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Anker Wireless Fast-Charging Pad (Qi Certified) for iPhone X, 8 & Android ~$30.36 AU Delivered ($22.64 US) @ Amazon US


First deal so please be kind! :)

Seems to be an Amazon US Deal of the day? (9 hours left at time of posting).

Cant seem to find it cheaper locally and Anker are always reliable products i have found.

Regular (Slow charging) also available for $14.99 US (+ any delivery costs) (

(Note that i am being told it is FAST for certain phones only. Do your research on your model if you feel its necessary or buy the regular model listed above)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Potential buyers note that it doesn't include power wall socket, just the USB cable.

    • What power bank is compatible with this?

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    Great price!

    Always find Anker products to be of great quality.

    Hey OP if you find a deal on the upright version that would be sweet ;)

  • Ordered to my US mail forwarder. Thanks.

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      Why tho? This item can be delivered directly to Oz.

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        Because I have loads of items that are sent from the US every month. I get free Amazon shipping to the mail forwarding company. The weight of this charger adds nothing to the overall shipping cost combined with all the other items.

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          Why are you telling us this?

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          @blergmonkeys: Um, because I asked?

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          @albert0pia: But why even mention the US mail forwarder in the first place? Seems oddly unnecessarily specific.

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          Makes sense, do you get it shipped to a state with no sales tax?

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          If you're going to scrutinise every unnecessary comment on ozbargain (mine included) you're going to have a busy day.

        • @blergmonkeys:

          Because albert asked why I wasn’t shipping it direct to Australia. It’s cheaper for me send with a bunch of other Amazon and eBay stuff in a big shipment. That’s why I was being specific.

        • @ruddiger7:
          No I got slugged $1 for tax (FL).

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    Works with apple watch?

    • I think the new apple watches support Qi charging so i'd say yes?

      Don't hold me to it though as i dont have an apple watch! :D

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        I’ve just done some reading and it seems that although the S3 (and S2?) watches are based on Qi, getting a third party mat to actually charge one is very hit and miss - with almost all models not working at all and the remaining few inconsistent at best and requiring strategic positioning on the pad.
        Summary - no.

        • Sounds like classic apple! Just figured if the Series 3 was Qi certified it'd work on all Qi wireless chargers but obviously not! Thanks for sharing the info!

        • I bought this off eBay, simulataneously charges both Apple watch series 2/3 and my iphone X: - 10W output and is around $40 with 5% eBay discount.

        • @ayman88: Signed up just to post this?

        • @theguyrules: I've been using the website for the last 5-6 years and always thought I could contribute. So I finally did…and I'm not done yet!

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    One image says "Remove case before charging" - does that regard all cases, all phones and all wireless/Qi chargers? In the market but new.

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      I don't have one of these yet but the other wireless charger i use works through my case no problems.

      Although its pretty thin case! I guess it may just be case dependent?

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        Depends on the material of the case
        If the case contain magnet then it might not work
        plastic or leather cover should have no issue with wireless charging

        PS: my phone case has magnet that used to hold on my car's aircon vent, so I do need to take off the case while doing wireless charging….

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          [insert case by case joke here]

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      My Spigen leather wallet lets my phone charge on a $2 Qi pad.

    • I have a 1mm thin case ("CAFELE" - sounds like Covfefe :) ) and mine charges fine (2.5hr from 18% or so).

  • Can use for android as well?

    • If it supports Qi Wireless Charging

  • First Amazon purchase!! Thanks OP for the find!

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    How does this compare to BlitzWolf® BW-FWC1 from bannggood at about $21 AUD?

    • Blitzwolf is novelty junk. What I don't understand about these things is sure it wirelessly charges the phone big woop. The bass plate is still connected to the wall/computer, so what's the benefit? Can't comment on the Anker but blitzwolf would not fast charge at all using manufacturers charger

      • The biggest two I can think of:
        1) If using en enclosed case then it stops the wear on the charging port flap.
        2) Can charge different types of devices without having their relevant cables.

        • Valid points but the blitzwolf is crap.

      • The bass plate is still connected to the wall/computer, so what's the benefit?

        Nothing connects to the phone, surely it's obvious.

      • The fact you can plonk it down and it charges without you fiddling around with cables etc.

        • same guy who buys the dishwashing tablets without the plastic wrapping

        • @PAOK11: you know the ‘plastic’ dissolves?

        • @muncan: lol eat it then

        • @PAOK11: lol sure thing

        • @PAOK11: I handwash my dishes… takes too long and I always wash as I cook. So normally only end up with just a few things left to wash.

          You obviously are the type of person who doesn't like conveniences then? Having not to fiddle with cables and having a stand up wireless pad makes it convenient besides your bed especially when being used as an alarm.

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          [@jlogic](/comment/5699533/redir: My personal opinion is these are gimmicks and don't work as advertised. They don't fast charge and they don't work through your case. Your constantly taking your phone case on & off which is the equivalent of plugging the cord in & out

        • @PAOK11: Mine works fine with a case on. Not having any issues with it. Got two one at home and one on my desk at work.

          If your case is too thick then yes. Using a Spigen case.

        • @jlogic: what phone do you have iphone ?

        • @PAOK11: Yes.

        • @PAOK11:
          If yours doesn't fast charge then you're doing something wrong. Mine fast charges fine.

          Wireless charging is certainly not a gimmick. I have charging pads around the house and I don't even think about charging the phone or making sure the phone is charged before I leave the house. I just put the phone on the pad and forget about it. Not having to grab a cable and plug it in everytime makes a huge difference. Obviously there are limitations and your requirements may differ.

        • @bangmango: okay okay, ill give it another chance with my gfs oppo

    • Anker is a much more known brand with excellent design and build quality, and Amazon as a seller has almost legendary customer service.

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    Don't think this is Fast Charging for iphone 8/ 8 plus/ X
    iphone Fast Charging has to be in 7.5W rate
    But this charger will only do 5W for iphones (normal Qi wireless charging speed)

    • You are right. That is false advertisement. OP please change the title and remove the fast charging for iPhone 8/X.

      • Updated. Regular version is listed in any case. Surely buyers will need to do research on their own phone model.

  • Does fast charging work if you plug it into pc to power it?

    • If said USB port delivers a high amount of current I presume.

    • no

  • Thanks op, while I love Anker I grabbed one of these for $22.50 from Aliexpress

    • cheers. ordered this from Aliexpress.

      • Yep, now I'm home…

        I grabbed it from

        Was $22.50AUD posted (I upgraded the shipping a little). That being said… it will be slower than Amazon postage that's for sure!

        It also apparently is 'not case compatible' but it should be, the lifeproof is pretty thin anyway.

        What made me get it over the Anker was pretty much cost. Anker is a great product!

        • I forgot to upgrade the shipping. I think mine will be slower than yours. It was 19.22 shipped (23 to 45 days estimated shipping). I wanted a wireless charger with a vertical stand which Anker isnt.

  • Will this fast charge an iPhone X?

    • I purchased this TOCHIC Qi Wireless Charger from last deal which delivers 10W. Charges pretty quick on iPhone X. This Anker should do the same.

    • I would also like to know this. If so, i'm in!

    • +1

      The standards on this just confuse me to be honest. I've been told to remove the FAST from the title because it doesn't fast charge everything which is fine.

      Amazon comments seem to say it does fast charge the iPhone X in a few replies and that it doesn't in others.

      I feel like it could possibly come down to what brand of 7.5W (and above) USB plug you use for the iphone maybe?

      Either way for an extra $2US to future proof yourself with a high quality fast charge compatible pad it seems like a no brainier i thought.

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    Can anyone recommend a qi car charger (vent mount)? The one I got from Cygnett is a POS. Retails for $90 at JB and is horrible

  • Tim Cook if you’re reading this, why not make the iPad X a charging pad? K thanks bye.

    • +1

      Tim Cook if you’re reading this, why not make the iPad X a charging pad? K thanks bye.

      I can but heyi you won't be buying my AirPower then! So no thanks ;)

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    Can imagine the round table during the marketing talks.

    Foreign business owner "Maybe we should add a little "w" to the start of the brand name so people can easily tell it's wireless?"

    Aussie team member "Hmmmm… we could… but nah".

  • -3

    Wireless chargers are significantly inefficient by nature, with current technology anyway, and so I will not waste my money on this.

    • You are spot on. No need for a wireless charger if there is no inefficient mobile phone. A simple land line phone is more energy efficient and doesn’t require charging :)

      • The purpose of my statement is to alert those interested to find out more about this technology.

  • Prefer stand wireless chargers. At least can use the phone while it is charging without hovering over it like a hawk.

    Good brand though.

  • great brand and good price, I have Anker's power bank and its still going strong after 3 years!

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    Posted this one month ago and hardly anyone was interested

    Now this deal is popular and I am wondering the technical reason for this (time of posting, day, vibe?)

    • +2


      • Needs to be much smaller.

        • Pinch to zoom. Out ↔️

    • +1

      i posted this deal with the sole purpose of stealing your thunder.

      • +1

        maybe i should have unexpired mine to dupe you :P

    • 60c.

    • Pack mentality.

  • I bought one last deal, good enough for next to my bed.

  • I love this, bought one, no issues yet. Defs keen on purchasing another for the desk.

  • Back at the deal price again
    $16.99 + $5.65 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Australia

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