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Optus Double Data on My Plan Plus Mobile Phone Plans


Optus is doubling Data for My Plan Plus Mobile Phone Plans (24mths plan)
all include Optus Sport,National Geographic,Mobile TV streaming, Music Streaming.
if you're sign up for higher plan, try the $100 and $120 plan with Unlimited International Roaming for Talk and Text and 1gb of data for $100 and 1.5gb per month for $120 plan (Zone one countries).
$65pm -10gb/pm
$85pm -28gb/pm
$100pm -60gb/pm
$120pm -200gb/pm

if you're wondering what is Optus doing offering all these high amount of data, here's theory

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  • By $110 do you mean the $120 plan?

    $120pm -200gb/pm

    • thanks for the pickup… correcting now

      • All good :)
        Seems like a great deal from $100 a month you can get unlimited roaming talk & text and 1GB data (to limited countries) for people that constantly are using roaming or travelling internationally.
        Plus the phone repayments will be less or even $0.

        Shame Telstra doesn't do something like this, Optus coverage and speeds kill me.

  • I wish I weren’t such a coverage hussy with Telstra, these deals look great!

  • Is it just me or does the current Vodafone data plans just plan beat the Optus ones right now?
    I’ll grant you the streaming things seem good but not sure about the actual data plan itself.

    • Is you, Vodafone are inferior network, you can't compare to Optus or Telstra in term of coverage and speed. Some may say Vodafone is perfectly fine, this is because no one is using their network due to the Vodafail.

      • I am currently on Vodafone and have been trying to get off them. Service is rubbish, my mobile data on my phone hardly even works anymore. The excuses have been abysmal,yet they're still trying to make me pay my way out of a network that doesn't give me what I pay for. I often drop coverage when I'm on the move and even in my home I won't get reception at times. I personally don't recommend them. I've tried an optus prepaid sim and it works fine

      • I have both a Telstra (work) and Vodafone (personal) account and I have no issues with both but I guess it may be because I use it in good coverage areas like Melbourne CBD, VIC Eastern suburbs and Geelong. I don't travel to the countryside much.

        My original comment above was more about the sheer data usage plans between Optus and Vodafone though and I still think it looks better on the Vodafone side.

        One thing that I definitely prefer over Optus is Vodafone's Red $5 overseas plans. I travel overseas about 5-7 weeks a year (many short trips) and I find it incredibly useful to have my same phone number and plan for use overseas. The Optus $10 is a definitely more expensive proposition in comparison.

        I particularly like Optus's TV streaming options though but as I recently got a Plex for life account, I effectively use my home PC to be my personal 'Netflix' server for me and the family so pure data bonus' are better for me. It is especially good for when I want to watch live TV overseas (well a slight delay of about 4 secs) as well as just watching whatever I want (or sync) from my Plex server.

        Whatever the case, to each their own. Everyone's personal situation is different and I hope you all find a good plan that fits your personal circumstances.

    • Personally, I've used both Vodafone and Optus and overall, Optus were better in terms of coverage.

      However, it depends on the area because I've heard people say the opposite.

    • Yeah definitely just you. If you are going to go on Vodafone why not go on someone like Kogan? Much better deals I find.
      Having said that Vodafone's network lacks both speed and coverage so I would never go on them.

    • those are sim only plans, and should be more in comparison with these
      the mobile phone plans usually give you a much cheaper repayment for the phone or for higher plan $0 phone cost, even for iPhone X.

  • I didn't see anything about the briefly offered unlimited plan. Is it worth holding out and seeing if they offer unlimited for everyone in the new few months or is that just not going to happen?

    • According to the AFR link posted by the OP, the unlimited broadband was offered for one day only to a select number of Optus broadband customers, and also appeared on a webpage.

      The gist of the article is the threat wireless broadband poses to the NBN.
      If a lot of people decide they prefer wireless, the NBN has no chance of meeting its revenue targets, the government will have to put the expenditure on the books and thus NBN expenditure will get counted as part of the deficit, and cats and dogs end up sleeping together.

      While the article didn’t explore this, I expect the government will not take kindly to mobile networks competing with the NBN. At the least I expect some regulatory barriers, say advertising restrictions (eg. no direct comparisons allowed), and surcharges and extra licence costs on mobile data. To level the playing field of course. Of course.

      The article also had a discussion questionning how “unlimited” the offer really was, which might be why it was pulled after one day. As in it might not have actually been “unlimited”. At least not yet.

      • I think it is more inline with USA trends, lots of carriers now have unlimited data on the phone plan, and here we get stung $10 per GB if you blow your cap …. some people will pay extra for peace of mind. I just signed up for the 60Gb plan ….
        Also more renters, take your internet with you when you move , who wants to pay for a new connection when you move home, or hassle of bill split in share house

  • I saw a deal ipad 12.9 512GB with new double data 200GB per month for only $80, sound great!!
    I called them up, Optus said, 512GB ipad has never in stock and ask me to go for a 256GB…ok. but you have to pay $107 per month!
    So I ask, how come 512GB is $80 per month, 256GB is $107? Answer is from Optus… this is only a adverting!!
    this kind of company?? forget it!

  • Thanks OP. Was looking to re-contract my sim-only plans (x2). Decided to do this, as I travel frequently and the unlimited international minutes, sms, and 1Gb data every month will be extremely handy. No need for $10/day travel packs.

    PS. Went for the own the iPhone ($110/month) plan, prefer to on sell the phone.

  • Optus approx maybe 6 years ago had a prepaid unlimited data mobile broadband only for $30 a month! I remember I got that….