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½ Price Philips LED Globes | 806 Lumen $5.00 | 1400 Lumen $7.50 | @ Woolworths


Philips 9W LED 806 Lumen Light Globe - $5

Philips 13W LED 1400 Lumen Light Globe - $7.50

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    3000K or 6500K only. No true 2700K warm white.

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      Some people (including myself) prefer 3000K warm white to 2700K.

      Top link on google says 2700 to 3500K is considered warm white: https://www.renovatorstore.com.au/blog/led-lights-what-is-th...

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      Actually the newer package (plastic) is quite close to 2700k warm white, which I really don't like.

      I wish Philips still make the 3000k warm white like their old boxed package.

      • Just replaced one globe in a 3-bulb arrangement and can confirm. The new bulbs are way more yellow than the old ones. :(

      • What are the different types of packaging? Cardboard vs plastic/blister?

        I recently put an old Philips LED globe in the bathroom and was pleasantly surprised at the colour. I was expecting a very warm yellow but it was between warm white and daylight white. I didn't have the packaging for the globe though and would be keen to get more for the bedrooms.

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          The old package was cardboard box. The warm white color was 3000k.

          The new package was plastic/blister (they try to save packing cost?) and the warm white color changed to 2700k.

        • @claud0902: The packaging still says 3000k though…

    • Definitely prefer 3000k. 2700k feels too yellow for my liking

  • Thought these were Philips Hue ones for a second and was about to clear out the shelf!
    Still a good price for these anyway though :)

    • +3

      So you were about to become Broden.

      • Haha yeah but keeping them for myself and only targeting one store :)

  • Best dumb led bulbs out there

  • Is there a way to tell if these are dimmable or not?

    • They're not dimmable.

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      Some of the links state not dimmable. The assumption is the entire range is not suitable for dimming otherwise it would be advertised on the packaging.

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      You wouldn't get Philips dimmable at that price.

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    Just made this joke up:

    What do you call a guy who fixes toilets?

    A lumen.

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      Wouldn't that be multiple dudes? Otherwise a luman?

    • Where were you sitting when you came up with that joke scab !?

      • On a light bulb which gave him this idea of a joke.

    • Lumen - good name for a plumbing company!

  • Bunnings had three pack Philips 806 lumen for $12 so $4 each last week. Looked to be regular pricing to me.

    Got it at Myaree store in WA.

    Bought them instead of the $3 Click? ones that were posted recently.

  • Just come from Bunnings Caloundra, Click 8W (800 Toiletmen) LED Globes for $3 ea or you can buy Compton 6W (500 TM’s) LED twin pack for $6. All white Colours and bases available, not on shelf but stacked in boxes in the lighting aisle. Would imagine these are national.

    • Just come from Bunnings Caloundra

      Happens to me all the time, did one of the staff members smile and say hello to you?

      • I'm guessing that even non-smiley fully-frowny retail staff, dead behind the eyes and maybe even actually dead, might still be a turn-on for you, Master Scab. :)

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    Purchased a few at same half price mid 2017.
    ALL became faulty within two to three months use.
    Took one back to Woolworths asking for a replacement with original receipt and packing. The manager told me there was no mention of warranty period on the packing (despite advertising 15000hrs and 50,000 on-off switches), and asked me to take up with Philips.
    With Ozbargainer spirit and using arguments of reasonable expectation of lifetime for an LED bulb she gavecme a replacement as a one off.

    Will probably give a pass this time.

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      Unless installed in enclosed fittings or very snug open ones, you were unlucky. If any higher watt/lumen models (yep, like models in this deal), in either of those types of fitting, early death from the heat build-up is actually really predictable.
      Still, maybe you bought from a bad batch?

      A certain Consumers' Association (possibly named by a New Zealander), doesn't really like having its test results published in internet forum threads, but…
      Almost 14,000Hr mark in latest update on their testing of LED bulbs.

      Three notable bits of illumination are that the samples of the two Philips just-previous to this deal's models (and maybe those you purchased), in the test: No failures, but both down to 55% luminosity. The two keen-priced IKEA models in the test - no failures; 80% luminosity. The several bulbs of the one Crompton model tested - all dead. Maybe don't buy/try that brand.

      Maybe you could try the IKEA ones next and will be a bit luckier with the death thing? Or use lower wattage bulbs in your fittings. Or go back to using some CFL's. Still pretty energy-efficient. Still a few around. Contain fewer electronic components. Do cope with heat a bit better. Ultimately, dispose of thoughtfully, they do contain a bit of mercury.

      Oh, and the half-brightness phenomenon that is very common with Philips lighting, and also a few other brands?

      A cynical OzBargainer might suggest - intended, in order to get you to replace bulbs well before they actually fail.

      In case of Philips (I do still buy some of their stuff, though) various of their old 6000Hr (early same-bulb promoted 8000Hrs) CFL "Ambiance" bulbs used to be uselessly near to half-brightness at half that stated lifespan.

      Strategy by Philips, just a very slight variation on classic planned obsolescene?
      It would appear.

      Did any of that help you?

      • Planned Obsolescene should also not appear in your light fittings, but would be a reasonable name for a crap band.


      • +1

        Indeed Dne. Thanks a lot.

        After reading your very informative article, I will try the IKEA ones. I also thought Crompton is a fairly good brand until now.


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