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[Instore] Google Pixel 2XL $59/Mth: 15GB, 2 Year Contract + Free Google Home Mini (New Customers, Port-in) @ Telstra / JB Hi-Fi



Telstra - In Store & Online Chat (New, Port-In customers only)
JB Hi-Fi - In Store (Details here, thanks nismo)

Mod: The above information is gathered from reps. Note that some existing/upgrading users were able to obtain the deal via Telstra online chat, however from what we've been told they aren't authorised to offer such a deal so don't expect to receive this.

Mod 2: Users purchasing in store (not online), have reported receiving a bonus pair of earphones. Thanks KLoNe

If you have successfully claimed this offer please share your results as to where / which store you successfully purchased from.

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  • Does that cashback from cashrewards apply considering instore offer?

    • +7

      Yes, but you'll have to go into a CashRewards store to claim it.

      • I need a cashrewards store, lol.

    • I thought F&F offers like these are ineligible for the Cashrewards.

  • I've never been on Telstra using an account in my own name, but I currently have a mobile and number linked to telstra in my dad's name as part of his business account. Would this deal be suitable for me to claim? I'm not sure if they'd let me port a number from another person's telstra account to my own telstra account…

    • No. You'd have to get your dad to change that number into your name, then port to another carrier, then back to Telstra.

      Or you just get a new number and cancel the other one.

      That's how it worked for Optus when I worked there.

  • is anyone having success getting to the sales person?

  • Good deal, if only i wasn't stuck mid-contract..

    I don't think the pixel 2xl is worth it though, it were me and i needed a new phone i'd sell it on ebay for $1k and buy the pixel xl for $550-600

    • The Pixel XL isn't worth $550.

      • Why not?
        software, updates, battery, camera and headphone jack are all good reasons

  • Christine, employee ID D717769 on the chat:

    "I am happy to let you know I have successfully lodged your order for Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB phone under $59 Friends and Family Plan for porting customers with Apple Music 6 months offer and Google Home Mini promotion."

    All good. Phone is out of stock though and may take 2-4 weeks to deliver.

    • Could you please put your reference in the following link and let me know if the Google Home Mini is listed in what you would receive?

      • "Your order is pending."

        Someone in this thread said it's shipped by Google, not Telstra.

        • if that's the case, how do we know if we will ever get the mini? especially when someone mentioned it's subject to stock level with the mini…

      • Only thing I can see is order placed 28/02/2108 and nothing else.

        • 90 years in the future!

  • https://ibb.co/bZJuVx

    Done some chatting. Most reps are not aware may be, ask them to check with supervisor.

    • "Good news! I finally did the job I'm paid for!"

  • Oh man SO MANY phone and byo sim deals now but I need to hang out for the details on the S9…

    • I'm guessing you meant "deals on the S9"

  • -1

    I don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet but this is for the 64gb version and the Google Pixel 2 XL does not support SD cards so as far as on board storage goes, this is all you have.

    On the plus side it comes with unlimited online storage.

    • +1

      Erm, common knowledge?

      • +2

        Kind of. This is Ozbargain. When you have with over 300 upvotes people jump on the deal without knowing what they're jumping into. If they've come from a Samsung and they haven't looked too much into the Pixel then they may think that SD cards are standard.

        • +2

          Thanks, I personally appreciate this info (I just assume a SD card slot coming from Google although I did do a quick search to find out, to my horror, it was the case!)

          As much of a good deal this is, no SD card (plus no headphone jack) killed it for me personally. Thought I'm tempted to get sign up anyway, stay on with telstra, and just sell the phone since most people don't seem to miss the feature too much…

          Praying for an awesome S9Plus to pop up on ozbargain.

  • I just tried chatting to a rep and they said the deal is not available, it is $59 for handset with service charged on top. He said he wasn't aware of any deals.

    Will just head into JB Hi-Fi tomorrow to scout it out, or try again for another rep.

    The only downside is I've got about $585 I need to pay to break my Optus contract for my iPhone 7 Plus (contract ends 21 of Dec)… I'm kind of over paying $113 a month for this and it may be more worth it to just go for this deal instead? It's about $58.5/pm to pay off my iPhone 7 Plus, and another $59 on top of that and it's about the same amount I'm currently paying anyway but I end up with 2 phones…

    • my iPhone 7 Plus (contract ends 21 of Dec)… I'm kind of over paying $113 a month



      Tell me you're getting 180GB a month with experimental 5G speeds.

      • Well technically the plan is $120 a month for 20GB data on the 256GB phone but it was on sale for $20 off. I think it somehow ended with extra charges like the Optus Yes TV so I asked them to remove that, applied the student coupon code and landed with a $113 per month plan including GST so wasn't much of a deal anyway…

        Definitely one of my more regretful purchasing decisions.

    • The only downside is I've got about $585 I need to pay to break my Optus contract for my iPhone 7 Plus (contract ends 21 of Dec)… I'm kind of over paying $113

      Why is the break fee only $585, with 10 months to go?

      You can flip the iPhone 7 plus for $500 any day of the week (if it's in good condition), so it seems like a no brainer to me.

      • I'm not sure, that's just what the sales rep told me. My plan included no cancellation fees and only the fees of the "device" payments (which I guess comes to around <$60 a month).

        Yeah I'm pretty tempted to get this deal, been wanting to switch over to Android environment for months now, seems like the perfect time for me. I'll give the online chat thing another try tomorrow and see how it goes or pop down to JB after work.

  • Had Sonali this time:

    She said:
    Well, as you will need to first submitthe port out code at the store and then only we can offer you this deal as you will need to do all the formalities for signing up the contract wioth the Telstra.

  • I really want to jump in but they dont offer International calls to Greece. Is it possible to bargain for free calls to Greece or it is a really firm offer? (Asking since people were able to score 10gb extra)

    • Greece is still isn't included on many unlimited calling plans. I doubt you'll be able to get it included for free.

      Do you really need it? Don't most people in Greece have whatapp with voice calls anyway?

      It's a pity that the phone doesn't have dual sims and eSim technology isn't mature/widely supported yet … that would also solve these issues.

      • I used to use constantly, skype, viber etc (not whatsapp since it is not that popular) but i found that calling them straight (from using international minutes) it is more reliable than calling through voip.

        • Definitely worth taking a look at whatsapp again. I haven't touched skype/viber in years because of the issues you mentioned. I can't fault whatsapp quality, but it has limitations, like only being able to call people that have whatsapp. Whatsapp's userbase has grown a lot since facebook acquired it.

          Another option with the pixel is to use Project Fi/Google Voice … which lists greece calls at 5-7c/min.

  • +2

    Just signed up to the 12 month F&F plan last month, but decided to go in store and try my luck to getting a phone on top.

    Went to Telstra store and sales rep had no idea so I left, Went JB hi fi Parramatta, mentioned the deal and the guy went to the back got the phone with mini home and headphones sealed together and proceeded to do the paperwork on his computer.

    Another sales rep came past and said to be eligible I had to be a "New Telstra customer" and port a number over …. DAMMIT! So close.

    While walking home called their customer hotline and same answer needed to port over….

    Tried online chat and was told offer no longer available….

    Tried online chat again and deal went through! (Currently PENDING under track my order)

    I can see that they have removed all conditions of my previous plan and updated it with new plan.

    Was told I can use the existing sim once the new phone arrives.

    Fingers crossed I get the phone sooner rather than later.

    • you mean you scored it via JB online chat?

      • Homersyd sorry it was Telstra online chat

        • cool thanks

    • +2

      Effort pays off. 💪😎👍

  • +3

    Worked via chat earlier today, and termination fees waived.

    Currently on byo $49 jbhifi deal from October last year.

    Tom, as I have checkd your account, I can see that you are still in contract which wil be ending on*****. If you cancel your current plan now. You will charged for early termination cahrges of $227.64

    Do you want to proceed with the upgrade?

    Tom. i was told there was no cost upgrading from a byo plan

    It will get waive off

    Tom… : so no termination cost?
    As I have discussed with my senior support, there's no any termonation charges.

    Tom.. : can we please proceed?
    Sure absolutely!

    …………. 10 minutes later

    I have successfully added the plan fo $59 along Pixel 2 Xl 64 Gb, Here is the order numebr fir frutehr reference 1-xxxxx

  • Great Deal. I tried via Live chat, currently on BYO plan. Rep was aware of deal after probing and advised for Porting Customers only (New Customers). Tried a few angles but wouldnt budge on offering.

    I gather you could port to another provider, disconnect current BYO service (pay exit fee if applicable) and then come back prior to 30/04 expiry. Options with no min. contract duration are included below;

    Might try via live chat again tomorrow. Good Luck

    • Exact same situation and result here.

  • Sigh I wish I didn't sign up with kogan for 365 days…

  • Live chat with Anna,

    Got this literally a second after I typed I am on a BYO with Telstra, clearly it was a copy and paste,

    Thank you, let me set you with the right expectation first that is available if you will be porting in a number (must be on a different service provider - excluding Boost) and the Google Mini offer is only included if you will be getting the Pixel 2 XL under the regular plans (not Friends and Family)

    And yet somebody managed to port from Boost and someone else from a BYO. Speaking of standard Policies !!!

  • Ordered. No google home, but then i wasn't planning on getting it in any case.

  • +1

    I just went onto live chat and said that I heard about the extra 5GB deal and they added it to my account, reflected in my account a minute after speaking to them!

    I spoke to Kumar for reference, was easy as.

  • How long does port take from Boost to this Optus $3 Sim?
    Process ring Optus and port existing number in?
    No further payment required?
    Then port existing number to Telstra Pixel 2 XL deal in-store?

    I have a Belong Sim can I port to that and then put to Telstra deal at no cost?

    • I have tried exactly that. First, Optus screwed up the porting, but 5 calls, 4 online chats and buying another $2 sim later I got ported.
      Then 8 hours later I'm told I'm still appearing as a Telstra customer on the Telstra system despite the port actually having happened.

      You might find Belong is also treated as Telstra, but I'm not sure.

  • LTE CAT15 800/75… Seems a bit slow on the uploads considering 150mbps is almost standard on 835 flagships…

    (ie LG V30, Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5, etc)

  • So … Forgive the silly Q…

    I am already a Telstra customer with 5 services…… But… Could I go and activate a Vodafone $2 pre paid Sim… Then port that number over and get this deal? Want a pixel 2 xl… Cheap way to pay it off and can chuck the Sim into an iPad I have… Saving me the $5 a month for the shared data Sim…

    Will that work seeing as I am already a Telstra customer ith other services?

    • It worked for me. I gave them an Optus number to port and my existing Telstra number so they could add this deal to the same bill. So I don't think it matters that you're an existing customer, just that you're porting a non Telstra number.

      • awesome thanks!

        • Was this via telstra chat or JBHIFI?

  • I tried to upgrade from my recent BYO plan with the previous deal for the Pixel 2 however it was unsuccessful.

    I was 2 months into the BYO plan from JBHiFi and tried to get this plan via online chat. They said it was fine and signed me up whilst still keeping the 20GB from porting in. A few days later someone from Telstra called and said I was unable to upgrade due to only being within 6 months of my current contract and are unable to make any changes despite upgrading to pay more money and locking myself for another year.

    The phone arrived home anyway as the Online Chat team had already processed it. I used it for a month and they sent home a letter with an employee parcel to return their phone.

    Has anyone else experience the same?

  • Hope everyone jumping on this phone is aware of the issues? Eg the chance of you getting a decent screen is “a lottery” https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/am...

    • Although i am aware of some issues. But my thinking on this deal is as mentioned below.

      59*24= 1416$ this is the plan from telstra with pixel 2xl

      Pixel 2 xl 64gb (outright)= 1399$ jb price.

      So if i have a problem with phone atleast i have decent plan although you get 49$ for 25gb. At least in this case either plan or phone is almost for free 😊 don’t forget jbhifi 200$ free gift card + mini home kit + earphones

  • Copy paste response

    • the offer posted there (on the website you saw it) is "Invalid" or illegal .

    • Telstra is looking on it now and possible they will remove the said offer on that account as they took it in a wrong way.

    • Yes the consultant could be provided it but as I said it's invalid thus they're looking to remove it.

    Hope anyone who scored it can still get it.

  • +2


    Optus network conver to prepaid -> 49$ Telstra plan first with 200$ jb gift card -> migrated to 59$ pixel 2 XL + home mini + earphone -> one happy customer dreaming on bourke street (Melb CBD) to unbox it 😁🤩😍🤗👍🏻👌🏻

    All of this on 28-feb around 6:30pm ish .. thanks to jb hi fi rep.. probably i am the first and last there .. as the store mgr said not to do this anymore .. but technically it’s still possible… GET it before the Fix it

    • Sorry.. im new to this thing!
      Where do i have to start to get this deal..

      • Best to go to Telstra store or JB Hi-Fi as online chat seems a bit hit and miss.

    • There is a risk that 49$ Telstra plan first with 200$ jb gift card —x-> migrated to 59$ pixel 2 XL + home mini + earphone :)

  • Wonder if this is good value vs outright phone and Kogan or lebara

    • If you are actually wanting the device, it is amazing value considering it's normally worth >$100/month.

      59*24= 1416$ this is the plan from telstra with pixel 2xl
      Pixel 2 xl 64gb (outright)= 1399$ jb price.

      • Yeah the thing is I never pay rrp and tend to get grey imports lol but this phone would last two years with the updates and rarely drops in price

        • Even if it's $1000. That leaves a $15-$20 window of the plan cost per month.
          Plus it's Telstra vs Vodafone. No competition there.

        • +2

          @pennypincher98: no to mention free Apple music for 6 months and streaming

        • +2

          @DaTa: Exactly! plus NRL/AFL/Netball Pass thingy, access to Telstra thanks and other perks I'm forgetting.

      • I would be really happy if Telstra can provide any other phones that RRP is close to $1399 for this plan, except Pixel 2 XL.

  • +1

    Sorry for the ignorance, but can someone explain why this deal is getting all this upvote?
    Doesnt the phone have a lot of issues?

    • +1

      Disregarding that nonsense, the closest telstra plan is 20g for $109, so that's why.

      • Yeah I have 20g per month Pixel 2 XL with telstra and it's $129/m. These threads give me such regret haha. Great phone though, totally happy with it.

        • Ditto. Got mine pretty soon after release. The premium you pay for a newly released phone I suppose.

          Just got an extra 5gb today though!

        • oh that's good news, I'll give that a try at least

        • @kats: Yeah, you just have to ask through online chat, took me 3 goes.


    • +2

      Well every phone has its issues. Regardless, some of us are just wanting to sell the phone and enjoy a steeply discounted plan :)

    • Just for reference, this deal was the same for an s8 recently and the phones sold for $200 less and it was more popular than this. This is an awesome deal!

      If you get it and sell the p2 you get a Telstra plan for about $20 a month for 15gb, 20 in my case and that's a steal!

    • Correct! Because people believe it’s “worth” $1200 and therefore think they’re getting a bargain. The Telstra plan is decent value (never thought I’d say that), but will it be in 12 months time? Telstra plans really lock you in too (unlike Virgin and I think Optus where you can leave anytime and only payout the handset).

      Android enthusiasts stayed away from this phone for a reason. Google had to extend the warranty for a reason. I’d be very hesitant.

      Here’s an article about some of the current issues https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.androidauthority.com/goo...

  • So I got this for the Mrs last week when we went in to get her prepaid converted to postpaid. Did not get the google mini though. But she added international calls for free. (would have been +10 otherwise). It was done in store in 10 min. I was impressed.

  • Just did an online chat and was able to get an additional 5GB data per month, basically said to the operator my "friend" received 10GB being on the same plan. So 5GB is better than nothing, he wouldn't throw in free international calls though. Bastard… haha

    • Same over here, didn't try the international calls but tried any further $ off and he was pretty much like "Are you kidding me?" lol

      • +1

        Haha, he did say to me if I really wanted the extra 10GB I would need to call the dedicated sales team and they 'might' be able to do it. Can't be bothered though, happy with $59 for 20GB per month. :)

        • Lol I can't be bothered either, such a good deal!

        • @doweyy: Pity a better iPhone isn't part of the deal, been fighting a losing battle to try and convert the missus to android… haha

        • @Shads:

          Haha trust me, I converted over from 7 years worth of iphone, tell her it's a really nice change :)

        • -3

          @doweyy: You wont convince her with words - she's a woman remember, she uses emotions, not logic.

          You can force her to change phones and she'll end up liking it, but you won't convince her if the pixel doesn't have a rose-gold trim.

    • I got told I needed to have a second service to get more data :(
      I tried everything and she couldn't do anything besides the GH Mini "while stocks last" and the earphones "if Telstra store are including them" but I asked for more data and she said

      "As much as I am really driving this sale and to get the deal sealed quickly, I also don't want to get fired so I have to play by the rules"


  • What are my chances of getting this with my GGGGGF pre-paid Telstra number?

  • As i have already ordered Samsung S8 thru Vodafone, but its going to be a delay in getting the device until 16/03/2018 Can Someone advise which is the better option Google Pixel 2 XL or Samsung S8? totally confused with the mixed reviews. Thanks

    • Depends what's important to you.

      Better software with quicker updates and a better camera - Pixel
      Better screen - S8

    • With Pixel you get instant updates from Google, best camera on the market, buttery smooth software, stock Android.

      Samsung S8 better screen, better design (but not much imo) depends if you like it more than Pixel or not, Samsung software which has a lot of useless gimmicks, but it has a lot of useful features like scrolling screenshots and stuff like that.

      For me it was a really simple decision, coming from Nexus 6P. I love stock android and can't stand Samsung software.

  • Tried JB Hi Fi Adelaide for BYO I got in Dec to upgrade to this one, advised Telstra wont allow them to do this :(
    Hopeful Telstra will give something $59 for decent phone for their existing customers..

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