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Samsung Galaxy S9+ SM-G965F/DS Dual Sim (FACTORY UNLOCKED) 64GB US $736.38 (AU $948.49) Delivered @ Never Msrp eBay


Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus SM-G965F/DS Dual Sim (FACTORY UNLOCKED) 6.2 64GB 6GB RAM

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  • Will there be australian warranty for the phone from samsung which can be repaired within australia or do you have to send it back overseas.

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      send it back to overseas

    • Highly likely (99.9999999%) chance it will be a grey import thus Samsung Aus won't touch it.

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        So you saying we got a chance!

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    You will have to pay taxes on it once it gets to Australia. - But it really depends on the exchange rate once it arrives.

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      Well that is an assumption not a fact

    • Given the invoice will be for $US784.99. The discount by eBay will not be shown. I'd put my money on paying tax on import.

      • Never ordered from this bunch, if it is chinese then they'd prob undervalue it by default….. but yea if they do full price then you will be slapped with around $200-300 worth of taxes and duties.

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        Ebay includes import charges at checkout if there is any.

        • Ebay only includes import charges at checkout if the seller uses the Global Shipping Program.
          If they don't use the global shipping program eBay doesn't do import charges at checkout.

          This is clear when you look at 2 different items, one uses GSP and one which uses the seller's shipping.

          Item which uses GSP which clearly states "No additional import charges at delivery!": https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/122820337999
          Now an item which uses seller's shipping, doesn't show this as it isn't charged by the courier: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/263406816280

  • Amazing price.

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      Good luck when it breaks

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        "if" it breaks.

        • “If” is good.

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        I've had better luck with doing a RMA phone to a grey importer like T-Dimension than RMA'ing to Samsung Local…….

  • This is the best price so far.
    Just be wary that tax could get slapped on.

    Honestly if you can wait a month I reckon we will have a local stock one at around this price. The phone is way too new to risk grey market imports on.

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    There are heaps of people that have access to the samsung enhanced program (I don't remember exact name) that provides the S9 64gb for 870! You can quite easily find them on gumtree or ask around on Ozbargain. Just note that you'll be expecting to be paying $1000 (incentive for them to order) for a brand new s9 which is only $50 more with local warranty. If you are lucky you can find reseller selling for cheaper.
    I got mine through these resellers on day and have been quite happy with the phone.

    • I think you are talking about employee purchase program, who can access Samsung enhanced partnership program which let them buy their product at discount.

      • Yup that's the one.

    • base s9 64gb was approx $770~ I believe

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