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  • Merged from Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 6, i7, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, WQHD $1979.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU
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    Only 3 remaining in stock. This includes 3 year warranty and comes with Win10 pro. Use 10% cashback from shopback.

  • Merged from [NSW] DJI Osmo Pocket $521 (In Store) @ Harvey Norman (Broadway, Sydney)
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    Managed to get the DJI Osmo Pocket for $521 from JB Hi-Fi (price matched Harvey Norman Broadway NSW 13% off)

    Stock levels for JB seem low (available on their website).

    HN Broadway has about 6 units left earlier.

    Stores open until 10pm in Sydney.

  • +3

    65" LG OLED 65B8T for $2799 @ David Jones. Doesn't seem to be in stock online, but use the page to try and price match!

  • Merged from LG C8 55" Smart OLED TV $1872.8 Delivered @ Gray's Online eBay
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    Coupon Code: PLUGIT20

    Cheapest price ever.

    7.5% more then the B8 not sure if it's worth the extra for A9 processor and stand.

    Original PLUGIT20 20% off 57 Stores on eBay Deal Post

    • thought 65'' for a sec. lol

    • Refurbished model.

    • It's a shame the stand curves forward as it makes it awkward for sound bars

  • +1
    Merged from Hisense 50P6 4K TV $499 @ Myer Chadstone until 9am 26/12/2018.
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    Hisense 50P6 4K television.

    $499 until 9am today.

    4 left in stock.

  • Merged from Bud Ottoman - $39 - Fantastic Furniture - Caroline Springs, Vic
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    Bud Ottoman - $39 - Fantastic Furniture - Caroline Springs, Vic

    • How much is it normally?

  • Wolverine 1000 mile boots $140 with $9.50 shipping for the east coast, $15 elsewhere. very limited sizes and colours at Shoe Makers

    • +3

      Mine arrived today. I was a little suspicious because these are so cheap. The same boots are currently $529 on the iconic. But they are the real deal

  • +1

    Momentum 42mm Chrono Leather Strap Watch (100m) 1M-SN26C4G $57.38 shipped with Prime. 1 in stock.

    5% cashback at Cashrewards.
    Join Prime Here - $4.99 a Month

  • Merged from Gigabyte Aorus SLI Bridge RGB (1 Slot Spacing) $5, (2 Slot Spacing) $7 (Free Pick up at WA + Delivery) @ PLE Computers
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    These usually cost more like 1 Slot for $55 @ pccasegear or $29 with discount @ scorptec & so on.

    Very good option for pickup for those who live in WA or get it delivered for around $10 or more shipping charges

    $5 Gigabyte Aorus SLI Bridge RGB (1 Slot Spacing)
    $7 Gigabyte Aorus SLI Bridge RGB (2 Slot Spacing)

    AORUS SLI HB (high bandwidth) bridge supports dual-link SLI for the best gaming experience at 4K and beyond.
    With 16.8M customizable color options and numerous lighting effects, you could now choose the right scheme for your gaming rig through AORUS Engine utility.

    • Supports 2 way SLI
    • Supports dual-link SLI HB
    • RGB fusion - 16.8M customizable color lighting
    • Optimized for 4K+ resolution
    • 1 slot PCI-E spacing
    • Is there anything gamers haven't RGBed in their rigs?

      • +1

        usb cables, hd audio cables, front i/o panel cables. HDD/SSD drive trays, the tempered glass, the metal chassis itself.

        Lets just build an entire case out of nothing but LED strips.

        • Haha still room to grow then! Actually met some gamers a few weeks ago who were crazy about rigging and RGB. Thought it was quite contradictory when they started passionately talking about environmental issues.

      • +1

        CPU waterblocks … nope wait RGB.

        Motherboard VRM and PCH waterblocks … nope wait, also RGB.

        No I don't think there is anything.

        • Guess those computers need to start buying fashion labels. I'd be ecstatic if they found a way to improve lume in watches. Tritium is great but nothing has really come close to radium. :)

      • +2

        You know I was fine with it until I saw an RGB gaming chair and RGB gaming speakers.
        Like bruh

  • Don't have a picture but I spotted 2x Sonos Play3 speakers which I assume are exDisplay being sold for <$250 at JB HI-FI in Adelaide Rundle Mall store.
    Also a bunch of other bits and pieces being cleared out, including a exDisplay Bose soundtouch 300 soundbar for $700.

  • Merged from Gasmate Gas Fan Heater $40 (down from $160) at Bunnings Indooroopilly QLD
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    Allegedly was $160, now $40, brand spankin’ new.

    Propane powered.

    Two on the shelf as I type.

    Unsure if local deal, or wider.

    • +1

      any chance more picture? thanks

      • Or some kind of code number or link to it on bunnings website or manufacturers website?

        • Looks like the FH140795. The Gasmate website doesn't have any record of this though, so it could be an old/discontinued model.

    • Only 2 on the shelf? Doesn't ozbargain require a minimum of 10 in stock?

      • Does bunnings allow price matching between stores? could be useful for that.

  • Merged from Flammable Material Sign 45cm X 60cm $3.00 Clearance @ Officeworks Online
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    I got one for wall decor. It's pretty huge.

    • Good luck finding any in store….

      Unavailable online

      • Available online here, but only 3 in stock.

        Only available online

        We only have 3 unit(s) of this product in stock.

      • Huh?

        Title says online only

        and I successfully ordered and received one online

        and it shows as available online to me right now. If I knew how to post a screenshot I would.


      • Is officeworks online different in different locations?

    • +1

      Flammable or Inflammable?

    • +1

      A hot deal :)

    • +1

      Just checked the store stock nationwide. Considering QLD stores are reporting 3 it could be inaccurate or they were all sent 3 units.

      NSW - 3
      Port Macquarie

      QLD - 3
      Hermit Park
      Ipswich (New Store)
      Hervey Bay
      North Lakes
      Windsor (New Store)
      Adelaide St, Brisbane
      Browns Plains
      Garden City
      West Burleigh

      • how did you do that - did you type in all those postcodes?!

        also that's a really weird finding. do they spread clearance stock out like that?

  • Merged from [WA] Yamaha NS-SW050 Subwoofer $149 Harvey Norman, Joondalup
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    Went to HN this morning and left with one of these. Going to link it to my YAS-107. They had 3 left, not sure about other stores.

    • Thanks for this, got the second last one today. No other stores had stock or were willing to sell at this price.

  • https://shop.oxfam.org.au/martini-glasses

    Set of 4 Handblown Recycled Glass Martini Glasses $16

    6 left

    confirmed by email that it's a set of 4

    dishwasher safe

    made in Colombia

  • Merged from [SA] Ozito Power X Change 18V Rotary Hammer Drill Kit Clearance $50 (Was $99) @ Bunnings, Seaford
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    Comes with a 2Ah battery and charger.
    There were two left on the shelf after I bought mine.
    The kit is no longer on bunnings website, and it's a clearance price

    • +1

      Killer deal

    • There was plenty at Modbury, but they aren’t on clearance😭😭😭😭

    • Great drill for the price. Got one several months ago when discounted for Aldi deal. Hard to beat at that price…

    • skin is $99 on the website. Can I price beat it at local bunnings, haha?

      • It's up to the managers discretion. Lots of Ozbargainers do get other stores to price match.

    • Still full price at the box Hill store

    • if you only want one drill then this would be it……

      • I rang the Nerang Qld store at 7:30 this morning, spoke to a guy in the tools section, told him of the deal posted by OP and he didn't hesitate to offer me the same deal. Went straight out and picked it up. They only had the two left.
        Very happy, thanks again

  • Merged from Pocophone F1 Black 128GB $371.75 at Amazon
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    Missed the kogan pricing errors? This is quite cheap and a great phone if you don't need nfc.

  • Merged from [TAS] SanDisk Connect Wi-Fi Stick 16GB $15 @ Harvey Norman, Burnie
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    Went into Harvey Norman this morning to buy a 16GB flash drive for a Windows USB, ended up coming out with this due to the insane deal.

    Pretty sure it won't work for my needs in regards to Windows isos, but it will be useful nonetheless.

    I couldn't find it on their website at all, hence I have attached a photo.

    Got mine at Burnie Harvey Norman, there are about 3 left there as of now.

      • +2

        It should be a criminal offence to sell a device with this much storage and only USB 2.0. :)

        • It really should be.

    • +4

      Beware it's still USB 2.0 and 802.11n WiFi speeds.

      • Yeah, only going to use it for music I think. I'll test it to my phone soon anyway.

    • +1

      32gb available in Melbourne for just under $4 (could be pricing error so YMMV) https://www.budgetpc.com.au/computer-hardware/storage-device...

      • +3

        i went for click and collect. on the final page, it was suddenly removed from my cart and it's not available to add to cart. I call pricing error.

        Not happy with them!

        • I can't say that it'd be a pricing error, as they all had "sale $15" tags on each one individually.

          • +2

            @Matt86: Oh i was talking about the BudgetPC website.

            This post is okay :)

  • Merged from [VIC] Clearance: Cubby Houses $50 (Was $149), $79 Items Discounted to $30 @ Bunnings, Narre Warren
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    Saw this morning at Bunnings Narre Warren, Victoria. Not many left.

    • +1

      Great for storing kids overnight, thanks OP

    • Melbourne housing shortage solved, thanks OP

      • +2

        Darn it, I just bought smashed avo on toast and used my last $30

  • (Amazon)UP&GO Strawberry Flavour Liquid Breakfast Drink, 12 x 350 Milliliters $14.39 (was $20.44 - 30% off)

    Only 4 left in stock (more on the way)

  • Merged from [SA] Platinum 55" 4K Ultra HD TV $279 Discounted from $399 @ Target, Newton (QTY: 4 Items)
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    I thought I would post this, however I don't have much information.

    My mum just rang me, told me Target had it at the front of their store on sale for $279
    I said, it must be a mistake but she rang the store and called me back to confirm it was 55".

    She rang NEWTON in SA, so i'm unsure if this is SA alone or Australia wide. It's not on their website, and I'm currently at work so don't have time to do anymore research.

    However, if you're keen ring your local Target or if you're in SA I'm sure Newton has it. I'm going to try swing by in an hour and I might buy one for my bedroom, as the price is just too good to pass up.


    edit Only 4 in stock atm at Newton.

    • Went to Target Reynella and they had the 40 inch Platinum tvs for $279, not the 55 inch

      • Castle Hill, NSW had 4x 55inchers at the front for $275 back on Jan 22. I was so tempted but I need 120hz these days.

      • I went to Newton, they sold out in 10 minutes. Someone bought 2, and a staff member bought 2.

        I rang another Target to confirm, but they had the 55" for $399

        It must of been Newton just clearing the stock.

        • there are 3 slightly different models.

          PT5506UHD-3 is the one on clearance

          PT5506UHD-4 and PT5506UHD-5 are still available everywhere for $399

          • @thydzik: Yeah the ones in Castle Hill for $275 were PT5506UHD, PT5506UHD-2 and PT5506UHD-3.

  • Merged from Hugo Boss Black Gents Watch (Style No - 20375779) $139.95 @ David Jones
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    RRP seems to be $599(LOL!)

    • Stainless steel case with black ion plating
    • Leather strap with adjustable buckle closure
    • Mineral crystal
    • Graphic numeral indexes

    Seems to be a good price for this style! Credit to Price Hipster

    Additional Offer:

    Save 20% off when you spend $200 or more on full priced jewellery or watches in One transaction. Discount applied in shopping bag.

    Not available in conjunction with any other offer.
    While stocks last.
    Offer available until 10/02/2019.

    Don't forget Cashrewards 6% cashback.

    • +2

      Mineral crystal

    • -3

      Throwing money down the drain here. It’s worth $20 at most.

    • We are sorry. There is no stock available.

      Everywhere near me

  • Merged from Logitech Wireless Wave Keyboard and Laser Mouse Combo MK550 $63 @ Amazon.com.au - Price Match at OW for $59.8 while RRP$97
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    One of the most popular combos out there. Price match at Officeworks to gain the truly bargain price $59.8.

    • +2

      Is it me or does this keyboard seem very old and outdated??

      • It hasn't changed for at least a decade. If it aint broke why fix it?

        I've used one of these for ~60hrs a week for many years. I find it more comfortable than a conventional keyboard when coding for long periods.

        It becomes spongey after a year or so. I wait for it to be on special and buy a new one. This year I got mine when OW had them on sale.

    • Lol gross looking. Popular?

      • With the octogenarians.

      • I always preferred and still use the cheaper Microsoft Media Pro. After 3 or 4 years I pull out a new one. Kids have moved on to gaming keyboards but they were and are a great keyboard. And they don't have that awful curve.

    • +1

      Hideous TBH both K&M

    • +1

      2004 called, it wants its design back.

    • "Only 3 left in stock."

      We bought a few of these kits for work and no one liked them. In the end we ended up using them connected to meeting room systems.

  • Merged from Car Audio - JB-Hi-Fi Castle Hill Homemaker
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    JB-Hi-Fi seems to be getting rid of their car audio stock.

    I went to the Castle Hill Homemaker today and picked up an open box CDE W265BT for $50. Saw a similar thing at Rouse Hill a few days ago.

    The shelves are filled with heavily discounted car audio gear. There are a few newer Alpine head units with the 9-band Parametric EQ for $50 - which is a great deal as head units with this feature are very rare and usually around $300.

    There are also heavily discounted amplifiers, speakers and GPS units in Castle Hill Homemaker.

    • Wow thats some cheap audio!

      Going to assume ita only that store..

      • Rouse Hill had one Alpine head unit for $50 on Sunday so maybe it's all stores getting rid of stock for a new linup

        • getting rid of stock for a new linup

          Do you have reviews or a link to the new linup ?

        • Was at jb a few days ago having a look but might have missed the car audio section, might need to go back

  • Merged from Betadine Lozenges From $2.60 Reduced to Clear At Woolworths
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    Thought this was a good deal. These things can be expensive. Not sure if its in all Woolworths Stores but was in my local one with lots having been sold too so may be more in other stores.

    • Good find OP. Looks like the sticker on the actual box is $1.82!

      • +1

        That was one that was just laying there, so probably not in all stores. It only had a short time before expiry. The other ones were 2020.

    • Insufficient quantity?

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