This was posted 3 years 9 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Storewide @ EB Games eBay (E.G Nintendo Switch $380.15, Xbox One X $524.91 Delivered)


Looks like a great deal to me on consoles!


Xbox One X 1TB Console $526.91 Delivered

>Xbox One X 1TB Console + Shadow of War + Destiny 2 $526.91 Delivered.

Get these first if you want a switch.

Nintendo Switch Neon Console + amiibo + Accessory $380.15 Delivered

Nintendo Switch Grey Console + amiibo + Accessory $382.15 Delivered.

Nintendo Switch Neon

Nintendo Switch Grey

Remember that if you purchase, you should be able to email them or message on eBay to get them to apply the carrots you make on your purchase.

As always, enjoy!

Update: Price dropped to $524.91 (thanks Being Askhole)

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  • +1

    PS VR still at old $549 price :(

  • +36

    Too bad all their games are so overpriced that taking 20% off is barely a deal. Good price on the Switch consoles though.

    • +2

      Some of the switch game prices are good, but agree on the rest unfortunately. Mostly posted for the consoles.

    • -4

      yes they price jacked

      • +12

        They don't need to, their everyday prices are sky high.

        Still some great deals if you poke around though.

    • -11

      sucks for those people who bought the JB / amazon $399 Switch

      • +11

        lol 18.85 hugeeeeee saving.

        • -26

          Yeah it is. It's enough to pay for several days worth of food.
          Why don't you donate that amount to a charity right now and show a video of it right here

          I guess you forgot it's OzBARGAIN

        • +22

          @Blitzfx: Dude when someone is spending 400 roughly on a console I don't think 18 dollars would have them staying awake at night and regretting their life choices. If its 18 dollars of food vs the switch then they probably shouldn't be buying a switch.

        • -20


          Do I have to list out what extras people can get with $18? Is the food example too short sighted for you?

          Just because your standard of luxury entertainment has no ceiling doesn't mean it's the same for even the majority of people.

          People complain about deals they've missed here all the time that are small in value.

        • +14

          @Blitzfx: Return it for a refund. Just imagine how much food you can get for $399 if $18 lasts you a whole week. Let's not get in to the money you also will be saving on electricity by not owning the switch!

        • @Blitzfx:
          Yes, please.
          In my experience, licensed Switch accessories are stupidly expensive and you won't get anything more than an additional joy-con grip, for $18.

        • +2

          Haha I just got a Nintendo Wii for like $30! You should all regret buying it when you did

        • @Duram: I look at as more a discount on the first game I buy. $18 off buying say Mario with it, seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

        • +1

          @Salmando: First version Wii had game cube backwards compatibility. Cheaper then buying an actual GC.

        • @nikym81:
          Then you wont have any entertainment with a Switch. You're completely ignorant if you think that's all there is to saving $18. How about you go work at KFC or pickup shit for an hour. Because that's about as stupid as giving away an hour of your time for free, for some people's wages.

          Why would you even continue to list food and electricity as an example?
          You can afford to pay for a Switch AND pay for food and utilities. Who are you to decide what standard of living people should abide by.
          What a moot point, returning it for a refund.

        • @O15:
          You can buy a knife for $18 and stab your eyes with it since you're not using it to read properly. Did I say nintendo accessories? I wasn't even remotely close to it.

          Extra things you can buy for $18 is 5L of unleaded and a match to set yourself alight with.
          Or a SIM card to call the ambulance for yourself.

        • -2


          Bargain post: EB Sales => better than amazon / JB => $18 can be used for food / necessities / not throwaway money => $18 can't buy nintendo accessories.

          No. The discussion about the value of $18 is not in context with buying Nintendo accessories.

          Comparatively, NOBODY refers to it as extras except you, using huge leaps in imagination. It's not even a marketed word. Nice try.

        • +3

          Actually, given this is OzBargain where people routinely buy crap because it's marginally cheaper than good stuff, I can see how $18 discount missed would lead to a meltdown.

        • -1


          NOBODY refers to it as extras except you

          Do I have to list out what extras people can get with $18?

        • @ruttager: that's why I love my Wii. I downloaded all the GC games my parents wouldn't buy me when I was younger.

        • -2


          Do I have to list out what extras people can get with $18? Is the food example too short sighted for you?

          Context: $18 in food => Context: $18 in other necessities

          You still fail; on top of trying to tell me what I meant.

          "Extras" =/= "Nintendo Accessories"

        • @Blitzfx:
          Not sure if you're trolling or just that dumb.
          Either way, you've been entertaining.

        • @O15:

          You're quite literally the only person who interprets "extras" that way.
          Great response to getting rekt.
          Dismissal of argumentative points you're too dumb to counter.

        • 18 dollars gets you a latte, eggs and toast in melbourne.

      • Not if they have 15% off gift card from previous eBay deal. Lol

    • Yes very overpriced but we still upvote

      • +2

        I upvoted because of the Switch deals.

        • Switch deals r good.

          I think the post should of been just for consoles not games/store wide

    • Indeed. Especially when Nintendo has 30% off a few of their titles at the moment. Must pick up doom. I imagine the jump-scares will assist greatly while playing on the thunderbox

      • Eshop au?

  • Full RRP for Xbone controllers though. Even with 20% off, they're still more expensive than 2x 360 controllers.

  • +4

    EB game is always overpriced!!

    • find it cheaper than this deal then?

    • +2

      Usually yes, but name one other place where you can get an Xbox One X this cheap. This is actually a good deal.

    • Except in this case. I just paid $400 for Switch on Amazon :(

  • +4

    Switch $375.20 with bonus

    This Bundle Contains:
    Nintendo Switch Console - Grey
    @Play Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Quad Charging Dock
    Nintendo amiibo (Super Smash Bros.) - Wario Character Figure

  • +1

    why no PS4 Pro?

    • -4

      Why no choose Xbox x? So much better

      • +3

        Bloodborne, Uncharted, Horizon, etc. (exclusives).

        Hardware point though, mmmmmm xbox one x

      • More powerful? yes. Has any games to play? No

      • Burnertoasty , most xbox games I can play on my gaming PC

  • +3

    No PS4 Pro 😫

    • +2

      Here get in quick!! 4 left. $454.15 with Pro + Farcry 5 seems decent.

      • Been removed looks like

        • Direct Link 1 Left.

        • @doweyy: GOOOOOOOONE!!

        • @roguescholar: Last one left! Just bought one PS4 Pro 1 TB - $450!

        • +1

          @amrit92: They may be trickling them in? I got one, but will keep my expectations low and wait for a cancellation.

          EDIT: Looks like they are trickling them in - they now have PS4 Pro by itself (without FarCry 5) :

        • Another one popped up about 10 minutes ago, so keep an eye on it if you didn't get one

        • @Imperium08: Are these for the PS4 Pro only (without the game)?

        • @ozb1986: I managed to get one with the game, but it looks like they haven't added any more stock yet :( on the plus side, they haven't removed the listing entirely, so hopefully the add more at some stage

        • @Imperium08:
          Fingers crossed! Upgraded to an Xbox One X recently, hopefully some PS4 Pro love soon :)

        • @Imperium08: Missed out by 3 minutes!

          Is there a way to get notified when more go up? Really keen to get one

        • Ended up caving and just getting the vanilla PS4 Pro since it was available more easily compared to the Far Cry bundle.

          Can't wait to try Horizon and a few other games ;)

      • Thanks for that. Got the last ps4 pro with no games. I do have a preorder of the GoW edition, but to me, the paint work alone is not worth $100 (the game it self is $99 or something there abouts).


  • +1

    The ebay store is quite limited. Doesn't have much

  • +2

    Cheapest ever for XBox One X!

    • +1

      Yep just way too bad I just picked up a GTX 1070..

  • +10

    EB games Ebay the evil within 2 $99 20%off =79.20
    JBHIFI the evil within 2 $49

    bend over ladies and gentlemen EB Games are about to ream you….

    console price is not bad though so still get something if your after a new one.

    • +1

      It's cheaper to buy it from EB Games directly, if you buy it and something from the 2 for $10 preowned games, the total is $40.

      • yeah thats true

    • +1

      Buck's got a big fat carrot ready to go.

  • +1

    Agree, best deal on XBOX Onebox X that I've seen so far, $524.91 delivered. Cross that off my list.

    • Awesome,now I just need to buy a 4k tv to go with it!

  • +1

    Blah, was hoping to get a good deal on a few Switch games, but due to RRP prices they're barely competitive to standard pricing elsewhere.

    • That's what I was looking for too. The 20% off barely covers the postage fees.

    • Depends on the game, some of them are already discounted. Binding of Issac , Azure Strike, Sonic Forces, Cars 3, Lego City, Lego Worlds, WWE18, Unbox and Farming Simulator all come down to $37.

      All those are technically deals.

      No point reducing the Nintendo games and bigger titles, why would they, they'd sell either way.

    • LA Noire is good as there is already 36% off at the moment.

  • +2

    This one seems decent if COD is your thing

  • The patience has paid off! Thanks :)

  • +3

    Thanks OP, got my long awaited X

    • PS4 Version?

  • +2

    That useless $6.95 postage ruins almost all game purchases. Allow me to C&C already.

    • +9

      Too advanced for EB. They're stuck in the dark ages with a system running Win95.

  • +3

    Honestly the g403 wireless for $66 delivered is the best deal. Picked it up last week at $77 and im enjoying it a lot more over my g502.

    • -1

      G502 is too fat and heavy.

      • +1

        For me its perfect. Best mouse Ive ever used

  • Can't seem to do pickup in store at all?

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