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      No stock at burwood

    • Off topic ubisoft have discounts goin on ..division 2 dlc warlorad of ny for $14 was $44

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      My Kmart hasn't had a gaming or movies dept in years..

    • Can't go back to this after trying the 8bitdo SN30+ Pro.

      Sadly, I never see those on sale lately.

      • I have both, but I prefer the stick layout for Smash feels much better in the hand, and SN30 Pro Plus for platformers and such. Considering getting a Gamecube controller though since they're built a lot more durable, have ruined a thumb stick from Smash.

      • that looks cool…

        you can create macros for it…

    • Hurstville = 0
      Bondi Junction = 0

      • Thanks!

        • Parramatta = 0
          North Rocks = 0

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      I haven't seen a gaming section in Kmart for years…

  • Thrustmaster Sparco Rally Wheel Add On R 383 Mod (4060085) for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

    4 left.



  • X-cruiser Commuter Scooter with 200 mm wheels, $39 (from $79) from Kmart Hurstville, but I picked up the only one with an actual scooter, seemed to also be another empty box too. This one is different from the one available on Kmarts website.

  • Merged from Scanpan Classic Roaster Pan $148.95 Shipped @ Everten
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    Really good price for a Scanpan Medium Roaster $148.95 including free shipping from an Australian Family Business.
    Have stock, but limited.
    Amazon was $4 cheaper with free delivery for those with Prime, but NO STOCK of any sizes.

  • Merged from Playmobil - Pearl Collectors $36 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU
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    Playmobil - Pearl Collectors - 70099, Colourful
    -Perfect for children to act out their favorite scenes and create adventure
    -Collect the pearls with the seaweed sheet and keep them safe in the net
    -Suitable for kids age 4 years and above
    -Set includes two figures, two blankets, four pearls, coral and other accessories

  • Merged from Nikon Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery $33.96 RRP$60 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU
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    -Compatible with COOLPIX B600, B500, A1000, W300, A900, KM170, KM360
    -The EN-EL12 features 3.7V of output power and a 1050mAh capacity
    -The battery uses the MH-65 battery charger
    -Country of Origin: Indonesia

  • Merged from (Ex-Display) LG OLED65BXPTA 65 inch 4k UHD OLED TV $2600 + Delivery @ The Good Guys
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    Mananged to pick up an ex display for $2600

    Really good price for this TV, even if it is EX display

    Not sure how many of these are still around, just want to make sure you check for burn in before making the purchase

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      Ex display OLED? A Big No!

      You would be better off paying a bit more to get a brand new one.

      • Can you explain why this is the case? Checked mine before purchase, zero burn in

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          OLED degradation, the O in OLED stands for organic and they will degrade overtime. Considering that it’s been displayed running all the time, it’s lifespan would have decreased significantly.

          • @RobBoss: Check the rtings test for some good data on this. TLDR: even after 4300 hours at max brightness (equiv of 13 hours a day for a year), they haven't had any max brightness degredation whatsoever

      • Agree

      • +1

        why would u say that? a genuine question

    • Can buy a new BX for less at The GG

      • Where?

        • The GG (good guys). Walk in and ask for there best price. Walked in today and got a CX for not much more.

          • @HelpWanted: Can you please elaborate how much did you pay for your CX and is it 65"?

            • @Pulse123: Plumed for the 55" CX In the end and glad I did now it's setup in the room, perfect size. If I remember was quoted;

              BX 65 - 2,9
              CX 65 - 3,3
              BX 55 - 2,4
              CX 55 - 2,7.

              The 55 CX is "on sale" for 2995 in store now but you can do better by showing the ozbargain lowest prices for the TV you are interested in buying.

              If you have access to gift cards at 5% you can save another hundred or so off those prices.

              • @HelpWanted: Well I already purchased the BX 65 for the $2600 that I posted the deal for. Very happy, they didn't have any new ones anywhere near me, so it wasn't even an option. As for the CX I was offered one for $3400, but I didn't feel like spending an extra $800 for a tv that is almost identical.

                As for it being ex display I made sure I checked before purchase and it had zero burn in. Plus I'm confident in the rtings testing of OLEDs. Their test TVs have now seen about 5000 hrs of use with no drop in brightness or burn in when watching varied content.

    • When you can buy a Samsung Q80T 75" before Christmas from TGG for 27xx, this makes little to no sense

  • Merged from Corsair CX750M 750W ATX Power Supply Unit $122 Shipped at Harris Technology, $123.89 from AZ eShop or $124.89 at Amazon Au
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    Was browsing parts for a potential build and noticed this with amazing ratings was on discount so I had to grab one.

    There's three left if anyone wants to snap one up.


  • Merged from Backline 2018 Block Raiders Langhorne Creek Shiraz 750ml (Pack of 6) @ $56 - Amazon Au
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    The “Block Raider” Langhorne Creek Shiraz pays homage to one of the boys’ favourite plays during their time with the Wallabies
    A true reflection of region, the Block Raiders is a full-bodied Shiraz
    A generous wine layered with dark fruits, hints of chocolate and soft velvety tannins
    Pairs well with smokey bbq meats
    May contain traces of milk products

    • +1

      Price seems to be circa $125 for me. Are you in VIC?

      • +1

        Amazon's dynamic pricing increased the cost after OP's (likely) purchase.

  • -1
    Merged from Thomson 40" Full HD LED TV $179.95 (RRP $249) In-Store Only @ Australia Post
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    Just saw this instore is Brisbane area, appears to be sold out online.

    • -1

      How many were in stock in the store and which store?

      People can't read minds and most Auspost stores don't have a phone number to call and check stock.

    • any idea if this tv would support Disney plus?

      • Nope it's not a smart TV.

        You'll need a phone/laptop/streaming stick to plug into the TV in order to watch disney plus (or any other streaming service).

      • Just buy a $55 chromecast and you will be good to go with it.

    • Brisbane area

      You can't narrow it down a bit more?

    • Can't jump on this after the $40 clearance of this last week (from Australia Post). Just feels dirty.

      • Don't think any of those orders were honoured. Mine was cancelled and refunded.

      • Mine was cancelled too , without even an explanation, just got a PayPal refund.

  • Barelli 180kg Bluetooth Electronic Body Analysis Scale at bunnings Oakleigh $5 each. They are not showing on the bunnings AU website but still appears on bunnings NZ https://www.bunnings.co.nz/barelli-180kg-bluetooth-electroni...

  • The Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini ITX computer case is on sale at a very low price, just $48.89 from Technology Titans seller on Amazon. Free Shipping, no need for Amazon Prime. Only 4 in stock.

    Normally $69 according to Static Ice

    The CoolerMaster Elite 110 Mini ITX Case features a front mesh panel and vents on the top and side panels for better airflow, one included 120mm fan in the front and space for two 80mm fans on the side as well as dual USB 3.0 ports for high speed transfers.

    1. Supports a 120mm radiator in the front
    2. Supports standard length ATX PSUs up to 180mm
    3. Supports graphics cards up to 210mm long
    4. Ample storage – up to 3 HDDs / 4 SSDs

  • Merged from DGTEC 65" Ultra HD TV with Netflix $399 at BigW
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    Update your living area with the DGTEC 65" UHD Smart TV with Netflix. This television features built-in 4K Netflix and YouTube, HDMI connection and On Screen TV Guide for the ideal sports experience.

    Product Features:

    4K Ultra HD Smart TV
    Netflix and Youtube quick bottons on remote
    HDMI Input
    Timeshift Recording
    On Screen TV Guide
    Audio Return Channel

    • +1

      limited stock … nothing sydney region

  • Merged from [ACT] Nicorette Cooldrops 2mg 80 Pack - $16.50 @ BigW (Tuggeranong)
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    Being a non smoker, I don't know if this is is good or not. But half price seems like a good deal. 5 left at time of posting.

    Big W, Tuggeranong, Canberra.

    • +3

      Put it on AirBnB

    • Don't seem to stock this model in WA stores.

      too bad. Buy two of them and put them back to back and you got a decent size cubby for cheap

    • +5

      Still more desirable, more spacious, better looking, and better built than a Docklands apartment!

    • Found it in Bunnings Caroline Springs for $150 with a claim it was $249 rather than $199. So clearly the was price is a lie.

  • Merged from [VIC] Premium Lychees $7.55kg (Was $18.88) @ Woolworths (Abbotsford)
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    1kg Premium Lychees at Woolworths Abbotsford $7.55 were $18.88, best before date 10/02/21

    • Abbotsford Premium Lychees

      Grown by the banks of the Yarra ?

    • +3

      Lol, not really premium anymore when they are 80% close to going off.
      Fresh Lychees have a nice bright red color, as they age and go off the shells becomes hard and brittle and brown.

      • +4

        Depends on sub-species. Some never get that cherry red and remain an off-pink regardless of how fresh.

        • +3

          couple of OZB botanists at it again…

    • +1

      Judging from the picture. It still looks good and not brown.

    • Somebody should make cider with these

      • +4

        Somebody already does.

        Stocked in selected bottleshops, have tried it and bloody love it. I'm a lychee and cider fan so obviously heavily biased.

        • please buy the 8% version and not the 1% one…1% taste like the vita lychee packet drink

          • @Raggie255: agree.. paid something like $28 for a 4 pack

    • +1

      STOCKISTS in Sydney and Regions


      Damn - I was hoping to try some in NSW

      • +2

        Lychee Gold stockist: Epping Cellars, 48 Langston Pl, Epping NSW 2121

        • Thank you!

    • Can anyone confirm if other woolies have this deal?

      • +1

        Its a single store doing a mark down from overstock.

    • How's the seed inside? Is it tiny (more flesh) or massive (no flesh)? lol

      • +2

        Medium size seeds.

    • +3

      How does a deal like this make the front page? Its single store only that is doing a 'mark down' from over stock nearing expiry.

      Might start taking pictures of the marked down meat or the disconnected doughnuts next time and start posting deals!

      • +1

        a deal is a deal! more information is better than no information.

        • But it is not a deal though, it is a product mark down of a handful of boxes near expiry at a single store.

      • -3

        It would be a good start. It's been sooooo long since we've seen a deal from you. People always complain there aren't enough local deals.

        • -1

          It certainly is a 'local' deal…. one store, with a handful of boxes! Limited stock.

          But good point, I better start posting Banggood deals, so I can get some ozbargain creds hey or you would rather some marked down doughnuts?

          • @JimmyF: What are OzBargain creds? Donuts are amazing.

      • +2

        Op states the location and the store, if you find it why not post it here?

        • -4

          One single store in the country with limited 'stock' of marked down near expiring product is NOT a frontpage deal in my books.

          • +2

            @JimmyF: Cool story. Take it to jimmyfbooks.com

            This is ozb

          • +1

            @JimmyF: I understand, you can just skip it…

            • @superuser: Just look how mad he got when I said he could share some of these deals above.

              • @Clear: hahaha 'mad'… Hmmm that would be you complaining about the lack of deals.

                Don't worry Clear, I'll post marked down doughnuts for you soon enough.

                • @JimmyF: I never actually complained about the lack of deals.

                  • @Clear: you'll have your marked down doughnuts soon enough…..

                    • @JimmyF: I never actually complained about the lack of deals.

        • Op states the location and the store, if you find it why not post it here?

          See comment below by someone that went there…. This 'deal' aka marked down product is all gone as it was only a few boxes.

          So yeah, as I said. One single store in the country with limited 'stock' of marked down near expiring product is NOT a frontpage deal in my books.


      • Pretty sure there is also a requirement of minimum quantity. OP never proved that

    • Eyeballs

      • I prefer Dragon Eyeballs (Longan) instead of Lychee. lol

    • +2

      I want the elusive seedless lychees!

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