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120AH 12V Lithium LiFePO4-Deep Cycle Battery with BMS - ACCESS 12 VOLT SHOP (Price @ $999) - ($49 Shipping)


$999 - $49 Shipping - 120AH 12V Lithium LiFePO4 - ACCESS 12 VOLT SHOP
120AH Lithium battery $999 pickup Perth and Bunbury

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    So what are you selling?


      How does this relate to the listed product?

      How does the BMS work? Product details / information are lacking.
      How do you connect this up to the caravan?


        It is a 50A BMS.

        Just connect like a normal battery.

        BMS does all the conversions.


    20kg! Doesnt seem much of a weight saving over agm if that is your main reason for going to the expense of lithium.

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      Your joking right ?
      A Victron 130 Ah battery is ~ 38Kg, and should never really be discharged past 50%
      This is about half that weight and has twice the usable capacity whilst maintaining a higher capacity well after the lead acid battery has given up.
      This is actually not a bad deal.

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      Looking at the details it's about 16kg vs 30kg for an AGM of 120ah.

      Also with AGM I believe you only get about 50% usable usage from a charge - with lifepo4 you get 80%+.

      Meaning you get about at least 60% extra power for half the weight with a longer life span.

      Apart from the cost, lifepo4 is better tech in every way.


      The new model is 16kg


    Is it safe for a 4wd?


      Absolutely. I would keep it in the back.

      LiFePO4 are not the batteries that explode like the Samsung phones


    Interesting, but still a fair bit higher per kWh than a Tesla Powerwall 2.

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      Check the life span on tesla cells though, generally LiFePo4 is around 3x-5x greater number of recharge cycles than the common cells in use by Tesla etc. (2000 cycles for a standard LiFePo4 compared to 400-800 for the different popular cells)
      Also LiFePo4 can handle higher temperature without ill effect, less flammable, and less damaged by over-discharge (but the main drawback is about 20% heavier and larger volume per kWh)


        Tesla gives a 10 year warranty. They guarantee it still holds 70% of rated capacity, and they guarantee it for 37.8 MWh throughput.

        You can discharge and recharge 10.35 kWh of the 13.5 kWh battery every single day of those 10 years. That's 3652 cycles @ 75% depth of discharge. Pretty good.


          Nice, I think they must have changed cells, probably to LiFePo4 recently to get that many cycles (they used to just use the same ones as the cars and the warranty was pretty shit, like 7 years but only 800 cycles)


          These ones are over 4000 cycles for 65-75% depth of discharge


    Why is shipping $24 cheaper via your eBay store?


    Mod: Fixed link


      Should be $35 delivery as only a few companies can actually deliver batteries and we can pay up to $50 to ship.
      These batteries are 100% safe but due to batteries with similar technology to Samsung phones which explode all freight companies prohibit batteries.

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