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Rebel Sale - Extra 30% off Clothing on Sale, 40% off Bikes, 30% off All Cricket + Lots More @ Rebel Sport


RewardBucks here, now known as Shopcred. Huge sale on at Rebel:

Take a further 30% off already marked down clothing
Up to 50% off selected footwear
4 can Wimbledon tennis balls $6.99, save $5
30% off trampolines
40% off all bikes
30% off all Basketball systems
30% off Cricket
50% off Dragonfly 1000 or Donic Tourstar table tennis
50% off Heelys wheeled shoes
Up to 50% off selected football boots

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  • Why did you need to change your user name

    • Don't want to spam the deal. In a nutshell Shopcred is a new shopping rewards platform (rewards for shopping, cashback, social activity etc) which had an original working name as RewardBucks.

      • +1

        Wow! Thanks for all the sign ups and love Ozb! Will be bringing some exclusive deals to Ozb soon.

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          that was the message behind the sign-ups :D

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    Flight Trail 1 is $222 delivered if you ring your closest Rebel and they have no stock. They will give you a free delivery code. Picked one up.

    • can you give us the free delivery code?

      • +1

        It’s unique I think. They generate it while you’re on the phone and record your details. Whether they use those details I’m not sure, or it could just be a scare tactic?

        • I tried they wouldn't do it for me. Gutted. 150 for postage is extortionate. If anyone is buying a bike in western suburbs Melbourne happy to buy with you and save on shipping

        • @imtahir7:

          They told me 150 at my local store, went to a different store to get the 299 traverse rs. Spoke to a staff member and asked if the could get the trail 1 in and they said they could just get me a free shipping code.

          Seems like you just need to ask someone or somewhere else.

        • @Duff5000:

          fair enough, just gotta get lucky.

          end up getting the trail 1 or the traverse?

        • @imtahir7:

          They looked to be very similar spec. Both had hydrolic disk's and similar gearing. I couldn't see a brand for the traverse rs forks though. Went with the trail one for the almost $80 saving and known forks.

    • +2

      With an original RRP of $749 this is an incredible deal!

      Although it's not on the website, some rebels will have other models in the same brand - few examples:

      Flight City 4 - Original RRP $399, Permanent markdown to $190 - 40% = $114.

      Flight City 3 - Original RRP $499, Permanent markdown to $240 - 40% = $144.

      Flight City 2 - Original RRP $599, Permanent markdown to $290 - 40% = $174.

      Flight City 1 - Original RRP $749,
      Permanent markdown to $370 - 40% = $222.

      Definitely worth a few calls to see what stock is floating around. These will only be at several "rebranded" rebels (old Amart stores)

      • Are you saying Flight Trail 1 for $222 is the same bike as Flight City 1 for $222?

        • I'm not an expert when it comes to cycling but the city range is a hybrid whereas trail is MTB. City 1 and Trail 1 would have similar specs but would differ slightly to suit their desired user

        • @nateadamson:

          What's the quality like? Never heard of this brand before..

        • Quality is decent - not a big named brand like giant or anything but still uses high-quality parts from shimano, suntour, etc

        • @vash12: I believe Flight used to be / still is? owned boy Super Retail Group who own Rebel.

        • +1

          Flight was the in-house brand of Goldcross Cycles, which was purchased by Amart in 2008, which was purchased by Rebel (formerly known as Rebel Sports) recently. I visited Rebel in Victoria Gardens in Dec 2017 and they had bikes and a bicycle repair station that still bore Goldcross Cycles stickers on them.

        • @Misterbumpy:

          What about the flight hybrid 1? Noticed on special much difference with say Fluid Sprint 3.0 for anout $350?

        • @Misterbumpy:

          SRG owns Rebel.

      • Can I have a link for the Flight Trail 1?
        I don't even know how the bike looks like

      • I can't see any flight city bikes, just urban and trail

        • Flight City never made it to the rebel website as it was "Amart Sports" stock

        • @nateadamson:
          Does that model have disc brakes?

    • I know two people looking for a bike, looks good enough thanks.

    • What's the Flight Traverse? Is it a model up from the Flight Trail?

      • Flight Trail were the older models, 2016 was last manufactured year from memory

        • Thanks!

    • -1

      Any idea on the wheel size of the trail 1? Both the traverse 1 and RS look to have 27.5.

      • Neg for asking a question. Thanks….

        I didn't know 650b was a wheel size.

  • Rebel closing down like Toys R Us?

    • +1

      Why you say this? Super Retail Group shares dropped due to acquisition of Macpac and uncertainty but Rebel is one of their leading enterprises, doing pretty well I thought.

    • With Amazon and decathlon moving in I'm predicting that it's days are numbered.

    • -1

      isnt rebel owned by Gerry ?

  • No discounts on dartboards?

  • +1

    Question: do these sale prices also apply in-store? or must I purchase them on the website?


    • +1

      The main banner for the 30% off clothing sale says 'Instore and online' so I'm guessing that may be the case for all of their deals as well

  • 30% isn't being taken off for me at checkout?

    • +2

      I believe the 30% is already taken off the sale clothing price

    • +1

      The listed price is already the further 30% off price.

      • oh so most clothing sale items are just 30% off? i bought a t shirt on tuesday which was 30% off and thought today it would be another 30% off. turns out it is back to full price?

  • +6

    I just got this bike

    didnt really need a bike… thanks OZB.

  • +1

    Anyone comment on the quality of the trampolines

    • +2

      I heard they're good in Spring

      • +4

        I wouldn't jump to that conclusion

        • True, I flipped between Summer and Spring, but took the leap and stuck with Spring (but was quite uncomfortable)

        • +1

          @Shopcred: Are they bad in Fall?

        • +1

          @nick nick:

          They sure are. But you'll bounce back…

        • @UncleRico: It's tough dealing with the highs and lows of a product like this.

  • Is this sale on today, plan to pop by after work

    • Yep! Online and in store as well I believe

      • Confirmed it was going on yesterday - too bad the clearance rack for men's isn't very good in selection (hoppers crossing). Usually Point Cook Town Centre has a good rack with more choices.

  • Rebel sells clothes, be aware that a lot of the sports equipment can be classified as toys…

  • Hi,

    Any thoughts or suggestion form OZB using this bike - Flight Metro RS 700C Men's Urban Bike

    is it worth going for it ?


    • +1

      I have a Reid Osprey flat bar bike that runs the same groupset, Claris 16 speed, and it is a great little bike. I have a carbon road bike as well with Ultegra and yes its nowhere close to that but seriously impressed with what I get out of an Alu bike with a much lower groupset. Paid a little over $400 for that bike and seriously thinking of getting this too with mech disc and Claris.

      • Appreciate if someone can clarify the size choice - small/medium/large for these bikes?

      • there is now free shipping on this bike.

        free shipping is excluded on mountain bikes 299 plus cashback seems solid

    • Would this be any good for commuting? Looks pretty good but just wondering which one to get for riding to work in cbd

    • dont have to pay shipping on it now.

  • Does rebel ever barter on prices if you ask 'nicely'?

    • +5

      I once tried to barter 3 chickens and a rooster for a new basketball, but they said they had nowhere to keep them.

      • Joke's on them, the chooks are worth so much more!

  • Can anyone comment on whether the Flight Traverse is better than the "Flight Trail 1"? Is the "Traverse" a cheap rubbish bike, or made with good parts? My old Apollo is showing signs of wear and rust, and it may be cheaper to buy new than to get parts fixed/replaced.

  • Can't find any stock of bikes in VIC. Shipping from NSW is costly.

    • Same. Last in WA sold out for what I wanted. Not paying $150 shipping. Have doubts anyway on whether I could assemble it.

    • I asked if they could get it shipped to the store so it doesn't cost me 150 and they gave me a free shipping code instead

  • Are those tiny tennis tables a genuine discount or are they 50% off every other week?

  • Any recommendations for a cricket bat bargain?

    • +2

      It's hard to buy bats online without getting a feel for them, but for most amateurs, grade 3 and above English willow will be more than enough. Look for straight grains, 8 to 10 grains is good. Get a weight that you feel comfortable with. Also important to knock in the bat before use

      • Light but thick would be ideal. Any of those bats have those characteristics? Bit annoying that rebel stores don't usually stock all the bats.

        • +1

          You are referring to the pick-up of the bat, only way to tell is to check it out in person. If the weight is quoted, look for less than 2.9lbs.
          All the bats have huge edges now

        • @mlburnian:

          Yeah.. I've picked up a few bats and some are bottom heavy which feels so cumbersome. I prefer the weight to be evenly distributed.
          And yeah amazing how even the cheapies ( < $100) are all relatively thick now.

  • I have been waiting for Aldi to bring back one of their rebadged polygon mountain bikes. This is pretty tempting though.

  • Is this online only? Or in stores as well?

    • In stores as well from what we call tell. The home page ad for the 30% off clothing says 'online and in-store'

  • +2

    Thanks OP.. picked up a flight city 3.

    • What is the difference in terms of size? Thanks

  • Great sale, my local had plenty of nice pants in stock

  • When does sale end?

    • Believe it ends on the 25th of this Month

  • It allowed me to add a whole bunch of clothing (running tops, shorts, jacket & swim shorts) to cart then on check out says they're all out of stock!

    Can still add the items but it wont allow checkout…

  • +1

    I got a bike today. Good deal.

    • Which bike?

      • Flight Metro 700C Men's Urban Bike $179

        • Flight brand good? Cant see any reviews

        • @richmond12: I don't know much about bikes. But for the price, I'm happy. It's 21 speed, aluminum frame and disk style brakes - don't know the technical jargon. The gear changes, while I'm sure are cheap, are relatively easy to use and smooth enough for my short commute. Feels much nicer than your run of the mill Kmart, Big W, etc. bike.

  • Struggling to see when the deal expires??

    anyone know?

    • I was told at the chadstone store the sale finishes tomorrow, Sunday. wanted to buy a bike from chadstone but didn't have any left of the female flight trails in stock so have to click and collect at another store as they were still charging delivery. Even though it was over $150. Sounds like different rules for different stores. I was not offered any free delivery codes.

  • My Trail 1 arrived, bike is excellent.

    Not so excellent is no specific instructions on assembly. Having not had a bike with discs i wasnt expecting to require a specific tool to fit them to the bike. Requires a cassette tool, not supplied and not written on the box where it has a list of required tools. Weird.

  • I could use some help.. I'm looking for a bike for my wife, pretty convinced im going to buy one of these.. I just know nothing about bikes.

    1. Does Mens/Womens types matter or is size the only difference?
    2. Shes 163 in height, No sure whether to go a Small (up to 165) or Medium (From 165)
    3. Used for suburban riding
    4. Budget $300


    • +1

      As far as i know the only real difference is the lower bar that makes it easier to ride in a dress or skirt. Others have the same frame style just more pink like this:

      The trail one still seems to be a better deal though as it has hydraulic brakes and lock out suspension on the front. (so you have basically turn the suspension off when not needed).

    • +1

      I am only 162cm but I bought the medium which is 165cm plus and it is fine. I just keep the seat down low. I am not a very big person either. Paid $179 Flight Hybrid 3 Women's Bike.

      • Bugger, I've just seen these replies and the deal is gone. I'll keep this in mind for future. Thanks!

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