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20% off Storewide @ EB Games eBay (E.G Nintendo Switch $380.15, Xbox One X $524.91 Delivered)


Looks like a great deal to me on consoles!


Xbox One X 1TB Console $526.91 Delivered

>Xbox One X 1TB Console + Shadow of War + Destiny 2 $526.91 Delivered.

Get these first if you want a switch.

Nintendo Switch Neon Console + amiibo + Accessory $380.15 Delivered

Nintendo Switch Grey Console + amiibo + Accessory $382.15 Delivered.

Nintendo Switch Neon

Nintendo Switch Grey

Remember that if you purchase, you should be able to email them or message on eBay to get them to apply the carrots you make on your purchase.

As always, enjoy!

Update: Price dropped to $524.91 (thanks Being Askhole)

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  • Can I claim TRS?

    • +1

      IF your purchase fits the criteria, yes you can.

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    Remember that if you purchase, you should be able to email them or message on eBay to get them to apply the carrots you make on your purchase.

    • sorry, what do you mean?

      • +1

        Last time I posted a deal for EB eBay, people reported that you could send them a message and they would retrospectively apply the carrots you'd normally earn on an EB purchase into your account :)

      • +1

        Loyalty club.

      • All the loyalty club does is give you more trade in value when trading in games etc

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    The G613 wireless keyboard is a great price. Comes down to $85 with code. Cheapest I could find when I bought one a couple of weeks ago was $110 at MSY!

  • +2

    Xbox one X with Destiny 2 and Shadow of War now listed also

    • Wow great find!

    • Thanks for that! I have just to cancel the other order to get this one instead!

    • Wow great find, looks like there were only 2 available though! Already sold out

      • +2

        They have more available, but unwilling to sell them at the price it seems.
        Really like to know how these 20% off work. Perhaps feeBay isn't funding the entire 20% off. We've seen big retailers taking some items off during these 20% off promotions.

        • or taking down the site completely (Office Works)

        • It's been established in previous deals that a large amount is subsidised through the retailer. I think gamesmen once posted to that effect

    • Looks sold out now

    • wow, that's quick. I got one. However, I think they gonna restock though. Wonder if I can sell/swap the Destiny 2 for Monster Hunter World.

      • Probably not. Destiny 2 is a bargain bin title now

        • ya, just checked the price, seems like they're just rubbish hence being thrown in the bundle.

  • OMG just bought g403 wireless from them a week ago. should have waited arghhhh

  • edit: duplicate comment, disregard.

  • Sooo many overpriced games with no ability to price match :(

    Even after the 20% applied,the majority of ps4 games can be had cheaper by a walking into an eBay store and getting them to price match the target, bigW or jb hifi down the road.
    Anyone paying rrp is stooging themselves.

    • +2

      Walking into an eBay store? Do you mean an EB store? EB only price match under certain criteria, isn't it better to just go where it's cheapest and buy it there?

      • -1

        Of course that's what I meant. Eb automatically corrected to ebay.

        Limited to same post code usually, but then where there's an eb games there is another store with lower prices close by.
        Some still like eb games due to trade in, 7 day 'rental' and loyalty bonuses.
        Personally the only time I bother with eb games is when they have cheap 2'4'$xx deals.

  • The Switch with accessory packs are no longer available. :'(

  • +1

    Xbox One X back in stock 10+ Already added to OP thanks.

  • If I'm only wanting to play Mario Kart, should i just get a Wii U or is it worth getting a Switch?

    • Depends, if you can find a very cheap one then maybe. But given that Wii U is at the end of its life, I would say get the new console for future games to come.

    • I think you should really also consider the possibility of not getting either if you want just mario kart.

      This is not a popular opinion, though - so take with a grain of salt.

      I did buy the wii U with just mario kart and honestly, I was pretty bored of it in a few hours. It's just the same stuff with nicer graphics without battle mode (on U). To give context, I had played a fair bit of original wii mario kart. I just didn't feel like it was that much different. I thought it needed a bit more innovation.

      I have also played switch mario kart and I felt the new battle modes were very interesting but the graphics are so busy (and maybe the tracks are too elaborate in some cases) these days that it's a lot harder to pick out other players (this is with 4 player on a 65 inch tv). It was a hell of a lot easier back in the days of snes/64/gamecube. I'm sure you could get used to that, though.

      Again, just my opinion. Not saying I didn't have fun - but in the context of getting a console just to play it - disappointing for me.


      Don't buy wii U version if you're expecting innovation - it's not really much better than original wii version which was good, already. Be sure you that you want to play the exact same game with just better graphics (nothing wrong with that).

      Buy switch version if you want to do any multiplayer or value mobility.

      • +1

        I won't be playing by myself, it'll be mainly for when my friends come over. So it'll solely be for multiplayer purposes.

        • +1

          Having both the WiiU and switch version get the WiiU unless you want to do a good battle mode then you need to buy the switch.

      • -1

        I've just started MK on the switch and it's a bit crap. Red shells just ruin it.. when second place smacks you even though you're half a lap ahead, red shells become the equivalent of bowser shells. That's no fun.

        I also miss the N64 left/right waggle to boost, which really sorts the pros from the amateurs. But I get why they did that.

        • There's a reason the game was designed this way. Check Extra Credits on youtube. It explains it pretty well.

        • +1

          Red shells aren't that bad. They're easily deflected with bananas or any other item that can be sent backwards. The items that can't be dodged are far more annoying.

        • @ltwo:

          Why on earth would anybody who cites the N64 version need a video to understand why the comeback mechanism exists in mario kart?

          It is blatantly obvious why it is there.

          You only have to play 1 track of multiplayer to know why it is there.

        • MK8 is superb.

          How are red shells OP? You later complain about the pros and amateur not being seperated, but then that red shells are OP? Hold a banana behind you and it stop them, and you got bananas regularly when youre 1st or close to.

        • @ScruffTheJanitor:

          You get one banana. Of course I'm holding it behind me. Christ, i often get multiple red shells aimed at me. Just yesterday, 3 reds and a blue.. Versus my one banana. Yeah that's an extreme, but one banana usually isn't cutting it

        • @justtoreply: The races in the Switch version do allow two items. I mean you’ll get hit, it is Mario Kart after all. I found 8 to be far more forgiving. From some past instalments but, especially the Wii release.

    • Wii U can have homebrew, switch cant at the moment.

      you can get games like mario kart, zelda, and anything on Wii/Wii U for free with low morals

      • +1
        By August possibly on Switch as well

    • +1

      I'd go the Switch. There'll be other party games available with time if having something for when people come over is your goal even if for now it's just about Mario Kart.

      Out of the box the Joycon will act as two controller too which is a nice bonus over the Wii U. Another pair gets you to the 4 required to max out a single TV.

      Switch version of Mario Kart has a traditional Battle Mode that the Wii U version lacks. Instead the Wii U's battle mode is a rather crap mode that takes place on normal race courses where you spend half the time trying to actually find people and doing U turns. This alone makes the Switch better for a party situation unless you're 100% deadset on only doing races.

  • +18

    Brain = I have a Xbox one, PS4, Vita and 3DS. I dont need a Switch. Even IF this is a good deal.
    {2 mins pass}
    Bought a Switch

    • Lol. Love it. Enjoy ;)

  • +2

    Aww, I wanted a refurbished Vita.

    I hope they add things later…

    • +3

      I got a refurb vita last time, it was such a good console I wish they supported it more :(

      • Do you know if they updated the firmware before sending (ie: was it henkaku compat?)

        • henkaku supports 3.65 now doesn't it?

        • @yanhaot: Don't think so, I updated mine to Henkaku last month - although they are currently working on a 3.67 exploit that is coming soon.

        • +1

          @yanhaot: you have to have the original henkalu running and update within it. No public exploit is available for 3.65+

      • Agree. I had the vita years back and loved it but your right, not much 3rd party support. Shame.

  • Thanks OP, finally picked up an Xbox One X! Legend

  • I bought the Switch bundle. So for fun party times (say 2 to 4 players) what else would I need? e.g. to play Mario Kart or other party games?

    • Snipperclips is good and I've heard Overcooked is good too.

    • I believe you would need another controller, as the bundle only comes with 2.

      • What sort of controller would be best? I'm not very familiar with the Nintendo lineup. Is there a standard controller and a Joycon or something?

        • Yes probably another joy con pair would be good because then you could have 4 players on the small controllers or 2 on the larger type. If you're serious about single player games a pro controller would be great (I love mine) but not worth it if you're mainly playing multi player games.

    • +1 for Overcooked. Rocket league is fun as well.

  • I don't understand why the OneX doesn't come with the elite controller and only has a 1TB drive.

    • +7

      I don't understand why a can of beetroot doesn't come with a lambo and only has 450g.

    • Even for $650 this console is really good value for money.

  • Out of curiosity, is it possible to pay using EBGames gift cards on eBay? I assume not, but thought I'd ask just in case…

    • You cannot use gift cards unfortunately.

    • How would you expect Ebay to verify a 3rd party credit system? they wouldn't be able to hold their cut of the payment or anything either.

      • That's why I assumed not :P

        Just worth asking, though, because my wife's work have this "Smart Spending" thing, so I can get discounts off gift cards for various retailers. One of them is EB Game, where I can get 10% off gift cards. So if I could use those on eBay, I could stack the 10% off there with the 20% off in the sale. But I guess it's not to be.

    • No I don't think it is an available payment option.

    • You can't even use them on EB's own website! You gotta go instore so that you can be spam fooked to oblivion with upsells, add ons and suggestive selling. Fun times for all!

      • um, be a man, say: 'no upsells but give me the hot cashier chick's number'.

  • anyone know if i buy something can i return in store?

    • +1

      Yes, standard EB Games return policies apply, which I believe is 7 days. Obviously you need your receipt.

    • +1

      You can, sometimes you get a grumpy manager or someone that doesn't know anything. FB chat guys know everything, best customer service you will get. Shame for the rest of them.

  • Just a question regarding codes. Can you Buy It Now and then add the code afterwards? Or do you have to add to cart and then add the code?

    • Either way works. Add to cart just lets you add more things before checkout

    • You can do it at the Buy it Now stage. Just look towards the bottom of the page that it brings you to and then add the coupon code there.

  • Does this stack with cash rewards 5% cash back?

    • the sale is on eBay - isn't that 1%CR?

    • +1

      1% eBay cashback only I believe

  • damn doesn't look like there is an option for pick up :(

    • Delivery only

      • yeah, the delivery fee will wipe out most of the savings :( (I only wanted Wolfenstein II)

  • How about pre-owned switch games, good to buy? Cos you can not check the condition like in-store.

    Forget about it , find out catch is selling the brand new and I can get the same price as this used one. Never mind

  • ozzybargained. Good find op :D

  • Waits for PS4pro to come back in stock……. (5 sold today isn't many)

    • It’s unlikely to, there’s a bit of a shortage of them at the moment.

      • Hi Rep,

        Any more switch bundles in stock? I am after one.


      • Hi Rep,

        Is there any XBOX ONE X Bundle left?

        • Had a look, theres still stock of the one x bundle and both the neon and grey switch bundles at the warehouse, so I imagine some should be listed again soon. Best just to keep an eye out

        • @FFalex: Thanks

  • +1

    Glad I got public holiday rates over the weekend. Thanks OP just bought the Xbox one x lol :)

  • Thanks got some joycons and games :)

  • +1

    Any suggestions on good headsets to look at?

  • Nice. Was looking in JB at lunch to buy a switch. Pulled the trigger.

  • My brother was thinking of buying at Amazon this morning, now that $37 saved can go towards a game. Thanks OP!

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