expired Singapore Direct Flights Return from Perth $218, Sydney $258, Gold Coast $258, Melb $298 on Scoot @ IWTF


Scoot Airlines are having a sale on flights to Singapore. Travel in July - Sept/18. Flights are direct to Singapore. Scoot is a budget airline so bags + meals are extra.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have provided some sample dates but you can choose your own as well. Click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

$218 Return Perth to Singapore Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
15/Jul 25/Jul $218 View Flight
24/Jul 03/Aug $218 View Flight
26/Jul 05/Aug $218 View Flight
02/Aug 12/Aug $218 View Flight
05/Aug 15/Aug $218 View Flight
07/Aug 17/Aug $218 View Flight
09/Aug 19/Aug $218 View Flight
19/Aug 29/Aug $218 View Flight
23/Aug 02/Sep $218 View Flight
26/Aug 05/Sep $218 View Flight

$258 Return Sydney to Singapore Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
16/Jul 26/Jul $258 View Flight
23/Jul 02/Aug $258 View Flight
06/Aug 16/Aug $258 View Flight
17/Sep 27/Sep $258 View Flight
13/Jul 23/Jul $258 View Flight
17/Jul 27/Jul $258 View Flight
20/Jul 30/Jul $258 View Flight
22/Jul 01/Aug $258 View Flight
24/Jul 03/Aug $258 View Flight
26/Jul 05/Aug $258 View Flight

$258 Return Gold Coast to Singapore Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
13/Jul 23/Jul $258 View Flight
20/Jul 30/Jul $258 View Flight
21/Jul 31/Jul $258 View Flight
27/Jul 06/Aug $258 View Flight
31/Jul 10/Aug $258 View Flight
17/Aug 27/Aug $258 View Flight
10/Sep 20/Sep $258 View Flight
18/Jul 29/Jul $258 View Flight
20/Jul 29/Jul $258 View Flight
20/Jul 31/Jul $258 View Flight

$298 Return Melbourne to Singapore Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
16/Jul 26/Jul $298 View Flight
22/Jul 01/Aug $298 View Flight
23/Jul 02/Aug $298 View Flight
30/Jul 09/Aug $298 View Flight
03/Aug 13/Aug $298 View Flight
05/Aug 15/Aug $298 View Flight
06/Aug 16/Aug $298 View Flight
10/Aug 20/Aug $298 View Flight
12/Aug 22/Aug $298 View Flight
13/Aug 23/Aug $298 View Flight

Flights to Singapore - All Other Departure Cities.

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    Apologies for the potentially stupid question but has anyone on the Ozbargain community flown Scoot? Reading some reviews and they're pretty mixed. At the end of the day you get what you pay for but anybody with for hand experiences would be great!

    • +4 votes

      You get a seat on a budget airline. Anything else I suspect is probably just subjective.


      I have flown with them. If you just want to get to where you want to go without the extras/frills then it's perfectly fine. Know that you will pay extra if you want additional things. It's perfectly fine in my opinion if you set your expectations right. I like their 'scoot in silence' - no children babies area.

    • +1 vote

      I've flown them SIN - MEL and I thought they were great. When I booked they were cheaper than the competitors, even when I added a meal and baggage. It was a 2am departure, so I was so exhausted that I dozed for the most of the flight and watched a bit of Netflix on my iPad. Seat was comfortable, plane was clean and staff were friendly.

      My judgement would be that it's a great no-frills airline when everything goes to plan. Have heard a couple of bad experiences when things go wrong though, so YMMV.


      I flew with them once I don’t think I will again.

      But like everyone said if u just want to get a seat on a budget airline go for it.

      The bad experience was on the way back from Singapore to sydney there was a delay and everyone was on board already. For some reason they turned off/down the aircon so it was suffocating. One person fainted and I was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

    • +2 votes

      I would say their seats are considerably comfier than Air Asia, however:

      Air Asia has cheaper food options

      Scoot cabin crew can be quite rude in stopping people consuming their own food while Air AIA are usually cool with it.

      Scoot sells only expensive Evian water on board. They also wouldn't refill the overpriced cup of tea that you purchased on board with water.

      • +2 votes

        Agree with this - Scoot were great when they started, but the on-board expenses are carzy.
        I usually pack food and fill water bottles after security, so it doesn't bother me.

        I always have a laugh after take off when someone will relocate themselves to an empty row, only to be pounced upon by flight crew with an eftpos machine telling them it will be $30 to sit there.

        • +1 vote

          yup, scoot flight crew really enforces everyone to sit in their assigned seat, won't let you move from your seat unless you pay up.



          Sounds good to me.

          Why should some ppl get better seating without paying for it.


    I've managed to plan a trip Sydney->Singapore->Taipei—>Singapore->Sydney for $457. Date was late July / Early Aug… Now thinking of actually book this and head off!


    I've flown with them. They get you there with no extras. If you want anything extra it costs, even a glass of water. In fact they don't offer a glass of water, you can only buy a bottle. And you can't buy that water, or anything else, once you're in air with a debit card. They rejected my Citibank Plus debit card.

  • +2 votes

    I've only flown once with Scoot. The flight itself was fine, we knew that we were flying a budget airline so no food, no in-flight entertainment, and had to pay extra for checked baggage.

    The only downside was that when we arrived in Singapore, our baggage never arrived. We had several days of back and forth (and promised call-backs that never happened). They kept giving us the spiel that they were trying to contact Sydney Airport to see if our luggage was still there but the airport staff didn't pick up their calls. We ended up calling Sydney Airport ourselves, got through to someone immediately, who found our baggage within a couple of minutes and arranged to have it flown to us free-of-charge. We didn't end up getting compensation either for the expenses we incurred because our luggage never arrived because we didn't get the insurance through Scoot, or something stupid like that. You would think paying extra for checked-in luggage would include, you know, having the baggage arrive with you but I guess that was too much to ask. Shit, even a "sorry" would have sufficed.

    You get what you pay for - so just stuff everything you need into a carry-on and you'll be right.


      How strict are they with your carry-on allowance? Can you stretch the size/weight limits a bit or do they charge you for even 1kg over the 10kg limit?


        Flew HK to SIN with them 3 weeks ago. I had a roll on carry on & a large Kipling shoulder bag. Didn’t bat an eyelid


    Scoot is great for a budget no frills airline. As they are owned by Singapore Airlines, things are run quite well. Sure there are delays, but every airline gets them too. If you prebook food, luggage its no difference than your standard airline, however the price gap may not be so different then. Had to change something with my booking and got the refund of the difference in 5 business days. Where as it took 4 months to get a refund from Air Asia for a flight they cancelled.
    I've flow both economy and "business". Economy seats were fine. Standard spacing. Business is more like premium economy. Pretty much the same as Jetstar business seats. They provide free streaming of movies to your own phone or tablet in business.
    Food wise, I though it was actually better than Singapore Airlines food. Last time I flew Singapore airlines, I couldn't finish the food up and back it was that bad.
    I thought staff were really good. As well trained as the Singapore airlines staff. However, as Singapore Airlines has just amalgamated Tiger into Scoot for all the Asia flights, you may find service may not be as good. I know someone in Scoot who said the Tiger staff were no where near as well trained as the Scoot staff. However they are trying to train them up to standard. From a male point of view, I think the staff on Scoot are prettier too than on Singapore airlines xD
    I also like the flight times for arrival in Singapore and Melbourne
    So far haven't been weighed for hand luggage. On Air Asia a mate got his bag weighed and wanted him to check it in. With a slight decoy tactic we managed to scoot around and walk off before staff realised we had walked on.


    flown with them number of times.

    I don't need meal, in flight entertainment.

    Seat comfort than jetstar.

    So Overall i like to fly with them


    I've just looked up accomodation and it's over $4k for 10 days. Is there a. Beaver time of year to visit or some cheap hotels anyone can recommend. Would love to take the kids to Singapore but even with cheap flights it's cheaper to go to the USA


    Baggage is expensive, double what jets charge.


    Unfortunately there is no real cheap option in singapore for hotels in prime districts. Hotel 81 i usually cheap but tend to be in non prime areas. For Scoot the problem i have is not with their service and that they are budget but it is the high incidence of delays or cancellations. Tripadvisor is full of delayed 6 hours or cancelled arnings.


    Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem as me..so I clicked on the link above with the special price and it redirects me to the agency's website, but the price is double on their website?

    I selected SYD-SIN 13/7 - 23/7. Web's price is $417 not $258.