This was posted 3 years 1 month 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2x Australian Made Leather Belts $28.50 or 3x Belts for $38 [FREE SHIPPING] @ Close The Deal


I have two great offers on Australian made leather belts (imported buckles & rivets).

We are making these belts in our factory in Dingley Village, Vic. Using leather sourced from three of Australia's last tanning companies.

We have changed the design from the belts offered in the past.
We no longer use a separate retainer for the buckle. Instead the belt is a single long strap of leather that loops around the buckle.

I have two different full grain leather finishes available:
semi analine [SKU: 205]
This is pretty much the same leather from car seats, except it has not been skived down so it remains at a full 3.5mm thickness.

Oil pull-up [SKU: 121 & 122]
These are vegetable oil infused leather belts. NO AZO + NO CHROMIUM for those who may be sensitive to common tanning chemicals
These are known as hunter leather belts, they are supposed to show signs of wear and scratches.

Both belts are 39mm wide and have removable buckles. Measurements are taken to the middle hole.

I've made taking advantage of these offers as easy as possible. All you need to do is add the products you want to the cart and the cart will automatically apply discounts depending on the quantity.

Free shipping Australia wide
International shipping is calculated at checkout.


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Close The Deal

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  • What is the normal price?

    Edit - seems like they are normally $60 each? and when discounted would usually be $19 each (meaning $38 for 2). Might want to add what the discount is into your title

  • Could you please let us know what the buckles are made from?

  • Cheers! Got myself two of the 'hunter' brown belts.

  • Nice to see you're supporting the last remaining Aussie tanneries. Gets a big +1 from me for that, wish I could give you another one for being fully Aussie-made, too.

  • just bought 3 thanks.

  • I bought 3. Paypal declined my usual cc, and I had to use my debit card. Very odd, and has never happened before.

  • "There was an error processing your order. Please contact us or try again later."

    • See above. The credit card is being declined, as a result of problems with the credit card company.

  • Website is struggling to load for me.

  • Website appears down. Been OzB'ed

  • I'd like to order 4 brown Hunter Leather Oil-Pullup Belts but with a silver buckle instead of the gold.. Any chance we could organise this?

  • website is getting hammered.

  • Can't seemto add to cart -on a default magento template error page it says:
    There has been an error processing your request
    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.
    Error log record number: 533473485079

  • Might be a silly question but how is the size measured? ie if I choose a size 32 for example, is it measured so the buckle would hit one of the middle hole or one of the end holes?

  • Any deals for slimmer belts - around 30mm?

  • Maybe considering extending the end date of the deal OP.

  • When I paid for my 3 belts on PayPal it tried to return to 'Close the Deal' Website then got "There has been an error processing your request"

    I can see the transaction in Paypal but nothing in Close the Deal - probably should not have checked out as Guest as I cannot login to see what's going on :(

    getting error "PayPal Express Checkout Token does not exist."

  • I wonder how many belts you get from one cow… and can you get good enough lengths/grades of leather from a Kangaroo or other common Aussie roadkill? Serious questions BTW.

  • The worst thing about intermittent website failures is when you're being returned to the site from paypal and you get an error. Gotta figure out did the transaction go through or not?

  • There has been an error processing your request

    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 826808702550

  • Thanks OP, I eventually got my order through, though no confirmation email yet.

    Looks like a great deal, so thanks.

    Hopefully there are things that can be done to improve site reliability in the future. All the best.

    • +3 votes

      Thanks for the order.

      This has been a really good test for the website.
      I just moved it over into AWS hosting "the best hosting available" and was assured it would handle a huge amount of traffic.
      Obviously not the case.

      Im working on it.

  • Error message on website, couldn't load.

  • Am interested, hopefully website issues can get fixed soon.
    Thanks OP, looks like a popular deal

  • Hi OP, please check your PM

  • Im happy to support an Australian made product. Purchased 3 belts.
    Thank you

  • I can't open the page
    Times out

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP, ordered 3 and everything appears to have gone through.

  • +1 vote

    website is working now. Ordered two.

  • Anyone else still waiting for their confirmation email? Placed my order for 2 belts about 15 mins ago, still no sign of it..

  • I'm trying to create an account for my order but it's just sitting there…

  • Can you extend the deal until tomorrow? I'm not gonna try while the website is getting thrashed.

    • +1 vote

      ill be out of stock before 5pm.
      ill have a look at what blank straps i have left after ive shipped these orders out.
      I might be able to run another sale in the next few days for those who missed out

  • Just an FYI, my experience with these from this deal - was not the best. They stained my pants and the buckles fell apart after a couple of months of regular use from memory. They may have changed them from then or your experience may vary.

    • Did you buy the full grain or the Hunter leather versions? Interested to know if both types exhibit the staining of pants.

    • Yep, I still stand by my comments in that post:

      I still have the belt in question as a backup for when I leave my good ones away from home. It continues to stain light coloured pants/shorts and disintegrate further.

      Please read my comments and look at the images I posted of the belts being sold here after regular use. Yes they are cheap, yes the op is a skilled marketer, yes the belts look high quality and great when they arrive in the mail, but you are really getting what you paid for here.

      Until I see evidence of these belts actually being full grain I will neg as I have had a bad experience with the company.

  • Nice looking and quality belts.

  • I have a few belts made by Leather Craft Australia. They are all excellent quality. The stock buckles that come on them are pretty cheap and ugly, but you can change them easily.

    • Where abouts do you find replacement buckles?
      I've got multiple leather belts where the pin on the buckle is stuffed, would be good to not throw thrm out if I can replace the buckle…

  • Any chance of a 50" belt for us slimline folks?

  • Any payment options other than PayPal?

  • Hi OP
    Having problems setting up an account - filled in details, personal info page just sits there blanked when I go create an account.

  • Do you have any photos of how the buckle fits into the leather. I have a buckle that I have had for decades and usually just get new leather to suit.

  • Great price. Usually you'd pay this for an import, and $50 or so for a quality Aussie made one.

    • +2 votes

      I can assure you there is nothing stopping the other Aussie made manufacturers from selling at the same price I do.
      I dont need to make a 700%+ profit margin to keep my website running.

  • how is this better than the 5 dollar leather belts you find literally everywhere nowadays?

    • Real leather.
      Full grain

      • Sneaky marketers call all sorts of things leather, but they are far from real, full grain leather

        • +1.

          And to anyone else reading this, DO NOT EVER BUY BONDED LEATHER!!! it's absolutely horrible. The holes will start fraying on the second wear. Don't even bother with bonded leather, get the real thing!

  • Any belts with the other type of buckle?

  • If only you did larger sizes. More than willing to pay a bit more.

  • I hope these are good quality - if so I'll be buying more in future.

    • +3 votes

      I would really like ot get everyone's feedback on the belts. It's the only way i can improve them.

      • The belts themselves look good, but can you do one with better buckles? I'd like to wear some to work (office job) so need a classy/formal kind of buckle to go with it.

        EDIT: just realised you have the 'Hunter' belts that have the formal buckle. Cheers!

  • Bought 2 belts. Love that you support Aus tanneries. I am sharing your store with like minded people.

  • Very happy with my 205 I bought previously from y'all.

  • Can't wait to buy an Australian Made 39mm Black Full Grain Leather Belt in size 34… oh.

  • Are the more common belt sizes going to be restocked?

    • after i have shipped these orders, i will do a stock count on straps and buckles and then update the site again.

  • Trying to order … it came up and then vanished. Saying no products ???

  • I have bought a couple of these belts previously. Whilst i really like the belt and quality of leather, the whole removeble buckle thing just means it is attached with a screw that literally continually unscrews itself with wear. A solution to that would be great. Cant believe a belt is sold
    That destroys itself if you wear it.

    • Just put threadlock or glue on the screw.

      It is a shame they don't make that effort, but really you are buying it for real leather and should buy a better buckle individually.

    • We could do press studs. but you wont be able to remove the buckle without drilling them out or getting a cobbler to replace the buckle for you.
      We used to do press studs but we had a lot of request for screws so we changed.
      i need to do a poll on who prefers what.

  • Out of stock?

  • All gone?

    "There are no products matching the selection."

    • Gone, but will still be demand for real leather, especially Australian, if store can get another batch.

  • Some of the wallets look good on your site. Any chance of a deal for us ozbargainers? I'm after a full grain leather north-south wallet to go in the inside pocket of a blazer/jacket.

  • Hello,

    I was able to place an order, I haven't received any confirmation about the same though. (And I thought I had kept note of the order number but I haven't. Hopefully, it will come through.

    • Got it today !!! I guess I sized it incorrectly, just the last but one hole.

      Loving the material and the design.