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Optus iPhone X 256GB $110/Month (24 Months Contract) - 60GB Data + 1GB International Roaming Data (in Selected Countries)


Pretty good deal

iPhone 256GB
$110 pm - 60GB + 1GB (roaming data)
$120 pm - 200GB + 1.5GB (roaming data)

Note: If you can't not see this deal, please select "own a phone" and swipe to the right a few times to see the right plan

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  • For $10 more, you can get 200Gb data

  • An amazing deal!
    Thanks OP for posting

  • Bought one yesterday w 200gb, time to cut my broadband lol

    • May I ask when did you got approved and when you received your phone? Thanks.

      • Rocked up in one of the Optus shops, showed some ID n walked with a phone. Bills didn’t show up until a week later.

        • Good on you!
          I got stuck with the online order, and supposed to be stuck at the "check credit" process :(
          Googled to find Optus had a long history of online order credit check stuck issues. Not sure if it could work for me.

          Never try Optus's online business again.

  • Think Harvey Norman can match this + gift card?

  • All the plans listed seem to be a lease agreement.

    • Then do something to change the lease option to the Own A Phone option..

      • I didn't say this wasn't a deal or neg, I just pointed out that for me at least, they all seem to be lease options (even when swiping), meaning you don't own the device at the end. I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone, but worth noting. It looks like you can change the option up top to "own a phone" as mentioned below.

        • I reckon most of the people must be browsing via mobile, the own a phone option is actually not that obvious and you need to swipe to the right a few times to see the right plan. Just updated the post.
          P.S. I was browsing the website on my 15" laptop, the options and plans are actually quite obvious.

    • dont neg this post as the link does default to lease

    • Agreed. I am seeing this deal as a lease also. $110 a month only gets you 4gb of data a month if you want to own the phone. Sounds like a poor deal to me. Better off buying phone outright and getting a sim only plan. Optus is probably hoping people don’t realise it is only a lease

      • If you keep swiping, you will see the $110+$10 option to buy the phone and 200GB data in the ‘Own the phone’ section

      • lease only? oh bugger, i actually considering this

        • No. It is own, like the post says. Look at the various options under 'own'. People who mistook it for 4gb as own didn't look 3 boxes to the right.

  • Why so much data lately??!!

    • Unless you have awful internet at home, I can't see many people actually using it. So optus effectively would pocket the money.

      I can't say I'd wanna watch a latest episode on a tiny display when I could sit at home with a big TV.

      Maybe long commutes…

      I've gotta turn off wifi all month, despite listening to podcasts each night to use 20gb.

    • Sometimes it’s helpful to download large files, which has better speed than my home Uniti wireless.

  • Is there a way to get two sims for this deal?

    Then, use one for the phone and one for the home internet….

    • Yes there is an add on option of $5/month

      • Can we still do this now?

        It seems to be finished a few years ago.

        • I think you have to get another plan and share the data between 2 sims. It's called data pooling I think.

        • @johnnyle:

          I have got two 100gb sim only plan at the moment. I want the third sim to share the 200gb. Not sure how could I get it for 5dollars a month?

        • @jiaqi518: have you tried calling Optus? Last time I asked they said I have to get another sim only data plan and put them all in the data pool. So you will have 200+gb to used with 3 sims.

        • @jiaqi518: I had a BIG old fight on his topic last year. They don’t offer $5 extra sim only deal anymore.

          It’s now data pooling across eligible plans. Which cheapest at the time was $20.

          Caveat: telcos are insane. This info might already be out of date.

        • @mooney: just went into Optus to ask about this. The rep said the cheapest i store is $10 and includes data but he said you can still get the $5 online or through chat. Not sure how accurate it is as I haven't tried to do it yet

        • @blackdiamond: hey guys! Popcorn’s mate gave me the $5 monthly data sim! It still exists, I guess it depends on if the rep is willing to give it to you or not 🤷🏻‍♀️ he said I can cancel and get a new sim anytime

    • Why would they do that? It's not a lease lol, it's own a phone.

      • To be fair, the OP didn't state either way whether this was a lease or to own and the link defaults to the lease options.

        Thanks for clarifying with instructions, OP

  • This isn't showing up as a lease for me?

  • Only just works out cheaper then buying outright & going on a sim only plan, if you don’t need 60gb will be cheaper to go outright, overall these phones are overpriced & will keep dropping in value when new range is released sept something to consider

    60GB Optus sim only $50pm x 24 = $1200
    iPhone X 256GB average outright price $1500
    Total outright $2700 vs $2640 on plan

    • I roam for work a lot. At $10 per day on their roaming plan, if I spent 14 days overseas each year, I'll be $140/yr ahead.

      • I also have the same use case (travel overseas a lot), the roaming data is actually quite handy. (but only selected countries tho and monthly)

        • Yep, and if you 'minus' the iphone X cost, brings my $40/month plan down to $35/month. With essentially unlimited roaming (don't use more than 1Gb / month when I travel).

    • Wondering where you can get the iPhone X 256GB outright for $1500? Best I can see is $1700, most around $1800. Unless you mean grey market or perfect condition 2nd hand? Not negging, just interested in buying one. Cheers.

  • Your turn Telstra..

    • I can't wait for Telstra to match this :)

    • With Telstra ATM: posted this deal in sales chat
      Got "$154/mth for 20Gb" in response.
      Said: see you later Telstra

      • Telstra will not budge at all. I am in the process of churning all of my services to Optus from Telstra. I find it ironic that at times Optus are performing better than Telstra in regional area these days.

        • I am doing the same also. Optus is definitely more willing to negotiate on price. (especially when you are willing to signup more than one service with them)

  • If only there’s Optus signal that can reach inside my home, I would have used this as main internet provider and use my phone as hotspot at home.

    • Alternatively, a little more effort and cost, but you could put an external antenna on your house, and wire it to your modem and then turn on WiFi calling on the phone if it's just your house that you have coverage issues.

      EDIT: Admittedly, you'd need an additional sim to put in the modem.

    • No signal even when placed near window?

      • There is, but slow. Optus technicians agree it’s no good in our area. And it’s in inner Sydney even.

  • I got the plan earlier $110 pm with much lower data. Will I be able to upgrade to $120 and get 200GB?

  • So really $30 for 200gb

    Say good buy to home internet.

    • Yep, it's a pretty good buy… +1 ;-)

      Bye to not recharging your phone only once a day too by the sounds

  • My iPhone 7 Plus only gets 20Gb a month and I’m paying $130 a month!!!!

    • the fun of signing up to a plan when new phone first comes out, best to buy outright & go on sim only

  • It’s 108/pm for 200gb if you use the student discount. I might get this but which modem is best to use with the SIM?

  • Silly question…
    If I am at work during the day and the phone is obviously with me, I am guessing there will not be internet at home right?

    • That's right…

    • If you have more than one Optus plan that data shares on the same
      billing account, the included monthly data allowance will combine
      into one data pool, which will be shared by all the eligible services
      on that account. Technically, you can leave one device at home and share data this way.

  • This is phone leasing plan, right? I don't buy such idea of not owning the device after paying so much within 24mths

  • Upgraded to their $120 plan which was 100GB last month, with iphone X 256gb and $20 phone repayment.
    But was lucky to negotiate 10% student discount which was already set up since my last contract and an extra $20 off per month off plan fee so a total of $108.

    • Hey. Was this done thru online chat? I want to apply a student discount too but it won’t go thru :(

      • I got my student discount on my last plan and its just continuing.
        This time i upgraded over the phone and asked them if it will continue and they agreed.
        I would suggest calling them.

      • I signed up online and still got the student discount. It just opened another window. Scroll through the plans until you see this one

    • I tried to get this deal through Telstra, I tried via internet chat and also rang up…. they would not budge from the advertised internet pricing :(

  • Is the face ID thing annoying to unlock the phone ?

  • What with iPhone x? Friend of mine just got it and to me, it look like iPhone 3g but bigger. Really ugly looking. I like iPhone 8 or 8plus, still don't get why the hype on X?

  • Has anyone received the phone and/or started this deal?

    I submitted my application on 21st March, and waited till 25th to receive a phone call to confirm my personal info. Then nothing happened - now it is 29th Easter Thursday.

    Or can anyone advise How many days it normally takes to start a new mobile plan? Thanks.

    • I purchased my phone last month under the old plan $120+$20 phone repayment and received in about 4-5 days.

  • +2 votes

    Was it just me or did the Optus website clearly state the offer ends 15/04/2018 for this promo, and they pulled it early? I have two mobile with optus, we were going to trade up, but had to wait until 12 months into our plan (04/04/2018) to grab this deal… now its gone… have I completely lost it?
    Does anyone have a screenshot of the website showing the offer details for this offer? Google Cache is no help

    • Hey it isn't just you. I thought the same thing and missed it as well. A screenshoot will be much appreciated if anyone can provide it.

    • There are two offers
      15/4/2018 - For double data offer
      $120 + $0 handset - iPhone X specific promo that ended before Easter.


        In the text for the handset/plan @ $120 partner and I were sure it said the offer ended on the 15/04/18. It didn’t distinguish between double data and the handset/plan promo. Definitely gave me the wrong idea either way. Which is a pity, the partner and I were looking forward to heading into town today to jump in this.
        Hoping a screenshot may convince optus to at least honour the deal h til the 15/04/18.

        • it stated in t&c*

        • +2 votes

          Which Ts and Cs? As far as I could see it wasn't in the critical info summary and the details part also mentioned the 15/04…

          The point I guess I'm making is there was an expiry date that was pretty clear in the main optus ad. I was just going by the date listed. It's misleading IMO to have a date when an 'offer' ends, but then change pricing/offer earlier than that.

          If there are two different promo's, just put both dates (esp. the earlier date) in there. At the very least, if there any use of a clear 'offer ends' date should reflect the earliest price/offer change (in this case the price offer).

          It has seemed to mislead a few people, I believe even the OzB original post had the expiry date set at 15/04/18.

        • @razdryno:
          I too believed the deal was intended to end on April 15th. I was overseas at the time the original deal was posted and thought I’d have time to sign up once I returned last week. Seems Optus pulled the deal early.

          Anybody had any success in managing to obtain this deal since it was pulled?

        • @nway91:

          I missed this also after I tried to go into the store yesterday to pick one up! same scenario I was away on holiday luckily I got back and had the screenshot from my laptop available.

          Let me know if anyone has any success honouring the offer as I have tried at 2 stores, 2 times online chat and 1 time over the phone.