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[Price Error] 50 Cent Bacon Jam Angus Burger @ McDonald's


Use the touch screen ordering machine and order a 50 cent Bacon jam sauce in the snacks section. Gets put through as a full burger instead of sauce. Tested in few stores all worked. Won't last long.

23/3 4pm: Quite a few users reported that their store has removed the option, however some users are still finding it available see comments.

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    cool find if it works :) might go try it later.

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      Will be patched later. Go now or pay full price I reckon.

      Great deal OP, ignore the neggers they can't make you pay full price after you've eaten and left!

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        Thanks! Just Tryna share a deal haha.

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          Thank you for sharing :)

  • Thanks for posting OP.

  • +3

    Didn't work at Hindley St.

    • +1

      Cheers, was about to go there.

      • +10

        Thanks for the heads up. I was just about to drive there from Queensland.

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    anyone with a pic of the machine showing price error? :)

    • +17

      forget that, anyone with a pic of the bacon jam burger?

      • +1

        It's in the app under Gourmet Creations, can't share unfortunately because of the screenshot thing.

        • +1

          The mcdonalds app is retarded, it won't let me submit an order as fries are only available from 12am to 11.59pm

          Though it did score me a free meal (4 burgers, fries and a drink) for free once because of that.

        • OK, found it, it is the Bacon jam Angus Burger

        • +7


          it won't let me submit an order as fries are only available from 12am to 11.59pm

          That's all day, maccas must not understand how time works

        • @spaceflight: like I said, retarded

        • @xev: How did you get the free stuff

      • +4
        • +1

          you're awesome vstratosphere

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  • Thanks OP .
    Bacon Jam sounds so much healthier than what I was going to have for dinner tonight..
    Mmmmmm……Bacon…. *drewls :)

  • +5

    What the (profanity) is a Bacon Jam Burger?

    I must try it immediately

    • +7

      lol, the only google result for 'mcdonalds Bacon jam burger' is this post.

  • +1

    Doesn’t work anymore I don’t think, just tried in 2 Penrith stores :(

  • Works in 6173 Wa. Says sauce on the touchscreen but you end up with a burger. :)

    • just ordered it at the touchscreen kiosk, says sauce on the screen and on the receipt. hope i get the burger

      • +1

        … and? The suspense is killing me :)

      • +11

        it worked! great find

  • +1

    I love these. The McFlurry hack was the best!

    Combining a frozen coke and soft serve was also good.

  • No luck Perth store

  • +4

    Not only did it not work but I had to complain to get my rightfully ordered side of Bacon Jam sauce.

    The wagyu beef burger was no where near worth the $10.60 asking price. Very disappointing…

    • +3

      It'll always depend on the store I guess. Tested it at 3 and they all worked. Sorry dude!

  • +1

    Just worked at Hawthorn store

    • +12

      Was that you flipping the burgers?

      • Should be free for an employee. :-P

    • +2

      Do you pay for it first as bacon jam then they make a burger instead? Or does it show up on screen as burger

      • +2

        Pay as a sauce get a burger instead !

      • +1

        Yep, just put through a sauce and receive a burger.

  • +14

    Ok after complaining this was a glitch and not wanting to eat left overs, I drove to Maccas and ordered a medium chips and the baconjam sauce/glitch to make it look legit waited about 15mins as they were flat out and it arrived !!!! Definitely not worth the $8 but as 30 cents i couldnt complain. Please forgive me OP

    • +19

      Shortest redemption arc I've ever seen.

      • +3

        Sometimes, life comes at you fast

    • +3

      as 30 cents I couldn't complain

      Saved yourself 20c as well as your ozbargain membership :)

    • +3

      I guess I forgive ya ;)

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    Great find!

  • +2

    Works Gordon NSW

  • +7

    Works in Seven Hills. Basically the kitchen doesn't know it's a sauce and just makes the burger lol.

    Edit: spoke too soon. They were arguing about what it was and gave just the sauce instead :(

    • You gotta go when the place is really busy and they won’t have time to check the description on the receipt I guess

    • Canon Hill doesnt know yet lol

    • +1

      I suspected it was just the grill guy misreading the slip.

  • +1

    Thanks op I was already full from dinner but as usual couldn’t resist a bargain. Bought 2 jams for $1 instead of $18.60. If I had paid full price I would have left disappointed as it ain’t that great. For $1 I’m not complaining

    • Yeah I wouldn't buy it if it wasn't 50 cents haha.

      • +1

        How did you discover it? You risked your 50c hoping for the best?

        • +13

          Just wanted to try the new sauce with my chips they gave me a burger. Pretty much it haha.

  • +1

    Not working at Kangaroo Point QLD4169

  • Worked at Caloundra 4551

  • +34

    I am Muslim but I can't say no to a good bargain..!!

    • +8

      Comment of the day.
      I think what makes this so hilarious is that it's wrong on so many levels except Ozbargain.

    • +3

      Thats OK, knowing maccaz, there probably is no bacon in the bacon jam anyways

    • Sure you're not Jewish?

  • Worked Broome WA. It had the bacon jam grill order stuck to it so the system must think it’s a burger.

  • +1

    Does this deal "work" only for stores where none of their staff/managers are on Ozbargain? hahaha

  • Does this remind anyone of the Crust Pizza deal/glitch by any chance?

    • Hmm that crust deal is a sore point in this household after we went down on a 40 degree day with our plan to go in one at a time for 3 pizzas only to be told no deal.

      • +2

        I think the crust could've and would've gained many customers that day, but instead people (including me) are now never going to go there.

        • Yes we think exactly the same way. It would’ve been a great chance for them to get people to try them and maybe be regular customers. Even after two emails to customer service they just wouldn’t budge.

        • @bennybaubles: Look at where they are today lol.

        • +3

          @bennybaubles: I just got the call straight up, we aren't making your complimentary pizza because 'we are not a charity cause'

          If it was only possible to slap someone through the phone..

          Not only did they deny the free pizza, they even went as far to say I was crying poor mouth and wanted something for nothing.
          To me that's the opposite of what you are wanting to achieve with your customers.

        • +1

          @pennypincher98: WOW how to alienate a possible new customer base. At least they bothered to call you. That’s the only redeeming thing I can say about crust.

        • @jlogic: yes the poor franchisees are the real losers.

        • -1


          Greedy ass corporates. Should really think long term. But all rem is short term so decisions are short term. It’s bullshit when they say they are planning for the long viability.

          So far the only CEO that has made a blip on this is Alan Joyce. This is my opinion but he organised the airline to be more profitable and attractive that takes time, yes there are job losses but heck I rather have jobs still than to have a bankrupt airline taken over by a foreign company who would of outsourced almost everything to the lowest bidder.

  • +2

    Worked at rose hill!

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