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Hungry Jack’s Vouchers (Expiry 7th May 2018)


New Hungry Jack’s vouchers with an expiry date of 7th May 2018

Mobile friendly vouchers thx to inherentchoice: Click here

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    where to get this ?

    print out ?

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      Print out or show from your phone or most places I've been to, you just tell them about what's in the coupon and they just do it for you without looking at it (drive thru tho)

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        Phone is fine.

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          They also accept Morse Code in some of the older stores.

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          @jv: You own one of these 'older' stores don't you jv? Give us a mates rates discount please?

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          Morse Code is fine

          JV trying to create another meme

        • Not always.
          I've been to two different stores where I've tried to show them on screen but have been refused because it wasn't a 'physical voucher'

      • Telex it ahead.

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      Phone is fine.

      • Is phone fine

      • -2

        What about fax?

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          Fax is effectively dead.
          Fax is not fine.

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          Thanks for clarifying, i'll bring my typewriter!

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          Typewriter is actually dead.
          Typewriter is not fine.

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          @MathNerd: Not true. Fax is still alive in healthcare. Most places don't accept referrals by email, only by fax or post.

        • +2

          @bsider: Time for healthcare to get with the times. It's unhealthy to be using outdated tech like this.

        • @MathNerd:

          Fax use is actually increasing by an average of 9% across all industries.

          Security and simplicity are 2 main reasons.

        • @bsider:

          Plus in legal firms.

          Sending a fax creates a hard to dispute trail of evidence that something was sent and received.

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      Phone is fine

      • +2

        Phone is fine

      • +2

        Fine phone is

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        Fone is phine.

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      Hi @phunkydude feel free to show these deals on your phone! Printed vouchers will be accepted also.
      See you in store soon 👍

      • +1

        Cheers for clarifying. Hadn't ever bothered using them as I don't even own a printer. But if I can flash my phone tomorrow for a couple cheeky burgs then count me in.

      • thks, have they finished with the "buy a whopper get free chips and drink" deal ? Like the McDonalds Mcfeast deals, burger fries and rink for 1 person … complete meal.

        These coupons don't really target a single person wanting a burger, fries and drink, either it's a 2 person meal (eg whopper lrge, & junior, 2 chips, 2 drinks) , or no drinks or chips (2x whoppers).

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    Damn, price increased for the breakfast deal

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      Phone is fine.

      • +2

        I'm glad I was here on this special occasion when "phone is fine" was first used in a perfect reply :).

        Ozbargain folklore now has a new entry.

        "Phone is fine" = to placate a person making a trivial complaint.

        I should add that whilst others have used this phrase here in this thread a tad earlier, this one is seems to be the first to use it in perfect context as a reply.

    • +1

      Many have increased but still cheaper

    • +1

      Increased for the 10 Nuggets & Chips too :(
      Still a good deal though.

    • Gotta say, even by 45c, that is still a wickedly good deal and will definitely keep in mind if I'm out of time for breakfast….

  • +19

    Wow… Link to previous vouchers: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/342206

    • Bacon and Egg Muffin breakfast deal went up from $3.00 to $3.45.

    • 10 Nuggets and Large Chips went up from $4.95 to $5.95.

    • 2 Flame-grilled Whoppers went up from $6.95 to $7.95 (with cheese - $7.95 to $8.95)

    and a few more increases.

    Come on, these changes are huge! Much higher than the inflation rate…

    • +14

      My favorite deal also gone up by 50cent - 2 whopper junior and 2 small chips from $4.95 to $5.45 :’(

      • +3

        That's my favourite deal too, I can smash the entire lot in one sitting :O

        Quick, get it today and tomorrow, it's our last chance to get it at a sub-$5 price!

        • Aw I only gotten this deal a few times.. pretty filling for one. Now price went up

    • just paid 6.95 this morning … for 1 coffee / 1 bacon egg muff / 2 hash / piklelets


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        Phone is fine.

      • +1

        I get bacon egg muff for free.

    • +4
    • +4

      The inflation rate comment is just stupid.

      Hungry Jacks don't adjust for inflation rate normally, so making bigger changes can be completely justified.

      This is probably supplier cost related though, prices in the past have gone up and then back down again.

      • +2

        beef prices are always a challenge especially as more is sold to china …. doesn’t much of an increase as a % and our prices go up …. we saw that with powdered milk until they changed their import rules.

    • New year norms, most prices gone up from insurance to rates and now including Hungry Jacks, except our wages !!! :(

    • ..looks like a self imposed slimming tax .. the end result couldn't be bad!!

    • lower than the % increase in beef prices or electricty price increases …. think HJ is doing well keeping prices down for so long.

  • +13

    Wow.. price 'jacks' and still no grilled chicken :(

  • +6

    Seeing the tender crisp deal just makes me miss the grilled chicken more

  • +19

    Yeah unfortunately looks like everything has gone up

    New Offers:
    NEW 2 Whopper Jnr Small Meals = $7.95

    New Prices on Existing Vouchers:
    • Small Bacon & Egg Muffin Meal = $3.45
    • 2 Whopper Jnr & 2 Small Chips = $5.45
    • 10 Nuggets & Large Chips = $5.95
    • 2 Bacon Deluxe = $7.45
    • 2 TenderCrisp Chicken Classic = $7.45
    • 2 Whopper = $7.95
    • 2 Whopper with Cheese = $8.95

    Deleted Offer:
    • 6 Nuggets & Large FCB = $3.95

    AND the dinner bundles have reduced in value:
    Whopper Family Value Bundle $24.95- 2 x Whoppers, 2 x BBQ Cheeseburgers, 6 x Nuggets with dipping sauce, 2 x Large Chips, 4 x Medium Cokes
    TenderCrisp Family Value Bundle $24.95 - 2 x TenderCrisp, 2 x Chicken Royale, 6 x Nuggets with dipping sauce, 2 x Large Chips, 4 x Medium Cokes

    And starting 13th Feb - $3.95 Medium Onion Rings and Medium Thick Cut Chips Snack Box
    SA/TAS - 2 Classic Whoppers only for $8 until March 13
    $2.95 Whopper Jnr or Chicken Royale (unsure starting date)

    • +1

      Has the prices of non discounted food gone up?

      Even with the increases, the discounted food is still rediculously cheap for takeaway.

      The only way you'll feed yourself for less is to cook yourself (no bad thing for your health too).

      • Has the prices of non discounted food gone up?

        Basically yeah

        • +1

          Then it's even more rediculous to complain about the new discounts.

  • Is it ok if I eat Hungry jacks once a month ? I'm pre diabetic btw.

    • +3

      The general rule is everything in moderation, including moderation. So in principle, once a month shouldn't post a significant threat to your health

      • even once a week isn’t a problem it’s the softrink and sugar that has a big impact on glycemic index and calories … i order without mayo and diet version of drink.

        • Are you a diabetic?

      • Heroine is ok once a week. Sounds legit.

      • Yeah, would the tingles in my fingers and toes be related to eating sugar?

    • +8

      Depends what else you eat that month TBH

      • -1

        I don't eat well, but I work out regularly.

        • If you are prediabetic I think you probably need to focus on not having energy rich/high carb foods for the rest of the month. Age and weight gain are 2 big factors which cause pre-diabetes to go to diabetes.

          Keep up the exercise!

        • @Gimli:
          Yeah, I'll do some more research.

    • +13

      Probably best to speak to a health professional and not someone on ozbargain.

      • -3

        I don't trust doctors.

        • +3

          You don't need to consult a Doctor if you are not comfortable with that. You may feel more comfortable seeking advice from a Nutritionist or a Dietitian - a call should be covered by health insurance and should clear up your questions :)

        • -1

          That's ridiculous. Sounds typical of a lot of men. 'If I don't get checked, I won't know if there's something wrong' attitude. Not good dude.

        • +3


          I don't trust doctors

          Username doesn't check out.

        • @Ripped:
          My mother was dignosed with breast cancer in the left breast, they removed the wrong one, so both were removed. After all that the tumor was benign.

        • +1

          @Sir Flabo:
          True, I'll give it a shot.

        • @Drdrain:

          Which country was that?

        • @Deridas:

          Australia, N.S.W .

        • @Drdrain:

          Hard to think in the modern age (last 5 years) that such medical negligence exists with making it into the news.

          Furthermore, is not exactly doctors that are at fault, more like the healthcare system. Think of all the checks that went MIA prior to the wrong surgical site being operated on.

        • +1

          @Drdrain: I'd be lawyering up at this point! Medical negligence is massive!

      • +1

        I don't think you need an expert to tell you how many times you should eat hungry jacks…

    • +3

      If you only eat the burgers without the bun you should be fine.

      • +7

        But I thought the burgers were better at hungry jacks

      • +4

        without the bun you should be fine

        Just like phone is fine

      • I wish we had mos burger in Aus they use lettuce instead of a bun.

        • I've had good success asking for bunless burgers at HJs

          If it's a double like a Bacon Deluxe they'll put one patty on top to sandwich it together

          If you're prediabetic you should really stay away from buns and sugar and chips

        • There is Mos burger in Brisbane City :)
          You can get bunless in most burger places like Grilled which taste 1000 times better than HJ or maccas burgers

        • @thtol: Yeah. It would be great if they had stevia drinks, wholemeal buns and sweet potato chips.

    • +2

      Depends on your regular diet, if you are willing to eat this kind of food even once a month, then i cringe to think what else your diet consists of. So propably best you cut this kind of food out of your diet entirely especially since your pre diabetic, go and get medical advice as well.

      • I like to take care of things myself. I don't go too crazy :)

      • +2

        Hi @garetz, Hungry Jack's encourages our customers to consume a varied diet, eating all foods in moderation. We hope to see you in store soon.

        • -2

          No, it's very unhealthy, eating unhealthy foods in moderation is not ok, it's the same idea that smoking is ok in moderation, it is not.

          Consuming fast food is responsible for 35% of heart attacks globally according to report.


          "Just One Fatty Meal Can Bring On Heart Attack"


          What your company needs to do is make the menus all low fat ie bake the chips, use lean beef or low fat vegetable paddies (It is good you have vegetarian whopper and it is lower in fat), the drinks should have greatly reduced sugar. Desserts should all be low fat and fresh fruit based. You need to make all your packaging biodegradable, too many of your customers toss their rubbish out the side of the road, it is an eyesore and once in the oceans it sickens the ocean life.

          Also do not market the food to children, they are harmed by it, children as young as 3 have artery damage from eating fatty foods.

          "Children raised on cow’s milk, meat, and other delicacies soon show fatty streaks (the earliest stage of atherosclerosis) – in their aorta. This damage is seen as early as 9 months of age, and all children on this diet show artery damage by age 3 years. These streaks eventually evolve into the plaques that are commonly seen on angiograms and at autopsy in adults."


        • I didn't know HJ had an account here. Since you're here (as I was lazy to leave this on your Facebook page), can you please tell your staff to slow down with the salt? Whenever I get fries with my burgers from Hungry Jack's I regret to buy them. They dump way too much salt on the fries that my tongue burns due to the kilo of sodium in them. Are you guys trying to kill your customers? I thought dead customers meant no/less business. And the other times I ordered fries with no salt, they tell you to go to the waiting section and it takes for ages to get your order. Please reduce the salt in your food, specially in the fries. Damn!

        • +2

          @AussieDaddy: Hi @AussieDaddy, thanks for your feedback. We have passed this onto the team.

        • @HungryJacksAus: No your new chicken salt is the bomb, keep it up!

    • +1

      Depends if once a month is 1 small burger meal or 10 large burger meals with sundaes in one sitting.

      • Depends on how depressed I am.

    • Once a month is OK, heck let's do once a week, it's not gonna kill you instantly anyway. As long as you don't consume 100% soft drink. You may drink a tiny bit or water it down, mix with water 50-50.

      And like the other guys said, eat in moderation. Throws in a lot of vegies on the way too if you can.

      • I only drink diet coke when I have fast food. I usually drink water.