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        • and i7 series 7.,…. :\

    • Great deal. Did you buy one? There's only one left in stock!

      • Nah, decided to save my cash for the new Xbox being released in November

    • Asus also running a promo to sweeten this deal further….

      Promo : Buy a selected ROG or TUF Gaming laptop, and review to claim your free gift

      URL : asuspromotion.com.au

      Gifts : ROG Eye valued at MSRP 159 dollars or TUF H3 Headset (gun metal colour) valued at MSRP 69 dollars

      Date: 1st September to 22nd September 2020 11:59PM AEST (Sydney Time)

      End User has up to 21 days from invoice date to claim

    • +9

      GTX1050 and 7th gen i7 for ~$1k

    • +4

      This is for the old tech display cabinet right?

    • +8

      2gb 1050 Mobile is going to be slower than a wet weekend.

      Useless for all but the most casual gaming.

    • +1

      Reduced for a reason - this is old tech

      • +1

        And for gaming, kinda miserable when it was new.

    • +1

      No ssd

    • +1

      7700? Bloody hell

    • +2

      Oh come on… you can't classify this as a gaming laptop in 2020 😫

      • +1

        yeah. plays tetris lag free

      • +1

        It was crap brand new. A 1060 is like 300% faster and that's what I'd consider the minimum for gaming these days

    • +1

      How are people up voting this.

      There are better laptops on market for a lower price now.

      We're about to see a huge influx of deals for laptops with dedicated gpus in the immediate future. No bargain listed.

      • You might be able to play og skyrim on low though.

        I've changed my mind. Whatta deal.

    • As low end as the 7700 in my mind is still the same as an 8 or 9 series i5

      It's just the 1050 2GB that's really kills it

      • Yeah it really depends how good the cooling is, but full wattage i7s are really future proof. Usually the GPUs that giveway more than anything else.

    • Too old

    • Yeah don't buy.

    • this cant be RRP $1600 surely…

      • 3 years ago

  • Merged from Kryptonite New-U New York Standard 16mm Bike Lock U-Lock $121.02 Delivered @ Amazon AU
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    Kryptonite New-U New York Standard 16mm U-Lock $121.02AU^ (Free delivery~)

    Heavy duty U Lock!! Only 5 in stock!


    • Sold Secure Gold Rating
    • Art 4/5 Rating
    • 16mm hardened shackle resists bolt cutters
    • New-U with double locking mechanism (not the older single locking mechanism Kryptonite used to use)
    • 2kg (be warned!!! - but worth it)

    Cheaper than importing, and cheaper than Kryptonites lower security locks on Amazon AU, go figure… Very difficult to get a U lock of this rating under $150, imported, let alone locally.

    • I have ordered one and can't guarantee the listed specs are accurate until I receive it in person.

    ^ If you haven't used the amazon mobile app, install it and you might receive another $10 off - I did!
    ~ Free shipping for Amazon items over $39 which qualify (no Prime needed)


  • +1
    Merged from [SA] Barelli Bluetooth Scale $5 @ Bunnings Windsor Gardens
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    Hi Guys,

    Picked up a Bluetooth scale from Bunnings, Windsor gardens, South Australia.

    Normal cost $17, on clearance for $5

    At the time of purchase today arvo, there were 8 left after I bought one.

    Hope it helps someone👍🏼


    • +5

      For when you can't see the display?

      • +3

        It syncs with Google Fit so it's good if you want to keep track of your weight over time.

      • Well when your pet elephant sits on it, he can obstruct the view

    • You get lighter on bluetooth planet

    • +4

      I don't often find the need to weigh any bluetooths.

      • +1

        I came here to find out how much a bluetooth weighs :(

      • +1

        Based on that logic, do you use kitchen scales to weigh kitchens and bathroom scales to weigh bathrooms?

        • I think it's based more on humour than logic.

    • +1

      Anyone in vic (or even anywhere else) seen these elsewhere?

    • +1

      Do they say, "One at a time please"?

    • What's the battery life of the scale?

      I bought a cheap one from Amazon before and I think I have had to change the batteries twice already.

      • I assume these would last about once.

      • $16 amazon is 3 yrs old on supplied battery. Daily use

        • Which model did you buy I might give it a try if it lasts that long with daily use.

  • Merged from [NSW] Apple Mac Pro (Late 2013) $1749 (C&C only) @ Officeworks Alexandria
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    Mac Pro spotted at Officeworks Alexandria for $1749 down from $4497. Seems to be a 2013 model though. About 1k cheaper than used models on Ebay.

    16GB ram
    256gb SSD
    3GB dedicated graphics
    Intel Xeon E5 6 core processor

    • +61

      That's one rotten Apple.

    • +14

      Those specs are so wrong it hurts.

    • +28

      I don't see why you would want a 7-year-old computer for $1750. Surely you could do better and get something newer and more functional, like a PC.

    • +30

      You can't compare the RRP when it was released 7 years ago…

      The sticker even says it was $1849 so you are only saving $100. Not too mention it's an absolute crap buy anyway.

    • +1

      Damn………Only Bluetooth 4.0, deal breaker.

    • +7

      Apple tax is alive and well.

    • Lol yeah specs are horrible for 2020. Only use I see for this is if you're after this specific model for whatever reason, it's still brand new

    • +10

      While its stupidly expensive for a 7 year old computer, its about 1k cheaper than used models on eBay….seems a bargain if you wanted one.

    • Only if you need Mac Compatibility. Otherwise the CPU is so old in that machine you can buy it used for $60 to $100.

    • +2

      I’m actually surprised that a 2013 apple product has USB c ports

      • -1

        Apple actually go ahead of time in terms of tech adoption, like the pcie based ssd around that time that only recently eventuated on mainstream computer now, but sometimes they picked the wrong side too.

      • +13

        It's mislabelled, it actually has 6x Thunderbolt 2 ports. USB-C wasn't even around in 2013.

    • +2

      They do still sell usually sell for over $2000 on eBay. So not a bad deal, but would be better off with a new Mac mini unless you really like the 'trash can' appearance of this.

      • +4

        Awesome deal.
        Funnily enough, this trash can design wasn't successful but I think it looked fantastic

      • +1

        You mean asking price or completed sale price? Nobody is stupid enough to pay that much for a 7 year old second hand computer. You're kidding!

        • You'd be amazed at how much used Apple computers go for… I wanted to buy a 2012-vintage Mac Mini and they're still going for nearly as much as they were new.

        • Used sold price is in the low $2000s. Some people still ask $3k+ but those listings don't sell.
          Personally I also really like the look of this - people pay $2,000 for a sculpture, to me it's a bit like that plus it has some basic computing ability haha

    • Collectors item only for sure.

    • Get a x58 motherboard and pair with a x5690, max your 6 ram slots and decent cooler for a ~5ghz OC and your way ahead

      • My way ahead?

        • Just above you’re forehead

    • +6

      If you buy this the neighbourhood children will call you a silly pants.

      • +3

        Kids can be cruel, but they're not wrong

    • Mac Pro? Macdonald? A burger or laptop?

    • +1

      This is a good deal if you're a collector of garbage bin-shaped computers I suppose?

    • +1

      Waiting for the Jack Pro.

    • Brand new I suppose. Maybe a deal for someone having an Apple museum on mind one day.

    • +3

      If you want to spend this much on a 7 year old Mac, you might as well build a PC for the same price, with today's specs, and learn how to Hackintosh.

    • +2

      Surely a late model Mac Mini is faster for cheaper…

      • Update: 2018 Mac Mini is $1749 with 512GB SSD, similar processor speed, half the RAM, and slower graphics.
        So I guess $1749 for this is not that terrible, lol

    • +2

      As part the PCMR,


    • +1

      The price sounds bananas for an apple that's not currant.

    • +1

      Ryzen 4000 + Nvidia GEFORCE RTX 30 SERIES FTW

    • Over priced, like everything Apple

    • Such an old product, skip

    • -1

      well, this is rubbish :)

    • -3

      Has apple really advanced much anyway in 7 years?

      • You'd have to remortgage your house, but the top of the line 2019 Mac Pro is over 4x faster than this one.

    • Would it be worth considering if $749. My brain hurts.

    • My dad beat me using this laptop. Brings back good memories. Thanks Dad R.I.P

    • AHHH the infamous trash can.

  • Merged from Pixel 4 XL 64GB $628 (Clearance) - Officeworks (Rutherford, NSW)
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    Stumbled across this while in store yesterday. Looks to be a clearance of the 64GB model, so I assume it's country wide. I got the last one at this store, so not sure what stock is like around the country.

    Seems like a good buy for an unlocked flagship from Google. Guaranteed updates until October 2022.

    They also had other Pixel 4 phones on sale but I didn't write down the prices. Think the Pixel 4 64GB was ~ $550, and the Pixel 4 XL 128GB was ~ $900, but would be good to get verification on the exact price.

    • +5

      Pixel 5 will be released on 30 Sep

      • +3

        For more than double this price I assume?

    • +5

      Decent price, but personally I prefer fingerprint to face ID.

      Comparison to Pixel4a: https://store.google.com/au/magazine/compare_pixel?toggler0=...

      I'd personally go with the 4a for the fingerprint and larger storage, but the wireless charging, water resistance and additional camera are very compelling features for the minor price difference. Especially if you need a phone right now

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