you can fix it up!

      • How do you fix it? This is the first time I've used a cast iron and it started to rust cos I have no idea how to take care of it :(

        However, I cooked a steak on it and it tasted amazing!!!

        • You can use soapy hot water and steel wool/scratcher to almost sand it back. Then you just have to re season it. There are plenty of youtube videos on how to restore them.

  • Thanks OP Bought 2.
    Total $51.14USD

  • Winner Winner…

  • how does it hang on the back of my pants? Is it really the bulletproof version?

  • Here's a post claiming to be a scientific approach to seasoning your cast iron pan. I haven't tried it but I will.


    TL;DR: Use flaxseed oil, coat it lightly, wipe off excess, put it in cold oven, turn on to max temp for 1hr, let it cool for 2hr. Repeat six times.

    Got my pan yesterday from the previous deal. The handle is a bit short, and so picking it up when it's got some heavy contents in it will be interesting.

    • That's pretty much spot on.
      You want a nice black glass looking layer on top!

    • Make sure you really really wipe away that excess oil. You pretty much want to wipe it as if you're trying to get off all the oil. Nothing worse than a sticky pan.

    • This pan claims to be pre-seasoned. Do you think this is still necessary?

      • People always recommend doing the process around 3 times even if it's pre-seasoned but it's not necessary

      • Yes I would scrub it and season again
        Do it right once, last for ever

      • In the comments someone asked if they should remove the pre-seasoning on their brand new lodge before seasoning with flaxseed oil, this was the response from the author of the article:

        Why bother? A brand new Lodge pan is pre-seasoned and ready to use. This blog post is about seasoning antique cast iron, which is smooth bare metal and not pre-seasoned.

    • Not necessary with Lodge cast iron. I have quite a few and they work straight out of the box. The only thing you need to be careful of is not leaving acidic food like tomatoes in it for long periods.

  • +2 votes

    Thanks, bought three!

    What's a skillet?

  • While I like my stone fry pans, Ive missed having a cast iron one. Ordered, thanks OP.

  • I'm tempted to buy this pan but not sure how cooking a steak on this would compare to cooking on my Weber Q?
    Any ideas on what is better?

    • Weber Q has domed hood so cooks from the top as well rather than only from the bottom. Of course you can use this on a bbq and it means your food is all kept within the bowl of the pan.

    • I've done both
      From experience, you get a much better crust on the cast iron, the pan is HOT, so can over cook quickly and you butcher your meat. If you're a 1/2 decent cook, should not be a problem. You can also chuck in butter/herbs to baste if you want on a pan.

      Weber, you can't go wrong really, you will get some nice grill marks, but not really a crust. Room for error is much larger as well. One steak I would use a cast iron pan, lots of steaks on the weber.

      • That infrared thermometer that was listed on ozbargain a few days ago would be perfect for checking the temp of the cast iron pans

    • Personally I'd use the weber for steak. It's pretty much foolproof, bbq flavour from the smoke, leaves the smells and fumes outside and the only clean up is a quick brush. My cast iron skillet makes good steak too but the weber wins on ease of use for me.

      Or another way, I've had several people go and buy their own weber after seeing mine in action. Nobody has asked about my nice skillet yet.

  • Serious qs - how are these better than no-name pans from groupon? https://www.groupon.com.au/deals/1-day-715829308

    • Are you trying to ruin my bandwagon buying experience?

    • It's my understanding that the main difference will typically be the roughness of the cooking service. None of the brands take the effort to properly'polish' the pan after the casting process. To address this you can buy a grinder attachment for a drill and use some elbow grease to smooth the cooking surface out (I did this and it made a significant improvement). But then you need to be sure to re-season the pan properly.

      The other issue to consider is whether the base of the pan is completely flat. Mine is one from Aldi and it could do with a little bit of flattening out. The centre is a little higher/lower, so it can rock a bit, but nothing too serious.

      • I haven't had to refinish any of my Lodge pans. The surface isn't completely smooth but it doesn't make it any less non stick.

      • Thanks, makes sense. I own a few porous no-brand pans myself that don't sit completely flat. Didn't expect much extra manufacturing finesse in a brand-name, but then again I've never owned a brand name. Perhaps I'd be surprised by the difference.

    • yeah i have a generic brand from harris scarfe and i'm curious about this as well

  • Bought one, thanks OP.
    Cashrewards of 6%

  • Thanks BA…just bought one.

  • Valentine's gift? :D

  • So sad Amazon can't do these via Australian store at same price and just add gst and faster delivery …….

    What they heck do they sell in the AU store when all the great deals are in the US store …..

    I would have thought they do same deals, add gst and no longer ship from to Australia from US.

  • It shows up around $50 AUD delivered to Perth

  • How do you select the Parcel point pickup option?

    • You need to have one setup in your Address Book, or add one through the checkout process, otherwise it's the same "checkout process" you're just selecting a different Address to ship to.

    • its right side on the top @ Choose your shipping options page.. click there

      Or save with Amazon Pickup locations
      pickup locations near you

      • Thanks. For some reason that option does not appear for me. I tried manually adding a new address (copied and pasted from the ParcelPoint website) but it still wanted to charge me the full shipping. Adding the address again using the link nismo posted above finally worked.

  • But does it block bullets?

  • Totally not worth $1USD to have to drive to a store at their hours to pickup. Great deal OP. Thanks.

    • no problem. but i think its good option for them who can not be home during working hours and end up collecting to some random depot locations..

    • Have it delivered to a place near your work. Pick it up on your way home or at lunchtime. It's a good option

  • Missed it last time but grabbed one from this deal. Cheers OP.

  • Thanks OP! Bought both for 51.31 USD

  • Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I've added two items (L8SK3 and L90G3) to my basket, but when I checkout, even though Amazon tells me I qualify for free shipping, I only have their standard shipping options available at $35+.

    • Free shipping is for US shipping address only.. your total should be around US $50 or US $51 for both item together
      What is your final US $ amount coming at checkout ?

  • Cheers OP, grabbed one!

  • Pretty damn close to the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds frying pan. Hopefully this too does 200 head damage to an unarmoured opponent.

  • Ordered one, thanks! I got the tiny one from Vic's basement to test out on fried eggs and loved it so I'm definitely up for a large one.

  • Lovely work OP - ended up getting L8SK3 + L9OG3 + L8SGP3 (Cast Iron Square Grill Pan) for $83.94USD shipped.

  • after eating my steak for dinner which was nice but not properly seared, I bought 2 thanks for sharing

  • When I chose a pick up it says the item is not eligible for pick up.
    When I use my home address for delivery it says 'Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.'
    Did anyone get that?

  • looks like they took the entry for "New" off and only has available the entry for "Used - Like New".

    Was this deal referring to the New or Used - Like New?