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    • lol nothing in NSW

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      No stock anywhere.

    • Another retailer that's sick of the low margins, plus being treated badly by apple.

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      it is BS the DJ website, delivery not accepted and it does not show which shop has a stock.

      this is a waste of time.

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      Good luck on stock!
      They set these clearance prices moths ago and it was posted here.

    • Has anyone been able to get anything? All the items i've searched have no stock anywhere…

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      "I did read an article a while ago that they are no longer looking to stock Apple!"…

      Well it looks like they've done a good job.

  • Merged from LG G7 ThinQ 4GB/64GB Dual Sim Unlocked Moroccan Blue (grey import) from Catch - $370.00 + free shipping
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    Seems like a good price for an LG G7 and still a decent phone.
    Unique feature: headphone jack.

    LG G7 ThinQ- Design that draws you in. Get immersed with the large 6.1" QHD+ FullVision display, all precisely engineered from metal and glass in a form that feels truly natural to hold.

    Super Bright Display: Your world just got a whole lot brighter. The LG G7 ThinQ packs additional white pixels into the screen for stunning picture clarity and brightness (max. 1000 nits) —while maximizing battery efficiency.

    AI CAM: The LG G7 ThinQ provides the creative eye, so you can get your perfect shot. AI CAM analyzes subjects in your frame and provides easy recommendations on how to improve your picture.

    Super Bright Camera: Get the best out of every moment with a camera so smart, that it knows when it’s too dark and automatically increases the brightness of each shot.

    Dual 16MP Cameras: Super wide-angle lens allows you to capture more of every scene, including large groups or landscapes. Plus, the LG G7 ThinQ’s Crystal Clear Lens dramatically improves dynamic range and low-light capabilities.

    Boombox Speaker: The LG G7 ThinQ uses its inner space as a resonance chamber to amp up the bass and deliver a premium, loud, and room-filling audio experience.

    DTS : X 3D Surround Sound: DTS : 7.1 channel surround sound delivers cinematic audio on the go and brings a new sense of realism to your listening experience.

    Durability: Take it anywhere, use it anywhere—the military grade design is water,dust, and worry resistant.(IP68)

    Please view Seller Description for additional information

    Please note:

    The item may come with an International plug. In this event, a 3rd party Australian compatible adapter will be included
    For Mobile Phones / Tablets, please check the network frequency to make sure it's compatible for your service provider to avoid wrong purchase
    Please view Seller Description for additional information on Delivery Times, Warranties and Returns
    • +1

      1 left?

    • Model no?

    • And it's gone!

    • Out of stock. This product has SOLD OUT!

    • Isn't there a model with 6gb ram? Probably better holding out for that anyway.

      • Considering you can have the V30+ with 128G storage for $399 at the moment, local stock from JBHiFi, I'd say no deal. The speaker on the G7 is louder, it's newer (so slightly quicker) and it's thinner. Everything else I give to the V30+

        • personally I'm waiting for a good deal on the G8, or whatever the V equivalent will be. Bit of a shame the G8 won't have 5g, so maybe the V equiv will be better. I've heard that will have 5G.

  • Merged from Panasonic G7 with 14-42mm & 45-150mm $799 Delivered (Save ~ $50) @ Australian Camera Sales via Amazon AU
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    Just saw this in an email.
    Cheaper than Teds and camera warehouse by $50, mentions free delivery as well.

    • Nice camera, can change from PAL to NTSC with a trick to unlock 60fps full hd and 30fps 4k.

  • Merged from HP 15.6-Inch Zbook 15V G5 (Intel Core i5-8300H, 8GB / 256GB + Nvidia Quadro P600) $1300 + Shipping ($0 with Club Catch) @ Catch
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    I think a lot of us missed out on the recent laptop deals, but I found this one.

    RRP $2699 catch has it for $1399 SAVE $1300

    I'm not a computer wizz, is it a good price?


    HP laptops
    Model: Zbook 15V G5 Notebook | P600-4G 70215632
    Colour: Black
    Processor: Intel Core i5-8300H
    Chipset: Chipset is integrated with processor
    Display: 15.6"
    Graphics: Nvidia Quadro P600
    Storage: 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
    Audio: HP Bang & Olufsen
    Memory: 8GB / 32GB (max)
    Wireless: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560 802.11ac (2x2) Wi-Fi
    3 USB 3.0
    1 USB C
    1 HDMI
    1 SD card slot
    1 RJ-45
    1 headphone/microphone combo
    1 AC power
    Operating system: Genuine Windows 10 Pro
    Camera: HP HD Camera 720p
    Battery: HP Long Life 3-cell, 52 Wh Li-ion polymer
    Battery life: N/A
    Durable mobile design
    Efficient and cost effective
    Dimensions (approx. cm): 36 x 25 x 2.5 (W x D x H)
    Weight (approx.): 2.14kg
    Country of origin: N/A

    • +20

      Price error, it should be $499.

    • +2

      Not a good price … at least not as a gaming system which is where the other HPs were priced at. Wait for Ebay Dells to be on special again. The quadro p600 is slightly and only slightly above MX150 .. a 1050 blows it out of the water.

      Judging by the comments I think we all missed out on the $499 deal - even those of us who provided CC info ;)

      • It has Quadro gfx which means this is not a gaming laptop but more towards graphic designers.

    • +2

      I love how you posted the specs of the laptop too. That was really handy.

    • +2

      Probably worth about $600-800 tops.

      It'd be a good deal if it had a 1050/1060, 16GB RAM and possibly an extra 1TB HDD or just a 500GB SSD/NVMe maybe.

      Even without the above, and just using it for work, the design looks really clunky and thick as well, so it doesn't even have that going for it.

      • Thanks.

        How is Catch even allowed to advertise a RRP of $2699 if it clearly isn't worth anywhere that much?

        That's crazy

        • The laptop was probably 2699 on release and they could get away with it I guess.

        • +1

          Catch.com.au is from what I can tell, liquidators where they buy mass amounts of old surplus stock and resell it. I noticed this when I was looking for a iPad Pro 2018 and noticed they had lots of iPad Pro's on sale and had the original RRP labels all over it, at closer look I found out the models they had was from 2017/2016 and if anything even priced higher then other places for the same thing at other re-sellers, You really need to do your due diligence with catch sadly.

          But anyhoo, This looks to like like a 12-18month old workstation laptops (due to the Quadro GPU) which no surprises as to why they didn't sell.. Workstations are harder to sell compared to buying a gaming laptop and using that for workstation apps.

          So this laptop might have been $2699 but that's RRP and that was when it was first released and even then that was over priced for the specs as you could have gotten a 8th gen i7 hex-core machine with a 1060-1070 GPU for that same price 12-18months ago. What you are paying for is the certified Quadro Pro drivers.

    • People here saying would be worth more with a gaming card obviously are looking at gaming performance only. This is a business workstation. Useless for gaming. Made for applications (usually CAD like programs) that will actually utilise the Quadro how it is supposed to be used. It's a decent (not great, but not awful) price but if you want to game I would steer clear.

    • So that's $1399 discount from original RRP. Maybe the BLITZ1500 code from yesterday's deal on the HP site wasn't an error after all.

    • I just received one of the HP refurb I7 gen 8 FHD that were going for $560 last week, I will drop 256GB SSD in to replace the 16GB optane and 4GB ram so it becomes 8GB total into it for change from $120, so for under $700 seems like better deal if you happy to do a bit of DIY …..

      it arrived pristine, no scratches or finger prints, and 12 mths HP warranty.

  • Merged from [NSW] Sony X9000F 75" UHD TV $2699 @ JB Hi-Fi, Top Ryde
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    Saw this in store today @ Top Ryde (NSW). They also had others on sale but this one jumped out at me as it is an awesome panel for a low price. Must be clearing out old stock..

    • +1

      Wow, bet they won't last long at that price. Fantastic LED TV. New firmware out this month for it, with an Android update.

    • +1

      Ripper deal, good spotting!

    • +2

      Great price if you can find stock. Brilliant TV, been enjoying mine for a month or so now

      • Ive had mine for about 1 year and its an excellent picture

      • I've got the 55", how do you find out about the upcoming firmware update? I've been finding the current one getting a bit lousy lately.

    • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/sony/sony-x8000g-75-4k-uhd-android...
      This one much inferior compared to Sony X9000F?

      • +2

        Yes and no… the X90F has local dimming, etc. while the X80G doesn't, but I believe the X80G runs on a faster chipset (and hence snapper Android experience).

        So screen is better on X90F but the X80G might be a bit more responsive.

        • Well, the X80G doesn’t even have a X1 chip, while the X90F has X1 extreme which is better than the normal X1 in models like X85G

        • By the way, my 9000E just received Oreo two days ago and I'm experiencing a much faster experience than it used to be.

          Otherwise I used to limit the number of open apps to 4 in the dev settings and this made it MUCH faster before Oreo. I haven't felt the need to do this yet on the new update.

      • In Sony’s world, higher the number the better it is. X8000G is the entry level. X9000F is comparable to X9500G.

    • +4

      $200 more than my 65" version of this that I got in Feb 2019.

      Great TV. The firmware for the 65" has updated now too, if it doesn't update automatically then you can download it from Sony and force it.

      • +1

        I've had the same (65") since November and love it! Great update to Android arrived.

        Tweak your settings a bit to get it even better - see rtings to start with and then tweak it a bit to fit your mood!

    • any available in VIC?

    • Wicked price. Tried a search on JB site for X90F, X9000F and K075X9000F nothing comes up, maybe only last few are at this store

    • Hey OP, were there many left?

      • +1

        One display model left at least in Top Ryde.

        • Thanks. Damn! Too bad it's ex-display,

    • 9000 is the top of the range, just under Oled. Replaced with the 9500 series this year.

      • 9x00 is higher end than 9000. Due to unknown reason, Sony didn't launch 9x00 in 2018 and left it for 2019.

        9500G 2019 / 9400E 2017 are much better than 9000F 2018.

        • +1

          Yes, sorry, you're right.

    • +1

      Saw this last thursday, display model. One left. Good price but can't say anything about the history.

    • -1

      Great price but Good luck with Sony warranty claims.

      • Have you tryed the Samsung warranty claims ?

        • Have you tried Samsung washing machines?

    • +1

      Was looking at the Hisense R8 75" for about the same price when on sale via eBay but this is a much…..much better TV right (if I can find one)??? Bit of a TV noob but this basically does everything the R8 does spec and feature wise apart from Dolby Atmos yeah?

      • +1

        You really should not compare Hisense to Sony…

        • It was more a comparison of the price and features vs each other, not a comparison on brand names. As someone who is not a videophile, I’m basically looking at the best-bang-for-buck in a 75” TV.

    • +1

      Though not the best TV's or even the best LCD they are the best bang for buck out there. Great buy!

    • Great price for a great TV, well done

    • +1

      Whats wrong with Sony warranty claims?

    • Kind of too much for a UHD, could get a QLED 65ish for same money.

      • QLED is wannabe OLED.

        • -1

          Nopes, nope and nope.

          • @drazenm: Eh? Qled is the exact same tech as the triluminous on this Sony except Samsung got a better name for it…

            • @pingponged: no qled has better colors but similar priced qled has no fald so this is better bang for buck than qled

          • @drazenm: They are literally different technologies. The only people who think otherwise are 1) those who know nothing about OLED technology or 2) Samsung owners. Which bucket do you fall in?

    • Excellent. Excellent. Excellent!!!

      I have one since Feb 2019 and it’s great picture for EVERYTHING!

      Put it together with a Sony sound bar ht-800 and you’re 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Merged from [NSW] Decofire Milano Gas Fire Table $299 (Clearance, Limited Stock) @ Bunnings Smithfield
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    Some clearance items at Bunnings. Only 2 I saw. One was square and one was rectangle. Just at the top of the escalators.

    • The 88 series was down from $799 to $299

      • Useless without a photo to get a price match…

        • Ok me

    • These both take up a large amount of room and are useless as heaters.

  • Merged from Arlec Outdoor Garden LED Spot Light Kit (4x Spots = Transformer) Was $121 Now $60 Clearance @ Bunnings [in store only]
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    Found this deal shopping at Bunnings Altona VIC. Arlec Garden Spot light kit (4 spots + low voltage transformer) for $60 (was $121). They had at least 4 units in stock on the clearance shelf, plus lots of other garden lighting on clearance.

    • +1

      I can verify this is on clearance but price varies per store. Coburg had them marked down to $15 and I picked up two sets last week.

  • Merged from Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Portable $148.00 Clearance @ Officeworks
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    Peeps'. Do Not use link as the only link is for the new 5TB units ($299).
    What you'll need is the product codes.
    I have 2 of them, so quote this when calling.
    SGBKSLV5TB-Silver colour.
    SGBKUP5TB -Blue or Black… Not sure.

    There were 2 left at Yarraville Vic. Last night. Nil at Caroline Springs. Very helpful Lady at CS OW said her system indicated some at Altona OW also.
    Good luck and get on that phone now!

    • -1


    • Just left my local store and they had several of these drives along with 4tb 2tb and 1tb models on a clearance table

      • Lady at Altona said the 4TB were $149.00
        Still a good price but not as good!
        BTW please tell us your store. So some can share in the harmony!

        • +1

          Taree 2430 NSW store

      • What store?

    • +1

      Cheers mate! Got the last one at South Yarra! :)

      For those looking, Richmond and Elizabeth St in VIC did not have any.

      Richmond told me that Fitzroy was showing 1 stock of SGBKUP5TB, so you could try them!

  • Merged from [VIC] Nintendo Classic Mini $39 @ Kmart (Tarneit)
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    I just saw this at Kmart (Tarneit, Vic) on clearance.
    3 more left.
    Not sure with other stores.

    • what's original price?

      • $99 or so.

        • +2

          yeah, about $99. and at launch they were selling for double that on the secondhand market.
          this is the original Mini console that has sparked a trend with Sega, Playstation, Commodore 64 and others also making scaled down emulator consoles. (Atari "sort of" did it a while about but it didn't catch on)
          it has 2 controllers and allows for save states. pretty decent system.

          • +2

            @Sage: Nah this one only has one controller, SNES has 2

          • +1

            @Sage: In the US, they were going for more than a grand on the resale market. I was seriously tempted to sell mine.

    • how many games?

      • +6

        Hundreds if you mod it. 30 if you don't.

        • tks, i might consider those replica FC with 500 games included…

          • +3

            @Tyler Kwok: Those things don't really have 500 different games. The same games are repeated over and over with slightly different ROM hacks.

            • @HomeAlone: i did researched to know there are dup games, but most of the classic games are included. i will post my review here after playing with it.

          • +3

            @Tyler Kwok: I'd recommend you watch review videos before buying any of the replica consoles, sometimes they have rubbish audio or too much input lag to be an enjoyable experience. Other option make one yourself out of a raspberry pi or mid/late 2000s computer if you want to a better experience on the cheap

    • So how do the insides actually compare with this, snes mini and psx mini - in particular if you were to use it as a modded retro gaming device? If there a consensus as to the no1…?

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