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[Price Error] 50 Cent Bacon Jam Angus Burger @ McDonald's


Use the touch screen ordering machine and order a 50 cent Bacon jam sauce in the snacks section. Gets put through as a full burger instead of sauce. Tested in few stores all worked. Won't last long.

23/3 4pm: Quite a few users reported that their store has removed the option, however some users are still finding it available see comments.

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  • Who here has eaten the most in one go? I just got 3 done

  • -1

    +1 for this working @southbank. Thanks op

  • Still working Revesby.
    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, worked on cnr Bourke and Russell, Melbourne CBD.

  • Worked for me in North Ryde

  • Worked Freshwater Place, VIC - team lunch sorted!

  • 1 med fries and 2 bacon jam - 3.75$ .. worked !! Point cook.. Victoria

  • Confirmed working at Swanston street maccas

  • +1

    I love ozbargain. Confirmed that it worked for me at Wintergarden Maccas in Brisbane CBD. Just uses the kiosk for it since it didn’t show in the app. Thanks for posting !

  • +2

    Just registered account to say thanks and worked at Robina(not inside town center)
    Partners dinner now sorted too! First time I’ve had Angus and so full!
    I’m used to the youfoodz(thanks to all the coupons posted here) servings now,lost 9kg love ozbargin!

  • Confirmed working at Crown Melbourne. Shouted the bosses lunch. Happy, gluttonous days!

  • Still working. Melbourne

  • Still worked today at Mulgrave

  • Working in Heathcote (Syd)


  • I am so full.. $5 mcfeast meal.. and the 50c bacon jam burger.. ahhhhhhhhhhzbargain.. my belly.

  • Couldn't find bacon mayo at Brisbane Mansfield.

    • +1

      The sauce is called Bacon Jam in the snack and sauce section

      • yeh still couldnt find it. but eh, if its there its there, happy hunting!

  • Heres hoping head office makes bacon jam side permanent.. due to the overwhelming demand for it :P

  • Failed at Croydon, SA - but got half-way there.

    The manager came up to me and said 'did you want the sauce only or the burgers?', I said I'd have the burgers with the sauce if they're made (and they already were).

    He said that'll be $9 each. I said umm, no.

    So what happens to those burgers now if nobody orders one within the next 20-30minutes?? Does it just get discarded?

  • +2

    Yesterday and today shall be known as the best Bacon jam burger day.

    Burp!…excuse me.

  • just wondering, when they find out about this price error, do they have the right to charge the difference on our cards?

    also, has anyone hit the same store more than once?

    • Mine went through on card and you would have to authorise any additional payment (like my experience above, where I did not).

      • im not too tech savvy, so your saying they cant like in the future charge you the difference later on when they find out the price error?

        LOL, the cashier asked the exact same Q, LOL!, so i went to another store lol and it worked

        also, wanted to know did anybody get doubled charged , like in past threads, or was that only when paying with card on the app?

        • +1

          No they cannot charge you the difference later as it is processed as a sale.

          Hotels, car hire and some other businesses process an pre authorisation which allows them to charge you later but retail stores do not.

        • @spaceflight:

          oh i see… now i can enjoy the rest of my burgers without worrying of future charges :D

      • No cause you bought a sauce and they gave you a burger instead!!!! ….you really should complain :)

    • Of the orders received for $0.50 jam, they probably don't have any evidence about who received just the jam sauce/condiment versus who received a whole burger. In any case I don't think EFTPOS terminals store any details of the cards used.

      • oh i see.

        Also, just curious does paypass NOT record details of cards used also?

        • Paypass still uses the same EFTPOS terminal (i.e. the grey device under the self-serve touch screen). My understanding is that the device itself does not digitally store card details, it merely sends them along to the bank and the bank then either declines the transaction or processes a debit on your account with a corresponding credit to the retailer's account. Even if it did store the card details I would say it stores them securely and the retailer would have no access to them. I'm no expert though, this is just my assumption.

    • Contract of sale occurs at the time of payment.

  • I selected bacon jam but it's still showing as bacon jam in the cart?

    • +1

      It says "bacon jam" on the receipt, their order screens and the burger docket that sits on the burger box

  • Worked just now in Mandurah, WA.

    Flat white coffee and two fancy burgers for $4.95.

  • Worked at pine mountain road maccas in Brisbane. Ordered the bacon jam alone. Overheard the staff sounding surprised about the order, talking about bacon jam and how they haven’t tried it. Thought I’d be literally getting some jam but came out as a burger!

  • Been to two Maccas. Doesn’t seem to be showing up under the sauces. This is where it is meant to be right? Tried one now and one before Ge3ks posted.

    Perhaps VIC has updated.

    EDIT: Anyone care to take a pic of it on kiosk please?

    • Yes it was under Sauces, which itself is under "Snacks" or "Snacks & Sides".

      Sounds like their head office found out and removed it from the menu. I wonder if they somehow found out about this OzB post directly or if they saw an exponential spike in $0.50 bacon jam sauces being ordered and then found this page.

      • Yah that’s where I was. Thought I’d head off from work before I tried it and get a fresh one for home instead. Bummer. Too much sadness now from that 20min drive :(

  • Seems like they've removed it from the menu. Was good while it lasted.

  • A friend in Toowoomba (QLD) just told me that he couldn’t find it on the menu any more.

  • Least now I known the fancy McDonalds burgers suck, too.

    Sitting heavy in the gut. Wife is regretting hers, too.

  • Couldn’t find it on the menu 4pm Melbourne

  • Worked for me 4:45pm in Melbourne (23/03)

  • +1

    Worked 3 hours ago at McDonald's Cheltenham.

    50c for a Burger.

    Thanks OP!

  • so ate my third 50 Cent Bacon Jam Angus Burger, and noticed on the side of the box there is a pull out tab labelled promo 1 and promo 2 .. just wondering what is the promo?

    • +1

      I believe it is just the design of a generic burger box.

  • Just bought some 15 min ago. Some stores still have, some don't, just try different stores.

    • It was the Botany store which had it. And Gladesville didn't.

  • Just got one, still active

    • which store?

  • +1

    I can verify not working, got the jam instead. It’s back on the snack menu, when order, the word “sauce” is written 3 times - on menu, receipt & packing.

    • It was always on the snack mneu though. Was sauce written in pen or by computer, just wondering if one of the staff got wise to it?

    • where did u try?

    • Computer. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/48063/57454/7d5f56de-9...
      Wasn’t it taken out from the menu after the error?
      They updated and added the “sauce” wording now. Tried at Vic this morning.

  • i got this and ordered 4 x extra gluten for 50c.

  • +1

    Does not work anymore. I got the bacon source instead!!

    • +7

      They gave you a pig?

    • Yes, although the kiosk is still showing bacon jam, but the recipe will show "sauce bacon jam" instead.

  • Not working at Maccas Smith St Melb.

  • Got sauce at Templestowe, but there was confusion!
    Only one person knew it was the sauce and blew it for me!

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