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[Instore] Google Pixel 2XL $59/Mth: 15GB, 2 Year Contract + Free Google Home Mini (New Customers, Port-in) @ Telstra / JB Hi-Fi



Telstra - In Store & Online Chat (New, Port-In customers only)
JB Hi-Fi - In Store (Details here, thanks nismo)

Mod: The above information is gathered from reps. Note that some existing/upgrading users were able to obtain the deal via Telstra online chat, however from what we've been told they aren't authorised to offer such a deal so don't expect to receive this.

Mod 2: Users purchasing in store (not online), have reported receiving a bonus pair of earphones. Thanks KLoNe

If you have successfully claimed this offer please share your results as to where / which store you successfully purchased from.

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    • I was on Telstra prepaid, ported over to Kogan (within 30mins) last night. Then I went to the Telstra Live chat and signed up to this plan after a few chats with different staff to get free Google Mini included. So far it is all good.

      My order is currently 'pending' via the Telstra tracking website.

    • To clarify I was on Telstra Post-Paid

      • Someone has said that they are cracking down on this now and it's a minimum 3 months. But some people have still been able to do it.

        Just got to get lucky?

    • Ok time for an update:

      I used Online Chat to ask for the deal with +5gb.

      They encountered the same problem e.g My number still in their system. They recommended I call Vodafone.

      I called Vodafone, who were VERY VERY helpful. (I feel bad) Vodafone gave me a reference number for the porting request that means Telstra needs to release it.

      Gave the reference number to Telstra via chat.

      VOILA!! Issue resolved and they progressed with the order.

      Google Mini - Lucky dip. If stocks are available then I'll get it
      +5Gb - Success as I have Telstra Broadband

      Just need to wait for delivery.

  • +2

    Got this deal last night and managed to get two bonus 5GB data added to the plan via livechat. Apparently on top of the loyalty bonus there is a bonus for new customers and they were happy to give me both. $59pm with Pixel 2 XL and 25GB data is not bad at all! I'm also selling the Pixel 2 XL with the earphones that JB gives out and a case if anyones interested. PM me :)

    • how did you do that? they wouldn't do it for me

    • Were you an existing Telstra customer or did you bring a number in?

    • I'm trying this now…

    • +2

      I ported in from Optus. Tbh i got extremely lucky. In the first chat i asked for bonus data (didn't mention loyalty bonus). The rep said the bonus is only available for new customers. Thats when i said that I had just signed up and she was happy to apply the bonus.

      The second chat,about an hr later, was even easier because I didn't even ask for it. The chat started with the rep saying "let me read your previous chat". She then came back saying that shes happy to apply the loyalty bonus. It didn't make sense to me since in my previous chat i clearly stated that i was new customer…

      • +2

        Awesomeeeeee !!! this worked for me.. used the same trick i asked for bonus data (didn't mention loyalty bonus)

        Now my deal is 59$ plan with Pixel 2 XL with 20GB data + Home Mini + Earphones + JBHIFI 200$ gift card + Chat agent just confirmed i have International Calling with the same 59$ plan

        Now i can't believe this..

        • Hahaha how did you manage to get all of that included?? I want to know what JB salesperson is that stupid so I can sign up with this too lol!

        • @pennypincher98:
          He is not stupid.. he is so helpfull to me.. 😊 he knew what he does.

        • @Peepinkittu: Ok I want to know someone so helpful (ie desperate for a sale) that'll give you the gift card as well from BYO as well as the phone. Either they were the manager, didn't care about their job or are going to get a talking to.

          Neither JB or Telstra are going to be making much money out of you considering how much everything cost and how much you paid.

        • 200$ gift card and International Calling WOW why mine don't have this

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Had success at JB Hi Fi Nunawading. They have 1 left in stock in the black and white. Pixel 2xl, Home Mini and Earphones.

  • I have seen various people talking about CashRewards and $90……

    I think I have missed something on that one, who would be eligible for that?

    • No one, on this deal, as it's not online. You can (sometimes) buy via Telstra live chat, but no cashback.

      • Thanks. I can go back to sleep and await my shiny new phone.

      • +2

        Nope, one person here is eligible - but only because of a rep stuff up.

  • I had an online chat with Telstra rep, she was happy to offer this plan. But I do need international calling as well, which is an extra $10. Can anyone here suggest a way to get that waived off? She although refused, very kindly.

    • +1

      Try again :) Or you could try the 5GB bonus data and if they don't let you have that ask them to do the international calling.

  • +1

    Cheers OP - got this deal with Google Mini & Headphones from JB Bendigo and copying across data from the Xiaomi Mi 6 that i purchased late last year…

    • I am using the Mi6 atm, apart from the small screen, it's a great phone. not sure if I should jump on this deal or not

      • Yeah the MI6 it was my first non Apple phone and to be honest, it's a great phone for the price…

        Couple of things i've noticed since putting them side by side - the Pixel screen brightness is nowhere near as bright as the MI6 and i can see what people are saying about the blue tint - if you're not holding it directly straight to your eyes it has a noticeable blue colour to the screen which doesn't seem great (didn't have any of these problems with the Xiaomi)

        Lastly it might take me a bit of getting use to the fingerprint scanner on the back as it doesn't feel as comfortable to me as the Xiaomi and also means the phone has to be picked up to unlock

        • The finger print scanner on the Mi6 is quite fast compared to my Ipad -current generation
          I think the screen of Pixel 2 XL will be sharper given the higher ppi, in terms of RAM do you see any lag compared to Mi6 (6Gb vs 4Gb) ? I think it wouldnt be much different unless you open alot of apps/ Chrome browser tab.

          I would love to see dual camera on the Pixel 2XL though haha

        • @mty:

          Both fingerprint scanners are very fast (almost instant)

          Haven't noticed any lag from dropping back from 6 to 4gb RAM, like you say I think it will only be noticeable unless you have a heap of apps open.

          I've had a play with the camera and the bokeh effect is comparable to the MI6 - i guess it received the best phone camera for a reason :)

          I also took out the option for the upgrade after 12 months to a new phone for $140 so if theres a new Pixel out around then I may just upgrade(especially if they fix the blue tint fiasco) :)

    • Did you pick up the last Panda XL from JB? I called them this morning but was after the black. Both Telstra stores in Bendigo (town and marketplace) had no black in stock either :( so going to order one in but probably miss out on Google Home Mini, and for sure no headphones.

      • I rang about 9am after thinking about this deal all night - salesperson said they had 2 left (both B&W) so i got him to put one aside for me ;)

        • +1

          I rang about 9:30am, same thing, thinking about it all night. He said one B&W panda left, makes sense!

  • -1

    I've tried 3 times on 27x7 chat and once on the phone with Telstra, no deal! How do people do it?? I read so many success stories, but when I try it, nothing nada, zip!

    • +2

      Go to your nearest JB stores.
      Problem solved

    • My online chat started with me saying…I believe there is a $59 deal for a Google Pixel 2 XL when porting in from another provider. I am currently with Aldi Mobile and I would like to look at signing up.

      I had someone called Mary Ann and she said sure, I can help you with that and from there the process flowed.

      The chat finished a good 40 mins or so later but I have an order number now.

      Of course it may be a different story if you are already with Telstra.

    • Ask them to check with supervisor! Some reps have no idea about these deals.

    • Rep refused maybe because of their 3 hours OT every day?

  • When's Optus going to do some good deals??

    • I believe Pixels are Telstra exclusive handsets.

  • +1

    Tried 4 different online Rep, one store and one phone call to move from my Telstra sim only to this. No success. I am also interested to know the secret spell people already on Telstra used to get this deal !

    • Same here, have 1 month left on my S7E plan with Telstra ($105 pm, ugh) and have tried multiple online reps for this offer and get back "there are currently no offers on that phone, but we encourage you to sign up to the new S9."

      Fingers crossed they come out with a similar offer on the S8 soon, or heck, even an offer for existing loyal customers that have been with them for 8+ years.

      • Just walk into JB or Telstra and you can do it on the spot. Or try more online reps, some of them seem to be clueless.

        • +1

          I tried Telstra store but they said no. It seems option is disabled in JB to port the existing customers.

        • +1

          Got told, "this offer was available to existing customers last year and you should have done it then." Lol, customer service 101

  • +1

    Went to JB Chadstone, managed to port over from Vodafone to this deal and got a free google mini and headphones :) thanks OP

    • hey how were stock levels when you went and did you have to haggle them at all for this?

      • stock was low, speak to adam, he may be able to sort you out… didn't need to haggle at all.

        • cool, thanks for your help :)

  • Alright so I was successful in getting the $59 per month deal as advertised. Here are my results:

    1. First attempt failed, the online tech support said the deal was not available
    2. Second attempt successful but no Google Mini Home
    3. Third attempt deal not honoured
    4. Fourth attempt success! Google Home Mini was "available while stocks last". Took my chances and signed up for it.
    • Was the 4th attempt with Kim Karla by any chance? That's exactly what she said to me "available while stocks last"

  • +1

    Great deal OP! Went to Telstra at Highpoint (Melbourne) and they accepted the deal! I asked if I was able to get the Google Pixel 2 instead of the Google Pixel 2XL which they happily accepted. Great find (Y)

  • Whats the head phones people are getting?

  • Pipe earphones with mic

  • How are people also scoring the $200 JBHIFI gift card when they're also getting the $59 plan with a phone?

    • The $200 gift card does not apply to this deal.

      • I know, but some people are reporting they are getting it.

        • +1

          I congratulate @Peepinkittu for his clever maneuvering but it has not worked in every case.

  • Macarthur Square JBHifi claims to have no stock. Prevented me from getting this impulse buy. I'll try Pitt St North tomorrow

  • +3

    Jbhifi eastgardens has stock, spoke with the store assistant there. They come prepackaged and shrinkwrapped with pixel 2xl, earphones and home mini.

    • also tried to attempt at asking for extra data, but they wouldn't budge :( but then again this deal is already pretty good !

  • Got an XL on hold at my local JB for collection after work, great deal imo, thanks OP! Will try get some extra data during sign up and report back if successful but don't like my chances haha

    • Well managed to get another 5gb thrown in when signing up at JB's, stoked!

  • This is such an awesome deal! I just arrived back from a few years overseas so this is perfect for me!

    Thanks a lot OP!

  • After finally digging through my mails to find the userid .. was able to login..

    Amazing deal was thinking of getting XL outright .. good i didnt earlier..

    Tried chatting with multiple reps online for this deal, all agreed as it was Port in but informed no Google mini.
    As i was Telstra Broadband customer they agreed to put in Bonus 5 GB data but no other offer online.

    Went in JB hifi at macquarie Park, they had stock available so hurray… they gave all the goodies and signed me up quickly. Got myself XL.

    Chatted with rep online and informed him directly that i was informed me to go online to support and ask them to Add 10 GB bonus data… without any questions… he added me 10 GB extra data in like 5 mins..

    Very Happy … lets see will try International calling for tomorrow.. ;) doubt it but lets see…

    • Did you chat to the Telstra Online chat or did you speak to JB? I tried Telstra online chat and they are saying that only JB can do it?

  • +1

    I've just signed up for this yesterday in a Telstra store, can confirm that it comes with a free Pipe earphones. They also do Pixel Buds for extra $10 a month for 24 months if you like. Thanks OP for this deal! It really helped me out!

    • +5

      Yesterday, I was looking for a phone and to my delight came across this deal. I'm typing this with my new Galaxy Pixel 2XL and am really happy with it and the price of course. I'm glad this has helped so many other people. It's really made my week!

      • +3

        Did Samsung and Google create a hybrid phone?!

        • +1

          Thanks for the correction. Lol. I just transferred out of a Galaxy and am now enjoying my Google Pixel 2XL.

        • Way back in the day they did, it was the Galaxy Nexus.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Signed up for this deal today at a Telstra Store, they didn't have any black one in stock, so had to place a back order for the same. Hopefully, I would get the Phone, Google Home Mini and the normal headphones in 2 weeks time.
    Also got Unlimited International calling for free with this deal, usually $10 pm.

    • +1

      may I know which store provided unlimited international calling for FREE?

  • Can anyone upload or PM a receipt with the Google home mini attached?

  • So I went to two JB HiFi stores and they wouldn't provide me with the deal. Same problem others had - already with Telstra. So after 3 telstra online chats, two phone calls, and 2 JB HiFi visits, I monumentally struck out, and I'm done! I am easily the worst Ozbargainer on the planet!!!

    • Are you currently on a telstra plan?

    • No one currently on Telstra can get this deal?

      • Very few. But some people have been able to.

        • Got it whilst being on Telstra - got lucky. Order number and all, had 3 months left on contract which they waived.

  • Anyone’s order shipped?

  • +3

    Anyone unboxed and checked their device? Wife came home with one this evening and it says 6" 128GB black/white. Waiting to set it up to confirm.

    • JB?

      • Telstra store Melbourne.

    • Nice, they gave you the wrong one. You should take it back…

  • My local JB says it's only for port in's and existing customers only and not for new customers, is this correct?

  • Odd, I got a call saying that 'Just Black was out of stock', they only had 'Black and White' Pixel 2 XL's left.

    Had to choose the white version, fingers crossed it comes.

  • +3

    Holy sh*t! This phone's screen is absolute garbage.

    Came from an LG G4 (2015) and severely disappointed. Washed out, lack of contrast… however more-so, the blue tint is ridiculous. So off-putting.

    What's the returns like? Wish I had known how shit it was…

    • My device was manufactured November 06, 2017… might be worth taking it back. Atrocious POS screen.

      • Mine's October. Yes blue tint, but you get used to it. Why don't you look at your phone directly in front?

        • +1

          It's that bad… perhaps mine is particularly bad. I'll take some photos in a bit.

      • Mine was manufactured in Jan 2018. Coming from iPhone X I can tell the pixel screen is fine for me

        • JB or telstra?
          Which state?

          Telstra seen to be moving old stock…..

        • @PLANT:
          JB narellan nsw

        • @PLANT: Well done Captain Obvious

        • @John Kimble: Well if that was they case JB's phones would be old stock too and as stated they are not in all cases!

        • +1

          What made you move across from the iPhone X?

          The Almighty Dollar would be interested to hear why!

        • @John Kimble:
          I got the iPhone X for a really good price. New iPhone will come out in 6 months time so better off sell it now to avoid the depreciation as much as I could.

      • +2

        Mines from the exact same batch and I agree i'm pretty underwhelmed by the screen

        Product model: G011C
        Manufacture date: November 04, 2017
        Shipped from factory: November 06, 2017
        Estimated phone age: 3 month(s) 3 week(s) 4 day(s)
        Buyer code: TEX
        Buyer name: GOOGLE_TEL_64G

    • Really that bad? How's the camera?

      • Horrible screen (before the fix), the BEST camera.

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