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Cairo -> Melbourne $2014 Return in Business on Oman Air and Malaysia Airlines


Just booked one of these; with a stopover in Oman on the way back.

Dates are wide open right through until March next year. I've just posted an example on Google Flights.

Can book directly with omanair.com - or use an OTA for a little extra $.

Note that this STARTS and ENDS in Egypt. It is NOT available starting in Melbourne.

Sydney is apparently also available for the same price, but I haven't checked availability.

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  • Not really a deal to Australians if you have to travel to egypt first

    • Well.. I live in Melbourne, but I often travel one way so I can take advantage of exactly these sorts of deals (and also much easier QFF Emirates redemptions ex-Europe etc)

      So it depends largely on your lifestyle.. and how far you're prepared to travel for a bargain :-)

      • So you’ll travel to Egypt one way… then get a return ticket back to Egypt…. then buy a onothet one way from Egypt to Melbourne? Seems economical

        • +3 votes

          You'd be amazed what's possible when you don't have to always buy your flights ex-Australia…

          But to address your suggestion; I was already positioned nearby CAI for September when I'll be taking this particular flight.

      • It goes in the forums if anywhere. OzBargain nukes airfare deals because they originate in NZ and that's an $89 VA flight away, no chance fares originating in Egypt are OK.

  • no deal this is OzBargain not CairoBargain

  • I booked a ticket, thanks for the share

  • Anyone flown with Oman Air/Malaysia Airlines Business recently? Thoughts?