expired FlexiRoam Plans 28% off (Possibly More) (Global Roaming SIM Sticker)


Hi All

I've been browsing for a SIM for an upcoming trip and have been waiting for this to go on special. I got an alert on my phone to use a code for Valentines day for 35% off in the app, but I'm unsure if it's a one use code, so browsing on their website I found 28% off for Chinese new year using GXFC88.

Each SIM pack lasts only the set number of days from activation.
This is not a SIM, but a sticker that sticks onto your existing SIM. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds good and reviews look good.

Shipping to Australia is roughly $6.90 USD (~ 9 AUD)

1GB Starter kit - Normally $29.99 USD - Now $21.59 USD (~ 28 AUD) (90 Day expiry)
3GB Starter kit - Normally $79.99 USD - Now $57.59 USD (~ 74 AUD) (150 Day expiry)
7GB Starter kit - Normally $199.99 USD - Now $143.99 USD (~ 184 AUD) (360 Day expiry)

Confirmed, 35% off from within the app when ordering new. Download the Flexiroam X app and then buy one starter kit and get 35% off - D5RMXE

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100Mb free worldwide data to the referrer and referee.

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    upcoming trip

    Where are you going?


      Going to China for a couple weeks on a tour. Optus roaming is $10 a day and only 100MB a day, so it's rather expensive compared to something like this and I don't need calls whilst I'm over there.

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    Looks very expensive compared to a local SIM


      I was under the assumption that you needed to be a local to get a local SIM like a drivers licence or something similar. If this is not the case, it will definitely be better to go local. Thanks!


    I am scared that this will come loose in my phone


    why not get a local sim?


      Local Sims are subject to the great firewall.

      If you want to use Google Facebook etc people usually have a Hong Kong sim


        I think for the price of the sim and data included, I'll just use wifi/local sim with the great firewall. (if I ever went to china)

        Plus you can just use a VPN anyway, I have my own VPN setup at home.


          You can use free VPN. - Windscribe can get you 10GB free which is more than plenty for travelling.


    Past offers from Flexiroam have been buy 1 get 1 free (so 50% off). I'm also monitoring them for specials as I have a family Round the World trip coming up in September. Countries I am going to are Vietnam, Bahrain, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, France, and US. What do others think - would Flexiroam be best rather than a local SIM in each country?


      Get one of those.
      Might need to switch to maybe one local for a country or two but defo cheaper.


        Thank you - that does look like a better option as all countries other than Bahrain are covered. Only issues are the 1 month validity and the content block for certain apps which require either a UK Credit card or showing up in person. I need to see if I can find a list of the blocked apps - I don't think I would be using any of them, but you can never tell with the UK Nanny state.


    Used Flexiroam when travelling through Europe last year….worked as advertised, simple to use but costs a bit more. Easy when I go OS now as I just switch Flexiroam on. I think they're popular with pilots etc. I don't use a lot of data though. If I was going to one country for a while I would still get a local sim.

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