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LG 55" OLED55B7T OLED B7 Smart TV $1899 | Hisense 65" 65N7 4K TV $1368 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


Same as the last deal for the 65N7 if you missed out on that. Haven't seen the OLED55B7T under $1900 since December last year, so not sure if we will see those prices again. Although it says 5 available for the LG TV, the seller has been adding more stock whenever this has been sold according to the revision history.

Shipping is free to most metro postcodes, otherwise there may be an additional delivery charge of $104.

Original 10% off Sitewide @ eBay Deal Post Thanks to TA

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  • The new LG 8 Series OLED launch in April according to LG Australia with the new Alpha 9 processor (on the C8 and above model). Though obviously I doubt they will be under $1900 from the get go.

  • good deals with great postage - good deals on postage sweeten the deal

  • Thanks OP.

    I purchased mine back in Dec for $1699 GG deal.

    I would advise to wait IMO. When the B8/C8 are released next month, I reckon it will drop further. If not less than what I paid for it.
    If you can't wait then still a great price.

    I have this TV and I can say it's awesome!

    The newer B8/C8 will be a little brighter in HDR, faster, but I reckon @ the $2.5K mark for the 55". It is worth the $700 extra from the B7? I reckon Nope!


    • Crazy good price, I also bought it during that sale and was second guessing myself as I didn't really need one but thought screw it thats a good price haha. That deal and the DJI Mavic Pro drone fly more combo for $999 are my 2 best deals so far on this website oh and $150 5TB hdd.

      • Yeah. You can't go wrong with that price.
        Awesome TV!

      • Dam that’s a good deal on the pro. I just paid $1709 for the platinum and am still happy.

        • Yeah they sold 400 drones in like 15 minutes easy 400k :P

        • @Jetship:

          i wasnt into droning then, but managed to snag a phantom 3 advance with bad and extra battery for $600, now im getting the phantom plat with dji gogles, im pretty happy paying that for what im getting.

    • It is worth the $700 extra from the B7?

      I would say yes if it has HDMI v2.1 (which allows adaptive refresh which you will want if you play games).

  • Delivery is +$44 for 55" and +$68 for the 65" to Sydney metro and most other places, as is the norm for Appliance Central.

    Not too sure how many people and places actually qualify for free delivery.

  • I wanted an OLED 65" but ended up getting an LCD. I didn't think the extra $$$$ was worth it. PQ on OLED is amazing and 55" price point looks like where the value is. I will have to wait a few generations, will be interesting to see how OLED compares with MicroLED.

    • Same here. The LCD I ended up with (X900E) is amazing and gets higher peak brightness than the B7 OLED which makes for really nice HDR.

      • That's what we got! I was quite surprised out good the picture looked. In store it looked quite ordinary and I wasn't quite sure why it reviewed so well.

        • It isn't so much about the brightness on OLEDs as it is the blacks. It is in dark scenes the OLEDs really shine.

          But bigger is also good for immersive!

        • @serpserpserp: yeah the blacks are normally great on the X900E except for when HDR is in full force with peak brightness light sources in dark scenes but it’s mostly ok. Mounting a cheap LED strip as bias lighting worked wonders.

          Will definitely get an OLED next upgrade!

        • @theguyrules:

          I was also concerned about image retention and burn in. Upgraded from a THX certified 1080p Panasonic Plasma which is still going strong after all these years.

          Blacks on the 9000e are quite good and the problem with comparing in stores and reading review is you get caught up in thinking you will notice all the tiny things but I am happy with our purchase. I think in terms of brightness, colours and resolution we would have been happy with a Hisense N7 as well.

        • @serpserpserp: my panasonic oled is very bright on bright scenes as well, almost hurts my eyes. For me it's awesome in a dark room.

        • @Izefyre: Awesome!
          I know what you mean, I watched Annihilation on Netflix with HDR last night and the shift from a dark scene to a bright scene was almost painful! love it.

        • @theguyrules: thinking of watching that, is it good?

        • @Izefyre: Pretty slow moving but really intriguing. I liked it.

      • How would X900E compared to 65N7?

    • Ugh I've been sitting here quietly waiting for a decent deal on a 65" OLED to replace my now 7yo 55" LCD. The temptation to just grab another LCD is killing me (especially after just having upgraded to a PS4 pro) but I'm staying steadfast! Cmoooon sub $2300 65" LG OLED!!

      • It would be cheaper to get this 55" oled then sit close to it. :) you won't regret the upgrade

      • Anything is an upgrade on a 7yo tech even if it was the best tech at the time.

        I was thinking we might see sub $3k for 65" OLED and I think Panasonic might have briefly got under a month back? You may have to wait a few more years I think.

        Good luck!!! I am sure another member would happily babysit your PS4 Pro while you wait :)

        • I'm thinking I may just ditch the size increase now tbh. Don't want to part with anything around 3k but am sold on getting an OLED. Will see what the Gen 8 LG does to prices in a few weeks time I guess!


        You'll be waiting a long long time. If you're going to enjoy it, why not just buy it when it's on sale? I got it for $3500 in December and love it.

        $2300 is an absurd price point to wait for.

  • Just be mindful that the LG OLED is RGBW (with white subpixel) not RGB. Only Sony A1 has true RGB pixels.

  • Why no c7??