This was posted 3 years 9 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console + Far Cry 5 - $454.15 Delivered @ EB Games eBay


Just listed by EB Games, available in black and white and includes new release game Far Cry 5. Looks like a pretty good price.

This Bundle Contains:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console
  • Black DualShock 4 controller
  • 1TB Hard Drive
  • Vertical Stand not included
  • Far Cry 5 Game

Original 20% off at EB Games eBay deal

Edit 6/4 410pm: BACK IN STOCK
Edit 6/4 440pm: OUT OF STOCK AGAIN

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  • Thanks was hoping for this to come back in stock

  • -1

    With the new Spyro announced should I jump on the PS4 now or wait hmmmm. So many exclusives already on the PS4 though.

    • +2

      You have good expectations for that?

      • As long as it's playable.

        • Have you heard of a game that isn't playable?

        • +1

          @KLoNe: Many. Unless some can give me a reason why it's bad I'll get it.

        • @KLoNe: All I'm asking for is the game to be playable. If it's not please state why.

        • +1


          Playable is terminology for a game that is enjoyable to play. Unplayable means the game is so unenjoyable its not worth playing. It's not a literal statement.

        • -4

          @Cubist: Absolutely not. If that was the case he would have wrote: "As long as it has GAMEPLAY which I will enjoy.", not 'if it's playable' - wtf?

        • +2


          figurative speech. Extremely common, perhaps even more so than literal speech. It's so important to me that I'd die without it.

    • Spyro is Xbox & PS4.

      • For some reason I thought it was exclusive. Still need a PS4 for others.

  • 10 more available of black and 7 of white, get in quick if you want one!

  • +3

    Someone is keen, they bought 7 of them.

  • +2

    I just bought Far Cry 5 on PC otherwise I woulda got this. Its essentially $380 for the PS4 Pro 1TB.

    • any good far cry 5 pc deal to share?

      • I got one for $69 at JB cos it had the old sticker on it. It's a 5xdvd pack which is great as I only have 4g internet.

  • -1

    A PS4 Pro deal?! Jump on this for anyone hanging out.

  • Doesn't let me use the code upon checkout
    "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • Item (1) AU $559.00
      Postage AU $6.95
      Vouchers -AU $111.80
      Order total AU $454.15


      Is your address set to Australia in eBay and Paypal? Looking at the terms that is the only thing I could think of that might cause it.

  • Impulse buy come at me haha.

  • Also the straight PS4 available with the same game for $359 with code

    • +2

      Or the for an extra $40 get the 1TB with an extra 2 games, another option.

      • +1

        But that's not a Pro ….

        • -1

          That's correct. Original comment "Straight PS4 available with the same game".

          Just an option for those not wanting the Pro.

  • Missed out, all gone

  • +4

    Which one of you sweathogs bought 7 consoles?

    • +1


  • +6

    All 31 sold out.

    If anyone notices it back in stock please report the deal and comment here (so those who subscribed to the thread get an email/notification), I'll keep an eye out too, incase it comes back.

  • +1

    Just bought one. Been waiting for a Pro deal!

  • Ozbargained

  • Shut I missed it

  • I saw it restocked.. Then out of stock 5 seconds later when i clicked "reload eBay in desktop mode (aka "not-useless-hide-all-the-information-so-maybe-some-idiots-will-rip-themselves-off-mode")

    Probably because of your post that I just missed out! :)

    I didn't need it anyway. I'm still telling myself that Sony would be stupid not to release a newer pro that can play 4k discs. Dumbest decision ever that this one can't.

    • wow and that's over $100 more expensive than the bundle.

      • +1

        It's exactly the same price.

        • oops i was made. my bad for forgetting the discount code. oh bother

        • +1

          @Hunnypooh: Haha. I'd love the reaction people would have if they did infact price jack it up $100 AFTER selling out all the bundles though.

        • @KLoNe: will be the "deal" of the year surely

  • +6

    It's back in stock, here is the link for black:

    • Got one, thanks!

    • Managed to snag one before it was out of stock again. Thank you for the heads up!

  • Got one, thanks for the heads up

  • Finally pulled the trigger on this! Cheers guys!

  • Frick, gone again

    • +2

      Back in stock, says more than 10 available too so hopefully you get it.

      • Dammit, missed it again. Which one of you bought 4 at once??

  • Holding off till FF7 Remake Bundle comes out…

    but soo tempting…

    • +9

      Mate, I think that game will come out with the PS6 Pro.

      • perfect - wife would kill me otherwise :P

        Option 1: Win a playstation on OzB Competitions

        Option 2: PS6 Pro X

    • Favourite game of all time, but you'll be waiting years for the RM.

  • +3

    Both black and white bundles back in stock.

  • Thanks Op!

  • Is the Pro Hacked yet too?

  • Got mine just in time. Been wanting a pro since the far cry 5 reveal. Will need to finish GTA V on the 'old' PS4 this weekend though.

  • The thirst is real! PS4 is still a beast in 2018.

  • +1

    If you have a ps4 and want a pro, go look at video comparisons, to the average person, there is not much of a performance difference through cold/warm startups and graphics wise. Yes, side by side there's a subtle difference but you're not going to see a difference passively that it will change your whole gaming experience.

    • +1

      don't have 4k but honestly the boost mode/performance modes are more my style being a heavy pc gamer really want that stable fps.
      it also uses less power than my base ps4 witch is important with my setup.

      • +2

        True, not disagreeing but just want to inform people before "upgrading" and spending on a pro. Where some people may just need to switch their PS4 HDD into an SSD which I did :D

        I was on the boat on buying a pro and was in JB HI FI late last year and was about to impulse buy a pro then research got the best of me. Came to the conclusion I don't need a pro, but just switch hard drives

        • Tbf the general consensus is that upgrading from a standard to a pro isn't really worth the cost unless you already have a 4k HDR tv, whereas if you don't already own a ps4 it's worth looking into the pro unless you really want to save a little bit more money (~$100).

          Keep in mind however that while you do save around $100 by getting the 500gb slim, unless you only play a few games you'll probably be looking to buy an external hard drive for it soon enough as games these days take up an insane amount of space if you've been accustomed to install sizes from the ps3/360 days.

        • Agree with Shekster. Existing PS4 owners, no need to upgrade. People looking to get a new one should consider PS4 Pro. Newer games, especially exclusive games will take full advantage of the improved GPU.

          For example: Shadow of Colossus - you get performance mode ([email protected] instead of [email protected]) and cinematic mode (4K / though it is via checkered board so not true 4K). However, the cinematic mode supports super-sampling so you can still get some improvement on 1080p TV. Adding a SSD to a standard PS4 cannot double the fps in game (stays at [email protected]).

          There are games where you get more detailed lighting or graphics. While it might not be obvious, on some games, GT sport, for example, the improved resolution means you get better draw distance (i.e. objects far away are more detailed).

          The most recent firmware update adds Super-sampling (so even games not supporting it in game can benefit from it). The implementation isn't as good as XBox One X, but still, it is a welcome addition.

  • dammit, lost it, no ps4 pro at all on this sale? didn't really want the farcry game just the console

  • Just a question to everyone that ordered it. Has the item been marked as sent yet? I saw someone on the other thread mention theirs being dispatched the same day they ordered it and was wondering if it's not just me who is still waiting after a few days.

    • Mine has not been shipped yet. Will probably ship the late buys later today or early tomorrow. I came in just before the last batch was sold out. So I am way in the back of the queue.

      • Hopefully ours gets sent out tomorrow, seems to late for any developments to happen today. I guess as long as it actually comes I'll be alright. Just hoping they don't cancel it citing lack of stock or something.

        • I received an email notification 10 min or so ago. It seems it will leave the warehouse today.

        • +1

          @mattswart: Me too, says it'll come by Thursday but that seems like a generous estimate.

    • I purchased mine on Thursday 5th of April (in the afternoon) and it was marked as sent the following day. It's now estimated to arrive tomorrow. I'm also based in Melbourne.

      Hope this gives you an idea of when yours may arrive.

      • Cheers mate, hopefully I get some notification tomorrow then. Unlikely to see any progress today since it's past 5 now.

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