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SteelSeries Apex M400 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $57.66 (Plus $9.99 Delivery) @ Catch eBay


Pretty good deal for a mechanical keyboard if you prefer quieter Kailh switches over Cheery MX model (M500).

"Limited quantity available" - Not sure how long this will last but thought I'd at least share the deal with you all.


SteelSeries gaming accessories
Model: Apex M400 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | 64555
Pack contents:
Quick start guide
Colour: Black
QX1 Linear Mechanical Gaming Switches
Full anti-ghosting and N-key rollover
Blue LED illumination - LEDs under every single key with 3 selectable breath settings and 4 individual brightness >levels
Customisable and assignable keys
Unlimited number of macros and profiles
Connection type: USB
Special keys: N/A
Key life: 50 million
Typing noise: N/A
Cable length: N/A
Dimensions (approx, cm): 17.7 x 48.2 x 5 (H x W x D)
Weight: 1810g
Country of origin: N/A
Protected by our 12 MONTH WARRANTY

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    • Ok - but that`s not this one…

    • I wonder what the logic behind that is.

      If I wanted it to feel like a membrane switch I'd buy a (much cheaper) membrane keyboard. The whole point of buying a mechanical keyboard is for it to feel like a mechanical keyboard

      • The Logitech Romer-G switches feel kind of half way between a cherry and a rubber dome. They're not as nice to type on as a Cherry Brown, and they have higher actuation force, but they're a lot quieter. I replaced my cherry blue with a romer-g and my wife is much happier :D

        • I actually went the other way around. Romer-G was absolute garbage compared to Cherry MX (for me).

          It really does come down to personal preferences, and unless you're absolutely sure you know what you want, I think its safest to buy them in store where you can test it out

        • @steff: At work I use a Cherry Brown board and love it. At home I had a cherry blue board and it was a bit meh - and loud. A cheap G413 deal came up the other day so I bought one. It's better and quieter than the blue, but I still prefer browns.

        • @macrocephalic: yeah, since you prefer a quieter keystroke, blue will drive you nuts haha.

          I've got a brown K70 at home, and blue G610 at work. absolutely love both to bits - nothing beats the tactile bump for typing

    • Is that just scam speak for it's a membrane switch because I have no idea why people would want a keyboard to feel like it has membrane switches but if they did why would they get a mechanical keyboard for that rather than just a membrane keyboard like they wanted?

      • Ok I read that like 3 times and still don't have any idea what you're going on about. I give up.

  • I have this exact keyboard, Branded as the Thermaltake Poseidon…. something….

    It lasted a few years, and feels great; however those Kailh switches clearly have a limited lifespan.
    I know Mechanical will break much sooner than membrane, but I've only had this thing maybe 3 years.

    Next one I'll try proper Cherry and see how I go.

    Or find one of those 'mechanical feel' membranes.

    • What? I though mechanical was meant to last longer than membrane…

      • They are meant to be.
        And "Good quality switch" vs "good quality switch" they do.
        Significantly, in fact!

        But you have a great many tiny switches with intricate moving parts, versus a rubber sheet.
        One is, by design, less likely to fail.

    • "Mechanical will break much sooner than membrane" ?? Um, no.

      • Data please.
        Switch Statistics alone are misleading.

        While a Mechanical Switch is often rated at 40 million keystrokes, there are more moving parts to consider.
        A good quality Membrane (like a scissor, one thing apple does right) is only rated to 30 million.

        However, repair and refund statistics show (if you talk to a large wholesaler; feel free, Altec are only a phone call away) that there are many more warranty claims on mechanical than on membrane, due to single switch faults.

        It's like an Enterprise Hard Drive having a 10year million hour warranty.
        You still see more of then returned with minor faults due to being mechanical, than near any brand of Solid State drive.

        Also, anecdotally;
        Every person (gamers especially) I know have had a failed mechanical keyboard in their lifetime.
        Where as all of us, being nerds in the IT industry, still have some 'yellowed PS\2 keyboard' in the house, that still works A-OK.

        That said, I'd be happy to see your data and compare it to mine.

  • +1 vote

    I've got this keyboard at home. It's okay and you can turn the LEDs off immediately.
    Occasionally goes on sale at EBGames for cheaper than this price.

  • +1 vote

    That's not a mechanical keyboard. This is a mechanical keyboard; https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-s2v8WvN0geE/WJTK5b11VjI/AAAAAAACA...

  • Any recommendations for a mechanical keyboard for work? I'm looking for something that's comfortable to type on and loud as fsck as the person around the cubicle has some sort of impairment or lack of common courtesy with his phone calls. I don't have $300 to spend on noise cancelling headphones.

    Edit: plus I hate open plan offices.

    • haha yeah I feel the same about open plan offices too..

      I got these for the same reason, I wanted a mechanical keyboard but not to sound like a typewriter everytime I wrote and clicked a button. This seemed to be a reasonable tradeoff between the higher-end cherry mx and the membrane ones and for the price I decided (profanity) it why not.

      EDIT: Here's a sound comparison: https://youtu.be/AYMAncxrKsc?t=136

    • That's a bit tough. Cherry Green switches are like blues, but have a higher actuation force, which you would assume would be loader. BUT, if you have a fairly resonant desk then you'll get more noise by using a light switch and bottoming it out on every stroke.

      Of course, both of these are horrible options for typing, but they will piss off your coworker.

    • Cherry MX Blue. Perfect for typing, but loud. If you're motive is to piss your co-workers off, get an MX blue keyboard.

      • Hehe thanks, I'll give this one a go first. Don't get me wrong, I'm the quiet type and don't want to cause a fuss but bloody hell it gets annoying when you get someone SHOUTING on a headset 1m away from you.

  • What's the warranty like on this?