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OPTUS - iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 512GB $80/ Month with 100GB 2 Year Plan. Min Cost $1920


Price drop on the iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 512GB.

Comes with 100GB per month, $10/1Gb if you go over.
Mobile Tv Streaming (Netflix, Stan streaming without using your data)
Music Streaming (Spotify, iHeartRadio and google play music without using your data)
Optus Sport
National Geographic

Min Cost $1920 compared to the standalone cost of the iPad Pro 12.9inch 512GB RRP $1919 from the Apple website.

While stocks last

Update 22/1/18 @ 1.56PM
Delivers 1-3 days. So stock levels are still good.

Update 03/12/2018 @ 12:53AM
Seems to be back in stock online ~ Delivers 1-3 days

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  • RRP $1919 from apple website.

    Is that just for the iPad? Wow a phone and a tablet from Apple can cost you $4000!!

    • Yeah, that is just the cost of the iPad

      • +3

        Wow for anyone wanting this (personally I think RRP is a rip off), it's a great bargain! All those inclusions up there are basically free!

        Not for me though, iPads are outpricing themselves now and pretending to be something they aren't. I love my iPad but I wouldn't buy another.

        • 12" iPad is more like a laptop, the iPad 9.7" is still around the $397 mark

        • +4


          A laptop that refuses a mouse is a dog

        • @fuzor: the laptop/mouse paradigm is so 80s. I think almost 40 years later it’s long past time to move on.

        • @fuzor: It has a pen, why do you need a mouse?

        • @asa79: Why wouldn't you? there's still many things that the mouse works better at and arguably more precise. Not to mention you wont get RSI ensuring your hand doesnt touch the screen. Yeah, it has wrist touch avoidance, but that is only an on app level if you configure it.

        • @roller: Doesn't mean the pen will replace this paradigm. How can you control it if you are further than an arm's length away? A mouse can drive a device even if it is not within physical arm's reach.

        • @bchliu: how do you find a mouse more precise then a pen?

        • @asa79: Calibration and parallax issues with certain devices and depending on how you use it (if screen / tablet is vertical), arm strain can come in unless you are using it flat on the desk and then having arm strain to avoid accidental touches along with eye strain at the wrong angles.

          I have been using Pen Technologies since "Light pens" from the 80's and up to now am an advocate for Galaxy Note series with the S-Pen and stylus. I can definitely say from experience that Stylus will never fully replace Pointer driven devices like a mouse or trackball.

          BTW. remember when Steve Jobs basically said "A Stylus for the iPad? Over my dead body?".. suppose he's rolling around in his grave now.

        • @bchliu: I believe that was the iPhone and its OS GUI, not for specialist applications like drawing on a tablet.

          I actually think a mouse is a pointless addition to an iPad. It is designed and built in both hardware and OS software it only not to need one for input, but use a different interface altogether. Win10 tablets and 2in1s on the other hand, are using an OS really designed for the mouse and thus work flow can improve if you use a mouse as your input device.

          That said, the iPad DOES need in an integrated way, the ability to connect a range of other peripherals, like external drives, keyboards, networks, cameras, External displays etc which are all much more important than a mouse for the iPad to be a viable laptop replacement. These features need to be added.

        • @entropysbane: lol. Apologists reasoning for "why Apple didn't include the mouse support in iOS". Many Apps could benefit from the inclusion of the precision of the mouse versus fat fingers or even the RSI ridden Pen support? Don't forget, Apple markets iPads as a Laptop alternative.

  • Looks like its a pricing error as cheaper than the smaller models
    64GB $102/m
    256GB $107/m
    512GB $80/m

    Also Optus list it as iPad Pro2 which hasn't been released

    • +3

      Can assure you there is a promotion on this plan as i have confirmed with live chat.

      The first generation iPad Pro 12.9 released on November 11th 2015
      The second generation iPad Pro 12.9 released June 13, 2017 along with the iPad Pro 10.5. Hence why they are listing it as iPad Pro2.

      • +2

        cheers google failed me..

    • It's the latest iPad Pro 12 inch.

      Lists the A10X processor which is the most up to date iPad chip.

    • iPad Pro 2 is just the second generation iPad Pro. Increased screen refresh rate and better processor, etc. over the previous model.

  • If I'm already on a student plan for my phone, will it also automatically apply to the iPad?

    • +2

      the student discount is only for mobile phone plans.

  • 100gig per month?

    • +1


    • +4

      100gig per month?

      As an associate you should answer, not question :P (yeah I know, you accidentally selected the checkbox)

      • +1

        In my excitement I must have clicked that tag. lol

  • if purchasing and paying in full from optus, do they provide invoice? not sure how trs work for optus plan

    • I don't think you can trs on this, if i am not wrong

    • This is a monthly plan

    • No. Doesn't matter if you pay the whole lot in one hit; you'll never see a full tax invoice from Optus, only monthly (if you pay the $1920 in one hit, you'll still be billed an invoice every month for 24 months, just the 'due' balance will be nil).

      You get a 'delivery notice' for warranty claims with devices on plans, not a tax invoice.

    • Ok thx. Still a pretty good price I think

    • Something cheeky I found out regarding receipts

      You can do this

      go online to the Apple store and buy the ipad and Choose click and collect at the apple store

      your card will be charged

      The next couple of days, you will receive an invoice from apple

      once received, just cancel the ipad order online and then you get the refund a couple of days later. you haven't picked up the ipad so there are no dramas and you have a receipt and an ipad

      NOTE: This is illegal activity

      • Yes, fraud I believe.

        I also think you need to be clear you don’t advocate such actions either.

    • Yep. Ordered from there the other day and expected to receive it today!

  • 24 months plan - $32 p.m. for tablet x 24 months + $70 data plan for the first month before the cancellation .. for $838 you will get a iPad Pro LTE (64GB)

    $10 p.m. for tablet x 24 mohts + $70 data plan for the first month … $310 take a iPad Pro LTE (512GB) home .. something very wrong there ..

    (As stated on their website: Cancelling your plan is easy. Just pay out the full remaining cost of your tablet, including any amount Optus was going to cover."

    This is very risky for them … but good for customer

    • i wonder how this

    • +1

      $10 p.m. is the tablet payment AFTER credit
      If you cancel you will have to pay the FULL repayment WITHOUT the credit so basically full RRP

      • Many years ago I was with Optus on their timeless plan … they let me go by paying the remaining handset payment only.

        • +3

          You can still cancel the plan by paying handset repayments but as I said you have to pay it without the monthly credit
          For example $50/m for equipment and $40/m handset credit - you would pay $10/m if you stay on the plan. But if you cancel you have to pay the full $50/m for the remaining months

        • @wayne7190: So we need to ask for the payment amount … just like the car loan?

        • @wingyan: as long as you stay on the plan it's only $80/m
          If you cancel the remaining full equipment cost is $77m I think
          You should check on the contract when you do it,it should say there

      • Yes - I think the detail is in this statement -"Just pay out the full remaining cost of your tablet, including any amount Optus was going to cover." You'll have to pay whatever Optus was going to subsidise.

        Ridiculously good deal though.

    • +9

      Optus outright Price for the iPad Pro 12.9 is $1848. (1848/24 = 77). The plan is $70 for 100gb + $10 Handset (after handset credit by Optus).

      On your bill it will show
      $70 Plan 100GB
      $77 Handset (24 out of 24 months remaining)
      - $67 Handset Credit
      $10 Total handset cost

      Total Cost $80 a month.

      When you cancel you pay remaining months x $77.

      I used to work for Optus, this is how it works on all plans.

      So in short this is an epic deal as long as you stay on the plan for 24 months, you are getting the ipad interest free and paying $77 a month for the handset, and paying technically only $3 for 100GB of data. Remember you can data share, so put your whole family on the $30 SIM Plans and go crazy with the data!

      • When you say "put your whole family on the $30 sim plans" - do you mean, buy 1 x $30 Sim plan per family member? Not sure I can see where the savings are, with your idea?

        • +2

          It was just a suggestion, every family will be different, But what you can do is get this deal, sell the iPad on gumtree for lets say $1600 cash. So 1600/24 = $67 of cash towards your bill, so total bill will be $80 - $67 = $13 a month for 100GB of data. (This is if you have no interest in the iPad). And then a family of 4 x $30 sim plans = $120 + $13 (100GB) = $133/4 = $33.25 per person. Every person gets 112GB/4 = 28GB. If the parents don't use that much, the kids can smash the data ;) But the main point is this is approx $13 for a 100GB data sim, and create your own bundle that suits u

    • +1

      You can't do this, there is a device credit of $67 per month unfortunately.

    • Thanks for the detail. If one were to use the monthly invoices to claim this for work as an expense as part of a $80 mobile phone allowance, does the monthly invoice indicate that it’s a data/tablet plan in any way? Eg the words iPad, tablet etc?

  • its on the front page but when you click on the link it goes to the regular deal..

    anyone know how to get the cheaper price..

    • when selecting plans down the bottom, scroll all the way to the end :)

  • +3

    $80/month for a top of range iPad Pro 12.9 and 100gigs with lots of inclusions? Sign me up!

    • +2

      Sign me up!

      OK, Can I start with your name first?

      • +5

        I would have started with credit card number and expiry date but that's just me.

        • I would have started with credit card number and expiry date but that's just me.


  • Anyone know the cheapest iPad plan to get unmetered Netflix streaming on Optus?


      This one here (iPad 5th Gen), $35 month with 10 gb and unmetered netflix streaming.

      • Thanks. Is there a way to add Netflix streaming to the $15 plan do you know?

        • As far as i know, you can only add netflix streaming on if its a 24month plan with a device. So that $15 mobile broadband plan cannot

  • is it for real or price error?

    • +2

      for real, i have confirmed with live chat

  • i want to buy as well but i already have ipad pro 10.7.

  • +1

    This is a hectic deal. Must resist.

  • The free stuff you get -optus sport, etc. Can you watch it on your tv or only through the ipad?

    I have an iphone 7plus also with optus. It only comes with 3gb data per month. Can i swap sims with the ipad?

    • You can request the plan to be included in your data pool, so you can basically share the data.

    • Can i swap sims with the ipad?

      You probably can but then you won’t be able to make/get phone calls on your iPhone. Best to use 4G modem and then use your iPhone.

  • Anyone got order confirmation?

    I got only temp order no and pending confirmation from sales Team

  • i see it as $102 per month with 100gb data on the website?

    Can you download an optus sport app on your tv and use your credentials to watch it there instead of the ipad?

    • Yep, as long as your device supports Optus sport. Not sure which devices do. I know the Fetch TV works with Optus sport but only if you buy it from Optus. I have the Optus sport app on the Apple TV (32 GB version) and it works well. Also works with Chromecast if you have the optus app on your ipad.

      • are the espn channels on optus sport mate?

        • Nah. Optus sport only has Cricket and EPL.

    • you have to change it to 512Gb to see the $80 price

    • Use desktop version web to read and this plan is all the way to the left. I can't see it in mobile version as well.

      Once you have Optus sport account, you can access it via computer or mobile app with non Optus network.

  • Does the netflix account have to be with optus?
    Or can I use my personal netflix account?

    Can the ipad be used to stream to my tv?

    • +1

      Optus does not provide a netflix account to you, but streaming netflix won't count as part of the 100GB you get very month. You can use apple TV to stream to a tv but unsure of chromecast

  • Damn!!!! I bought the Ipad Pro 2 12.9" 2 Months after Launch when Optus were having a Stock shortage for $117 a Month!!!!! 100GB, Nat Geo and Sports Included (EPL/Cricket).

    For $80 a month this is an absolute steal considering its also the 512GB version (Same Model I bought through them).

    Its really Heavy (the Ipad) and I use it a lot lesser than my Ipad Air 2. Nothing beats the 12.9 Screen though :)

  • i got the 10.5 deal, as thats what i wanted, but this is INSANE!

    • Tell me abt it :)

      Am going to end up paying $888 more over 2 Years! Sigh! Oh well Shit Happens :)

      • nah, i prefer the 10.5" though.
        should i buy this and sell it?

        • You want to buy the 12.9 and sell it?

        • +1

          They're going for about $1400-1500 on gumtree and ebay so you're paying about $20 a month for 100gigs.

        • @ballistykx:

          yeah pretty great deal!

          i already have 117gb ,but i would have considered the iphone x 200gb deal, and then this, = close to half a terrabyte for so cheap!

          no more internet at home needed.

  • Can you tether to the Ipad pro & use the data on another device ?

  • Any idea whether the ipad will be locked to Optus?

    • Nope. I have used a Vodaphone SIM and all good. Even used a Thai Sim when on Holidays…

    • I've just returned from overseas and had no problems using Mobiphone (Vietnam) and Digi (Malaysia) in my new Optus 12.9 Pro.

  • "Stream SD video up to 1.5Mbps & music up to 512kbps." on the website

    So no good for FHD or UHD netflix videos?

    • Yes it’s completely worthless

    • Quota free no, using your data yes

  • +1


    Can this sim be put in a 4G router and used for home internet?

    How would that work with the Free Netflix/Optus Sport/Music etc?. Would they know it's not being used from the tablet?

    Don't care if Netflix/Optus sport isn't in HD.

    • Curious on this too

    • Me too

    • I have been told that unmetered streaming will only work if it is streamed through the APP on a device such as ipad,iphone.

      • +1

        That's what they support, yes.

        I have successfully tethered a Mibox to my phone and then Chromecast the Optus Sport app to the Mibox. Didn't show up as used data. I think the problem is that potentially a Chromecast might somehow connect to the wrong content server (not really sure how though).

        That issue might apply to Optus Sport, Spotify or an iView app running directly on the device rather than via Chromecast.

  • Id go for it if Optus sport included ESPN or nfl, nba. It's only got soccer and cricket.

    Is it feasible to use this as my home internet? i stream netflix, kodi etc? I'd cancel my home broadband saving $60 a month with IINET and use the 100gb 4g data with Optus?

    • yep looking to do the very same thing. Our ADSL is crap. 4G is like 10x faster (going off a speedtest off an OPTUS mobile phone).

  • Ouchies! I just picked up the 256gb version from the Post Office on Saturday and opened it yesterday. Oh well…I'm only paying $89.50 p/m. However $80 would have been tops!

    • If you brought it from apple I think 14 day return policy but it’s just over 14 days now so know for next time .. google it

  • Should I get this, sell it and then get a 10' one on ebay (20% discount) so I can spend the leftover money to buy the keyboard & pen? so tempting

  • Does anyone know if I can hook up the SIM to a router and get unlimited netflix?

    • No it won't work, you have to stream it through the netflix app on a device for it to be unmetered.

      • My tv has an netflix app. Would this work?

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