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[Instore] Google Pixel 2XL $59/Mth: 15GB, 2 Year Contract + Free Google Home Mini (New Customers, Port-in) @ Telstra / JB Hi-Fi



Telstra - In Store & Online Chat (New, Port-In customers only)
JB Hi-Fi - In Store (Details here, thanks nismo)

Mod: The above information is gathered from reps. Note that some existing/upgrading users were able to obtain the deal via Telstra online chat, however from what we've been told they aren't authorised to offer such a deal so don't expect to receive this.

Mod 2: Users purchasing in store (not online), have reported receiving a bonus pair of earphones. Thanks KLoNe

If you have successfully claimed this offer please share your results as to where / which store you successfully purchased from.

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  • +1

    Gumtree and ebay are FLOODED with these haha

    • +1

      The price will go down to $500 for sure…

      • +1

        I wish - used pixel 1 is still selling for more than that.

    • +1

      Hardly a flood - I see like less than 20 within 100km of Sydney on Gumtree/Facebook. Guessing that some ads are duplicate too.

      • I have been watching as i'm in the market to buy one, about 10 of them appeared in the last day or so

    • I've just sold it for $1000 in Gumtree, in case anyone is wondering about the "market value".

      Yes I am sure could hold off and go for $1100 (there are a number of phones trying to sell at that price in Gumtree). But I want to sell it quick, and sold it within 2 days, all in cash. So no Ebay fees etc which are rip off anyway.

  • Porting over successfully from Vodafone, grabbed the last one at local JB with everything.

    Even got the international call pack thrown in for free. Happy day.

    • Nice negotiation skill!

  • Need advise on how to get the international call thrown in for free. Thinking to port in from Kogan, but need the international call to trigger the move.

  • Grabbed one from JB Hifi with the home mini and earphones, took like 2 hours to get it sorted but got there in the end. Also told live chat to give me 5gb bonus data and they did.

  • I was just at Telstra Northgate in Hobart and they said the offer was closed and once a store ran out of stock that was the end. He said to try smaller Telstra shops. The weird thing was that he said the offer ended 2 days ago so perhaps full of shit. I'll try another store.

    • +3

      Store reps are not very helpful. They give an unwelcoming feeling when you ask about the deal. So poor sales attitude.

    • I'm in JB hi-fi in Hobart and the deal is all go. My choice of Pixel 2 or Pixel 2xl.

      • No stock left in Hobart. Rosny has some, but my new Pixel 2 XL is rebooting all the time. I'll probably have to return it, I hope they still have stock.

        • +1

          Did you import apps from your old phone? I did and (I believe) it was one of the apps that was causing it, because it stopped after I deleted a bunch of unused apps.

        • @John Kimble: I did do an import. I've done a factory reset and installed apps manually. I thought it was OK but I have had one crash. I will continue to monitor it, but it seems there are a lot of hardware issues out there with the Pixel 2. JB have a 30 day DOA replacement policy so I'm not too worried. Just annoyed that it has had problems on the first day.

        • @riscy: Did a full factory reset from Recovery mode and still the phone is rebooting. I'll take it back to JB today but I suspect stocks will be dangerously low.

        • @riscy: Back to JB, none in stock in Hobart. Launceston is sending down their last one to replace mine. Apparently Rosny has 55 on order!

  • The nightmare of porting continues.
    On Boost——} Optus…. Phone rang with Optus.
    Then late in day rang with boost sim in old phone? Same number.
    24 hr's later the Telstra system says Boost number????
    Optus confirmed activated and the number is on their Network.
    Telstra guy rang Telstra porting service to escalate why Telstra system says number is boost and not Optus.
    Ring number on Optus and phone rings no Boost signal on old phone.
    Told another business day required for Telstra to show Optus number on system?
    Why? This should be able to be done with in 1hr!!!!
    Once on Optus on years system planning on porting to Telstra to this deal!
    Anyone help on here?

    • yep depending who you talk to, Telstra consider a port out & back in in under 30(or90) days, isn't a new port in, but a re-activation, thus you're not eligible for this deal. keep plugging away, you might have some luck, but maybe you might need to lose your number & port in a new one.

      • Not sure but seem to be me and one other guy that Telstra not killing old number on Telstra system….. Everyone else fine that has gone from Telstra….. This is early in the peace before any ideas of 30 days and remember this is boost not Telstra number….. No online or Telstra staff so far can explain why number not removed from their system when it is now OPTUS!

        • Boost is Telstra.

          JB staff told me that the "rort" on people porting out & back in was closed & that they now track numbers for 30days after they port out & don't consider them new ports if they come back before then.

          But @ONEMariachi who works for Telstra says

          the number needs to have not been with Telstra for 3 months now. They're cracking down on this.

          So it might be 90 days port away.

        • -2

          @supabrudda: Well we were told by Telstra shop staff this could be done when went there first.
          Nobody said in the Telstra store that Telstra hold number on system for 30 days or 90 days….. Experienced Telstra staff.
          No one at Telstra porting via phone that we spoken to said number will remain in system after Port to Optus. They all said that once number off Telstra system which now got told could be max 72hrs but one in 1000 occurring longest wait…… Should be able to Port from Optus. As others on here said that have successfully done from a TELSTRA not Boost number…… Not an isolated incident. Would not be in this position if Telstra staff had not been negligent if what you and the one Telstra worker on here says. Only told not direct from Telstra or Boost…… That porting to Optus or vodafone will have no issues as meets guidelines.
          How is a "rort" when will be paying more money for a Telstra not Boost product per month in a now "locked" in contact when was on month by month Boost.

        • @PLANT: believe what you like, I was just giving a possible explanation. Having worked for many large organisation, I know how new rules & system changes don't always filter down to the staff, especially sales guys. Or they do, but people forget.

          As for the "rort", it's not that you're rorting, but it's to stop general rorting.
          These deals are to entice new customers, not to keep existing. SO they don't want people porting out & back in to get these kinds of deals.

          Any good luck, I'm going to try & port in a new number & see how how I go changing my existing Telstra number over to the new plan in a few weeks. Not too worried if I don't keep my number, half my calls are just spam anyway, as most comms happen via apps for me.

    • Give Telstra a call a few thousands times, I had the exact same problem after swapping to a $2 Optus sim card from a Telstra pre-paid account and had to call Telstra to ask them to disable my number from their system. Was finally able to get the phone today in a Telstra store with no problems or questions asked.

  • Just changed over no problems , ported to Vodaphone for 1 day and then signed up at a Telstra business centre as that is where my plans are registered after setting it up on the phone . Threw in the extra 5GB without asking and if I call back next week he may have some free cases he can give me as out of stock ATM . Absolute breeze compared to other stories on here !

    • Did you get it on a business plan or personal plan? I tried to get a business plan at JB and they weren't very helpful.

      • Added to my business plan so it shares data and gets the free calls to each other still too . Try telstra direct you shouldnt have an issue , I just made an appt to ensure they had stock and went in , done in 15mins

        • Yeah, on Telstra's Business live chat I also got offered the 5GB bonus because I'm a new customer without even needing to ask - he said no to the Google Home Mini though.
          I said to give me a call Monday with the best offer they can do - got my ticket and just need to see what their sales team can do for me :)

        • +1

          i got the google mini and headphones as well as the 5GB , hold out for more :)

  • Tried to sign up for this in a Telstra and JB store (existing mobile customer) and was turned away from both. Anybody know if it's possible to buy an Optus sim, sign up for the contract and simply bring over your personal mobile number?

    • The contract is linked to the mobile number, so unlikely. I did see a post from someone saying there was some trick that could possibly be done…

  • Im on telstra prepaid. Supposedly got this on the phone 2 days ago, but didnt receive any email confirmation. Yesterday also had them call and do my credit check.

    Then I get a call today saying its been cancelled because there was never any stock for it??? Wth???

    Appalling, no idea what's going on.

    Going to port to Optus and try my luck with Telstra/JB tomorrow. Is there still stock?

    • -1

      Keen to know too

    • I'll be interested to hear if you're allowed to port back in & get the deal.

      • It workee and im getting the phone.

        However theres a delay. If you port to optus, it could be done in a few hours. However, you'll still be on telstras servers for a few days more, so you cant port back in the same day

  • Does anyone know if there is cooling off period on new plans

    • 3 days I'm told.

  • Hi all. The Camberwell shop still have some in stock (only double black ones, incl. GHM and earphones). There's a JB close by as well. I ported two numbers but only got the 5 extra GBs plus 6 months of Apple music.
    I asked for the $10 discount and/or 6 months of Foxtel Now and the guy showed me the conditions on the screen which said $10 offer is not compatible and Foxtel is only good on the $79 plan.
    I'll try my luck with the online chat.

  • +1

    Oh well chat with Rahul and tried to convince him that my friend got free data AND international call. He said cant give international but can give me 5Gb data. I told him my friend got 10Gb bonus. He checked and said can give me 8Gb. So pretty happy with 23Gb for $59/month

  • Hi, I assume that this plan does not include international SMS to countries not covered in the addon 15 selected countries?

  • Update on my order yesterday for: upgrade of BYO 12m
    I thought it was all sorted but not yet.

    Live Chat said no troubles call through.
    Called through rep went over the contract about 30min call
    Advised all is fine it will be shipped gave ref to me


    Checking today the reference shows pending only
    Called for an update on shipping, they advised offer is not available anymore and that only port in's can have it

    I said I had confirmation twice by chat and over the phone when doing the contract and upgrade, the phone rep tried to offer iPhone S6 as an option… I said I already processed the order and contract for Pixel 2 XL on the phone yesterday.

    Call went on for over an hour on and off hold.

    They also confirmed stock was fine yesterday and today so that's not an issue.

    End result I have reference to call tomorrow for "case manager" to work on a resolution.

    Here's hoping it can get resolved.

    • My order still showing pending from yesterday.
      Does your one show pending too?

      • Yeah showed pending so I call to get an update no outcome yet

        • BYO is ineligible according to live chat..let me know if you have an update on your end. Can't believe they cancelled my order!!!

        • @PeterN:

          I understand if they said no, but both live chat and the rep on the phone said they will do it.. and I agreed to the terms and contract on the phone

        • @splango: completely agree, I am in the same boat however looks like they have cancelled it manually..

        • @PeterN:

          They won't honour the signup from 1/3

          Today I called on hold for 30+ got trans on hold then they put me through to SA Taxi's hahha…

          Called back tried chat as well they said call, told they have memo's not to offer it as Upgrade and won't do it
          Offered S6 to me :P

          End result I think anyone "pending" orders for BYO upgrade is ongoing to be canceled

          Good 3hrs of wasted time on the phone past 3 days.

          Looks like I'll only be a telstra customer until this contract ends then up off sticking with pre paid!

        • @splango: any updates with your order?

          Mine is still pending…

          Edit: nevermind.. I just checked and it got cancelled..

    • This happened to me also..Confirmed on Wednesday with reference and cancelled today apparently due to 'missing information'..

    • My order also got cancelled due to "missing ID documents" which I was not asked for during sign-up. Agent suggested visiting a Telstra store and produce photo ID there.

  • I got this deal as in the headline

    JB Hifi Malaga WA. I got the last black one they had in stock

    No Telstra store in Perth can supply (according to store rep in Mirrabooka)

    JB were advertising Telstra BYO phone/25Gb/$200 JB card/12 month - which is a fantastic deal IMO

  • got my bundle today from JB Hifi Cannington. they said they have a few black ones left.

  • Woudl love to see a poll on here, how the screens are looking

    • +2

      Looks fine unless you like to view your phone from an angle, seems like a very odd problem people are focusing on…even then its not that bad. I prefer it over the unnatural colour profile most Samsung phones have. If you turn on night shift it reduces it substantially as well.

      • I've seen some REALLY bad ones in the store even face on.

    • +3

      They're bad. It's a 'flagship' phone. Faults like this aren't acceptable at $1399

  • +1

    Anyone with an online order had theirs shipped? Mines stil on back order.

    Change Mobile Service
    Back Order 1 Mar 18 x:xx AM
    Add 5GB Mobile Data Share Bonus - Until Recontract
    Add Delivery Fee
    Add Device Payment Contract
    Add Discounted Device Payment
    Add Family and Friends BYO Plans
    Add Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan - $59
    Add Google Pixel 2 64GB
    Add International Day Pass
    Add Mass Market Offers
    Add New Phone and Tablet Feeling
    Add Service Contract 24 Months
    Change Additional Paid Data Offers
    Remove $15 for 5GB Data Offer - Until Recontract
    Remove Contract - MRO - 24 Months
    Remove MRO XXXXXXXX Cap
    Remove MRO XXXXXXXX Bonus Rebate
    Remove Samsung Galaxy S7
    Remove Telstra XXXXXXXX Plan
    Remove Telstra XXXXXXXX Plan

    • Yours at least has details of what was added /included. Mine still says Order Pending.

    • I am on back order from online;

      Connect Mobile Service
      Back Order 2 Mar 18 #:## PM
      Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan - $59
      Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB
      New Phone and Tablet Feeling

  • been paying $124pm since November when I picked up the 128gb 2 XL. Have had 20GB since then, and international calling. Came with the Mini+Earphones. Hopped onto live chat today to try to get some credit on my account because of this deal. No dice, but managed to nab another 5GB for free. Kinda sucks, but whatever. Let's hope the Pixel 3 isn't carrier-exclusive.

    • Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

  • +1

    Castle Towers JB has 2 panda XL in stock. I resisted the urge to sign up.

    • The force is strong with this one

      • Tell me about it 😫. If they have a similar deal with Pixel 3 in 12 months time I'm jumping in.

        I asked if I could get the gift card on the other offer or a $10 monthly discount. If he said yes to either I would have signed up.

  • Can people on prepaid Belong get this deal as ive noticed Boost not eligible ?


    • +1

      Yes, the comment section has already solved this..

      Everyone but boost is a port in.

  • Thanks for reply i signed up yesterday at JB and still cant pick up phone as its still provisioning so i started to think belong no good either


  • +1

    Still salty that this isn't available to existing customers.

    • Yeah makes me want to churn away more once contract is out :P
      They would just have more long time customers AND new customers

  • Got this deal from Telstra Armadale WA today. White version, headphones Google home mini and 20gb. I just asked about the pixel xl 2 $59 plan, and they just gave me all that as standard. Last one in stock for the store.

  • +1

    i'm not sure as to how this works, after the 2 years do we keep the phone or is it with the plan only?

    • +3

      Yep you own the phone and can keep it when the plan expires.

      • +1

        impressive price then!, too bad I'm locked in on Kogan

  • Apparently no stores near Melbourne have any stock for the Black/White one… :( Should've bought it yesterday…

    • JB in Preston had a few y'day.

  • Never really been on a phone plan before so also not sure how this all works. Can you sell the phone and keep the mobile service plan? How about vice versa?

  • Guess I can only join the pixel 2xl club after 30 days. Stupid telstra with their new porting policy.

    Hopefully the blue tint issue won't be as bad in the new batch

  • Those in eastern Melbourne can try the Telstra store in Forest Hill, I got mine there today. The manager advised they only have the pandas available and there's no extra data/international minutes.

    • Jump onto online chat for the extra 5gb - got it with the 1st Sales Rep i spoke to

  • -1

    Undertook a high risk strategy but worthy of an OzBargainer. Bought a 128gb one for $900 on FB marketplace, called a few jb hi fi and Telstra places so that I can be sure of the strategy working. Then brought my own number across from Kogan at JB on the $49 BYO plan with $200 gift voucher then upgraded at Telstra for $59 phone plan with the Google mini and headphones. Then sold the 128gb one for $1150 and the jb hi fi vouchers for $180. Haven't decided what to do with the mini yet!

    I did this at the JB in Moore Park and the Telstra shop in Marrickville :)

    • so you ported the number twice? telstra store in Marrickville said ok to upgrade from byo plan or you just didn't tell them?

      • Yep ported to Telstra from Kogan at JB and then upgraded to the phone plan at Telstra. I was very honest and asked them if I was able to still get the offer even I was only upgrading and they were happy to :)

      • -1

        Because I saw an opportunity to make an immediate profit as you have to pay more than 1.4k for it new. It was new on 21 Feb 2018 and had a receipt.

        Well I had to call around a few JBs and Telstra shops before finding the two that were happy to do what I was proposing. I was definitely honest in telling Telstra that I wanted to upgrade as I'm already with them for the sim.

      • Because I saw an opportunity to make an immediate profit as you have to pay more than 1.4k for it new. It was new on 21 Feb 2018 and had a receipt.

        Well I had to call around a few JBs and Telstra shops before finding the two that were happy to do what I was proposing. They were definitely happy to comply.

    • what was the point of buying/selling the 128gb pixel?

        • +3

          Kind of irrelevant for the story though. You might as well added you flipped some horse sh*t from your uncles farm on gumtree for a $250.

    • I think you were lucky that they allowed you to upgrade to this plan.

      • -1

        Well I wouldn't call it luck as I did call around to make sure they did it before I made my move as I heard from some of the OzBargainers here that they did it too.

    • +1

      Cool story, bro.

  • I tried three online reps. All refused to include Google Home Mini… :(

    • Same. Got the JB BYO deal then tried online to get this pixel deal. Online Rep allowed deal to go through but said no home mini. Can't have it all I guess.

      Ps few people above have said that online reps said no home mini but it came in their parcel anyway so I'm still hopeful. My order is still on 'pending'.

  • So I was at my local jb signing up for this deal, went in at morning but the port has not happened as of yet. A guy next to me got the same offer and was able to port under 10min. (Optus to Telstra)

    I phoned Telstra and they said I need to bring in two IDs and 3 pay slips to a local Telstra store for verification before they can release the order. So I went in later in the day, but the guys there said the order is in progress and there is no need for them to take the additional documents…

    Anyone have similar experiences?

    • Update:
      Got a SMS that the order has been cancelled and a number to call, apparently it is the number for their Control Group department. Got the SMS on Sunday but they don't work Sundays. The guys at Telstra store can't help with anything.


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