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FREE: Sandbags & Tarpaulins from Brisbane City Council


With further rain on the radar, Brisbane City Council has FREE sandbags and tarpaulins at three locations across the city. Tarpaulins are available at all locations. Sandbags can be used to seal off doors and other areas where water can enter the house.

Locations are:
* Darra works depot, Shamrock St
* Morningside works depot, 9 Redfern St
* Zillmere works depot, 33 Jennings St
* Newmarket SES depot, 66 Wilston Rd

Good luck everyone in QLD. Stay safe.

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    The news article is dated 21 May 09.

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      Oops. Link to the Brisbane City Council:

      you can collect pre-filled sandbags from the following depots:

      • Darra works depot, Shamrock St
      • Morningside works depot, 9 Redfern St
      • Zillmere works depot, 33 Jennings St
      • Newmarket SES depot, 66 Wilston Rd

      for after hours collections, sandbags are left outside on pallets

      sandbags are free, however only take the minimum amount that you need to ensure that sandbags are available for other residents


    i cant find where it mentions free Tarpaulins on the website?. i wonder do you need to show proof of address to get a Tarpaulin?


      EDIT: Comment removed…Maybe you are not in Brisbane City Council region but still need one/some.


        yes im just outside bcc and have a leaky roof. thus the tarp would be great. i might call up a freind in bcc and ask them. i wish other councils offer the same services to ratepayers.

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    FloodWise Property Report

    It might be useful to people new to Brisbane.

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    i hope no one is planning to take advantage of this. also note that the free sandbags often involve heres a bag, heres a shovel, heres a pile of sand there you go :)

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    I'm still waiting for someone to post here that they've seen a better deal than this on staticice.

    But seriously, to those involved in this horror in QLD, our thoughts are with you. :)

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    Hmm, I would think that this is more belonging to a necessities/essential category rather than bargain, but still good for spreading the word. Although I would hope that anyone desperately needing them would have found out from emergency news services rather than this website.

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    I hope, only the people in use will take advantage.
    But more than that, I only pray God for rain to ease down and have mercy on the flood effected residents.


    how much for shipping to SA?

    kiddin.. gluck qld'ers .. hope u don't need them

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    Contrary to the normal attitude of OzBargain, I feel this is something people should only grab if they actually need it!

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    Awesome. Got flooded thursday before last, 2 days before going away for christmas.
    Was talking about getting some sandbags, this has come right on time.


    Nice freebie, yeah the floods are shocking here, I couldn't get to my local maccas and good guys.


      haha - oxley?

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        Went there boxing day b4 it went under so much fun driving through the creek crossing in the X-Trail. Depth was almost bonnet height. Feel sorry for the bloke in the commodore that tried to get through 30 mins later and turned his commodore into a submarine.

        Is this the council feeling guilt for approving housing estates in flood plains and hence providing hush bags?

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    Went to the Morningside location, and got a bunch of sandbags. There are no tarps on offer though, and this is reflected on the website. Please remove this from the description and title.
    They do have black plastic however, as featured in the video demo. Got 10m of that too.

    They had about 200 sand bags there on the kerb when i went there at about 3:30pm.

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